Government To Turn Up The Heat On Vaccine Refuseniks

Vaccine refuseniks are to be offered the “one shot” Johnson & Johnson jab when it is approved for use in the UK. The Telegraph is reporting this morning, that the jab will be approved any day now and will be offered to “hard to reach groups.”

Elsewhere, door-to-door vaccinations are being considered in areas with low uptake. Government insiders have suggested that “persuaders” would knock on the doors of people who have refused the invitation to be jabbed.

The persuaders would be accompanied by vaccinators, who could administer the jab there and then, should the refusenik relent. Creepy? It is that and then some.

Yesterday afternoon, LBC Radio host Shelagh Fogarty suggested that refuseniks should be murdered. She asked a caller: “How do you keep seeing them (the unvaccinated) at work without wanting to poison their coffee or something?”

Speaking to the BBC yesterday, composer Andrew Lloyd Webber (pictured) said that vaccine refusers are selfish. After comparing them to drink drivers. Lloyd Webber said;

“By not having the vaccine, they are affecting an enormous number of peoples jobs and livelihoods.”

This was a recurring theme on UK TV and radio yesterday. The print media is running with it today. The unvaccinated are already being blamed for delaying the end of lockdown.

UK prime Minister Boris Johnson has hinted that the country may not return to normal on June 21st as previously planned. He’s blaming the emergence of the Indian variant. His Health Secretary Matt Hancock said yesterday, that the Indian variant is on the rise because of vaccine hesitation or refusal.

The media, in lockstep as is the norm now, has begun a campaign against those who have refused the jab or who have indicated that they will refuse it when it’s offered.

North East based GP Yusuf Soni told BBC Radio 5 Live yesterday, that the government will have to consider mandatory vaccination, if refuseniks threaten to delay a return to normal.

Speaking to the BBC’s Naga Munchetty, Daily Mail political editor Jason Groves said that he believes things will turn nasty. He was talking about the relationship between the vaccinated and unvaccinated.

Groves believes that if the removal of restrictions is delayed and it’s blamed on refuseniks, tensions will rise in communities across the country.

Business secretary Kwasi Kwarteng told SKY News yesterday that those who do not want a jab should not be stigmatised, but his heart wasn’t in it. We are going to be stigmatised. Calls to mandate the jabs will become louder.

I don’t believe the government will attempt to mandate the jabs just yet. Cabinet secretary Michael Gove has been to Israel to observe the roll-out of the country’s Green Passport scheme.

Remember what Israel’s Health Minister Yuli Edelstein said at the launch of the scheme? He said:

“Getting vaccinated is a moral duty. It is part of our mutual responsibility. Those who refuse the jab will be left behind.”

You can expect to hear that sort of language in the coming days. You will be told that it’s selfish and immoral to refuse the jab. You’ll be reminded constantly that it’s about protecting others, not just yourself. You’ll be blamed for prolonging the current lockdown and risking others.

They will stop at nothing in their quest to inject every man woman and child in the country with their poison. And it is poison. An 18 year-old trainee nurse from Brisbane is lucky to be alive she developed three blood clots shortly after receiving the AstraZeneca jab.

The idiots who treated her, sent her home three times, even though she could barely breathe. The jabs are killing and severely injuring tens of thousands of people. The media will not report it even though the adverse event data is readily available on the government’s website.

You are right to refuse these unlicensed, unproven and highly dangerous experimental cocktails. Hold your nerve.

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I posted this yesterday but I suggest everyone watches it. Just shows how dangerous the jab is, and he uses all CDC data so cant be argued.

Marissa Oatley

Im sorry, the world has gone mad yet again, blame and shame is the game they are such masters at…. they talk about vaccinated against unvaccinated I have people I’ve been so close to just… drop and want nothing to do with me because we dont see eye to eye on this whole thing….. it’s already starting and I feel it’s always been there just waiting to be released from those who hold the darkness…. My mother has had the jab, my sister, my mother in law, the list goes on, so many so close to me.. if things really go how alot of beautiful people have came out and said, well you already know then… It gets really hard sometimes I mean really hard… still I’LL hold my nerve until my last breath as so many brave have said before me. I wont give up. I can’t not knowing what I know now….


I’ve probably lost a couple of old friends over this, one of them my oldest friend going right back to childhood. It is very sad but it’s what the psychopaths are aiming for, divide and conquer. Those of us who know the truth need to stay strong but it is hard I agree with you.

