Heneghan – “No Evidence Facemasks Keep Kids & Teachers Safe”

Speaking on Talk Radio this morning, Oxford University epidemiologist Carl Heneghan said that there is no evidence that face masks help to keep pupils and teachers safe in the classroom.

Heneghan told Julia Hartley-Brewer;

“What I would say to people is, in the absence of evidence, if you think they should be wearing them, go and talk to some children. That’s what I’ve done. And I’ve said, what’s the reality on the ground? What’s it like for you in class? How does it feel?

And I can tell you they hate them. They find it really difficult. They don’t adhere to the guidelines. So for instance at the end of class they go into their pocket. They pull them out. That’s a dangerous issue with co-infections and the potential of that to stay infected for a period of time.”

Heneghan went on to say that medical interventions must be backed by hard evidence that the intervention will work. He said;

“That’s all I ever do is say, where’s the evidence to inform what we do and if it’s lacking, you have to come down on the side of not intervening.

Now one of the key problems we’ve got when we intervene, is it becomes incredibly difficult to roll back interventions. And that’s what we are saying. That’s the great problem now, the just in-case approach. That’s not how to perform in healthcare.”



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Some well informed opinions on the bio weapons and some very useful advice on how to boost our immune systems against the jabbed ,who could well turn out to be super spreaders.(Ivermectin,Vit D,Quercetin,Colloidal silver).Keep that immune system in tip-top shape people,you’re probably gonna need it!


Talking of weapons. This is from this evening and shows another weapon being used against.
Baffles me how someone can not question this if the look up at the sky?

Excellent documentary. Piers Corbyn has been giving a lot of stick in the MSM over his claims of weather modification and spraying of the sky with “Chem Trials” and was very happy when I forwarded this to him as it proves that he is right. is pleased to announce the release of our groundbreaking documentary that conclusively exposes the existence of global weather intervention operations.

Last edited 3 months ago by Jacob

Great post Jacob.
I have noticed this in my neck of the woods today too (southeast Ireland)..

Trail after trail after trail!!

Many parallel and stretching for miles just like your photo here, plus they have successfully created cloud formations when there was none, as prior to the trails, the skies were blue and crystal clear!!

Where I live , the skies are normally very quiet with only the odd plane flying over on a daily basis (even pre scamdemic!)

So, to see this in the last two days has been extremely disturbing.

I’ve seen that documentary too, but even if I hadn’t, I suspect I would have noticed this as it couldn’t be more obvious!

It would appear ‘The Agenda’ has now taken to the skies at an ‘elevated level’ of urgency.

Man… Is there any stopping these psychopaths??


Melanie Howd

Yes we’ve the daily spray here too Gerry! Early morning recently has witnessed blue skies then by lunch time it’s been coloured in!


Coloured in!!
An excellent description of what they’re doing!

Honest.. yesterday it was like a f**ken chemtrail race track!!

The BASTARDS were going ape shit with it!!

It was like Bill, Klaus and the Agenda said… Right boys, “”Ireland”” is getting too much sunshine this “spring”, so enough is enough…
(We all know it’s meant to continuously piss rain and be freezing over there!!)

Aluminium oxide the place..

Carpet bomb them with chemical poison…

Turn off the sun..


“Kill zem… Kill zem all!!”



The skies over Doncaster, particularly in the last few days, have been absolutely bombarded with “chems”. Lines hanging then slowly filtering their way down from all directions. If it were a plane with honest intent then would the trail not dissipate quickly as it is merely water vapour? To quote George Carlin “Nobody seems to notice, nobody seems to care”.


Same here. We’ve just had three days of sunshine and chem trails every day. It always seems to happen when we get a bit of sun. Water vapour evaporates straight away, these hang around for a long time.


Unfortunately it is just one of those topics that have been included in the “beware conspiracy nutter” toolkit for the masses. Whenever I mention it to friends, eyes glaze over and the subject is swiftly changed …. they don’t even look up!!!

Melanie Howd

Yes Jacob, saw the film a few weeks ago but have been aware of this for years! However they pulled out all the stops on April 21st (Queens birthday) and 22nd (Earth Day)…felt like we were being mocked from up above!


Every winter in England tens of thousands of workers are off work due to various Influenza, coronavirus and rhinovirus type Ilnesses,

this equates to hundereds of thousands of lost hours be it manufacturing, retail, leisure etc,
the financial cost to businesses runs into millions of pounds, hiring agency staff to plug the gaps paying overtime to remaining staff and Indeed accepting a loss of profit also.

we could mention the drop in revenue from unpaid Income Tax, a burden to the NHS,
a cost to the department of work and pensions paying sick pay to some.

If a bit of paper or cloth wrapped round your gob could save millions of pounds then surely it would have been mandated decades ago.


Also the financial cost of the lockdowns way exceeds anything caused by the flu.


I’ve posted this before but I’ll reiterate as it’s relevant. Last July or August, can’t remember which, the Irish government hired a panel of doctors headed by Prof. Heneghan to advise them. The doctors told the government that there should be no lockdown, no masks, no distancing and that all that was needed was general advice on good hygiene.

This wasn’t what the Irish government wanted to hear because it wasn’t following the agenda so they ignored it. The Minister of Health, Stephen Donnelly, had a scheduled meeting with the doctors but refused to attend. The reason why is obvious, Stephen Donnelly had no answers and they would have wiped the floor with him.

Last August the Irish government introduced compulsory mask wearing here on pain of fines or prison, including for children in schools, then at the end of September they increased the lockdown back up to level 5 (the top level) where it has been ever since except for a couple of weeks in December.


Here’s a nice tasty scoop on Donnelly Jennie!!

You’ll enjoy this!!

A McKinsey Manchurian candidate!!

Classic… You couldn’t make it up!!



Thank you for sharing Gerry, that was very interesting. They’re all in on it except we plebs of course. As George Carlin said “it’s a big club and you ain’t in it”.


But we all know what they’re really being used for…

The symbol of compliance and subservience to slave handlers!

Just another cog in the wheel of totalitarian control as they power on with their implementation of their Satanic Agenda!

But by the off chance that some recently enlightened school kid or even an ‘educated teacher’ (Should one still exist???) might happen across this site…

They just might be unlocked by seeing and believing something like this!!

You never know!!!!

Dr. Ted Noel on mask efficacy!!



Thank you for sharing. It’s absolutely insane, governments know all this and have done all along. The people behind all this are just plain monsters, they don’t care who they affect or who they hurt as long as they get to own and control everything.


Yes Jennie. That little video exposes the entire deception in a nut shell.

We’re being conned , or should I say, the sheeple are being conned!!

From hero to zero!

Ronald Templeman

Why do they keep wearing them and how thick must teachers be these days not to do some research, one does have to wonder.
I have to say as a person that has never worn one and never will I still find it amazing how many still wear them to shop. There is a simple reason not to, I AM EXEMPT .

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