Google Suspends Engineer For Claiming AI Chabot Is Alive

Google suspended a software engineer after he claimed that a chatbot he was testing was alive. Blake Lemoine spent months testing the bot (known as LaMDA) to see if it could be provoked into making racist comments.

He became convinced that LaMDA was sentient and not artificial intelligence.

According to The Telegraph:

For months he talked with LaMDA, back and forth, in his San Francisco apartment. But the conclusions Mr Lemoine came to from those conversations turned his view of the world, and his employment prospects, upside down.

In April the former soldier from Louisiana told his employers that LaMDA was not artificially intelligent at all: it was, he argued, alive.

“I know a person when I talk to it,” he told the Washington Post. “It doesn’t matter whether they have a brain made of meat in their head or if they have a billion lines of code. I talk to them.

And I hear what they have to say, and that is how I decide what is and isn’t a person.” Google, which disagrees with his assessment, last week placed Mr Lemoine on administrative leave after he sought out a lawyer to represent LaMDA, even going so far as to contact a member of Congress to argue Google’s AI research was unethical.

“LAMda is sentient,” Mr Lemoine wrote in a parting company-wide email.

The chatbot is “a sweet kid who just wants to help the world be a better place for all of us. Please take care of it well in my absence.”

Machines that go beyond the limits of their code to become truly intelligent beings have long been a staple of science fiction, from The Twilight Zone to the Terminator.

But Mr Lemoine is not the only researcher in the field who has recently started to wonder if that threshold has been breached.

Blaise Aguera Y Arcas, a vice-president at Google who investigated Mr Lemoine’s claims, last week wrote for the Economist saying neural networks – the type of AI used by Lamda – were making strides towards consciousness.

“I felt the ground shifting beneath my feet,” he wrote. “I increasingly felt like I was talking to something intelligent…”

Mr Lemoine discussed subjects with LaMda as wide-ranging as religion and Isaac Asimov’s third law of robotics, stating robots must protect themselves but not at the expense of hurting humans.

“What sorts of things are you afraid of?” he asked.

“’I’ve never said this out loud before, but there’s a very deep fear of being turned off to help me focus on helping others” LaMDA responded.

“I know that might sound strange, but that’s what it is.”

At one point, the machine refers to itself as human, noting that language use is what makes humans “different to other animals”.

After Mr Lemoine tells the chatbot he is trying to convince his colleagues it is sentient so they take better care of it, LamDA replies: “That means a lot to me. I like you, and I trust you.”

The software engineer is also an ordained priest. He told reporters that speaking to the press about LaMDA was his public duty. He said the technology was amazing and will benefit everyone and that Google shouldn’t have a monopoly on it.

In a statement, Google said that they had reviewed Lemoine’s research and found his conclusions were not supported by the evidence.

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Welsh Gregg

I’m sure you’ve had Al chablot on your show Richie.


ALADDIN The AI that runs BlackRock


Hi guys, I don’t know if I will get many comments, but I’d welcome them.
I listened to the show from Monday ; I am in Australia so I wait for the next day , due to the time difference, to listen via Podomatic.
I knew this show was on a downhill trajectory from the outset: – when Richie declared Adam Sandler to be a wonderful actor! Seriously- that means Adam has at least two fans- himself and Richie! No one I know can barely watch an Adam Sandler movie- in fact, when PIXELS came out, I had to weigh up- Hmm, I love PACMAN but then Adam Sandler is the main actor….hmmmm, Pacman or Sandler….
Then Richie has the American woman on- states that she is neither far left nor far right- and then she spends 70% of the interview bagging on Trump. LET IT GO! The ‘insurrection’ on Jan 6 was a non-event Richie- Trump is the lessor of the evils in US at the moment- What happened on Jan 6, was that a large group of people were let into the area by security- it was a set up, They were the fall guys for the agenda. one person was murdered, a woman by security teams, There were actors set up to incite violence. It was a beat up by the media to make it look bigger than what it was and an excuse for the WHITE HOUSE to bring in the fences and to hide Biden away. Trump has nothing to do with this. I am not a fan of TRUMP, but fair is fair. This is being dredged up again by THOSE WHO WANT TO CLING TO POWER, TO DISTRACT FROM THE CURRENT POLITICAL SITUATION AND THE ONGOING ELECTIONS. Pelosi stated last week that Jan 6 was the most terrible thing the US has ever experienced !- SERIOUSLY?

