Germany To Follow Austria In Locking Down Unvaccinated Citizens

Germany is expected to announce a lockdown for unvaccinated citizens in a matter of days. According to The Telegraph newspaper this evening:

Those who refuse the jab could be limited to meeting just one person from outside their household and barred from non-essential travel as soon as Friday in the region of Saxony.

Under existing rules, the measures will come into force automatically if more than 1,300 hospital beds in the region are occupied by Covid patients for three consecutive days.

Bed occupancy crossed the threshold on Monday, and the rules will come into force at the end of the week if numbers do not drop by Wednesday.

Saxony and Bavaria are among a number of German regions that already require proof of vaccination for people to enter restaurants, bars, nightclubs, cinemas and leisure centres. 

The Bavarian regional government is pushing hard for the same restrictions to be imposed nationally. Bavarian regional leader Markus Söder said today:

“In the end, it comes down to this: a kind of lockdown for the unvaccinated. It cannot be otherwise. The intensive care units are full of unvaccinated people who could have protected themselves. If we had vaccinated faster, like Spain and Portugal, we wouldn’t have this situation in the hospitals. Politicians can’t help it if people won’t get vaccinated.”

Munich has cancelled its Christmas market for the second year running.

For me, as much as they are obviously trying to coerce folks into submitting to the jabs, it looks like they’re also trying to provoke an uprising, so that they can squash it in a brutal show of force, to terrorise people further still.

This sickens me. It’s also beginning to scare the shit out of me because it will happen here and I won’t put up with it. What will happen to me then? It doesn’t bear thinking about.



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Gavin Ledermann

We can’t win as those in hospital they call ‘Covid’ are likely to be there due to an adverse (intended) reaction. These fake Covid cases they then use to impose restrictions and further lockdowns.
Got to admit it’s a clever scam that masses of people just cant seem to work out.
Only a matter of time before they start turning the screw in England.


Although the media are shy in covering it, the attacks on the rights of citizens goes further than Covid regulations.


Shame about the Nazi link yet again (Yawn), but as i said in a previous post a lot of this co-ordinated attack will have been discussed and signed off at the COP get together in Scotland. Anyone who thinks they were only concerned with ‘climate change’ is naive. On Monday that bastard criminal Whitty said that across Europe significant numbers of unvaccinated people were dying. This is the man who, before he was fingered, said that hardly anyone would die from this virus. That tallies in nicely with the actions of Austria and Germany in now aiming their evil directly at those who refuse to capitulate. Not one ‘journalist’ as far as i know has pointed out that even more significant numbers of double jabbed are dying across Europe…..massively more.
This is becoming like a real life horror movie, and the audience are millions of brainless lemmings.

Aldo Bennedetti

They’re going for the last final big push otherwise the momentum of their agenda will die and the populace will revert back to normal.

Winter is coming…


Do Not Give Up Your Rights ~ Dr. Julie Ponesse’s Remarkable Speech.

Dr. Julie Ponesse is a professor of ethics who has taught at Ontario’s Huron University College for 20 years. She was placed on leave and banned from accessing her campus due to the vaccine mandate. She presented at the The Faith and Democracy Series on October 28, 2021. Dr. Ponesse has now taken on a new role with The Democracy Fund, a registered Canadian charity aimed at advancing civil liberties, where she serves as the pandemic ethics scholar.

(A good guest for the RAS I think?)


Awesome my friend!

In her own sincere and heartfelt words, Dr. Julie Ponese says “A vocal and noisey *10%* IS ALL IT TAKES!!

So are we ready to be heroes for democracy?



Thanks Gerry.


Brilliant speech, intelligent, thoughtful and logical. All the things that the powers that be hate. What they are doing would be unspeakable even if there was a pandemic but of course there isn’t, it’s all based on lies. I’m definitely going to share this speech around.


I thought that it was good.


Indeed Gerry, indeed.


Cheers Jake.
Master Hypnotist Karl Anthony gives a very honest talk about the ever escalating tyrannical circumstances that we are all facing and why it is happening.

Well worth the invested 16 minutes it takes to watch and I would suggest he’s yet another potential guest for the RA show also.


Last edited 19 days ago by Gerry

I agree. He would be a good guest.


Another brilliant piece. If people like this man and Dr Ponesse whose speech Jake has shared above could get on the mainstream media this would be over.

