Government: “Don’t Hug Granny Even If You’ve Had A Jab!”

The UK government is launching a new advertising campaign, urging Britons to keep following the rules and stay away from Granny, even if they have been vaccinated.

Ministers are concerned that people will stop observing social distancing guidelines once they’ve had their shots. The Telegraph has spoken to a senior government source who said;

“The messaging will be aimed at people who have been vaccinated to stop them going off-piste and ignoring the regulations and particularly with the elderly who have had two jabs.  It will be along the lines that it is great that you have been vaccinated but if you are going to visit your family and hug your grandchildren, there is a chance you are going to infect people you love.”

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has produced data that shows nearly half of those who have had a jab are breaking lockdown rules. According to The Telegraph:

Janet Lord, director of Birmingham University’s Institute of Inflammation and Ageing, said people should not hug their children even if they had been vaccinated as relaxing social distancing could offset the benefits of the vaccination programme.

“I would certainly advise not to do that at the moment because as you probably know with the vaccines they take several weeks before they are maximally effective,” she said. “It’s really important that people stay on their guard even if they’ve had that first vaccination.”

Don’t hug your Gran. Don’t hug your children. Keep away from other people. Continue wearing masks. Is it dawning on those who rushed to the local vaccination centre to be jabbed, that they’ve been had? If they can’t see it now, surely they never will?

Clinical disease expert Dr. Bharat Pankhania told Good Morning Britain on Tuesday, that we shouldn’t be, “making any new friends” and that “we should keep our circle of friends small and tight.”

Other so-called experts on UK TV and radio this week, have been telling us to “be on our guard” and to “warn people off” if they get too close to us. One scientist even told BBC Radio 5 Live that when we’re outdoors in the sunshine, we should “keep far away” from each other.

Nobody in the media, with the exception of yours truly, is laughing at these goons and calling them out. It seems that people will believe anything now.


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This morning I went out to the shops and we actually had a bit of sunshine for a change but I only saw one other person apart from myself not wearing a mask in the street. Goodness knows what sort of fearmongering the msm have been coming out with. I’m actually using the side streets as much as possible so I see fewer people because I just can’t bear it.

What we all need is fresh air, sunshine, affection, mixing with other people in a normal way and having some fun. Not mask wearing, distancing, quarantine and isolation. What is wrong with these people, have they been subject to some kind of mind control?


It’s a form of a mind control through egregor.
Below is some text translated from a russian site. A short description in russian in the included link, one can use online translator…
“…The egregor is a specific energy formation in the subtle world. It occurs when a group of people think the same way or are caught up in the same idea. The egregor is associated with this idea or these people. Every thought is material

Only the matter of thought is very subtle and is not perceived by the senses. When large numbers of people think about one thing, the subtle mental energy released by them is combined and, when its volume reaches a certain size, an egregor of this group of people or ideas is formed. This can be compared to a cloud…”

on the image ‘egregor’ written in russian


Egregor sounds like Morphic Resonance, a theory put forward by Rupert Sheldrake. He suggests if enough animals in a particular group learn a ‘skills, then the rest of that group will naturally adopt the ability.
I pride myself in the fact that I’ve resisted so far. Don’t get me wrong, as an ICU nurse I wear a mask at work but never outside work!


The ‘hundredth monkey effect’ is a form of an egregor.

Each egregor has its own algorithm at a certain frequency. One connects to a particular egregor ONLY if a frequency of one’s thoughts match the one in that egregor.


Here are the statistics for the UK(as of the start of March):
Population – 68,109,692. Total tests – 90,993,060 (that’s 133.597% of the pop.). Positive Covid cases – 4,218,524 (that’s 6.193% of the pop.). Deaths attributed to Covid – 124,419 (that’s 0.182% of the pop.).
These are the official figures. Factor in the guff PCR test and it is clear that the positive cases and attributed deaths are over inflated.

In comparison, China has tested the equivalent of 11.088% of its population.

So when the MSM make comparisons between our Covid cases and that of other countries, they are peddling clear deception – because nations are not testing at the same levels.


One thing I would disagree with him about is that what has happened is the result of mistakes and miscalculation. It’s my honest belief that it is all deliberate and calculated.


“… Full job description the expansion of asymptomatic testing, that !!! normalises testing as part of everyday life !!! …”

posted on Icke’s ste this morning


Check this little gem of a video out!

It’s nine minutes long, but it starts with Dave Cullen (Channel ‘Computing Forever’) discussing a little find he discovered from the UK gov website that seeks ‘Tenders’ for marketing etc.

This one’s for a “Covid public information campaign”

And when’s the scheduled commencement date????

April 1st 2021!!!



Gerry, saw that on BNT or BitChute, Dave does some Interesting articles,
hmm… yet another piece of the Great Reset Agenda; that means this is never going to end anytime soon !
what with Boris booking covid ads till 2023, extending lockdown powers and stretching Furlough out even longer (again)
Re April 1st see my reply to Mark


I saw the reply Backbeat and I couldn’t agree more!

Here’s another little gem from Hugo Talks this time…

In it he exposes Hand Cock for the fraud he is once more (if it hasn’t been done a thousand times already!!)

But pay close attention to the closing sentiments..

Psychological brainwashing using the ancient technology of tv screens (or indeed smartphones or PC’s etc!) gets mentioned hy Hugo..

The patent he references is twenty years old which is ancient technology at this stage!!

Take it from me… What Hugo discusses here is now entry level stuff and this is what I suspect is the primary reason why it’s now virtually impossible to awaken the zombies..

You see… Unless you are aware of these technologies, you CANNOT defend against them!
(No chance!!)…

Check this quick video out…

Hugo Talks produces excellent material too for those who’ve not heard of him!!



Sorry “Blackcat” I inadvertently called you ‘Backbeat’ there!!
(Dunno… But I think someone else uses that handle??)

A perfect example of how subliminal mind control works!!!





no problem – been called worse here




That’s ME 🙂


Ah!! There yeh are!!



Thank you that was interesting. Well we can’t even go on holiday within Ireland because of the distance regulations and because all the hotels and b&bs are closed. Although government ministers and advisors, the heads of big corporations and top people in the media are exempt, they can stay at hotels.

The G7 is due to take place near St Ives in Cornwall in June so I presume they will all be exempt as well. I have friends in St Ives I would like to visit but I won’t be allowed to go.


Saw that on a couple of days ago. Also the Irish government has hired a PR firm. It begs two questions, why would they hire a PR firm for a medical emergency and how would they know how long that medical emergency would last? Well we know how they know because the whole thing is an invention.


Or series of inventions that are years in the planning Jennie.
They are working to a script here, there is most definitely a masterplan and they have no intention of stopping until the objectives are achieved.

Total control of everything and everyone by way of using the technologies that have evolved in tandem to facilitate this.

While simultaneously reducing our ‘carbon footprints’ by simply removing as many of us as is conceivably possible from the ‘carbon cycle’ itself.

And by any means possible!!

…. It would appear.






I was hoping this was todays April Fool story but sadly its probably all true The Covid madness continues.


Mark- It has been April Fools day every day for over a year now

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