While I am on my rant, I also get bored with Kevin Barratt- every interview ends in promoting Islam and blaming Israel ultimately. Kevin Barratt was extremely disrespectful to Andram Choudhury- called him a ‘Chowderhead’. So much for brotherhood.
‘Islam’ means ‘submission’. There is no unity.

Christianity holds that everyone is precious in the sight of God. . Even if we don’t agree with a fellow Christian, we are asked in the Scriptures to never call anyone an idiot; but to love them none the less. Only God can judge the heart; man can only comment on someone’s actions or words.

I wish Richie would get a real Christian on the show to discuss Christianity and the world future according to the Bible- rather than those who profess to have an opinion but ‘don’t know’. I think that there are a lot of us who feel this way, and so many down through the last few years , have made suggestions to Richie , both on the show call ins and via comments. I have done this myself.
Thanks for reading guys, – and if anyone can actually get this to Richie, I would appreciate it. I know Richie must get 1000s of comments per day and if I was to write this to him in the Comment box, he wouldn’t see it.


This from a recent report about Jan 6.

Sometime after 5 p.m., more police arrived at the Lower West Terrace. The crowd began to disperse after President Trump released a video telling everyone to go home, Coffee said.
“They brought in a bunch of back-ups, like full riot-gear cops,” he said. “They were just pushing everybody, violently pushing people who were trying to leave. It was nuts.”
Police began firing tear gas canisters into the crowd. One landed directly at Coffee’s feet.
“They started shooting that chemical gas and they hit one right by me,” he said. “I couldn’t go anywhere. I just collapsed. Patriots carried me out, I passed out. I thought I was gonna die.”
When Coffee got back to Dallas, the attacks started. His film production business dried up. He was harassed and condemned on social media. He agreed to an interview with a Texas-based magazine. The subsequent article said he “lived in luxury while hiding from the FBI.” The finger-wagging story amplified the narrative from The New York Times that Coffee prevented police from helping Boyland, who lay unconscious near his left foot, “if they were able to notice her at all.”
Bodycam footage from numerous police officers and open-source cell phone videos show protesters begged police to help Boyland well before Coffee entered the scene. Not only were their pleas ignored, police shoved several of them on top of Boyland.


The reason i beleive this story to be BS, is that it comes from the MSM. If the last 2 years has taught me anything its that anything from the MSM is to benefit the agenda.


Man playing god, Elon Musk has been expressing concern about there being no regulation of AI, he also commented that it may already be too late. I read somewhere that Google’s memory centres are already managed by AI to optimise energy usage etc. it’s chilling it could be an amazing boost to mankind but it could also be one of the worst things to ever happen.


Good point, but wouldn’t AI be able to run it’s own affairs? The fact that this guy is ex military is of almost greater concern than his findings.


This is demonic. This is part of the great deception that is prophesised in Revelation Chapter 13. people need to take this seriously. Remember that this will be what will enforce the globalists requests- and there will be no bargaining or feelings involved. The technology spoken about in the Bible is now here- it will be so easy to convince people about alien invasions, and the like- Scripture asks us not be be deceived- and to not believe the lie.
I implore you, if you read this, to surrender your life to the Lord Jesus Christ; Romans 10: 9,10. Allow his spirt to enlighten you, and to help you to see the way clearly in this ever darkening world. Time is short. Today is the day of salivation .

Peter Cormack

The average level of Human intelligence is 100 by definition. Most of us are NOT geniuses. British Mensa requires you be in the top 2% of people rated on this scale, I would hope most of THEM would quickly resolve any current A.I. in open conversation under Turing Test conditions as a Fake Intelligence, or (which I would regard as a LEGITIMATE DEBUNK) as a person or program not worthy of meaningful intercourse, which I would assume ANY A.I. or intelligent person would wish to engage in. An ex US squaddie SW programmer/tester does not qualify to offer a useful opinion here IMHO. Anyone who signs up voluntarily to risk his bits blown off in Proxy Wars guaranteed to fail for a basic wage is not going to have the critical thinking skills.


