German Police Bust Child Abuse Ring With 400,000 Members!

Police in Germany have broken up a child abuse network, believed to have as many as 400,000 members. Four men accused of running the operation have been arrested and are in custody.

The site was known as “BOYSTOWN” and could only be accessed via the dark web. It was set up in 2019 for the purposes of distributing graphic images and videos of child abuse.

The police operation took place over several months. The suspects include a 40-year-old from Paderborn, a 49-year-old from Munich and a 58-year-old from northern Germany who had been living in Paraguay for years.

The fourth man in custody is a 64-year-old from Hamburg. He is believed to have uploaded more than 3,500 images and videos to the site since becoming a member in 2019.

Police believe that the site was set up to allow people from all over the world share images of children being abused. German prosecutors have described some of the videos and recordings as the most severe abuse of children they’ve ever seen.

The site has been taken down and the German authorities are working with police forces around Europe and beyond, to identify members.

Other media outlets are reporting this story this morning, but are calling it a child-porn story. Why do they refer to child abuse as child porn? I don’t like it. In fact I find it disgusting.

We’re talking about the rape and torture of children. It’s about the worst crime imaginable. The media should call it what it is.




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You’re so right about referring to these images as ‘Porn’ Richie. I recall an interview from years back with an Investigator/Specialist in this field, he talked about the fact that using the term ‘porn’ makes it acceptable for some people. It’s Child Abuse, how the so called media can keep using the word porn to describe this is beyond me. Somebody correct me but i’m pretty certain that that the term ‘pornographic’ has something to do with consent?

Hermione Granger

Bring back death penalty for convicted pedos

Michael Gale

Are there are more than one “dark web”?
it seems obvious that an elite would have their own untraceable internet, perhaps the ones the police can see are not the ones used by the top elites.
If one of the 400 members was not a politician then surely that’s the clue that other secret internets exist. It would be statistically improbable for that to happen.

Ronald Templeman

I really can not get my head around anybody that abuse children or want to watch images of it happening, they should be strung up. This goes for governments as well.


One more point, this story should not detract from the abuse children have suffered under the hands of world governments in the last year and a bit.


I’m sorry to say that even those figures are minuscule compared to the decades of abuse our governments have inflicted on children around the world from the use of illegal and immoral sanctions, wars, support of “friendly” corrupt regimes, the list is endless.


Absolutely agree Daz,I could go on, poisoning our food and water thereby poisoning our children before they had the chance to take a breath….etc etc….

The timing of these stories are classic tactics used by our leaders, that was my point really.

As an aside, I’ve worn a mask similar to the one in your avatar.
Once at the dentist and the other time in a family court,.

Let me tell you, It went down a treat over here in Germany 🤣

Last edited 5 days ago by angelseal

All I read there was “DARK WEB”
What do you all think is next on the hit list ?


I personally consider that continued exposure of heinous criminality like this to be a vital step in the global awakening that I believe is now taking place.

Consider the good prince and his subsequent removal from the public arena following the Epstein disclosures and how close these significant events are with regard to the beginning of the so called ‘pandemic!’

Is there a link??

Here’s a video to be found on the Gestapo tube no less…
(649k hits and rising — so, it’s telling that even they won’t censor it!!)

Worth watching and perhaps sharing to those who may still believe everything they’re told and shown on state sponsored media.

Red pill time:


The way I see it, the dystopian world they are building is not meant to be run by gubberments but rather by AI.
“The Moor has done his duty, the Moor can go”
Hence it’s on the gestapo tube …


That’s quite an “enlightening” gestapo tube video there Herb.

Reason I reference it, is because I’m stunned it has not been removed by them!
(Knowing the unconscionable bastards that they are!!)

That’s a ‘must see’ right there Herb!!



It’s good that this one has been broken up but they have been turning a blind eye to child abuse and trafficking for years now. What a world we’re living in.

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