France: Medical Academy Calls For Compulsory Vaccination For Kids

France’s National Academy of Medicine has called for covid-19 vaccinations to be made compulsory for a number of professions and all children.

The academy said that wearing masks and social distancing will be insufficient to cope with Winter covid waves and new variants. In a statement which was headlined, “Obligation is not a bad word,” the academy claimed that vaccinating essential workers alongside adolescents and children, is the only way to reach herd immunity.

Christine Rouzioux (pictured), a professor of virology at Paris-Descartes university, and a member of the National Academy of Medicine, told RFI:

“We believe there are a certain number of people who are reticent, up to 30 per cent of the population. And 70 per cent immunity is not enough in the face of new variants.”

She said that personal liberty is irrelevant:

“There are mandatory vaccines. It’s a decision to protect the population. It’s not a privation of liberty. Vaccinations are individual and collective protections.”

Rouzioux went on to say:

“Imposing it on students would assure a normal university school year. It is true that young people have trouble understanding the need to vaccinate, as they get less sick than older people.

I understand it. But the virus circulates among young people and adolescents. As long as the vaccine is largely accessible, we should take advantage of it rather than act against it.”

The National Academy of Medicine wants to “impose” the vaccines on students and children. What happens when the parents of those children refuse? Will they be rounded up and transferred to a vaccination centre? How else would you mandate it?

So far, the French government has ruled out mandating the jabs, but give it time.



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Zac Baled

One of my friend’s along with his wife has had the vaccine. He was badgered by taking it by his mum and his mrs (to be honest he thinks its *only* a simplish vaccine and no harm in taking it) a while back I tried my best to put it across to him that these “vaccines” were not vaccines in the traditional sense of a normal vaccine and that they were a mrna gene therapy – a new untested trials on people.

However, cut the long story short he told me that eventually everyone would need these jabs to go on holidays, for social and recreational activities etc. Should have seen his face when I told him theyre coming after the little kids next!

The spark in his eye downed on him when he said – why would they want to vaccinate the little ones when covid does not effect children? Its the same reason why they want all the adults vaccinated – there is no friggin reason I told him.

Want to go on holiday? As a family? Want to visit the cinema’s etc? Yeh fine as long as you are *all* vaccinated and your health passports are upto date. I said theres some sort of an agenda going on its not rocket science…Wakeup man! (and people rolling over something they do not need is not helping anyone) He clearly did not seem too happy (a bit distressed) when I told him that they were coming after your kids to keep the teachers safe!

What is it going to take or the sheeple adults to understand that they have been had? Which friggin idiot consents to taking an untested whatever trial it is for them to allow not just on them but to allow this bollox of a potential life changing death wish on children?

That war criminal tony blair never allowed his child to take the mmr vaccine back in 2000ish (and we know how unsafe mmr vaccines are) who, how, why allow a trial gene therapy on children when tens of thousands of adults (if not hundreds of thousands) around the world have either died or had some sort of complications after rolling up their sleeves since December?

What is it going to take for the sheeple to wake up?

Last edited 17 days ago by Zac Baled
Tony K

I tell you man,

It’s the previous vaccines and the television.

I think the lines are drawn.

They cross all imaginable boundaries. How many successful, intelligent, wealthy people evangelise the Vax?


I have a theory that hallucinogenics, whether Mushrooms, LSD, Peyote or Ayahuasca or the like squeegee your third eye clean.

The US alphabet agencies tried to use and control people with them.

Instead, they released a generation of visionarys and seers that would destroy them.

Poetic justice for what’s right.
As nature intended.

Every fucking time.

Keep an it folks, we’ve got them meters away from the cliff now.

Zac Baled

Hi Tony
The next few months leading to winter 2021/22 are going to be sad for those who have rolled up their sleeves. Im lost for words. ☹

Last edited 15 days ago by Zac Baled
Tony K

Let’s hope that most had placebos, and it won’t be as bad as we think it could be.

Can’t do anything else.

If you’re right, I’ll have very few friends and family left in the UK as most have been jabbed.

Stephen Hardy

Just goes to show deceptive looks can be: Christine Rouzioux is a very beautiful woman… on the OUTSIDE…but ugly as sin on the inside, and a complete psychopath and fascist!


She’s not THAT pretty; she’s just blonde. The one good thing i’ve take from this global assault on humanity is to trust the appearance of NOTHING and no one.

Tony K

Christine Rouzioux:

“She said that personal liberty is irrelevant”

She needs to be fucked hard; in every sense of the word.


Tony K, she needs to be burned at the stake. That womn woould be a total waste of your bodiliy fluids mate.


We keep hearing about how dangerous and how contagious this is but as I keep saying where are all the sick people? We should all know a lot of people who’ve had it and even people who’ve died from it if it’s so bad but we don’t. I did meet someone the other day who has swallowed all this and claimed her mother died from covid a few months ago. Her mother was nearly 90 and had been bedridden for some time and of course people who are bedridden often get respiratory problems.

