Govt To Trial Mixing Vaccines – What’s Really Going On?

A trial will soon get underway, to see if giving people different vaccines for their first and second doses, works as well as using the same vaccine twice. Vaccine Minister Nadhim Zahawi, told journalists this morning, that the purpose of the trial is to provide more flexibility with vaccine rollout and help deal with any potential disruption to supplies. I don’t believe him. This smells a bit. According to the BBC:

The Com-Cov study, run by the National Immunisation Schedule Evaluation Consortium, will involve more than 800 volunteers over the age of 50 in England. Some will receive the Oxford jab followed by the Pfizer vaccine or vice versa – four or 12 weeks apart. Other vaccines may be added as they are approved by regulators.

Currently, official guidance from the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) says that anyone already given the Pfizer-BioNTech or Oxford-AstraZeneca jab as part of the UK’s approved immunisation programme should get the same vaccine for both doses.

What’s really going on? Is this in any way necessary? The answer seems to be, not remotely. As we know, the UK has ordered a total of 407 million doses of  seven of the most promising vaccines. Three of them have been approved by the MHRA. These include 100 million doses of the Oxford vaccine which is enough to inoculate 50 million people and 40 million Pfizer jabs. According to Health Secretary Matt Hancock, this is enough to cover the entire population. He’s also ordered millions of doses of the recently approved Moderna jab.

You don’t need to be a mathematician to realise, that if 100 million Oxford/AstraZeneca jabs and 40 million Pfizer jabs are more than enough to inoculate the entire country, we’re going to have more than a quarter of a billion spare vaccines! Could this explain the decision to trial the mixing of the jabs? Could this also explain why paediatrician Anthony Costello (member of Independent SAGE) recommended this week, that all children are vaccinated even though kids are virtually untouched by Covid?

Might it also explain the hysteria around coronavirus mutations? These scare stories about the Kent mutation and the South African mutation are usually followed by hasty assurances that the vaccines will probably work against the new strains. That’s very convenient for those who sell these jabs and very convenient for a Health Secretary who has ordered close to half a billion of them. The same people who buy and sell the vaccines are the very same people who inform us of these new mutations! This really does smell you know, but hell will freeze over before the media in this country takes it on.

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Urban fox


A few months ago when I saw the statue being pulled down of Colstern, and there was talk of pulling others down, I was reminded of George Orwells 1984. I started making connections as others did. Because round about the same time, there were calls to have various books removed from universities and certain place names to be changed.

I don’t believe this was coincidence, that it happened in 2020. I believe it was carefully orchestrated and a warning sign of things to come.

In the book 1984 Orwell explains, there will come a time when people will stop asking , was it better before the war.? As they will no longer remember when things were any different. And any reference to the truth will have been carefully removed from history and replaced. I became convinced that 2020 was going to be given its own glossy makeover and portrayed as a great time of social change, where we all came together. To remove statues of evil people and defeat a deadly plague. And how we started to defeat climate change by not being allowed to go out and travel anywhere. And generally came together, learnt the error of our dirty ways,and all had a lovely time.
If you listen carefully to what is being said, this is already the way things are starting to be portrayed.Maybe we should call it ” Covid 19 The editors cut”

I sincerely believe that instead of toppling statues in 2021. We should come together now, and spend our time doing all we can,to topple these evil fascist from power. By exposing there lies and unmasking there real agenda. Which was originally called agenda 21 and now being called agenda 30, or the great reset. But even this agenda has recently been dressed up as a utopian future. Now that our enemy are having to reveal themselves. But if anyone cares to do their own research, they will quickly see ,the future these self appointed rulers of humanity have planned for us. Is as Orwell said , ” a boot stamping on a human face forever”

This is why we need to save and remember our past. And do all we can to safeguard our future.

Thank you Dr Vernon Colman, for all the work you do. And for helping to give us, at least a fighting chance of having any future worth living. If history doesn’t get the rewrite the global fascist want. History will remember you well.

Urban fox

Please Buy, Share, Give to friends and family to spread the truth.


Spot on Richie. Once you realise what their aim is everything becomes obvious.

Pete Carroll

To fully comprehend the staggering of these lethal vaccines and the point and objective of the vaccines.. reference the first rule of the Georgia Stones…these mass vaccinations are the first step towards that goal .. ridding society of the elderly and infirm and people with pre conditions it’s mass murder and the attempt of..


I can’t log in or make a new log in or get a “lost password” email. Am I missing something?


Sounds to me more that they are just looking an excuse to throw any shit they have at hand into you. It will also give loads of wiggle room at a later date for blame, confussion and creation of estensive and diverse propaganda to keep people argueing amoung themselves. By any other name “More Deception”


Loved your Gump comment Richie.

“Life was like an assorted box of Covid nonVAXXines! Never knew what god awful reactions you were gonna get before your dead!”

So following the shortest combined vaxx trials ever, of genetic experimental mRNA technologies, in fudged trials to hide issues, LETS JUST PLAY PARTY TIME and SEE WHAT STICKS!!

Following the science alright…..”IT’S ALIVE….ALIVE!!….OH…..shit they’re dead!!” 

note: This is also a GREAT WAY TO HIDE WHICH JAB IS MOST LETHAL Clever huh!! As is delaying doses, AS THAT IS NOT HOW THE TRIALS WERE CONDUCTED…Oooops we did not realise it would lead to a prolonged period of DISEASE ENHANCEMENT post dose 1….Oooops sorry your relative is dead!! It’s not like independent WORLD EXPERTS WE WONT LET ON TV HAD WARNED US….cough….cough… 😉 Ooops must be covid…quick quarantine the whole world!!! Aaarrrggggghhhh


A lot vaccines are going to GABBY vaccine alliance to get distributed all over world

Stuart Aylmer

800 is a minute sample size for adverse reactions that could be one in a thousand, ten thousand, one hundred thousand. No doubt the experiment will be declared a success the day after it finishes.