Marissa Oatley

Yeah they are great at manipulating the public. I’m doing the best I can to be strong every day💛 I’m sorry friend I understand how upsetting it can be, the most beautiful of souls tend to get lost sometimes I’m hoping more and more come around and see it for what it really is. Until then I agree we need to stay strong❤

Tom M

I wouldn’t buy a used car from Johnson & Johnson, let alone take a medical intervention from them, given their utterly dreadful track record.

Peter Cormack

Mike Yeadon (Ex Pfizer Biochemist) says the variants should ALL yield to the vaXXXines if they work ‘cos they’re so similar. Ipsos Mori & PHE both sending out questionnaires or NOVEL test kits right now (which MAY hurt a little the accompanying blurb says!). They are generating more data to manipulate, no doubt a) ‘cos they haven’t got a clue &/or b) they need to hook everyone in to lifetime jabs to keep the Big Pharma share holders happy.

Last edited 29 days ago by Peter Cormack
A little something to get you through these dark hours.


Well I’ve just had an e-mail from one of my oldest friends who lives in Britain who tells me that she has now had both her jabs and pretty much telling me that I’m an idiot. I’ve said to her numerous times to do her own research but of course she’s done none. It’s very sad but this is what it’s all about, dividing people.

Wes Baker

In light of Richie’s advice yesterday (laughter), try this line with your next encounter. ‘Did you get your shot?’ Intentional pregnant pause before responding incredulously. ‘Man, I get one every week. I rotate through the brands. Just to be safe, you know. Don’t you?’ Sit back and watch their brains meltdown.

I told a woman yesterday I’ve had six shots. 2 Moderna, 2 Pfizer and 2 J&J (I’m Stateside). When I asked her how many she’d had, she hung her head and mumbled two. ‘If three masks are better, wouldn’t six shots be best?’, I asked.

I think she had a tiny stroke.

Last edited 29 days ago by Wes Baker

That’s brilliant 👍🏻😄


It yes.
Already thinking of dropping that one on people.


Me too 👍🏻. It’s definitely a different approach, and sure to get a different reaction to the one I usually get 😄


This reminds me of the red ant/black ant anecdote, you may have heard of it, whereby red and black ants live peacefully in a jar, going about their business.. The jar is then shaken up by an outside force resulting in the ants fighting and killing each other. Similar scenario to what’s going on now. Government is’the outside force’. If you have had the jab and you feel the reason your life is not back to normal is because Mr. Patel next door has not had his jab then you are not likely to go to 10 downing street to complain when the government is telling you it is the fault of the unvaccinated that restrictions cant be lifted.. See what they did there? Turning the focus off themselves by shaking everyone (in the jar) up.


There end game is obvious now to all but those who’ve been jabbed; it could be argued that they don’t deserve a choice due to their clear inability to make an informed decision. I don’t think that our lives (the enlightened) should be disrupted by these weak sisters. This is what happened in 1930’s Germany; for today’s social media read ‘radio’ Hitler and his party force fed a steady diet of envy, fear, hatred and stereotypes to public that were conned into thinking that National Socialism was the saviour. I’ll NEVER be a good German.


Anyone with half a brain cell must realise the Indian variant of Covid is bollocks and is being used too drive the untested and yes, deadly Vaccine.We the unvaccinated are being used as pawns in their sick mind games,celebrities being rolled out too spout garbage about Richie Allen rightly says we must hold our nerve.


The stance of the ‘desperate’ entertainers has really helped put them in their correct place. We are largely talking about weak willed insecure people without a steady income stream; this is a recipe for the jabbed (I refuse to use the V word); It’s rather like called a fish a bicycle.

Sharon Hall

Do we believe that the gov/NHS are actually keeping up to date records of who has/hasn’t had the vax? I doubt it very much given their past record. They are currently jabbing people who walk in off the street – whose keeping the records? Its one scare tactic after another, with an unhealthy dose of fear thrown in for good measure. Hang on tight, the system will implode sometime soon.


Listening to Peter Ebdon last night really put some wind in my sales; his attitude was quite the revelation to me. Considering the conservatism of his profession it really gave a lot of people heart.


I hope so! 🤞🏻


Wow! I’ve been radicalised by my own government!


Does that mean you’re going to strap a bomb to yourself and do a Guy Fawkes?


Should the unthinkable happen and mandatory vax be rolled out then we all need to physically come together. No longer just post our defiance, we need to have a ‘base of operations’. If this becomes a battle then we need to be an army. This is real. Though I’ve no desire to, I will die for this cause.


