Hearing Voices, Running Naked & Stuttering Could Mean You’ve Got Covid!

Now hear this! You can add stuttering to the list of bizarre symptoms that have been attributed to Covid-19 infection. A week ago it was announced that hiccups and tinnitus had been added to the list of ailments that could mean the sufferer had Covid or gotten over it. The French have listed “hearing voices” as a possible sign that you are afflicted with the deadly disease. A 33 year old woman from Strasbourg was found running around naked in the basement of her building. She said “voices” had told her to do it. She was taken to hospital and had the requisite scans and neurological tests. No joy. So they gave her a Covid test. Positive! Add hearing voices and running around starkers to the list!

According to The Daily Mail:

A 40-year-old teacher who has spent his life communicating with a classroom of students found himself with a stutter for the first time in his life. “I realized that some of the words didn’t feel right in my mouth, you know?” said Patrick Thornton, a math teacher in Houston Texas. While sick with coronavirus in August, he had fairly typical, moderate symptoms: a headache, fatigue, chest pain, shortness of breath, a sore throat that made him lose his voice. But even once he was on the road to recovery, something was off. “I got my voice back but it broke my mouth,” Thornton told The Scientific American. “That was terrifying.”

It’s even more terrifying that people swallow this garbage. The Blue Ribbon winner by the way, is Covid Toe. An 11 year-old Bristol boy developed swollen and itchy toes. The mum tried everything, steroid creams, anti-inflammatories the lot. Nothing doing. The boy saw a nurse at his local surgery and she referred him to the doctor. In these Covid times, the doc of course, could only consult over the telephone. Mum said she was worried that the creams were aggravating the problem. Without missing a beat the doctor said; “It’s Covid Toe!” I had to receive oxygen when I read that.

Look, I’ve never stated here, or on the radio show, that Covid isn’t real, because I just don’t know. I can believe that there is a nasty respiratory infection running amuck right now. But the propaganda is relentless isn’t it? Somebody is desperate for us to accept that Covid is some sort of Biblical plague. It isn’t. We know that the average age of someone dying with it, is 82 and that 99.5 per cent of those who get it, will live.

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Urban fox

P LEASE read this ,anyone who cares about life, liberty and basic human decency. Or if you are still doubting what is happening. As a result of a pandemic, which does not hold up, when you look at the real numbers and statistics.
Today I went out in this ” brave New world ” Everyone I walked past was wearing a mask and looking miserable and fearful. Jumping out of my way on the pavement. I dared to ask permission to go into my bank after standing outside half an hour in the cold.. And was asked did I have my mask. I explained i was exempt and found out they are now passing on everyones details to the NHS track and trace, as a condition of entering. How long befor every business premises and shops are doing the same and demanding to see health passports?

Next stop Lidl supermarket , Lee High Rd, London, 14.20 Jan 27th. A man collapsed near the checkout and appeared to be having some kind of fit. About a dozen people stood around him at the government approved safe distance. The man cried out “help me please” but no one did. I lost my temper at this stage , and asked for an ambulance to be called. And shouted ” why are you all standing around, at least take his bloody mask off! so he can breath” I was told by a staff member , ” You know what its like, we can’t touch him, he may have it” Eventually a member of the public who heard me, put something under his head and pulled his mask down. I suggested they put him in the recovery position. But a member of staff then forced everyone back. I was then told. “It’s alright sir we are going to call an ambulance “. (until this point no one had botherd.)

I’m not easily upset and have experienced and seen some terrible things in my life. But these cowards, standing around coldly looking at a fellow human suffering. Terrified of touching him, in case they caught the plague. Is one of the most sickening things I’ve ever experienced. I’M still shaken by it now. This is the level of fear, Boris and his Brown shirt Gates puppets , have instilled in people. So terrified that they are prepared to let a man die, because of a risk of catching and dieing from Covid. When the official figures, show over a 99% survival rate. And that’s if by some miracle, a person were to genuinely catch it in the first place. And that’s if people trust the PCR test, which has been proven to be worse than usuless. Because this test, is the basis of everything we are being told. For without the test, what are we left with.? We are left with people dieing from respiratory illnesses, like they always have done. Until now that is. Because by some miracle, every other cause of death has vanished or appears to be disappearing rapidly.