I love what he said about covid not knowing the law doesn’t come in until Monday. I’ve noticed looking through the windows of local cafes how polite covid is. People have to wear masks when they arrive and when they leave, sitting at the table until they are served and if they get up to go to the loo. So the virus will apparently attack them then but it is so polite that it will not bother them while they are eating.


We are currently living and trapped in a lunatic asylum Jennie.
But people like Karl Anthony and Dr. Ponesses might just yet be our tickets to get out in one piece!!!

We live in hope!





Meanwhile in Victoria, Australia….


Ephesians 6:12
King James Version
12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Last edited 20 days ago by Jennifer

As a resident of Baden-Württemberg this news does not bother me in the slightest.
I see it for what it is, fearmongering, plain and simple.

Essentially I would be restricted in exactly the same way any other citizen living in countries that have deployed vaccine passports are restricted.

The ‘lockdown’ headline is a obvious tactic designed to get people to participate in the ‘vaccine’ trials.

If they were to impose a curfew on the non injected that would be much more serious.

As it stands this is not the case.

They can stuff their restaurants, bars, nightclubs, cinemas and leisure centres up their hairy holes.

I can easily survive without any of these services and the spineless baps who own and run them are not worthy of my cash anyway.


With you mate 100%, they can stick their fear where the sun cannot shine.


Good to hear that. I have friends near Frankfurt. I’m really hoping they can stay strong to all this bullying too


Niedersachen, imho yes mostly fearmongering mixed with lies…hospitals are not filled with “un-vaccinated” ( which is newspeak and should not be used, it defines vaccinated as the norm when it should be otherwise), when you listen to nurses they tell you it is rather likely hospitals are filled with people having all sorts of vaccine damage. Not to speak of the newborns with heart problems Richie also talked about.

Personally i dont care much if i get locked down for not having a test or shot/jab, i prefer no injections. Maybe one day we will have forced injections, its not that far off.


Maybe one day we will have forced injections, its not that far off.”

Totally agree, my guess is they will up the anti after clinical trials are concluded.

They are currently grooming the population into accepting that phase three represents safety.


“If a government uses the instruments of power in its hands for the purpose of leading a people to ruin, then rebellion is not only the right but also the duty of every individual citizen” – Some bloke with a funny mustache


This is going to backfire on the ‘Goverment’ Godwilling.
Maybe these restrictions on the ‘Unvaxxed’ are being done to test the waters and judge what kind of reaction they get?


“Those who refuse the jab could be limited to meeting just one person from outside their household and barred from non-essential travel as soon as Friday in the region of Saxony”.

The rules don’t make sense, they keep saying this is a deadly virus, so if its that deadly how come you can meet one person and also travel if its essential? its like saying, “well I cannot go to the pub but I can go to the supermarket or work even though they keep telling me I have a deadly virus”


Said to my workmate last year, people like me who are not going along with the scam will end up in camps in the not too distant future, he said Martin your nuts mate, it is coming, if we allow it, heard someone asking could it happen here in the U.K. ? of course it will, the public will demand it. The thing is will they charge us council tax when we are locked up in their safety camps.


thats probably the same conversations people were having in 1930s Germany, the very few were saying this will end up in camps while most said not a chance.


The conversation we had was as we entered the lockdown March 2020. He said look we do this 3 week lockdown, 3 or 4 weeks after this we go back to normal, I said Paul with all due respect you have no fucking clue what is going on here, this is bad and it’s going to get worse.


Do you still see him? Just wondering what his thoughts are on things now. Whether he still thinks you’re nuts?


Nope not spoke to Paul since we got laid off. Believe it or not he kept saying to me last year ” Martin do you know anyone who has got this thing ” I said nope, asked him did he, he said no. He knew it was bullshit but would not entertain the thought there was a dark agenda at play. He has two boys with his wife, but has a big extended family, he has a few brothers and sisters, and his good lady is from a family of 8 I think it was, they all keep in touch with each other, and that was what he said not one person from their family had came down with the deadly ” virus ” so what is going on he asked me, I told him you would not believe it if I gave you my opinion, maybe better you don’t know.


Sounds familiar. I’ve found myself in similar convos over the duration of this scam. But when you even try to gently enlighten them to what is actually going on, they don’t want to know. They still believe it’s about their government ‘protecting them’, and it’s for the sake of everybody’s health. I do have some friends who are saying no to the booster. But I also have friends who are eager for the booster. The mind boggles, mate 🤯. I usually keep it simple and respond with….‘You’re going for the booster?! Didn’t the first two work?’

