Hotel Boss: “Britain Has Turned Into The Soviet Union.”

Writing in The Telegraph today, Sir Rocco Forte, the chairman of the Rocco Forte Hotel Group, compared lockdown Britain to The old Soviet Union and accused UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock of enjoying himself.

Forte travelled to Russia in the mid-eighties as the guest of a state controlled travel group. He writes:

I was allocated an interpreter who policed where I went, and it was made very clear that I would not be allowed to stray off the beaten track. Moscow was dead – no shops, restaurants or bars were open. The streets were largely empty and any people on them had a miserable expression on their faces.

Russians were subject to tight controls by the state. They were not allowed to leave the country, and had to take great care about who they consorted with and met. There was a Parliament but it had no power and justice was arbitrarily dispensed. It was a communist dictatorship.

Comparing what he witnessed back then to the current situation in the UK today Forte says:

We can only travel within our own country with special dispensation and are liable to be stopped by the police if we break the rules. We are not allowed to travel abroad. If we return from an overseas trip we can be compelled to stay in a Government-appointed hotel at our own expense and policed to ensure we stay in our rooms. 

There are 33 countries to which this applies at present, but these can arbitrarily be added to at any time based on criteria decided upon by the Health Secretary which we are not party to. 

We are told we will not be allowed to go on holiday in our own country this summer, let alone go abroad. All shops, restaurants, bars, cinemas and theatres are shut. We are not allowed to see our families or our friends. Parliament is toothless and we have Government by decree.

Of Health Secretary Matt Hancock Forte says:

We now have a chief commissar called Matt Hancock, who appears to be enjoying the importance he has accorded himself. He is busy laying down the law as no Minister of Health has ever done before him; he is even straying into the competences of other departments by dictating things such as sentencing policy.

Forte goes on to call for a new Public Health Act, to prevent future UK governments acting similarly. The act would compel ministers, in the event of a real public health emergency, to clearly demonstrate the benefits and the harms of any proposed restrictions on our liberties. It’s a brilliantly written and compelling article by Sir Rocco Forte in today’s Telegraph. He concludes it by saying:

Government propaganda justifying all of this has been worthy of a totalitarian state and has cowed the population into accepting interference with our basic liberties that would never have been tolerated in this country before….

It is time to end the creeping authoritarianism, return to normal democratic processes and have the Government held to account.

Amen to that.

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Urban fox, you alright my friend, hope you are well, to be honest Vernon asked me to sound you out, sales are down lol, speak soon hopefully, take care mate.


Come on Urban Fox, where are you hiding?

Jon Taylor

The not so Great reset communist agenda needs to be stopped.

Tony K

Dr Dr Vernon.

Tried to contact you on your site, understand you don’t accept emails due to the amount of wrong uns trolling you

Just want to let you know that I love you more than my own father for what you’ve done.

Will die standing. Hacking them up till I have no breath left.

I salute you, same as I salute Richie.


On a brighter note some good news regarding the face masks from Sweden


Seems the content has been removed. I think in future I’ll take a pic of everything that I want to share as everything seems to be taken down immediately.


Kathy it’s still there, if you click on the link again when you get to the page scroll down it should be highlighted on the right hand side.


This is a fantastic read by Peter Koenig..

Sums it all up in a nutshell!


Just read that piece Gerry, a great site global research, peter is spot on in everything he points out, one of the most notable being that these traitors in government know exactly what they are doing especially to the elderly, what kind of human being can stand before a whole nation and say we must protect the elderly when he knows full well the plan is to kill them off first, and yet I see people when talking about this monster using his Christian name, they have fell for the lovable buffoon persona which he and others have crafted for him over many years, a couple of weeks ago i read a piece johnson wrote for a newspaper about 12 years ago i think it was the subject of the piece was world overpopulation, make no mistake he is on board with the agenda, the same link showed a interview his father done, by the way he looks it was probably done about 5 or 10 years ago, in it he states in his opinion the population of England should be around 12 million maybe 15 but certainly never should be above 20. Had a look at Peters bio at the end of the article, i think he knows what he is talking about, frightening really.


Absolutely Martin and I’m onboard with all of your thoughts and concerns here.
I live in Ireland, so no doubts ‘the chieftains’ here are in ‘lockstep’ with the eugenics programme too!

There are also some good links and videos to be found within the Peter Koenig piece..

Here’s one for starters that I’ve only just watched myself…

And I feel it must now be shared!

Oh and a MASSIVE THANK YOU to Richie for allowing us the space on his site for the opportunity to present this uncensored truth also!

We are at a critical crossroads now and it’s time for all of us to step up to the mark…

With no looking back!

To quote another tireless fighter for our inalienable human rights..
(And no doubts you all know him too!)

“Face infinity without flinching!’

