fishwife (noun)

plural noun: fishwives

A coarse mannered woman who is prone to shouting. 

Two fishwives received standing ovations in the Commons yesterday after speaking about their own experiences of anti-Semitic threats. Luciana Berger (Labour) alleged that she had put up with abuse for 18 years after receiving her first piece of hate mail aged 19. She told her party that it had a "duty to the next generation" to confront the issue as "denial was not an option". Ruth Smeeth (Labour) said British Jews had a right to participate in public life as equals and would not be "bullied". Responding to those who dismissed claims of anti-Semitism as political smears, Smeeth said "we know what anti-Semitism is, we know where it leads, how dare these people suggest that". Incidentally, Smeeth broke down in tears after Berger's speechAnd the Oscar goes to....

What a load of old bollox. I've never seen such hysterical virtue signalling in all my days covering politics. Both women did a better than passable impression of Marcy Rhoades D'Arcy, Al Bundy's next door neighbour in Married With Children. It was hilarious. Smeeth claimed that she'd been meeting young British Jews up and down the country and that they were effectively shitting themselves! What drivel. For the 500th time, last year the Institute For Jewish Policy Research conducted the largest and most detailed survey of attitudes towards Jews and Israel ever conducted in Great Britain. The survey found that the levels of antisemitism in Great Britain were among the lowest in the world and also that there was no evidence that loathing of Jews was on the rise. But there's been no mention of that in today's papers. Instead we have been treated to laughable headlines like The Daily Mail's, The Women Who Shamed Corbyn. 

So what prompted this frenetic festival of fishwifery yesterday? Well a number of things I suppose, with timing certainly being one of them. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is being hammered by the the UK press for (rightly) refusing to blame Russia for the Skripal poisoning and for (rightly) not supporting Theresa May's decision to launch airstrikes against Syria. The vile racist Apartheid state of Israel is pushing for war with Iran while publicly stating that it will do whatever it likes in Syria, not to mention that it continues its daily ritual of starving and murdering Palestinians in the biggest open air prison in the world. Most people do differentiate between Jews and Zionists. Zionism is a vicious, murderous, racist ideology. Do we really need to repeat that not all Zionists are Jews and not all Jews are Zionists? Berger, Smeeth and the rest of the virtue signalling muppets who participated in yesterdays farcical debate at Westminster, want to criminalise criticism of the Zionist regime in Tel Aviv. Even more importantly though, they want to prevent exposure of the extent of Israel's influence on the UK's political parties. That's what this is really all about.

Just take a look at the proposals to deal with non-existent anti-Semitism. The Communities Secretary Sajid Javid said that tech giants need to do more to remove anti-Semitic material from their platforms. Javid said there would be "no hiding place" from the authorities for those spreading vile abuse online. As I've been saying for several years now, we live in a post fact world. Former London mayor Ken Livingstone said that Hitler initially supported Zionism. He was right but he was suspended. That set a terrifying precedent. From now on, anyone who says anything about Zionists, Zionism or Israel can be named and shamed as an antisemite and ostracised, even if they are telling the truth. By the way, if you believe that this witch hunt has more to do with undermining Jeremy Corbyn, don't weep for him. His response to it has been predictably pitiful. Just yesterday, he sat mumbling away to himself during the fishwives monologues and declined to make any statement while the Blairites behind him frowned and shook their heads in disapproval. What a coward.

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