Cue the blank stare! 😁

Urban Fox

I hear them in the supermarket. Heard tonight, on my way out of the Mini Tesco, a woman telling the security guard. Make sure you get all the shots, as some people are not even double jabbed, and causing another wave of covid to go round. And if one more shop assistant tells me ‘Stay safe’. I’m gonna end up smacking them one. The masses are totally brainwashed and fully plugged into the covid cult. And anyone who is still saying different, must have there eyes and ears shut.


Stockholm syndrome. Zombified minions. Resist the temptation of smacking them in the face. However tempting it may be 😄.

Simply respond with ‘I am perfectly safe, thankyou very much. Pureblood, and perfectly safe!’

Then cue another blank stare.

Urban Fox

Its unbelievably creepy now. Its like being in a dystopian horror cross genre type film, and they just cant see it. They dont get , that we need to stay safe from the authorities and the poison jab. But they have no idea. I cant believe i am living through this and that it is actually real.


That’s the subliminal hypnobox priming that has done that to them. All intentional of course, and been happening since tv was invented. A good friend taught me about that phenomenon. I can’t remember who though! 😉😁😄👍🏻. Goodnight oh wise Fox.

Urban Fox

Thanks Joe xx


😊👍🏻 xx


A wise ol owl taught me the same Jo!!






I feel sad, depressed at times, a weirdo at times, but I also feel happy, no lie mate, feel empowered some times, being in a supermarket, big shop, and last year being the only person, or near enough without a mask on, and not one person in any shop I have been in has asked me why I did not have a mask on, but I have talked to a lot of of females who have been abused and confronted for not wearing one, in the vast majority of cases it is other women confronting them, but have talked to women where males have abused them for not wearing the mask, these pondlife are cowards, look I am a coward, most of us are it’s how you respond to the challenge. Stand or die like a slave.

Urban Fox

Good points. And interesting about what you said about woman. Had not thought about it. But yes that makes sense.

Having said that, iv got into 2 altercations with guys, that nearly got physical. One a big guy built like a brick shit house. Who went crazy, just because i brushed him slightly on passing. And another who said i should not be touching the loaves of bread. I told him to keep away from me. And he said, that as i didn’t have a mask on, i should be keeping away from him. I went fucking ballistic that time.


I went ape shit with a door man at a venue..
This time I actually did wear a muzzle..(I know, I know — but it was intended for the sake of peace!!)

But the f🤬r came after me as it wasn’t covering my nose…

To say “all hell broke loose” would be the understatement of my lifetime!!

Honest… I’m lucky to escape jail time with that one!!



Well said Martin.. but I’m also now seeing a very bIG Scottish brother standing before me!!

A strong presence always helps when facing down tyranny!!



I’m just reminding myself of what that Anna de buiseret (?) Said about it being military grade psychological warfare on the public. We have not succumbed and that makes me feel I can handle whatever they date try to manipulate us with, because there are more of us than THEY hoped


Clare the amount of people I know, a lot of them pretty smart, or so I thought, that have bought this nonsense 100% is unbelievable.


shocking isn’t it


it has ALWAYS been oppressive shite- Richie is wrong (or blissfully nostalgic) about the media being DECENT in the past – they weren’t, there was only ever a few handful of great folk- investigative reporters and the like.

I worked for the BBC for a while in early 2000- what a mess that place was-in Shepard’s bush and I was stunned by the ineptitude and NEPOTISM all over the show… and the amount of coke heads everywhere, but mostly blowing each other in the bogs.

By the early 1990’s most newspapers were just peddling perception management propaganda, and the best papers in the UK to read were the Telegraph (right wing bias that could be easily recognised and tempered) , but proper news reporting with the available facts and some genuine thought.. and the FT for business overviews. The Observer/Guardian ARTS section was also decent- the rest of the paper just CONTRARY fashion victim fodder.

The BAD and THE BEAUTIFUL from the 1950’s is a BRILLIANT film on such arenas, and one of the best films of all time.

As to the reality of this – I highly recommend GUY DUBORDs ESSENTIAL book THE SOCIETY OF THE SPECTACLE-
its the sort of thing that would help Richie elevate his comprehension on these horrors and then inform his audience in an even more tougher way about WHAT is REALLY GOING ON…
(there is avery good FILM version by Debord himself from the 60’s on YT- in the original French with English subs, and also a very good English Dubbed version there as well..