In Lak’ech



Last edited 7 days ago by Gerry

I’ll check the link out later tonight. My da was from Derry so have spent a lot of time there and Donegal, went over to stay for a few months when I left school but ended up coming back to Scotland, missed the rain I suppose, so have a strong affinity for the north and the south of the emerald isle. It is no surprise the voices that have begun to be heard and are fighting this scam a lot of them are coming from Ireland, trust me Gerry I cannot name one person who has been out there fighting against this from my country or Wales for that matter, there is a lot from England obviously, but Scotland, Wales, and you could say northern Ireland, not much.Richie said something last year that really resonated with me, don’t really know why, he said when they told the pubs to shut and there was no resistance, nobody protested, he knew then the country he grew up in had gone, on the face of it a simple statement but it said a lot, on the other hand listening to Richie interviewing Dolores last week left me feeling quite positive, with her attitude, if the people in Ireland fighting the globalist agenda could convince the majority what is really going on, I don’t think the Irish would hesitate for a second and deal with their traitors/leaders in the way they should be dealt with, which could inspire other countries to follow suit.


Dolores is a great person but she is an exception. With a few honourable exceptions very few pushing back here in Ireland, so sad to see.


Jennie far , far more than any other country in our islands, apart from England who due to population size have more voices, where are the Welsh and the Scots.


Oh Christ!

I spent about an hour typing up a detailed reply to this Martin, but there were typing errors and I tried to edit ..

I don’t know what happened, but after a third or fourth attempt at fixing the damn errors, i hit the save button and the message just vanished!!

F**k it, I now haven’t the time or energy to try do it again…

I’ll try again later perhaps…

As I believe sharing these thoughts are important!



Right… Can’t sleep now..

So here’s my ‘fifth’ attempt at replying to both you Martin & Jenni.
(The first one that I worked on for over an hour vanished after trying to edit out typing errors — reckon I pissed off the admin matrix or something — tis the reason why I loathe social media — oh and this one is the ‘only social media account’ I have in use at this point in time — and will remain this way! — Richie’s the man in my books — end of!!)

That video is well worth a look.

Professor Dolores Cahill pulls no punches with the data she discusses here.

The con that is the PCR test, the fact that the results aren’t being genomically sequenced (which is the only way to test for Sars Cov 2 — which couldn’t possibly still be circulating today — thus Covid 19 is gone — what’s left is coronavirus variants –AKA THE FLU OR A DAMN COLD!!), no post mortems etc etc..

It’s extremely revealing and extremely terryifying.

But it’s the truth!

With regard to our Islands tribes, I think such is the level of mainstream propaganda that many folk are simply unsalvageable..

I’ve been desperately trying to unplug my family and friends from this matrix, but I compare my attempts to chasing out the tide with an egg cup and now believe that I’d probably have a better chance with the cup and the sea!

I’ve a fit and healthy mother who’s in her mid eighties who will take the jab as she like many others, is completely clueless to what’s going on here…

…And this traumatises me…

I’ve been working on a public counter through all of this ever intensifying madness and can clearly see that the vast majority of these folk are doomed on just about every level you can comprehend!

But I personally won’t be giving up trying to shake them out of their slumber!!

Look for the spark of cognition in the eyes and see if you can hear any semblance of critical thinking..

Then let em have it!!

The clock’s ticking and our slave masters are ahead of the game on this one!!

If they win.. (and the odds are heavily stacked in their favour!!)..

Then we’re all doomed!!

Regardless of what part of the planet we come from!!

But f**k em!!

We can do this!!!




Watched the video last night cheers Gerry. Well, shocking but not surprising, cant thank Dolores and Reiner and many others for what they do, trust me they are putting more than their reputations on the line by taking on these monsters, like you I have family members who have taken the jab and some waiting to take it, they think I am crazy for refusing it, honestly they are worried for me for my refusal to take it. A really depressing conversation last night with someone who said everything will be back to normal in a couple of months, I said like 3 weeks to flatten the curve nearly a year ago, they replied that it was because of people like me that did not follow the rules, as you say they are doomed, they just don’t know it yet. Take care.


I hear you Martin..

Monsters they are indeed and they have their demons of darkness ready and willing to do their dirty work whenever anyone gets too close to exposing them for what they are.

I suppose you could say that the blatant culling of our beloved seniors is the most obvious instance of just how insidious these evil unconscionable tyrants can be.

And no one will be held accountable for any of it!!

Truly heinous and despicable crimes against humanity.

Oh what a number they have pulled on all of us here!

Mind blowing to be honest!

Also and funny you should mention the conversation you had re ‘following the rules!!’ …as I’ve had very similar with a lifelong friend of mine I’ve known for coming up on fifty years..

Sadly, he possesses a very left leaning mindset and ‘trusts the science’ or at least the garbage he’s fed in the mainstream…

Seriously, there’s very little can be done for them as ultimately it’s down to their inherent cowardice and fear of death.

Went out for a walk and a woman who I’d guess was in her seventies almost threw herself into hedgerow of ‘gorse and bramble’ in an attempt to avoid contamination from myself and my better half..

In astonishment, I piped up and said ‘don’t worry, you won’t be catching anything off us’..
(My other half was less than impressed and she gave me the evil stares!!)