It would be absolutely impossible to mandate the Devil’s Urine; even the smartest lawyer couldn’t find a premise for this evil to be written into law. Acn you image squadies trying to hold people down and at gun point – that’s what it’d take for me to be a dead vaxer as they’d HAVE to kill me.


The British people are suffering at the hands of a violent and abusive State. It’s like a bad marriage based on hatred and loathing, sustained by constant conflict and abuse. Night after night, the vicious bully uses manipulation, intimidation and coercion as weapons to beat down, belittle and drug its victim, whose confidence is undermined by the relentless torture with nowhere to run and hide. The lonely desert of human experience tells us that the beatings will only stop when we collectively say no and fight back.


Very flowery prose for ‘leave us the fluck alone’ 🙂 some times you have to take a knife to a fist fight.


Johnson&Johnson? The jab that has been withdrawn in the US over safety concerns.
That Johnson&Johnson?


Yes that Johnson and Johnson. The same firm that produced the cancer causing talcum powder.


This is WWII all over again; the Yanks palmed us off with a lot of old shite then too, under the guise of Lend Lease.

ian heaver

Yes who would have thought anything could go wrong with the name Johnson in their title ? haha


Johnson used to be a colloquial term (at least in England) for a specific male body part.


The only people this announcement is aimed at are the pro-v people who think we’re worried about a little scratch or a 24hr cold. It’s not aimed at us. This is designed to widen the divide. The string-pullers know we will refuse this one too, the pro-v won’t be able to comprehend anything we say about the dangers of single-shot v’s and the horrendous track record of J&J, and BINGO fireworks.


It’s heart breaking. I just spoke to a lovely lady at work who was jabbed 10 days ago; well, it was nice knowing her. No way I’m going to be the only ‘fly in the buttermilk’. The vaxed will be breathing their foul gene modified Fauci breath all over the place. I can’t take the risk.


I’m not so lucky. Both my hubby and brother have been jabbed. I’m swimming in it. There is worse coming down the pipeline


I can only wish you more power, stay strong girl…


I’d call Shelagh Fogerty’s comment an incitement to violence. Where is OfCom? Where are the police?


She’s an absolutely horrible sour left wing harridan who along with James O’Brien has completely ruined LBC. Well seen they got her out of a BBC rubbish bin.


Speaking of violence – is there any face that we’d enjoy slapping more? Let’s face it, the damage has already been done.

Tom M

LBC is owned by Global whom along with Bauer Media and Rupert Murdoch have got Ofcom in their pockets.

There’s more chance of Elvis rising from the dead than LBC ever being taken to task by Ofcom over Fogerty’s comment.


Agreed: but that doesn’t negate the comment.


“By not having the vaccine, they are affecting an enormous number of peoples jobs and livelihoods.”

If your vaccine works, why do I need one?

If your vaccine doesn’t work, why do I need one?


PLEASE STOP using the V word – That’s rather like calling my three year old nephews doodlings; rennaisance art – I really love the little kid, but REALLY?


These two are the questions addressed to a covidian cultists in a hypothetical conversation.
I’m well aware that these “medical” interVentions are not under a category of vaccines. But the true vaccines are not any better than this crap either. There are no contagious viruses as they are presented by modern “medicine” so ALL the vaccines ever used were nothing but a poison. Vaccination (all kinds of it) is a barbaric practice and it’s not an opinion but a fact.


I’m normally strong but my stomach is churning over and over today. Maybe it’s just a bad day……. we’re deyermined to hold our nerve Richie. My husband, son and his family desperately don’t want the poison either. We’re so worried for them and our two 7 year twin grandsons.


Pauline. You’re in the ‘box seat’ remember that. They want something from YOU, it’s not the other way around.


Divide and conquer tactics are now so refined and honed to perfection that the weeks ahead are going to be tough for the ones that have chosen not to be vaxxed,

I am aware of a couple of people lying to friends and family that they have had the jab just to avoid confrontation,
this (in my oppinion) will only work short term until proof of vax is demanded, not just from authorities but from the “masses”. to show your compliance.

seen loads of video clips of violence against (so called) anti-maskers only a matter of time before this happens to (so called) anti-vaxers.


Blackat 69, if it comes to a scuffle – we’ve got your back brother…
tear up
verb; a violent struggle involving physical force or weapons usually in the context of football related disorder.

Alex Romero

Well said Richie. This is a spiritual war between light and darkness, as Peter Ebdon said yesterday. But what is darkness, other than the absence of light? Keep your light on and your vibration high folks. We must not let them win.

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