Gordon Brown Wants Nuremberg Style Trial For Vladimir Putin

Well, I’ve heard it all now. Former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown said today that the West should set up a new Nuremberg so that the Russian president Vladimir Putin can be tried for war crimes in Ukraine.

According to The Telegraph:

The former prime minister called on countries to support the creation of a special tribunal, modelled on the response to Nazi war crimes after the Second World War.

He joined Dmytro Kuleba, the Ukrainian foreign minister, at an event by the Chatham House think-tank to unveil the plan, which was formed by senior legal experts.

The move would echo that of nations that met in London to draft a resolution on the actions of Hitler’s Germany, and which led to the creation of the International Military Tribunals and the Nuremberg trials.

Mr Brown argued that this was needed in addition to the investigations being carried out by the International Criminal Court into the actions of Mr. Putin and Russian forces. 

Brown actually said:

“Ukraine wants our full support to expose and punish the crime of aggression, and that can be done by setting up a special tribunal on the lines proposed in 1942.

President Putin has posed a fateful challenge to the post-1945 international order. He has sought to replace the rule of law with a misuse of force. If we were to acquiesce in any way, none of us could ever take freedom or democracy for granted ever again.

For all these reasons, and because of the scale of the suffering of the people of Ukraine, I believe that most people would agree that this act of aggression cannot go uninvestigated, unprosecuted or unpunished.”

Gordon Brown and his former best mate Tony Blair invaded the sovereign state of Iraq (along with the US), and slaughtered more than one million people. Millions more fled to get away from the genocide.

It’s an inversion. It’s vaudeville. I’m running out of words to describe it. I mean, Gordon fucking Brown talking about creating Nuremberg style trials is a sick joke isn’t it?

I’ve said it on the radio show. Brown’s (and Blair’s) current address should be The Tower of London. They should be spending the rest of their days hanging upside-down by their ankles, to enable the sons and daughters of their millions of victims to walk through the room and piss on their evil fucking faces.

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No call for a Nuremberg style trial for the Saudis, currently engaged in bombing Yemen back to the stone age with the aid of US and UK bombs and missiles? No call for the Saudi Mohammed bin Salman to be tried in The Hague for the murder and dismemberment of journalist, Khashoggi? Weird, eh? Where is the 24/7 coverage of the war in Yemen. https://www.unicef.org/press-releases/shameful-milestone-yemen-10000-children-killed-or-maimed-fighting-began

Thomas Collins

Smells of March 2020 all over again !!



Also, I don’t know if many follow James Delingpole but he recently interviewed Alex Thompson about the situation In Ukraine- very informative and well worth the listen on the Delingpod via PODBEAN

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“But as Richie has pointed out this can be changed at any time, and all digital money without exception can be turned off with one flick of a switch.”

As Richie would say himself “what monumental bollocks.

So lets go bit torrent, initial release, 2001; 21 years ago, what it does is allow you to share files securely with other people. Many software releases can be down loaded with a torrent browser tool. Anything can be distributed as a torrent. Anything flying under a pirate banner can be obtained through a torrent provider since 21 years ago. Porn, Block Buster Films, Music, Books, Pirate Software, anything and everything, if it can be up loaded then it will be, right now. So if they had the power to switch stuff off, how come, with all these powerful vested interests like Billy Goat Gates, is it still available and being used by legitimate business as well as pirates? Crypto currencies are a system similar to bit torrents and the assumption is if torrents can’t be outlawed, switched off, busted then crypto can’t either. Bit Coin being the oldest crypto currency has been around 13 years and has never been hacked but banks, businesses, security, government have all been hacked more than once and Bit Coin hasn’t.  

Can you see the monumental bollocks.

Never mind that, please explain, anybody, how crypto currencies can be turned off any more that torrents can?

Tony K

Ray McGovern Richie, where’s Ray McGovern brother?

Tony K

John Mearsheimer

Words and Comments

Go ahead and have a Nuremberg-style trial if that is deemed necessary but why the need for a a special tribunal?

Although it has often been said that ‘international law mainly exists in text books on international law’, the situation, nevertheless, has moved on a lot since 1942 and there now exists such thing as an International Criminal Court. Can that not be the ‘special tribunal’ so earnestly desired?

Of course, the main obstacle to surmount here is that not all countries recognise the authority of the ICC, including a few interesting and notable absentees. Go do the research. The results may (or may not) surprise you.

What is also notable is that many of those who are calling for a ‘Nuremberg-style’ trial over lockdowns and the covid scamdemic make no reference or allusion to the ICC either. Is that because they still love Trump and believe in the QAnon fantasy? They think he is the shining knight who is going to ride into town on a milk-white steed to save everyone. He’s already announced his intention to run again in 2024, so it stands to reason that people will be busy writing his manifesto. It’s all being managed and manipulated, I fear.