The older lady replied ‘ah but you never know’ (WTF!!)…

So I reaffirmed my ‘piping’ and said.. “No I do know and there’s no chance!!”
(Again, the boss started staring again — so I quit while I was ahead!!)

Continued on with the walk anyhow and encountered similar distancing manouvering techniques being applied by some more mainstream zombified slaves along the way..

Made it to the local beach and there walking along the shoreline was a young couple wearing slave muzzles…(What The Flying F!!)

Brother, there is no hope for these lunatics… None!!

But as I said.. there are some who can still be saved and to be honest, it’s our duty to do this now..

While we still can!

You take care too my friend…

And thanks for the chat and consideration!




Great to see that article made it to print Richie. Wonder if Rocco had to pay them to have it printed ?, would be good to see others like him with a public platform speak out.


Hi Martin, Did you get my message about the nurse l met?


Hi Kathy, no sorry, never seen a message is it on here


No, I sent it private. You have to log in.


Kathy the message I read just said thanks for the article it never said anything about a nurse.


Weird. I’ve just read Koenig piece. I’ll send you a private message again.


Kathy, tried not too sure how it works, will speak with you soon, take care.


Once you log in you go to the drop down menu and then go to My Page. You should see you have messages in the top right. Click on the message then on the left it should show my name and profile picture. Click on that and then you should see my message about the nurse. Sorry I’m not a good teacher.


I wouldn’t be surprised if Rocco did pay them to print the article in order to get his message across and give the Government some flak. Many of the newspapers are financially on their last legs and have virtually no readership anymore. The Telegraph is currently offering a 3 months subscription trial for £1.


The Scott Trust (them as owns The Guardian and Mirror) are doing rather well. A look into the backgrounds of their executive board makes for interesting reading.


Well they have received a few donations from you know who, and money from the government for publishing their propaganda.


Craig I was under the impression Mirror Group Newspapers were owned by Reach PLC (they now also own what was the Express Group). Guardian Media is however owned by the Scott Trust.


You are absolutely right. My mistake.


I know mate it was a bit tongue in cheek when i posted it, but I did think to myself is that so far fetched, as you say the financial trouble they are in you never know, it is known gates has paid the guardian to basically print anything he wants, so makes sense Rocco might use the same tactic.

Ronald Templeman

How any article Richie writes is not 5 stars one does wonder do we have a 77 creeping about as this is not the first under 5 rating. At least another high flier has come out and said it how it is, trouble is the media.

John Heffernan

What he says there about Matt Hancock” enjoying himself” hits the nail on the head..


Personally think it would be more appropriate if hancock was hit on the head.



Jeananne Crowley

And over here in ‘Eire Nua’. a family forced to stand in the rain for two hours and watch their mother die through a locked window,. The Irish Examiner reported:
“Relatives of 25 people who died because of a Covid-19 outbreak at the Ballynoe Nursing Home in Upper Glanmire, Cork want an investigation into what happened.
One family was only allowed to watch their mother die through a locked window in the rain for two hours. Kathleen Thompson’s daughter Christine Brohan had begged to be let in to see her but staff at the home didn’t allow her in.
Christine said no staff attended to her mother, who died alone in a room which appeared to her from outside to have just one piece of furniture – the bed she died in.
As reported in Thursday’s Irish Examiner.
The 85-year-old mother of five was subsequently found by staff to have died.
Ms Brohan wants an investigation into what happened as does Jeanette Coyle, whose mother Veronica died at the home.
“There are too many questions so many relatives of those who died want answers to,” she said.” How barbaric does it have to get afore ppl wake up to what’s really happening is the ceist.


Ultimately this has shown what selfish and stupid people walk among us. They believe everything they see on the box and are too ignorant to look around themselves to see the damage. Their cruelty to their fellow human beings is shameful.

Ronald Templeman

I really feel for you these evil lot in power they must some how be sorted, as for those running the care homes they are a disgrace to society. How could anybody for what ever reason stop somebody from seeing their dying relative, the law or not.


Think I read somewhere the care homes were being threatened that their insurance could be took away if they were found to be breaking any of the rules set out by the corrupt government, meaning they would have to shut, don’t know if that is true or not, but it was given as one of the reasons they were behaving in this way.


The same insurance companies that refused to payout on their business interruption continuity policies to small and medium size firms as a result of being unable to trade due to Covid. Hiscox were one of the worst. Those insurance companies have lost heir case at the high court and must now pay up.


Always thought the insurance game was a scam for the most part, pretty sure it would be the central bankers that control these companies, as the great James Corbett explained and asked why did the insurance companies pay out on 9/11, where they could have easily refused to do so.


What has been happening in nursing homes is truly shocking. It needs more brave souls like Marcus de Brun to speak out publicly. What I just can’t get across to people is that if they join together they can stop all this.


I understand power and control is like a drug, gonna be difficult to get them to give it up, Comrade.

Last edited 8 days ago by cornwallnick

Nick they will not give it up, it will have to be taken from them.

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