Hancock Is Terrified That Under-50’s Will Refuse Covid Vaccine

It’s a bit of a mystery. Speaking from Downing Street last night, UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock said that the under-50’s would have to wait a bit longer for their covid vaccine. He blamed production issues. The manufacturers said there are no issues. What’s going on?

A leaked letter suggested that the NHS is expecting a significant reduction in supply for a month from March 29. The letter said that local vaccination centres have been told not to make any new bookings from the end of this month.

This means that the under-50’s will have to wait until at least May, to get their first dose. Hancock said the country was still “on track” to hit vaccination targets to take England out of lockdown.

A fall in provision from AstraZeneca is being blamed for the shortage. Last night, the firm moved quickly to refute the claim. The company insisted that its UK supply chain was not experiencing disruption.

A spokesman said: “Our UK domestic supply chain is not experiencing any disruption and there is no impact on our delivery schedule.” Someone is lying.

I bet the government is anticipating widespread refusal among the under-50’s. I’ve been speculating for some time now, that the roll-out hasn’t been as successful as the government would have us believe.

I believe that they were largely successful in persuading OAP’s to have a jab, but began running into problems as they moved down the age groups.

Younger people are far more likely to refuse the vaccine or choose to wait and see if it causes harm. And it is causing harm. Unless you’ve been on Planet Mars for the last fortnight, you’ll have heard of the blood clotting.

The majority of under-50’s have Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. They’ll be aware of reports that the vaccines are killing people, although it’s not known on what scale. But it’s happening.

And they’ll also be aware that 200,000 NHS workers have indicated that they will decline the jab. That was covered by mainstream media. Taking all this into account, my guess is that Matt Hancock is lying when he says that “supply is bumpy.”

He’s terrified that us under-50’s won’t be rolling up our sleeves. And why would we? Why would we need an experimental drug for an illness that most of us have never had, or may have had and didn’t even know about it?

I believe the government has bought itself a month, to try and figure out what to do. If it opens the door to booking under-50’s for their jabs and there is widespread refusal as I’ve suggested, the media will cover it, even if reluctantly.

Expect the dangling of more carrots in the weeks to come. We’ll hear a lot of talk about holidays and outdoor music festivals tied in with green passports or whatever name they give them. That’s their ace card.

At some stage though, they’ll have to go for it and open the doors to the young. What happens next will be fascinating.

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Frightened that under 50’s won’t take the so called vaccine. I’m 57 and he can shove it deep into his posteria and FOXTROT OSCAR whilst he’s at it.


Its all mind games with the scum big time.Wonder what will happen come next Autumn Winter,what have they in mind if vaccine roll out goes pear shaped.


7th wave

Rouge Wave

So the 3 suspect cases in Norway were all under 50.
France has now restarted using AZ but only recommends for 55+.
UK government suddenly shifts focus to 2nd dose in those over 50, citing ‘extra checks’ on consignments.
Maybe a bad batch?


Mancock should be worried. One day he’ll go to drink his morning brew, think how odd it tastes then realise i’ve pissed in it when it was being made. Just like he PISSED on the UK puiblic in return for fame and fortune


If there is any justice, it will be something a bit stronger in his tea!

NZ Grant

Maybe also the classic supply/demand tactic. Create the idea that there’s a shortage, or may be one, and people will hurry to get in while the stocks last. Or when they reappear.


Unfortunately, being 28, it irks me to tell you that a very large percentage of people that I know either can’t wait for the vaccine or have gotten it already and have “shown off” their vac cards on social media like it’s some new tattoo. People try to “concoct” plans to bypass the queue by trying to ask around which doctors are willing to write the necessary recommendations or tagging along with eligible essential workers. There are even disgusting polls on Instagram that ask “I got the Moderna! Which one did you get?” Or statements like “I got the Astra! It’s my favorite!” I know there is a lot of backlash and refusal, but from my personal end of the pool, it is really depressing.

