Housing Ukrainian Refugees To Cost Irish Taxpayer €3 Billion

Ireland’s Minister for Public Expenditure Michael McGrath is expected to tell the cabinet today that the cost of helping Ukrainian refugees could reach €3 billion.

Last month the government estimated the cost at €2.5 billion.

According to Ireland’s state broadcaster RTÉ:

Latest figures show that 25,173 Ukrainian refugees have arrived in Ireland.

Of that number, 16,788 have been provided with accommodation by the State. However, it is expected around 33,000 Ukrainian refugees will have arrived by the end of next month.

On his way into Cabinet this morning, Mr McGrath said we are now at a point where we can no longer rely on traditional emergency accommodation like hotels and B&Bs to house Ukrainian people.

“That system is now under real pressure and that is why we’ve had to use facilities such as Millstreet, and I think its likely we’ll see more examples like that depending on the number of refugees that continue to come to Ireland but we will do the very best that we can,” he said.

Minister McGrath said the main focus of Cabinet discussions today would be the accommodation needs of Ukrainian people and looking at all the available options to Government to find accommodation quickly.

“The system is now under real strain and we are at a point where we are offering accommodation that is not of a standard we would like.”

He said Minister for Housing Darragh O’Brien would have a memo outlining the options.

Yesterday, Taoiseach Micheál Martin said that there would be no limit placed on the number of Ukrainian refugees entering Ireland.







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The facts have to be faced,these so called refugees,. Are going nowhere once the EU instigated war finishes,they are in Ireland for good,zero chance of them ever returning to the Ukraine so taxes will have to rise hugely country is fucked like the UK .


Earth is not a spinning ball, once you realise that you look past the idea of nations and mass immigration. There is much more land out there that is hidden from us.

Karen m

Sorry, I’m a bit thick. What are you saying? What is your solution?

Karen m

How many refugees do we already have? How many more are coming over every day? Why do they ‘risks their lives ‘ crossing the channel when they were already safe in France or whatever other countries they travelled through beforehand? Oh yes, that’s right, a politician said on Question Time a few weeks ago ‘because the French police aren’t very nice to them. I know a foster carer who has 2 refugee ‘boys’ who say they are 16. They look a lot oldet. Nobody knows who they are, how old they are or where they came from. The carer gets nearly £400 a week per child plus housing benefit of £1300 a month because of them. They get £30 per week each from social services for pocket money, which they complain isn’t much!! Plus interpreters and bus passes and all sorts. When they are ready for it, social services will help house them. We don’t matter. If we can’t afford even the basics, tough. We are taking up the arse, day in day out, year after year after year. They must be laughing at us.

Karen m

Neither Britain not Ireland can afford the refugee crisis, and we’ve got no bloody room! Our own people are struggling and don’t stand a chance of getting social housing any more. We’ve just had a message from our local council to say they are planning to house 20 Afghan families though. And many of our hotels are closed to the public because they are full of refugees yet we have British people here living on the streets. Meanwhile the do gooders are on the local forum boasting what good people they are for signing up to house a Ukranian. And the Govt tells us we should expect a massive influx from Ukraine at a cost of who knows what with money we haven’t got, while admitting to sending millions worth of weapons over there. And barely any of us says a word. Mental. We’re done for. Ukraine should be told they’re on their own. Make a peace deal with Russia or get on with it. But the Ukraine govt doesn’t want peace, NATO doesn’t want peace, the Great Reset agenda doesn’t want peace and the military-industrial complex certainly doesn’t want peace.


Bleedin’ ‘ell, this war is going to be the a very costly money pit.. Zelenskyy has been asking for $1 billion a month plus weapons from the Western powers on top of all the other expensive but deadly crap that has been sent over there. When you factor in the cost of rebuilding this shit show it must be the most expensive military action ever launched.


Imagine telling people that you are going to conduct a social experiment over the course of a year.
On day 1 you put two people in a modest sized warehouse that contains a cupboard with some basic food supplies and a gallon container of water.
So far so good.
On day 2 you add another two people, but do not increase the water or food.
On day 3, four more people; and on day 4, eight more people – and so on.

The analogy is a fairly good one for available space and resources every country has.
At what point will people start turning on each other for lack of space and resources?
It’s inevitable. And if I can see it, our rulers damn well know it as well.

Only by creating maximum chaos can they guarantee the masses eventually accepting any kind of tyranny just to see an end to that chaos.


I agree with maximum chaos but I don’t think there will be any masses left to accept anything.


They are wringing their hands about people from another country but what have they done in the last two or three decades for the homeless people in Ireland – sweet FA of course. They can find money for invented pandemics, for ridiculous and unnecessary projects which no-one asked for, to contribute to weapons research in the EU and for continuous immigration (even during the supposed pandemic) but no money for housing. I love the bit about ‘not offering accommodation of the standard we would like’ when there are many thousands of sub-standard rental properties in this country and people sleeping in doorways.

Near where I live there are some very well built older houses owned by a trust which need some repairs doing, eight of them are unable to be occupied so damp is creeping in. They have applied for a grant which doesn’t seem to be forthcoming. However they did find money for a completely new reservation system for the libraries despite the fact that the other one worked really well and many of the librarians said they didn’t want a new system. Needless to say the new system is a complete shambles. They are deliberately running down the housing stock while at the same time putting more and more pressure on it. Large corporations are buying up private houses and land and buildings where businesses have gone bust.

I’ve been part of campaigns on housing for more than a decade now and all we have had from local and national government is tumbleweed blowing down the road. Their lies, hypocrisy and virtue-signalling just makes my blood boil.


And Ireland has never been able to support the Irish people them selves in any large quantity for lots of reasons, hence they are all over the world in one form or another but the government say they can provide for extra. When hunger hits Ireland it will be devastating, which is what it has always been for Irish people that’s why they are all over the world, no offence intended.


You are absolutely right. Ireland, like everywhere, should be growing as much of its own food as possible but we have unused farmland while we are importing inferior produce. Once those imports stop happening we’re going to be in trouble as you rightly say.


It seems to me it’s going to be difficult as sadly the liars for a living still think the salary is mightier than the food supply. I was actually threatened today because I said I did not want to listen to convid crap and they are all liars. I was calling this mans daughter a liar who worked in the hospital treating patients. I was not doing anything of the kind I had no good reason to hurt anybody so I just continued walking away. He continued shouting abuse at me and I was the bad guy. A little later I was asked by others if I was OK which I was because I was not listening to convid crap. Virtue signalling old fart.

Noel cox

Clowns, puppets, idiots, we cant look after our own never mind them


Displacing entire populations leads to the public not wanting to fight for their rights. Those new to the country don’t care for or understand them and those who’ve been in the country for longer no longer recognise it as their home.
It causes chaos, and the Illuminati is all about order out of chaos.

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