Even if this was a genuine plague, the things that are happening now,both in this country and around the world, can never be justified except by facists. And it’s only going to get worse if we allow it.
Please anyone who is able to see the truth, speak out before it’s to late. Do anything you can to stop this insanity. Even if it’s just reposting this, or speaking to one other person to spread the message.

” we need to come together as one human family, and say No more! We will not comply with our own enslavement. Humanity get off your knees! “
David Icke


Hmmm….Covid toe – same symptoms as chilblains (get some Balmosa on and should improve in a few days) !

Pete Lincoln

Hiccups and stuttering could be due to hypoxia or prolonged/chronic oxygen deprivation from mask wearing, or COVID induced hypoxia.

As for hearing voices. 5G may cause whats known as microwave hearing and other neurological manifestations in some people. Of course she could just be someone mentally il with a positive test

Mask wearing, 5G and Covid vax are all causing symptoms that will be blamed on COVID so expect the list of COVID symptoms/diseases to grow, much like AIDS symptoms/diseases grow to boost testing (many false positives) and prescribe expensive drugs and change behavior.

Fauci was involved with both


Anything is possible with a recently discovered even deadlier strain of Covid from La La Land and some of the Oompa Loompa in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory testing postive for Covid.
One new concern from SAGE is that Cheese is able to pass on Covid to even those allergic to Cheese that do not eat it!


This doesn’t necessarily correlate with the title of this article but surely is important for understanding the scale of the covid scam “NEW MUTATIONS OF THE “VIRUS” FOUND! WHAT DOES THAT REALLY MEAN?“ by dr. Thomas Cowan

Last edited 3 months ago by Herb
Sharon Stepman

Look on the box full of masks it says it does not protect I have not looked on all but it might be interesting to do so


I would seriously suggest that some of these bizarre “symptoms” could be put down to being driven half demented by lockdown. Last year someone I know told me she’d been left with “covid rash” on her hands that still persisted months after she’d recovered from it. It looked like contact dermatitis to me. I asked her if she used a lot of hand sanitiser and she said ‘don’t we all?’. I said that if I used hand sanitiser it would give me a rash like that but it went over her head. 🤷‍♀️


There have been freedom of information requests now in 55 countries asking for proof of the existence of covid19 and none of them have been able to provide any proof but nevertheless this goes on.


“…When, as Massey indicates, 46 separate agencies say the same thing—“no records of isolation available”—we are past wondering what is going on. We’re firmly in the territory of FRAUD…”

Delroy Murray

Richie they are having a laugh ……. They are looking down on us from Mount Olympus and they are having a good old laugh.


Yes, like Laurence Olivier and Maggie Smith in Clash of the Titans!


In other words, there are no illnesses – only demonic infestation.
I have been drawing this medieval analogy for some time:
Scientists – priests
The NHS – church (place of worship; whatever)
Covid 19 – the demon Ko’ Vid and his legions
Masks – rosaries
The media – the Inquisition
The jab – holy water
‘Anti vaccers’ – witches.
We hear how people are ‘praying’ for salvation and protection: praying at the alter of the new church headed by the new priests. These are the new faithful, ever on the look out for heresy and the practioners of that heresy.

Delroy Murray

Hey Craig good analogy with serious implications.


Very true. What’s happening now is very like what happened in Salem. The new witches are those who don’t wear a mask or distance themselves and refuse to have a vaccine.


Yup – and let’s throw in a few false accusations of Racism too, while we’re at it.


covid is a re-designated flu, period. Tons of evidence …


So agree but also pneumonia which has practically disappeared from the statistics.


But around Winter 2018/New Year 2019, pretty much EVERYONE that I knew, was down with the most dreadful flu. Lasted for months and months.
Wonder what that was all about – and/or – if it was “manufactured”

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