Last edited 1 year ago by B

Forget posting about it, some of the sheep are even branding themselves! 🙄🤷🤦🏻‍♀️🤣

Penny Webster-Brown

Easy to identify in ICU then.


I keep hearing you say violence is not the way and true Christianity believes this as well. The problem I am having is that this is large scale murder and at some point I have to believe that God would not approve of merely standing by and letting it happen. Those who take the jab are too ignorant for their own good but what can we do to help them? Being stupid isn’t a crime but for the fact that these ones are so eager to have the jab reminds me of the forced sterilization that tried to take root in the US early last century.

don murphy

Cannot listen live anymore WTF any one else have this problem?

Joanne Boddington

I think you’re right Richie. I burnt my letter offering me the jab. The smoke smelled really weird and gave me a terrible cough. Nice flames though. They’ve started on the texts now, but I haven’t had a vaccine for 34 years and I’m not starting now. Thankfully my workplace are offering voluntary testing not compulsory cos I don’t trust those either. Where the hell is all this going? I have no idea but I’m glad there are like-minded folk to share this madness with.

Ronald Templeman

I have come across two couples that were looking at having it so that they can travel for holidays, think I have managed to at least talk them into waiting as nobody is going any place soon.
This to me is the one thing that will make a lot of younger people have it if they think they can’t go on holiday, nothing to do with health and that’s bad. We need them to stand up and say no, then this passport crap will end up getting binned and we can all then do what we want.
I may be wishful thinking.

Tony K

Bang on Richie.

Hancock is a psychopathic, sociopathic wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Utterly deranged, yet looks and sounds like a pussy.

Urban fox

There is a document to the Nhs from the behaviour insights unit. That says uptake is going to be a lot less than expected. About a week ago. On David Icke site.Giving tips on coercing the public.


“Covid 19 Coronavirus Vaccine”

Should be:

“Cold Symptom Coronavirus Snake Oil”

And if what this article suggests is to become reality…

The snake oil salesmen and their snake oil handlers will soon be getting all hot and slithery and slimey together as the sh1t hits the fan…

Now won’t they!!




I see three strands to this.

  1. Uptake in the younger age groups is dropping. They cannot afford to let this message out as it will demonstrate that there are people who are refusing the jab. No-one can be allowed to realise this. We only see the millions taking it up and celebrating their joy on social media with their vaxxies, lest people get ideas about not conforming.
  2. Making something more scarce will make make it more valuable in some people’s minds. Waverers may conclude they best get it now if they are going to run out. Who knows when the next one might be around?
  3. They always said ending lockdown was dependent on take up and roll out of the jab. If not enough have had it they can extend lockdown and those that refuse will be blamed for curtailing the freedoms of those that have.
Last edited 1 year ago by Stubini

If people have resolutely been saying they won’t have the jab then any coercion will not make them waiver. It’s the ones that have been or are unsure that might cave in.


UK People vaccinated up to and including 16 March 2021
First dose: 25,273,226
Second dose: 1,759,445

Why so few 2nd doses?

I think we know the answer.


First dose: 25,273,226
Second dose: 1,759,445

WMD in Iraq and numerous other lies have come from the same people who provide these numbers.
I don’t believe this “data” for a minute.
They can publish any number that suits their agenda they need without a second thought.
It’s all bullshit, ALL of it.
It’s The Matrix


Just watch the uptake figure rocket in the weeks to come. Create a shortage, and let the panic ‘buying’ begin. Exchange your bog rolls for a jab!


I’m over 50 and there is NO FECKING WAY I’m ever going to get the co called Pax Vax.
Twatt HandCock sounded like a fake auctioneer at a market trying to push faulty substandard merchandise yesterday.