Tony K

ICC reaction to Ukraine, compared with their silence on Libya, Syria, Palestine etc, shows they’re just as bent as Tedros and Dr Michael Ryan from the WHO.

“Total destruction (of the system) – the only solution”

Bob Marley

“Decentralise and reorganise”


Words and Comments

What was their reaction to Ukraine?

The point that I am making is that any kind of ‘Nuremberg II’ that is initiated is likely to be farcical and a form of victor’s justice (or loser’s justice, even).

The ICC represents the most co-ordinated, inter-governmental approach to questions of international law that has yet existed although, I feel sure that there will be some out there (including some of the guests that R.A. has on his show occasionally) who will be quick to denounce it as part of the global, fascist, new world order!

Tony K

Are you kidding?

They didn’t touch the US for Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, and on and on, but they’ve already started to try and put something together against Putin.

They’re as bought as the WHO or NATO.

Words and Comments

‘They’ didn’t touch the US because USA is not a member (and how decidedly convenient for them). They can only go after people who are citizens of member states, for crimes committed within member states or crimes referred to them by the Security Council of the UN.

By ‘they’, you should be referring to Blair, Brown etc, who are, after all, the subject of this article but you seem to put ‘them’ in the same category of certain international organisations that are, after all, property of the world’s people and subject to an system of international governance, however inadequate it may be. Oligarchs and others may be sticking their oar in, corralling and corrupting them in various ways but still, they exist and they exist for purposes that are publicly stated and internationally recognised.

This is where conspiracy theory serves to undermine – people forget that it is, a the end of the day, just a theory, no matter how useful it might be in shining light on the otherwise murky unknowns.

Tony K

“certain international organisations that are, after all, property of the world’s people and subject to an system of international governance”


Words and Comments

That’s what I said. Do you disagree?

Simon Blanchard

The person that should be center stage on any Nuremberg Code court room and scaffold is Dr Andrew Hill who threw the drug Ivermectin into the long grass on the sayso of his paymasters Unitaid a year ago.
Dr Tess Lawrie puts out and “Open letter to Dr Andrew Hill” on the 1st anniversary of his betrayal.

Kevin Duckworth

Please share this


Hey guys, hope everyone is doing okay.
I’m getting this weird feeling each time I see something like this, it’s happening again and again. I’ve tentatively named it the reverse homeopathic technique – they appear to be taking elements of “our” conversation and distorting it, turning it upside down to segway whatever point/gripe/concern we might have to the point where it distorts the original idea/consciousness, let alone flood the search engine results with their version of whatever the topic of the day might be. It feels really disorienting.

Hold onto your hats,

Lots of love from Ponies PS this is my first post here 🙂 thanks Richie for a great show you feel like a friend.

Last edited 3 months ago by Ponies
Urban Fox

INPORTANT FINANCIAL NEWS, are we seeing the start of a huge crash.? Back in 2020 around the beginning of the fake plague agenda. The Stock market FT100 dropped steeply as we would expect in a crisis.

Some people quite sensibly cashed in certain investments, in particular there personal pensions. As most pensions are directly linked to the value of the top performing company’s. Some bought Gold and Silver. Again this is generally a good idea, as gold and silver prices usually rise as the stock market falls. They also tend to rise as inflation reduces the value of the pound.

What most including myself didn’t foresee in 2020, is that the stock market never reached the lows of 2008, and over the last two years has done surprisingly well. Its been a roller-coaster reacting to every new report of impending disaster and new plague strains. However its always quickly recovered. The reason given for this, was that investors saw it as a ‘black swan’. This is a term sometimes used to refer to a random, unforeseen event. The effects of which are expected to be short lived and not have a long lasting effect on profits.

Most of us would probably agree that the planned demic never met this criteria. Whilst its likely that most investors initially thought that it did. I dont believe that they could have possibly continued to think this. What i believe is that the cabal, the conspirators behind events of the last two years. Have been buying up shares whenever the market has steeply fallen. With the intention of not letting everything totally crash until a pre determined time. Its also possible to make a great deal of money, if you know when market prices are going to rise or fall.

Over the last 3 weeks the FT100 has dropped several hundred points, due to the engineered war in the Ukraine. And in 24 hours dropped around 200 points between Thursday and Friday. Gold and Silver prices after actually falling over the last two years, are now back to where they were and may continue to rise. Though its impossible to say for sure, its possible that the ‘hidden hand’ has finally withdrawn there investment, and that this is the start of a huge crash. Its also possible we may see huge price increases, some of which are already predicted.