Good film that Jo. the bank robbery, which gave life to the term Stockholm syndrome, it would be classed as a love story these days.


Resistance is futile — remember Jo!!

But nooooo in this instance… Don’t administer the smack!!!

Bejeezus wept!!!




Yeh, resist! Resist! 🤜🏼😳😂


Stay safe brother lol, fox are you into astrology, watched an interview with George Martins son, the beetles producer, quite interesting, I know nothing about astrology, but yer man said he read johnsons chart, and he sees him being lynched, funny because the American lass he had a fling with more or less said the same thing, not a lynching as such but it does not end well for the fat bastard.

Urban Fox

I dont do charts. But have some knowledge of it. As its connected with the Tarot and other practices that are a big part of my life..


He mentioned the cards, seems a smart guy, likes to blow his own trumpet to be honest, suppose someone has to do it lol


I’m still making my way through that Dellingpole Interview.. got a start on it, then got sidetracked!!

It’s happening a lot lately… But l’ll get there!!

Plus.. that sounds even more appetising now!!


Last edited 20 days ago by Gerry

there are too many myths and lies about 33-45 around as the winner rewrote all this history, my grandparents as germans sure never had to visit a camp, show papers or get inoculated.


I realize I won’t get much argument here but I defy anyone to tell me this isn’t a repeat of World War 2. We may not be Jewish but it’s the same people doing the same things all over again.

Urban Fox

Absolutely Kevin. How’s things?


Nothing like World War 2 or Germany in the 30’s! In 1933 the World Jewish Council declared a trade war on Germany and pressured all Jewish owned businesses to refuse to trade with German ones. Imagine for a moment what would have happened in, say the 1970’s if all Pakistani and Indian shops had refused to stock any English goods or trade with English companies. It doesn’t bear thinking about!


Austria, Germany… And so the EU/European phase of extreme tyranny begins.

I’m just listening to the re run of the interview with Paul Craig Roberts and he’s talking about the fact that there’s something truly ‘Evil’ at work here..

My thoughts on this constantly revert back to this ‘injection’ and its contents.

We{THEY} know they do nothing, but yet they still push on with the agenda full steam ahead.

Mass murder/eugenics and human experimentation along with totalitarian digital control for whomever is left living if/when this ever ends.

It’s the damn apocalypse.

We’re here!



Resist! All I can think is….resist! But for how long will that be possible?


Everything so far is going to script Jo!

They want this social crediting digital slave system and won’t stop until they get it.

Your words ‘resist’ make me think of the Borg from Star Trek fame..

Resistance is futile!!

The 🤬kers are turning us into the Borg collective!
A hive mind of mindless automatons!!

And we’re more than halfway there already (ref: 😷💉🙈☠️)!!

I genuinely wish I was joking…

But I’m not!!


Aye! 👍🏻


More chance of them turning me into Bjorn Borg the legend of a tennis player, fukk them Gerry, they do not scare us, they are more scared of us, because they know if it goes wrong for them there is only one outcome for them. Have you seen the numbers of people in England who have died within 21 days of taking the poison, 35 thousand or more, here in jockland the numbers who have died within 28 days is over 5 thousand. People must be realising something is not right. Shout out to Novak Djokovic.

Urban Fox

Hi that link didn’t work here it is again


Thanks for trying Fox..

Urban Fox

Was good show today. Just finished listening again on the loop. I like that guy.


Alright fox my friend.

Urban Fox

Same as usual Martin. I actually put that 35 thousand, in a post of mine the other day. It was in response to a freedom of information request by David and others. However i now think it misleading. And probably pointless. They would never have released the info if they were bothered. There are many request they dont answer. In the so called public interest. Those requests are not worth the paper they are written on. The reason i say that about the number. Is because we have no idea, how many normally would have died in that time period. As from the little research i did. About 10000 normally die per week on average per year. The believers will just turn round and accuse us of exaggerating.

After careful consideration, i believe the best thing we can rely on, and point out to people is. To take the reported vaccine deaths on the systems. And show the VAERS, as it is by far the clearest with a direct link as well. And then explain that they need to times by at least 10, according to official sources. This can not be disputed in my opinion. Which would mean, that it is accurate and more than fair. To say that at least 17 000 killed in the UK. Which is half of Trafalgar square including the upper level, when standing shoulder to shoulder. And in the states at least 350 000,which is 2 Wembley stadiums. Then people should ask why this is being allowed allowed for a virus, which according to there own statistics has minimal risk. And how is it other jabs were withdrawn for only a handful of deaths.