Roll up Roll up, come and get the offer, the one and only offer, roll up roll up, these are in limited supply, get them before you can’t, (he stops for a second and looks to the back of the crowd at a woman that isn’t there ) I see your hand up Madam, how many would you like, he pauses two Madam, they’re on the way. A dishevelled minion emerges from the left side of the Podium, and walks to the back of the crowd and as he gets round the back of them, he tucks the vials under his jumper, and continues walking round the back to the right hand side of the Podium. ‘Roll up come and get ’em, he cries ‘ the opportunity of a lifetime, at which point the most evil of smirks crosses his face, ‘lifetime’ he mutters under his breath,’ they won’t have much of that left’.


I’m thinking it’s like “roll up roll up, last few left” to tempt the people who are unsure about getting the ‘vaccine’- the over 50s are being offered again so they’ll be panicking now that it may run out so they’ll get it.
This will also turn some of the minds of the under 50s who were unsure to to get it- when available they’ll panic too n get it.
Basic mind games only fool basic people who can’t be bothered to do a bit of non MSM research.
Also it fits in with delaying the supposed ‘unlocking’ 😡

Melanie Howd

Bet the behavioural change team have job security!

Melanie Howd

I’m over 50 but with the under 50’s

Stephen Sampford

If, as seems to be being suggested, we now need whatever gene editing injected medication that is from time to time prescribed by ‘an authority’ in order to just continue living, might I pose the question: What kind of a quality of life is that likely to be?

Taking this stuff is currently plainly not necessary, but it could be that once taken it is made so.

“Say No To Drugs” is still a good rule of thumb to live by, I would suggest

Melanie Howd

Life as a pin cushion!


Based on their track records, I would be inclined to say that both Hancock and AstraZeneca are lying. This would create maximum confusion, and maximum distraction from underlying issues.
As to those around 50 and under not wanting the jab: that, sadly, is not my experience (though, admittedly, it is limited). Of the four guys I am in regular contact with, one has already had the jab; another is having his jab today; and a third has a 50/50 chance of getting it.
This despite the long conversations I have had with them all.


It has occurred to me that there is another possibility. AZ are sending the required amount of doses, but the government is siphoning off a percentage of that order and re-selling them, at a premium, to developing nations.
Whatever the reason, it does provide yet another avenue for continued lockdowns.

Melanie Howd

I’ve been providing care (when I can) as a long term friend for a frail couple. Despite my concerned conversations, medics came to their house and jabbed the man at his request. His wife, who suffers from Parkinson’s was given assurance that this was the best course of action and under pressure from all she had the shot…I saw a deterioration in both and sadly 2 weeks later (last week) he passed away!

Stephen Sampford

All deaths within 28 days of the ‘Jab’ should be recorded as, Hancock Deaths

Sincere condolences to all, especially the widowed woman

Melanie Howd

Thank you Stephen…(I wasn’t aware of your reply until now…yet I’ve received an email twice in relation to other responses).

Stephen Sampford

That’s ok Melanie I’ve done the same with the same explanation in not having any notification. I see your reply is 24 day old at this point. Take care


Like putting them to sleep by lethal injection, only untraceable, as the illegal executioners had left the scene of the crime!!

Jeezus… I watched a video recently made of an elderly woman who had received the Astra Zeneca jab somewhere in the UK..

It was ten minutes long and I honestly thought she was going to die in the clip.

It was horrific to see…

But the information needs to be passed on.


Melanie Howd

Hi Gerry, I’m still navigating around this site and didn’t see any response to a post so I’d like to apologise for not responding in a timely manner. Thank you and yes we must expose ourselves to horrors to strengthen our own sense of reality and I feel a moral duty to share in an attempt to shake people out of their stupor. Love and strength!


No problem Melanie and I’m glad you’re figuring it (the site!) out!!

It’s a good place this… And the more enlightening we can do to others here and elsewhere.. the better!!



The notification that you have received a response to any post is to be found in ‘your page/profile’ within the site (as indeed are private messages and friend requests etc!) and by clicking on the subject, it will bring you straight to the message in question.

It gets easier to navigate over time!

Best wishes!

Melanie Howd

Thanks so much Gerry a friendly exchange is so welcome at the moment!


I couldn’t agree more Melanie!

And thank you for your acknowledgement of same!


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