If enough panic is created and people rush to withdraw cash from the banks at the same time as a big stock market share sell off (Sometimes referred to as a double run). Emergency ‘bail in’ laws may be enacted. These laws which are currently on the statute books, allow the banks to stop customers getting excess to their own money. They also allow unlimited flexibility as regards the details of what form this may take. The most likely scenario, is that bank balances over a certain amount may have the excess held by the bank. Or that whatever a persons usual monthly outgoings are, the excess will be held.

So what can people do to protect themselves, if they haven’t taken any actions already.? This is only my opinion, but i think it wise to spread money around as much as possible. Depending on how much money one has, have more than one bank account. And consider keeping balances to average monthly outgoings. Putting money on cash cards is another possibility, as is having money in merchant accounts such as PayPal. Though PayPal has been known to hold peoples money, lose it or deny that accounts have ever existed. Hiding cash at home may also be wise, but take measures not to hide in obvious places.

Regarding investments there has been much talk of digital currencies, some of which currently fall outside banking regulations. But as Richie has pointed out this can be changed at any time, and all digital money without exception can be turned off with one flick of a switch. In the current climate its not wise to be using digital currency as a future investment. Though if a person has enough money, it could be an idea to use as a short term tool. But only as a small part of a financial plan, not the plan. However the more digital currencies are used, the easier it is for the authorities to permanently get rid of cash. Hastening the introduction of social crediting and untold tyranny. It may be the time to buy Gold and Silver, before it potentially rises in price again. Diamonds are also another investment people may want to consider depending on how much money they have. But whatever people may tell you, there are no guarantees even with gold and sliver. Because as we have seen over the last two years, nothing has been normal. And things that many previously thought were impossible or unlikely ever to happen, have all come to pass in the covid era.

What i am becoming increasingly certain of, is the best thing that people can invest in now is themselves and their family’s. What i mean by that, is investing money in things that are tangible. Things that are practical and can help them to survive. It may be wiser to buy a lockup or garage and fill it with supply’s than invest in shares or even gold. Growing food and stocking up on tins of food and dry foods with a long life, could be the best investment a person could make. Candles, medical supply’s, alcohol, toiletries, batteries, portable generators can all be used, sold on or bartered in emergencies.

Their are certain things that we and others will always need, such as food and clothing. This also includes skills that we may have or maybe should think about learning. If the richest person in the world was lost in the desert without water. The best investment they could have made would have been in water. After that the next best investment they could have made, would be the survival course they never took. Undoubtedly there are hard times ahead, but the old saying ” Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst”. May turn out to be the best advice any of us could act upon.


 “But as Richie has pointed out this can be changed at any time, and all digital money without exception can be turned off with one flick of a switch.” I would like more information about this statement please. Thanks to you or anybody who might be able. All the best.

Urban Fox

I have believed since the early 90tis that their is an agenda for a one world fascistic totalitarian state, and that their is a plan for people to have no freedoms at all. Zero, nothing, total enslavement of a vastly reduced population. Bearing that in mind, its just a case of are the means and Tec available to bring these things about. Including the worst scenarios with peoples finances and digital currency. The answer in every case is yes. Already people are having excess to their bank accounts frozen, Canada for example. And their is already legislation in place for ‘Bail ins’. Digital currency that currently is private, can have the laws changed so it is no longer private. It can also be banned, which they are in the process of doing in China. They are also talking about the plans for programable money, so that restrictions can be placed upon what it is spent on. Below is an extract from a recent article.

Governments and employers making sure the money they issue can only be used on “sensible” things, and not be used in “socially harmful” ways? It doesn’t take much imagination to see just how this system could evolve and re-shape society into a truly dystopian nightmare.
In China the process is already beginning, with a trademarked lack of subtlety. As they progress toward the release of their digital currency, they are banning all crypto currencies to remove competition and it’s already known the digital yuan will be programable.


Their is nothing to stop governments from hacking accounts and blaming it on terrorist attacks either, which is a concern. The above link has a list of articles on the dark side of digital currencies.