Alan Davies

The R rate is based on a fundamentally flawed PCR test ,not designed for diagnosis merely to ascertain the viral DNA from a host. The more cycles or amplifications of this test the more likely a person will be given a false positive test. In most cases the procedure will register inert covid DNA it does not mean said person is infected as I have already said it is not a diagnosis tool. It beggars belief that no one has challenged the government on this issue. The R rate is crucially the reason we are in lockdown and for it to be of no real consequence makes the mind boggle. The mixing of vaccines even for testing purposes to me is a recipe for disaster another knee jerk reaction to the appalling handling of this political pantomime.

Alan Davies

What if, I am living in the present which is difficult enough, its really all fxcked up


I still have the proof of all of that, from their own documents no less, and other documents from worldbank dot org talkang about covid as a 5 year project


Why is this comment being manipulated down


Sorry to jump the thread.
The best investigate medical show around.
Don’t miss The HighWire TONIGHT! Thursday UK Time 19.00.
(straight after the Richie Allen Show. That is why I love Thursdays!)
Last edited 3 months ago by Jacob
Wes Baker

Jesus, Mary and Joseph, y’all are going full Dr. Mengele over there. I don’t even want to think of ‘what’s next’.

Urban fox

Sowing together different body parts in the cellar mate. Proper Frankenstein.


Del Bigtree and Jefferey Jaxen covers it.


This is surely more evidence that this is human experimentation??? Dr VC bang on the money.

Thanks for all your work Richie ❤


Not to mention, the UK is the only country trying this insane frankenscience!
“I have 1 rule- never believe what the government tells you” George Carlin.

Ashley Matthews

dr Mengele is leading this trial I presume.


Is the children bit so when we refuse to give them it they can start saying its neglect and child abuse and start taking the children. Theyve already brought laws in for this purpose.
Google section 51 schedule 21 coronavirus act

Last edited 3 months ago by Simon

This is exactly what Zbigniew Brzezinski talked about in his book “Between Two Ages”. He said, “Shortly, the public will be unable to reason or think for themselves. They’ll only be able to parrot the information they’ve been given on the previous night’s news.”


Just wanted to thank you Richie, for continuing to call out the ‘nonsense’ banded about by the government and mainstream media. It is beyond me that people around me that I had considered to be intelligent people are still believing in it all.

Zac Baled

Friggin Marvellous! It’ll just be like the 1980’s for me at the corner picnmix sweet shop.
(In an innocent young boys voice)
Ill take an ounce of pear drops (5ml of pfizer)
An ounce of sasprilla tablets (5ml of moderna)
And 2 ounce of kola kubes (10ml of astra zaneca) please sir.

Meanwhile those who will be taking the jabs: Whoa, hasn’t science moved on so fast we can now choose different vaccines made from different companies to make one big fat vaccine – its like taking the best bits from all the vaccines – wonderful!

Majority of us on here: Oh ok whatever tickles your fancy!!

Oh shut up you terrorist they reply!

On a serious note – what exactly is going on? (Eyes wide Open)


It is complete madness but part of the ongoing medical trial so I think it is planned.

In “This Week” with Mary Holland, Children’s Health Defense vice chair and general counsel, and Polly Tommey, co-producer of “Vaxxed,” Mary and Polly discuss the latest COVID vaccine-related headline news, including Bill Gates plans for the next pandemic.

Jackie Adam

I cannot believe the crap they are coming out with on a daily basis – before this I would never have believed how gullible people can be but I guess fear does strange things to people’s common sense

Jackie Adam

I literally cannot believe the crap they are

Delroy Murray

“The same people who buy and sell the vaccines are the very same people who inform us of these new mutations!”

….. It seems that whatever narrative they need to weave they all sit around the table and cook up any cock and bull story that comes to mind, a bit like me and my siblings when I was kid just before we got back indoors, two hours after my mum said we should have been in……. “Oh the man at the top of the road had an accident mum, and there was blood everywhere, and we had to stay with him til the ambulance came,… save his life!!….. And we knew we had be home mum” ……..Back then mum knew that was bullshit, and we got a hiding anyway.


Haha memories of being a naughty kid. How lucky we were.

Delroy Murray

Gone are the days kathy…… Imagine what it’s like being a kid now.

Grace Gecseg

I’ve started to notice changes in children I come across – few and far between during these bloody lockdowns – as I am not yet a grandmother ! (dare I wish for the day ? !….) but yes I do fear to think how they must be feeling most of the time – living to the side of their parents for the most part of each day – absorbing sad vibrations – constantly listening to talk of bad news etc … heartbreaking !


Very sad for the kiddies. I have even had them look at me terrified because I don’t wear a mask.

Zac Baled

Mad HandinCock (Matt Hancock)

Wakes up from his bed sits up has a big yawn, scratches his cheek, looks at the walls and thinks to himself – what kind of cock n bull story can I come up with today!

I dont know whats more scarier the fact that there are millions of people who take him seriously?
Or the fact that we are being governed by such madmen?

Delroy Murray

Zac, I couldn’t read your comment for laughing so much. That’s a good one “Mad HandinCock”. 🙂

Jane Alexander

It’s disgusting, I feel sick that people can’t see through it. When is this fucking nightmare going to stop

Maggie Marshall

Goes against vaccine safety and protocol surely?


Don’t worry about that old guff, afterall these aren’t even vaccines 😉

Dy Duncalf

The stench of the media excretement is nauseating and like walking through a pig stye it’s bloody hard to avoid.
At least you can hose off the pig shite.
Why people feed off this crap is beyond me.

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