Urban Fox

I should have added, that it would have made more sense to get the figure off the reporting system for deaths within 21 days and then adjust them. As the figures in the request were not from the reporting system. I dont think that information is available to the public on the yellow card. But the VAERS is very detailed and lists every person, along with time after being jabbed.

Urban Fox

What’s wrong with me tonight, third time lucky. Not first


Big shout to Novak .. I’ll admit, I wasn’t a fan until this clown circus started Martin, but he’s the man now!
Bjorn is another legend too!

Those stats are shocking mate.. the fact that so few are still getting this is clear evidence of how well they have been propagandised by the mass media..

And this is the consistent recurring theme that is driving the whole scam.

Relentless mass media government sponsored brain washing.

A damn psyop..

It turns my stomach thinking about it.

But I’m always optimistic that the long awaited mass awakening will happen.

Otherwise we will soon be fighting for our lives.

It’s nuts Martin.

In your wildest dreams, could you have ever imagined having these conversations??


Urban Fox

Hi Gerry, on that last thought there. Check this out, mind blowing and very disturbing. Full of evidence.


Cheers Fox.
Yes Carrie Madej has the graphene and transhumanist side of things figured out..
It’s not getting much independent media press because it’s so unbelievable.

But my money’s on this being the real reason for the urgency to plunge this shite into everyone.

We’re being tagged one by one Fox.

It’s the beginning of actual transhumanism by way of adding nano technology to the human body.. Absolutely no doubts in my mind now.

And I don’t say that lightly!!

Urban Fox

I only skimmed it through. And it hit me like a brick. She actually shows screen shots of written evidence. And shows the thing they said and who said what. Is is very disturbing and could not be clearer. And did you see the article or the video where David Icke talks about the parasites that dont appear to be organic that they found ?


Not yet Fox.
But thanks for the updates and l’ll get back to you as soon as I’ve had the chance to investigate!




Fox I think Carrie is doing an interview on the unity news network tomorrow, will double check and let you know.

Urban Fox



As long as it takes Jo. Good to see you, things alright in the peoples republic of Yorkshire.


Cheers mate, and you too…..all good here 😄👍🏻.

Urban Fox

Blessed evening Joe, by his hand we shall prevail.


Blessed evening Mr Fox. Yes, got to keep that positivity up! Praise be 👍🏻

Urban Fox

Yes Praise be, Blessed be the fruit


I have been reading Henry Makow’s articles for a good few years and he has been right on so many things.

Covid is Communism in White Coat.
I reprise this key 2003 essay about the mother of Feminism, Betty Friedan,

as a reminder of how Communists use deceit to subvert society. Like the covid hoax,

(re-branded flu) their appeals to “social justice” & “equality” are a con game.

They are grifters. Their real goal is to get rich by bankrupting the nation.


Love Henry Jake. Said on here before i use the truthseeker uk site, Rixon puts henrys articles up there, but some of the people that comment say Henry is a shill, cannot be trusted etc, I fucking lost it and called them out, as in show evidence, Henry has been saying it is, at the top a Jewish cabal, satanic in nature who will gladly see off Jewish, Christian you name it, these muppets think because Henry is Jewish by birth he cannot be trusted.


Thanks for the site Martin, ive not heard of this Henry but will have a look at what he’s been saying.


Makes me think of the Lucis Trust and this woman Alice Bailey ..

Wiki’s probably not the best source but Hugo Talks has a great video on his site about it:


It was called the lucifer trust in the beginning Gerry I think. Now they are out and about, not even trying to hide it, another name change might be in the works.


It was Martin!

Here’s that Hugo link if you’ve not seen it..

It was made by someone else, but it’s well worth a watch .. even second or third viewings for some of these is worth doing with a pen and paper to hand, as some of them like this one have treasure troves of data contained within.

Take screenshots as you go too!!–lockdown:2

Anne Talbot

Coming to a town near you.
Like we didn’t see it coming.


We do see it Anne, and we can stop it and them in their tracks quite easily, hard to see it happening though.

Anne Talbot

All that was ever needed was the numbers, it could have been that easy 🤦‍♀️

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