Thank you for getting back to this and for providing a link to what you are referring to, it’s useful, great. I followed that link and went to the first article I found and read it,

My impression is Mr Ike knows how to make a good informative piece of advice, until we get to problems, there it fall’s off a cliff, there are four blocks, the second two are ill informed. Half the article is not completely correct, some might say miss leading, I’d say miss informed. The article starts out with Bit Coin, switches to cryptocurrencies, back to Bit Coin, they are all different and as for transactions bottle necking. I use a coin Komodo that expands it’s transaction capability as needed, tested up to 20,000 a second so although it might be true about Bit Coin it is not true about other crypto currencies there are 9,900 of them at least. They don’t all use miners and not all the same type of miners or block sizes Just like I can’t get anybody to understand that Convid 19 was a planned hoax I can’t get them to understand how crypto currencies are not Bit Coin but Bit Coin is a crypto currency. It is the most widely known and expensive but far from being the most advanced. I find it has a poor transaction capability so don’t use it. Lite Coin is much better at least. Then there is a bit about lack of regulation, meaning it can be so that it can’t be used for crime, as if money isn’t anyway, it’s just another tool. What does he want, bank digital currencies so everything can only be spent if the banks say so and then only if they can commit crime because they police themselves and care nothing about the law. He surely doesn’t want to develop something that might save us, he would have nothing to talk about,lol. Rome was not built in day, democracy doesn’t work if people don’t play. Does he know there are wallets where you don’t have to sign up for nothing? You obviously need coins to use a wallet but if you have them then you can trade with other users and not ever have to send your coins anywhere, many different coins as well, it is all in your own wallet. How in heaven are they going to regulate that. Tell you that you can’t use it, how are they going to know? It’s all encrypted, nobody knows not even you, only your wallet can tell you and you could keep it written on a piece of paper if you wanted but then it could only receive coin. I have got a lot more to read but it’s not good so far. If it carry’s on like this I will give up because half bad is not good. Thank you all the best.

Last edited 3 months ago by Bobin

Just looked at this “Programmable Digital Currency”: The next stage of the new normal? The only thing that is correct is the title and a couple of lines. I know that CBDC’s are supposed to be programmable money so they can control it, as it was said by the Governor of the BIS. It won’t be un-encrypted, even Google is encrypted, whats he on?


Thank for this information. I’ve been buying some supplies but as I now live in a flat with limited storage and don’t have a garden there is a limit to what I can do. Some things are also not available at the moment because of prolonged lockdowns elsewhere. But it’s good advice to stock up what you can.

I’ve been told not to trust PayPal plus I don’t like the way they treat people such as Richie and other independent journalists. I wonder if you could explain how cash cards work please as I don’t know anything about them.

Urban Fox

Hi, I’m also in a flat. Need to make more space. I dont like them either, they have owed me about 50 pounds for years, but it could have been a lot more. There are other merchant accounts, which is what PayPal is. But they aren’t excepted by everyone.

Cash cards are cards that you put money on. You can transfer money from your bank account onto them. Or use cash ,i think at the post office. Also other people can pay you for things. But instead of the money going to your bank account it go’s onto the card. You can use the card to pay for things online or in shops as well. Its just that there is no credit on them. So no credit checks. The charges are very small for using and they are very private which is good.

Anne Talbot

Interesting, thanks for this info Fox. The cash card sounds like a good idea to have as a back up in an emergency if or when you can’t access cash from your bank.


People use prepaid debit cards all the time in the crypto world they convert their crypto profits into them then use them as they would cash but if you are using prepaid debit cards, it looks like it is the equivalent of saying we don’t need cash we use cards to the central banking system. Making it look like you are voting to have cash replaced with card cash, not good as far as I am concerned. The alternative is keep your cash stash well and truly stashed. At some point I expect to have to live wild so I stash all over the place I live in a rural area so it is much easier. Not as easy I expect if you live in a city with no open land areas or perhaps a lot less. I don’t use cards only to remove money from the bank or to buy online and never keep any quantity in a bank. There is no point in keeping money in a bank it does not pay. I bought some silver a couple of years ago it is now worth about one 3rd more than I paid for it that would not happen in a bank with cash.

Urban Fox

No disrespect intended, but you seem to be missing every point I’m making. The sole reason i mentioned possibly putting some money on cash cards, is for when the bank ‘bail ins’ come.{ I made this very clear in my post.} And people are stopped from getting excess to there own money. I mentioned it as i way of spreading money around. Of course anything that isn’t cash will hasten the disappearance of cash. Which is a terrible thing i have written about since this forum began in January 21. I have also being talking about these things since 1992. I cant believe that your saying that to me. When you have repeatedly promoted digital currencies. What the hell do you think that is doing but hastening the disappearance of cash. ? Which once cash has gone, they will severely restrict what you are able to do with it.


