GB News Is Floundering Because It’s Just More Of The Same Old Crap

Today’s Telegraph contains a couple of articles on the beleaguered GB News. The former SKY Presenter Colin Brazier will replace Andrew Neil, who presented the channel’s flagship show before fleeing to France. Writing in The Telegraph today Ben Woods predicts the channel will take a big swing to the right to win more viewers.

In other articles, Stephen Armstrong and Robin Aitken discuss whether the UK is ready for a Fox News style channel. Elsewhere in the print media, GB News failure to take off has been blamed on poor presenters, amateur production values and a muddled identity.

I’ll tell you what’s wrong with GB News. It serves up the same old crap as SKY, The BBC and Channel 4. They promised that it would be different. They said that they would report the news that really matters to the British public and that there would be no censorship.

What bollox. Like it’s forerunners, GB News exists only to serve as the mouthpiece of the unfolding totalitarian agenda. The Covid scamdemic is a perfect illustration of this. Like its competitors, GB News eschewed its responsibility to its viewers to challenge the government and its scientific advisers on the tyranny of lockdowns, vaccine coercion and covid certification.

Just like its competitors, GB News declared the jabs to be safe and sidelined anyone who dared to question their necessity, efficacy or safety. It might have been very different for the channel if instead of bragging about taking on wokeism and political correctness, it had focused on doing actual journalism. But there was never any chance of that.

Media plurality is important. You won’t find me crowing about the demise of a newspaper or a TV channel, no matter how bad they are. But I have zero sympathy for them. If I’d been appointed GB News programme controller (fat chance of course), the channel would have millions of viewers now.

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Spot on, its the purest load of controlled opposition wankfest I have ever seen. Was designed as a trap for only slightly dense viewers than MSM itself. Alt Media also has its shills and conmen, so a discerning mind is required for the deep shitshow swimming required. Otherwise normies best advised to stick to celebrity icedancing and stay the fuck out of anything real world, as their opinions are as vapid as their tastes and critical thinking skills

Tom M

Media plurality and the launch of new TV news channels like GB News and the forthcoming Talk TV is all well and good, but what is the bloody point when all they serve to do is spout out the same pro-establishment nonsense as all the other news outlets?

Unless they actually do their job and challenge / scrutinise the powers that be on their handling of the pandemic and the ever-growing tyranny of lockdowns and vaccine coercion, then these news channels are a complete waste of time and money.


One thing the jabbed care home colleagues could do is walk out with the un-jabbed. If they don’t what will be next for them?

Last edited 1 month ago by Tony
Andy brandish

Him from NZ is ok πŸ€₯


its regulated by ofcom, enough said.


Jabbity jab jab jabby jab. If they could tell the truth and watch the numbers go up.


Never really warmed to Andrew Neil; he never seemed to actually ‘say anything’. To my mind the job of any media outlet is to present the news of the day from a central position and work outwards exploring all sides of the issue at hand; so far, very few outlets achieve this. Richie reminds us that it is the duty of any journalist to dissect the viewpoint of all guests in search of the truth.


I think GB news has come into play as another arm of the BBC. These DEVIANTS know how bad they look to the public, so they gave the nation a distraction. Which is GB NEWS.

Tony K

Exactly, it’s just BBC light.


It’s hardly surprising. Until they let the likes of the Richie Allen Show have airtime, we’re doomed.😑


When that absurd and woke GB News presenter Guto Harri publicly took the knee live on air their credibility took the express elevator straight down to the basement. They have never recovered from this and their output is in any case generally mediocre boring crap.


All media is propaganda. All movies, all tv, all radio et. al. Time to turn all this shit off and find something useful to do.

Tony K

GB News is a shit, transparent, embarrassing piece of laughable propaganda.

Brought to you courtesy of the desperate and weak cnuts residing in the sold out Judas 77th.

Last edited 1 month ago by Tony K

Andrew Neil, another Wanker!


🀣 🀣 🀣 🀣 🀣



Urban fox

By about July last year i had totally stopped listening and watching them all. I could see what was happening, and knew it was totally pointless as all propaganda. The BBC and ITV even admitted on live programs, that they were unable to say or discus certain things. So it could not be more blatant for those paying attention.

Has anyone seen the nauseating SKY advert being televised recently. I quote,

” We believe in impartial reporting, without bias or spin “


I use to love adverts, you know, when they were funny. It’s all bloody doom and gloom now. The one that really pisses me off is the kids talking about climate change, especially the girl who says β€œit’s a thing now”. Yeah they’re making it a thing now. Loads of cobblers.


R Whites Lemonade adverts where class.
Advert 4: R. White’s – Secret Lemonade Drinker.


I’m singing it now 😝


Kind of gets to a person it does. 🀭

Urban fox

I completely turned them off, with all the covid adds. And occasionally just looked literally out of corner of my eye now and again just to keep informed. But i have started watching again for research. Last couple months , maybe 3, no covid adds at all. But i have counted at least 6 climate change ads. And the thing of most concern is they are all private company’s , Amazon, 2 energy company’s, Persil, 2 holyday company’s,

Urban fox

Yes i hate that girl, i shout shut the F77K up at the TV.


Me too, but I shout in my head because otherwise my other half calls me bitter and twisted πŸ˜†.

Urban fox

Personally i am proud to be twisted and i think your super cool.


πŸ˜ƒ πŸ˜…


oh that sky ad is an absolute load of rubbish, i was like “let me get this straight, sky have paid for an advert to tell me they are impartial” unless your Ratner, every advert will tell me how amazing they are as they are the ones paying for it. If I had my way Id ban all advertising, its completely misleading.

Last edited 1 month ago by Patrice
Urban fox

That ad is massive wind up isn’t it, glad you saw. How you doing?


I think basically news from the mainstream media comes in three categories.

  1. bollocks
  2. utter bollocks
  3. complete and utter bollocks
Urban fox

I like that funny. I have just replied to your message. And the previous one i sent which hope you got was 10th sept.


Couldn’t have put that better Jennie.. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Jon the Paranoid.

But not any vax swollen bollocks.




Brilliant 🀣




I’m not a big news viewer, but probably like quite a lot of people on here I’ve found myself dipping into channels like Sky News, with the attitude of “let’s see what bullshit they are trying to peddle today”.

It’s obvious to see the media bias with regards to political bias *coughs* Laura Kunsberg on the BBC *coughs*

At times it’s farcial, at times it’s funny, at times it’s bloody scary.

When i heard about this new news channel with the pulling no punches attitude, I thought this could be interesting, this could be exactly what we need. A challenger who is going to give the listener both sides of the picture/argument. I was genuinely hopeful.

Within i think two days of tuning in they were pushing the vaccine agenda. Now i wasn’t expecting an anti-vaccine campaign by them but i naively thought they might at least question the safety, the efficacy, the morality of giving it to young healthy kids when the long term data is non existent. But na, just the same establishment line on this Cov-idiocracy! No soundbites, controversial hosts or guests can mask that agenda.

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