Foreign Holidays Illegal From Next Monday

A ban on leaving the UK without a “reasonable excuse” comes into force next Monday and will remain in place until the end of June. The government is blaming a third wave of covid-19 cases in Europe.

From Monday, anyone attempting to leave the UK without a good reason, will be fined £5,000. Health Secretary Matt Hancock, who is doing the rounds of the UK media this morning, refused to confirm or deny it.

The travel ban is included in legislation that MP’s will vote on this coming Thursday. The government wants to extend emergency powers it was given under the Coronavirus Act, until September 25th.

This is hugely controversial. Tory backbenchers have said that they will rebel, but the government will get it through with the support of the Labour Party.

Yesterday, Boris Johnson said that the UK should be “under no illusion” that it will feel the effects of rising cases on the continent.

Health Minister Lord Bethell, said last night, that the UK might put “all our European neighbours” on the “red list” of countries. People from those countries are currently not allowed to travel to the UK, with the exception of British nationals.

From Monday, anyone travelling abroad will have to fill in a “Declaration to Travel” form, stating a valid reason for leaving the country.

The hits just keep on coming. Government scientists have said that mask wearing and social distancing will be with us for years. This morning it was revealed that Johnson is going to attempt to change the law and make vaccines compulsory for care workers.

From next week it will be against the law to try and leave the country without a “valid reason.” This is what fascism looks like.

12 months ago today, Boris Johnson asked the country to stay at home for three weeks to flatten the curve. I didn’t believe him then. Health Secretary Matt Hancock, speaking to SKY News this morning, did not correct the presenter Niall Paterson when he suggested that we “could still be here next year.”

Hancock just nodded.


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That clip from Whitty today really shoved me over the edge. I thought I’d lost count of how many F bombs I dropped but then I realized that I was on par, word for word with Richie. At the end of it I threw in a few extra for good measure. Its like a muscle. You have to exercise it to keep it strong or it won’t be there when you need it. Nothing worse than someone tossing out an F bomb who clearly is neither comfortable nor practiced with it. My swear jar is about to buy me a cruise to the Caribbean as long as we can get a steady stream of shit from my leaders or yours.

Caroline Fealy

I feel for the people who had the jab for that reason. Another protest every week should start to wake the idiots with the power! Saturdays was lovely to see peaceful people in their thousands 🙂

Zac Baled

Two words – Stockholm Syndrome.

There are people out there who want more draconian laws for a virus that has a 99.7% survival rate.

I wish I could self hibernate and wake up once all this nonsense is over….. well if that was to ever happen by these draconian rates I think Id be a total stranger to my surroundings If I ever was wake up again! Lol.

Holidays become illegal
£5000 fines

What they going to think of next?
Make sex illegal?
No sex between certain hours?
Sex limited to certain days?
A booking in system (telling the government) your about to have sex?
Government giving you permission to have sex?
Fine for having sex?
Who knows what these lunatics will think of next!

Maybe having a pcr before having sex just to make sure your not infected or pass on the bs convid to your partner?
Test comes positive – sorry sweetheart no jiggy jiggy for you for the next 14 days you selfish bastid!! Lol!!! 😂


What’s sex? I’m married 😂🤣😂🤣

Tom Phillips

This comment is currently unavailable

Zac Baled

Dont worry your not missing much….. apart from a big smile on your face, lol😁
(Just Kiddin)


Thought it was a good one liner 😆


I hear North Korea is nice at this time of year……..

Urban fox

The Old Soviet union. Where most weren’t allowed to leave the country. Here we are now. Though of course, in reality, it has been very difficult to go anywhere the last 12 months.

Being MEDICALLY RAPED! which is what being forced by mandates or coercion to have the poison fetyl cell vaccine is. For if we were talking about sexual entry into the body under such conditions, we would call this rape. Will only give temporary relief regarding travel. Because if the cult driving this are allowed to get there way. It clearly states in the agenda 30 documents, that non essential travel will not be permitted, more than 3 miles from where a person lives.!
Anyone still doubting any of this, should read the agenda 30 documents and watch the adverts that they have experimented with, some which can be seen online. Or read the filth, that people like Schwab are writing about the ” great reset” And remember, there is nothing great ,about ” the great reset “. And then look up the “Georgia Guide stones” Where the main agenda, is literally carved in stone. As a very sick version of the 10 commandments. Which is very fitting, as these monsters see themselves as our Gods.

This is the future planned for the those lucky enough to live or grow up in Huxleys ” brave New world 🌎” And it’s coming fast. Can it be stopped this late in the game? I don’t know, I pray it can be. But what I do know, is that compliance and cooperation and trusting mainstream politicians, masquerading under different colors. Will certainty get us their easier and faster.




It’s curious that we are not hearing any push back from the Remainer/anti-Nationalist types (like the LibDems claimed to be).
Then again, I suspect they think this is just temporary.

Steve Satch

North Korea instantly springs to mind. We’re not there yet, but we’re getting there. I’m not from the UK but I take everything that happens there as a given to happen in the ROI.


ROI already is like that. Never mind leaving the country I haven’t been able to leave the village where I live for the last three months.

Steve Satch

Yep it’s bad here…but I ignore every single imposition, from masks to travel restrictions. The key to feeling normal iis behaving normal.


Its getting just like the old East Germany. Too bad were an island otherwise Boris would be building a lovely new wall complete with barbed wire, watchtowers and land mines.
Erich Honecker would be so proud of all the things this Conservative Government has achieved over the past 12 months.


The puppets have a script and acting upon it accordingly …

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