The show averaged around 850,000 listens per month on YouTube. It's been well documented that we had nearly 80,000 subscribers and that was growing very quickly too. It's gone and we move on. Okay, here goes then. Click on any image to enlarge.

The Richie Allen Show is first and foremost a live radio show. I go live every Monday to Thursday at 7 PM UK Time (GMT). In the US, that's 2 PM EST, 11 AM PT, 1 PM PT. Sunday View, which airs every Sunday, is also LIVE at 11 AM UK Time. To listen live, go to  there is a player on the homepage, staring you in the face. Press play. Hey presto, you're in. It is simultaneously streamed at (Channel 2) and

Now pay attention. The live show airs between 7-9 PM UK Time. However, it is constantly playing, around the clock on, tunein and FAB Radio. Starting at 10 PM every evening, I start repeating the show and it plays on a loop, every two hours until I go live again the following evening. You still with me?

You'd prefer to listen on demand? I've got you more than covered. My shows can be played/downloaded at any time on iTunes, Spotify: and

That's pretty amazing isn't it? No I am not bragging, but short of me coming round your house and shouting the show through your letterbox, I can do no more! Also, why not download The Truth Seeker App from your app store? It hosts The Richie Allen Show and a number of other independent media shows.  OK, that's it from me. Share this post far and wide. It could not be any easier to access The Richie Allen Show. You're welcome!


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