Girls Who Don’t Play With Dolls Given Gender Treatment

A whistle-blower has told a conference that the NHS Tavistock clinic is treating girls who don’t play with dolls as transgender. Dr. David Bell, a former governor at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust, said his former employer was acting as a “gateway for puberty blockers”, putting young people on a pathway to medical treatment.

According to The Times today:

At a conference organised by Genspect, a parental support group for gender-questioning children, Bell said that adolescents not conforming to gender stereotypes were treated as if they had been born in the wrong bodies.

Medical intervention at the north London trust was “supporting a rigid, binary construction of gender” where if patients “don’t like pink ribbons and dollies, you are not really a girl”.

With “proper” treatment, he believed many of the children would go on to be gay or lesbian and instead wants gender-focused treatment to be scrapped with these issues looked at as part of general mental health support. About 98 per cent of young people put on puberty blockers went on to take cross-sex hormones, he said.

Dr. Bell spent 24 years working at the trust. Three years ago he was hauled before bosses and warned that he faced disciplinary action after he accused some of his colleagues of fast-tracking children into life-changing decisions without proper assessments

During his speech at the Genspect conference, Bell said that the “influence of powerful political lobbies had closed down space for thought, doubt and exploration.”

He was undoubtedly referring to Stonewall and Mermaids. Bell said that Tavistock staff feared speaking out lest they be labelled as transphobic.

The Times website, like most newspapers, allows readers to post comments under articles. Here are a couple of interesting points:

Lynda Merrill:

I’m glad that I’m not young now. I didn’t like dolls etc, preferring to play with construction toys and train sets. I became a physicist but am definitely a heterosexual female! One of my daughters was similar and she became an engineer but is also married with 3 children. Heaven help us if the Tavistock Clinic had got hold of us!


Shameful. One of our daughters had nothing to do with fluffy things and there’s not the slightest chance she was, is or will remain anything but female. I wouldn’t let that lot anywhere near a hamster, let alone children. At what point does their work cross the barrier into abuse?




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Keith matthews

From one extreme to the other.


The bastards will do anything to stop us breeding. I’m sure the thought of enforced homosexuality has crossed their minds, the feckers.

Urban Fox

As a child i never liked football and liked dancing and art, so does that mean i was born in the wrong body, or perhaps gay. Never once did i want to be a woman and have loved the opposite sex since my earliest memories. All the time we are told by the woke agenda police, that we should not stereotype and that it is sexist to make assumptions based on gender. But this is doing exactly that very thing.

Once again it is all part of another agenda, which is really the one agenda. The plan for a massively reduced trans human slave population. The reason why the message that the authorities and the woke police are putting out seems confusing, is because its meant to be. In the future planned there will be no gender or procreation. By helping to confuse gender, it is a stepping stone to fusing gender.

I believe we are born into the bodies we are meant to be in, whether we like them or not is a different matter. Puberty blockers like every single medical drug without exception cause some harm. In some cases it could be argued that the relatively small harm from the drugs, is worth it compared to the consequences of not taking them. I dont believe this is one of those cases. I also dont believe this has anything to do with the health and wellbeing of young people, anymore than injecting them with potentially deadly drugs, with the excuse of protecting us from an unproven virus, so deadly that it caused no excess deaths or funerals last year.


Agreed Mr Fox, I hated dolls and was more comfortable climbing trees. I struggled as a child who was passionate about sport and was pretty good (I think) but could not relate to the girls around me. I never once thought I wanted to be male, just needed to learn to be comfortable with who I was. The news of children being being given puberty blockers is frightening – children should be left to be children. Society has lost the plot and the children are the victims.

Last edited 13 days ago by Clare
Urban Fox

Thanks Clair, Yes the masses in general and perhaps some carrying this out have lost the plot. Then there are the plotters, who know exactly what they are doing, and where things are headed.


So agree with you Foxy, that’s exactly what went through my mind as I read Richie’s piece. On the one hand they condemn creating stereotypes and on the other they are using stereotypes to justify their agenda.

I absolutely agree with you that we are born into the bodies we are meant to be in. Government and government institutions should stop interfering in everyone’s life and provide basic services which is their actual job and the one thing they aren’t doing.

Urban Fox

Was only thinking about services yesterday. They closed down the council building round here about 4 years ago. Where you used to be able to see someone face to face with any problems, including tax issues. Pre covid, one of my sayings was, they keep taking more, but providing less. So where is the excess money going. Since March last year, both library’s have been closed and the church is closed most of the time as well. Yet the taxes are just going to keep rising along with all other costs.


That’s so sad that they have closed the libraries. The PTB want to get rid of libraries and small bookshops so that they can control what we read. A friend in Britain who is self-employed told me a while back about them closing all the tax offices there and even before the lockdown they said it took absolutely ages to get through on the phone to sort anything out. Complete madness.

Urban Fox

I also was self employed, same story here. Libraries closing also means no excess for some people to the internet information and no excess to photocopiers to print things off. All very convenient for them.

Caroline Fealy

Yes i agree with you to Fox, its these weird so called specialist who mess with the young minds of the innocent.

Urban Fox

Hi, Thanks Caroline.


there is certainly an argument for why people would not want to bring a child into this world in 2021, its become completely ridiculous.


NHS Tavistock is behaving, in essence, like an old school asylum by declaring that if a child does not conform to gender/sex stereotypes, then medical intervention is necessary.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the ‘Progressive’ movement is an illusion, a sham.
Beneath the illusion very old, traditional and conservative (not modern, moderate conservatism) notions are being reintroduced.

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