Hong Kong Govt Warns It Can Break Into Homes & Grab People For Tests.

The Hong Kong government warned yesterday, that it reserved the right to break into homes and remove residents for testing, if they refused to answer their doors during so-called “ambush lockdowns.” An ambush lockdown is when the authorities, with no advanced warning, arrive at a residential location, start banging on doors and demanding that those inside take a coronavirus test.

According to RTHK News (Hong Kong’s Public Broadcasting Service):

…the administration complained that during recent lockdown operations, some residents of the buildings involved did not open their doors to officials coming round to order coronavirus tests.

“There are reasons to believe that people were inside the units,” the statement said. It then listed the various moves the authorities can take if they encounter such situations, including “removing individuals” and applying to a magistrate for a warrant to “break into and forcefully enter a unit”.

“The government will continue to restrict all persons from entering or leaving the relevant premises as prescribed by law and relevant instruments, and arrange for security guards to be stationed if necessary,” the statement said.

“The government will also request bailiffs to assist in cordoning off the relevant premises as appropriate, and will request relevant persons to be responsible for the charges incurred.”

Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam said that the ambush lockdowns were “not a waste of manpower and money but instead well worth it”. “We can’t take the number of confirmed cases as the sole or decisive standard,” she told reporters. “Efficacy does not only concern recovery rate, but also prevention of the disease.”

The surprise or “ambush lockdowns” have been carried out in several locations, but not a single resident tested positive for coronavirus. This story will be of interest to UK citizens who were told yesterday, that they’d be subjected to so-called surge testing, to find the South African coronavirus variant.

Yesterday, thousands of households in Surrey, The Midlands and the East of the country, were told that a testing kit would be pushed through their letterboxes, to be collected after those at home had tested themselves. It’s likely that some households will not test themselves and return the kits unopened. How long before someone in the UK government looks towards Hong Kong for inspiration on how to deal with those irresponsible citizens who won’t get with the programme?

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Read the corona bill, they have made provisions for this already in the uk.


If you get a testing kit through the door, the solution is simple. Use the swab on a plant or piece of fruit – and record yourself doing so for insurance.

Pauline Watkinson

This is so scary, I hope this lunatic show doesn’t come to my house… How can we stop it???


We can’t. So we need to be smart. We live in a world of deception and illusion, so use those. Present the illusion of compliance. Deceive the deceivers.


So, what, the cops are going to kick down your front door, then violate your back door by sticking a swab up your jacksie without your consent? It’s an outrage! Hehe.

Last edited 3 months ago by Scott
Neil inthekitchenatpartys

What you’ve got to keep in mind is that the 1%….the know the types …well they’re all into playing with each other’s arses and whatnot…just look at the Rothschild party pics 😂🤫☝️


Words have power. Stop calling them ‘the elite’. They are wealthy scum, nothing more.


It’s not the “elite” who are threatening to defile your back door. It’s a bunch of cops on a similar income to you. They’re not all that wealthy either.

Welsh Gregg in china

Was just about to send this to you, then realised it was on your site! They no longer accepting BOP passports here either. Big rollout of the anal tests too according to local media (particularly for asymptomatic apparently). Welcome

Last edited 3 months ago by Welsh Gregg in china

is this true about anal tests.


Yes Beijing is starting the old bend over routine. Such will rapidly spread, pardon the pun. Recall too that they already dropped stories of testing sewage for CV, as they are installing Smart Sewers to check for everything we excrete. This is for a future where everything is monitored and fined. So unhealthy eating, or recreational drug useage will be detected per household via your waste. Initially it will lock a street or small area off, as the sewage systems flow will reveal which area of an estate for example, had the found substance. Then it will be house by house as they install more sensors. Its a move towards the Smart Cities by initially installing 5G linked sensors beneath our feet, out of sight. So the anal tests is the next insult, just to see how many dumb asses will willingly bend over. Just like the stories that CV floats at over 6ft, so its safer sitting down etc, just to see which plonkers would start ducking as they walked about. Dr Coleman made such jokes as people would wear custard filled wellies, if the government had told them too.

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