I also heard a conversation between people at the weekly open market about how they are going to get their shots in the next few days. I longed to intervene but didn’t. If they aren’t willing to do any research what can I do, I’m sure they would have ignored anything I said.

It was always their intention to go after the children because they do want to sterilise a large percentage of the population. By what right do these psychopaths get to decide who does and who doesn’t have children. It’s pure evil.


Just found out yesterday that another of my brothers has had two shots and his wife had one.
I remember him during last year that he did say that he would not be having one of the “experimental gene therapy” shots.
The promise of being able to travel and freedom may have been a decider in having them.
He is also in the process of buying a new property for work but he is not considering future lockdowns and further destruction of the economy sadly.
Not a wise decision in my opinion has he lost nearly a year of work with no income earned.


I know how you feel. A relative of mine and his wife who know this is a fraud had the shots anyway so they could go on holiday and then they weren’t able to go anyway.

These evil people have been planning this for a long time and they have so many ways to get at people.


People have lost the plot indeed.


Reminder for tonight straight after the RAS @ 19.00 UK time.

The Doctor Is In!

TONIGHT on The HighWire, May 27th, 2021 @19.00 UK Time. (preview below)

(That’s why we love Thursdays)


A busy evening ahead Jacob!

Richie 5 – 7!

Del 7 to 9ish!

Richie and Hayden 9.30 onwards!

Should be fun!!


Yes indeed.


Richie clocked out at six..

Left us all hanging so he did!!!

Note to self… Stop being such a ****** groupie!!



Thanks for sharing, looks interesting will give it a go!


Excellent educational show were one can learn a lot.


Watched that Jacob..
Things looking up in the US it would appear??
I see Del has been unwell, but recovering now.
Dr. Peter McCullough was excellent (same Doctor who spoke to Tucker Carlson a few weeks back!)…

Only one issue with it for me
And that was the endorsement of pcr tests.
If they could stop buying into that ****x, it would be over in a few days!!
All in all though, a very good show!


Do not remember the enforcement of PCR tests? Did Dr Peter say that?


No.. It was an endorsement of a ‘covid test’ by a college that was referenced right at the end of the broadcast.

But the same college was moving towards a more normal way of life on campus, so I suppose it’s a requirement by the cult of new ‘nonsense’ in order for a establishment to operate.

But these tests are the primary drive for the whole circus ..

Stop the pcr/lateral flow ****x …
(And the masks!!)

And the show’s over for these globalist f*****s!!

The end!



There are there for students who feel the need to take one if I remember correctly?
At least they saw sense when they sat down with Dr Meehan.


Quick google search found Paris Descartes University has recieved past funding from…….yes you guessed it right !


Just a stab in the dark but their surname wouldn’t begin with G would it. If I get this right it will obviously mean that I’m psychic.

Tim in Brazil

Spurious claptrap. Where is the proof for a statement like “70 per cent immunity is not enough in the face of new variants.” Fearmongering all over again. Nobody with a brain understands “the need to vaccinate, as they (kids) get less sick than older people”.

Last edited 18 days ago by Tim in Brazil

Dr Fausti has the real figure on the percentage.

⁣Dr. Roger Hodkinson | Stark Warning on Children’s Vax.

Dr. Roger Hodkinson joins us with a stark warning about vaccinating children.


Good interview, that doctor is a good man. The interviewer does need to do a bit more study on the mask wearing though because every single study in the last 40 years has shown that they do nothing to prevent the transmission of infection even where there are real germs.


Honest and courages.


The ‘real’ French are getting restless.

A possible civil war looming (not that anyone wants that — but the French don’t take any nonsense!!).

It’s referenced in this video that’s well worth a look.
(38 minutes long!)


Another psychological ‘sell’. Take the jab willingly or be forced to. The first option offers a degree of choice and autonomy – an illusion, if you like – that will trick many of the waverers.

Gene Hunt

All countries & leaders are in total lockstep…….. Has there been any “event” in history where all the world’s nations have acted as one, it must be unparalled! …….. If I didn’t know better I’d have thought they were involved in one massive conspiracy/agenda!! 🤔


They are all working together. To put it another way, they are all conspiring to achieve a goal. People who conspire together are conspirators. Anyone who works with them, or on their behalf are, by definition, co-conspirators. To attribute to them the term ‘conspiracy’ is, therefore, completely accurate and not a theory.

Gene Hunt

You can’t argue with logic like that Craig 👍🏻😁


Sure haven’t they already confessed? How many times have you heard them utter the phrase “we’re all in this together”? A Freudian slip too far.


In those instances the gullible masses believe they are included in that phrase and see no conspiracy.

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