I just wanted to say thanks to everybody who sent kind messages of support for the show, in the wake of Google/YouTube's decision to delete my channel. I noticed last night too, that some of the most vocal critics of YouTube's behaviour, were in fact people that have been critical of me and the show in the past. Bravo! That's the bloody point! Argue, debate, disagree, criticise loudly, but never, ever marginalise or ban! I've banged on about this for years. Stand up for the right to free speech of those you disagree with, as much as those whose opinions you share! I've always said that. Twas great to see people who have no interest in or any time for The RA Show, expressing their disgust at what happened. They're all too aware that they might be next! If Google can delete the content of an established show like mine, using the vague excuse that some of the content was bullying or harassing, it can and will happen again. 

I repeatedly stated yesterday and I do it again today, that I am not important, certainly no more or less important than anyone else. I have not been personally targeted. It isn't about me. The content and the information is being targeted, in my case, three and a half years of interviews with conspiracy researchers yes, but also with hundreds of academics, scientists, mainstream journalists and politicians beings asked questions about conspiracies, something which has never been done before on this scale. Like I said yesterday, I had been warned on several occasions that the show (not me) would be targeted for this reason. One well known journalist who writes for a national newspaper told me that "they" would never stand for a show like that, a crossover show if you like. I don't know about that, I mean, I broadcast from a home studio, I am self sufficient, there's nothing "they" can do about that. While I can be booted off YouTube, the live show cannot be stopped, although I have been informed by some of the same sources, that OFCOM (the UK broadcast media regulatory authority) is going to come after internet broadcasters who stream live content as opposed to pre-recorded podcasts. My show is a live show first and foremost and a podcast second. I'm told that this year, as part of its campaign to target hate speech online, the UK government is going to outline plans to regulate independent media. Therefore, what happened to me yesterday was only the beginning.

I've been around the media a long time. Let me tell you a couple or three things. By banning someone or some organisation because you don't like what they are saying, you inevitably draw more attention to them and their content. It is counter productive in the extreme. Also, you often find that the censored one becomes even more resolute in their work and their efforts to be heard.  We crack on. Where did I put that stash of pith and vinegar? I'll be back on air this Sunday morning as usual at 11 AM UK time. I'm looking forward to that. I won't be talking about this again, I've said enough on it. To those who used to hear the show on YouTube, if you can't listen live on richieallen.co.uk try podomatic.com, The Truth Seeker App, Spotify or iTunes. All the old shows are available on richieallen.podomatic.com. I've asked Google to reinstate the channel, but also for the opportunity to download all those 1,400 videos, as I am looking at the possibility of using another video sharing platform. Have a great weekend and thanks again for being so quick to stand up for free speech, no matter who it is that is being censored. The Richie Allen Show is not going away anytime soon! Until Sunday......


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