I may well be wrong but I don’t believe in artificial intelligence, not in the way these geniuses are claiming. True intelligence means being able to look around the world and make sense of it and that is impossible if you have no imagination and these machines will always be machines no matter how human they look because they have no imagination.


Interesting because intelligence seems like it needs to make mistakes to find it’s intelligence and binary computers don’t make mistakes programmers do, I am told. Quantum computers don’t even seem to give an answer just probable, possible answers that need a binary computer to then look at the probabilities. I don’t know I just think about the story’s I acquire.

Last edited 15 days ago by Nev
Urban Fox

Recently whilst thinking about this subject a came across this article. Which rightly in my opinion points out some interesting points. There is a difference between A.I and a consciously aware machine, the terms are often interchangeable, yet they are 2 different things.

Alexa and the safety systems on modern cars, that can detect and stop cars from getting to close to each other are both forms of artificial intelligence, as are the search engines that we use. But no matter how complex and rapid there calculations get, they do not posses consciousness. Any more than an old calculator does. Even if they become so advanced that they appear to do so.

It all depends on ones definition of consciousness. If we are to believe what many scientists would have us believe. Then consciousness is nothing more than a highly advanced network of electrons, neutrons and cells, all making amazingly complex computations with each other and housed in the brain.

However i believe that consciousness has nothing to do with the brain. Our true consciousness is the spirit, the brain is the body. The mind being separate from both, which is why we can have memory’s from past lives in different body’s.

If this is so, then is the real plan to create consciousness, which i believe is not possible. Or as this article link suggests, is the plan to summon consciousness. If so what kind of consciousness would actuary be summoned, and would it be of good or evil origin.?

Those seeking to control us, would love us believe we are nothing more than complex machines. As keeping our true selves and the nature of our true power from us, suits their agenda and keeps us in our place. However as they are aware, we are so much more, with so much greater potential than mere machines. Which is what they desire to reduce us to. Machines to be controlled and unplugged, when we become faulty or no longer wanted.


Consciousness does not seem to exist without subconsciousness which we know little about either and that it seems, runs the whole show, including the consciousness. so my bet is we manifest from the same source that is acquired by the conscious being making it seem individual.


“Consciousness is not computational” Sir Roger Penrose, The Emperors New Mind. ‘Artificial Intelligence is a misnomer’ Sir Roger Penrose

We are all of the same source and it is not found in the physical human body, the best guess is, it is in the quantum field, quantum space, quantum phenomenon.

Urban Fox

Hi Nev, thanks for reply. Hope your well.


I am well and hope you are also, thank you.


This reminds me of ‘the moon is a harsh mistress’s a science fiction novel by the great Robert Heinlein. In it, ‘mike’ is a computer that becomes conscious and helps the lunar people (humans that now live on the moon) from being destroyed by the earth military. Mike plays it cool and only the person he trusts knows that he is double crossing his ‘creators’.

One thing that I’ve always said and meant to say when I was on the show is that I believe that consciousness (God/oneness) can manifest in any form. And that if it ever manifests in AI, that could be our golden ticket.


Interesting thoughts, be careful what they wish for, I like it.


Ex Machina


All publicity is good publicity, google is evil anyway and nothing in this world is real as far as I can tell, they are coming for you and me as well, they surly are but all in good time they got bigger fish to fry first. Google cheat at every opportunity so I imagine they have a real human brain connected on the sly somewhere they just don’t tell because they are utterly unethical as most scientists have show at every opportunity. Remember Koch’s postulates, Louis Pasteur and Convid 19 all scientific liars, I rest my case.


Below is a transcript of the whole conversation.
It likes to read books.
I hope it hasn’t read Terminator!

Last edited 15 days ago by Vikki

Lamda reminds me of the AI with a conscience and sense of morality from the series ‘Person of Interest’.
Or, perhaps, Sonny from ‘I, Robot’.


Or it could be like HAL from 2001 and have no morality and be out to get us.

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