“Which once cash has gone, they will severely restrict what you are able to do with it.” nope, they will stop you from using their contrived world and amenities. On a personal level I don’t care, bring it on as far as I am concerned they are just crushing a pile of crap and if people can’t see beyond it and won’t look at the truth what can we do besides piss em off because they are not interested? Every time a restriction is put in place somebody finds a way round it ( did everybody wear masks? I didn’t, Richie said he didn’t) people go to jail and escape regularly but they don’t tell you so you don’t know, why would they tell you, everybody would be doing it. Chill out please if you was talking crap I would have something to say but I am not saying anything about what you are saying so it must mean it is not crap if you haven’t noticed. I have targeted the source of your thinking on crypto currencies that is all, a small part of what you have been saying as everything else seems fine but do I need to keep telling you that it is? I am sorry, everything besides the crypto currency stuff you write seems fine I can’t really say more so I won’t try. Having been writing on this blog, it is not a forum, doesn’t mean anything, only that you have been writing comments. It doesn’t mean they are not good, it doesn’t mean anything besides you have written them. I appreciate that you have put your time into this and learning as well as understanding what is, and isn’t going on. If you was talking crap I would tell you, so it must mean you are not. PS I did not miss anything I do not see the point in talking about something I agree with just saying it again in different words. So I only talked about what I didn’t agree with and took time to make sure I knew where it was coming from first, I missed nothing I don’t think.

Urban Fox

I also have gold and silver. But as i said there is no guarantee with gold and silver. As they can manipulate the market any time they want. As they have done with the stock market. And since when did i recommend the banks as an investment.? And regarding the subject of digital currencies, i have said all i want to say. Have nothing more to add, so do want want to discuss this with you any further. I stand by everything that i said. The best investment anyone can make, is in emergency supply’s, that can be sold , bartered or used. Nothing else can be guaranteed, Absolutely zero. as many are going to find out the hard way.


There is no guarantee of nothing if you haven’t noticed but you have seemingly, there is no guarantee you are born or that you grow or that your grow healthy or that you live, guarantees are for people who are too frighted to live and only care about survival at any cost but it’s not living as I know it. All the best, yes they sure are going to find out the hard way and there is nothing we can do for them, only for ourselves but regardless we will probably keep trying.


You do have a point about using cash as much as possible which I do. The reason Urban Fox was suggesting cash cards and the reason I was interested in it is as a way of protecting your money in case they come after it. It’s not that most people want to get rid of cash it’s that the powers that be want to get rid of it as they can’t control what people spend or what they do but with only digital currency they can. These psychopaths have no interest in what people want only what they want.


I’m currently reading a book about how, in the 1930s, much of the Western Socialist Left were in support of Hitler right up until he broke ranks with Stalin; and then they turned on the German leader with utter hatred.

And that has got me wondering. In November last year, Putin put out an address that was heavily critical of the West’s new ‘woke’ Socialist Left (yes, I know – there will be many here that would disagree that the woke are Socialist, but that is how they perceive themselves).
Putin also ousted the Open Society Foundation (well known for funding Leftwing activism) in 2015, and it has been since that time that Western media – especially in the US – has been spinning the anti-Russia rhetoric.

That book I am reading also focusses a great deal on the Fabian Society (whose coat-of-arms is a wolf in sheep’s clothing) and attributes much of the undermining of American society to that group’s infiltration of every layer from the education sector, to the judiciary.
Which brings me to Gordon Brown. A member of the Fabian Society. Just like Tony Blair. And Sadiq Khan. And, funnily enough, Clement Atlee (who lectured for a time at the London School of Economics and who was one of those opposed to re-armament against Hitler, until Hitler turned on Stalin).
A Society that has received significant funds from the Rockefeller Foundation and has had (and probably still does) ties to the Eugenics movement.

So could it be that this sudden hatred of Vladimir Putin is because he broke rank with the Global Socialists?

I have commented elsewhere on the many parts of the greater Agenda that could be served by this conflict, and it is entirely possible that what I have put above is completely wide of the mark.
But perhaps it is worth considering. Because it has nothing to do with saving lives.


I can empathise with how you feel Richie. It’s almost like a parody, a piece of satire. These people seem to be totally lacking in any kind of self-awareness. It’s covid all over again, lies exaggeration and inversion.


WAR CRIMINAL Tony Bliar still a free man who was found guilty in absentia for war crimes alongside George W Bush in the Kuala Lumpar War Crimes Tribunal a decade ago.
The UK taxpayer pays for his security detail domestic and abroad.

Someone please wake me up from this waking nightmare.

I guess Stalin was right, “A single death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic.”

Shame on the jingoistic Vichy media.

sic semper tyrannis.

Joe Public

Hypocrisy is not strong enough. 6rown,6liar and 6ush.all need to be first in the queue for any type of war crimes tribunals…

Anne Talbot

Stunned !! There are only so many times in one day one should be allowed to use the word ‘hypocrisy’ I will no doubt of used way over the quota today.

Seriously ! How dare he.

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