Germans Told To Prepare For Possible Warm Water Rationing

The residents of the German city Hamburg have been warned that warm water may be rationed this Winter if the country runs out of natural gas. Russia has reduced exports to Germany via the Nord Stream 1 pipeline by around 60 per cent.

The pipeline is due to shut down for ten days from next Monday for scheduled maintenance. The German government is concerned that the Russians will turn the taps off for longer to push the country into recession.

According to The Times:

If Germany begins to run out of gas it will in theory be industrial firms, particularly in the energy-poor south, that bear the brunt.
However, ordinary Germans are also being urged to use less energy.

Newspaper columns and TV talkshow guests have been arguing about the appropriate length and temperature of showers after Robert Habeck, the economy minister, said he had shortened his ablutions.

Yesterday Hamburg, Scholz’s home town, became the first German region to raise the prospect of restrictions on domestic hot water.

“If we don’t succeed in saving enough gas through the big industrial companies we could be confronted with limited deliveries, which might affect individual parts of the city,” Jens Kerstan, the city energy minister, told Welt am Sonntag.

“Warm water might only be available at particular times.”

Water rationing, food rationing, travel rationing. A great man called Jim Marrs once told me that Smart homes would be sold to populations as a means to reduce bills and save energy when in reality the technology would be used to monitor and control everything we do.

God I miss him.




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One of the richest, most productive countries on the planet!


I like Star Trek. A lot (though not so much the newer series).
However, the more I see unfolding, the more I cannot escape the notion that Picard’s Enterprise, or even Sisko’s DS9, are predictive programming models for the ‘smart city’.
Everyone lives in simple quarters.
Apart from a very few trinkets, no one owns anything.
For the most part, everyone wears unisex jumpsuits.
Clothing is generally made from synthetic fibres and is created by the replicators (a form of 3D printing).
All food is artificial and again comes from the replicators.
There is no smoking or drug abuse, and little alcohol (it being mostly replaced by Synthahol – the taste but not the effects of the real thing).
Vaccines play a prominent role in many stories.
Everyone has a physiological and psychological profile on record.
Wearable technology – including the ubiquitous communicator – is commonplace. Such technology, among other things, acts as a tracker and monitors health.
Considering the amount of adults, there are few children.
Considering they are explorers, they have a very militaristic structure.
Counsellors have a lot of authority.
There is no gallows humour and there are no nicknames (especially derogatory ones).
They had stories addressing children choosing gender and stories addressing biological sex swap, and stories about matriarchal and androgenous societies.
And it has the artificial reality holodecks for entertainment (radio and especially TV and cinema having gone the way of the Dodo).

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