If You Accept A Vaccine Passport You’re No Better Than A Scab

I’m a proud Trade Unionist. My Union saved my job once upon a time. I was working Summers at Waterford Crystal. I was a tour guide and I was 17 years old.

I was asked by my then boss, an odious little creep whose name is unimportant, to stay back one evening and work a temporary bar at a reception for dignitaries. I duly got pissed and at the end of the evening took a bottle of Le Piat D’or for my walk home. It was either that or Blue Nun.

As I passed through security, the bottle was taken from me. I walked home and woke up with a stinking hangover. Before my next shift, I was hauled before my odious creep of a boss, who said I’d stolen company property and was going to be fired. My union rep said “no chance.”

The union communicated to management that 1,800 workers would walk out if I was shitcanned. It blew over very quickly. I never forgot it. All for one, one for all. Not a single worker would have refused to down tools. For Trade Unionists, a scab is about the worst thing you can be. They used to tar and feather them.

If you refuse to join your comrades or you take the job of a striking worker then you are a pariah. Waterford Crystal went on general strike in the late 1980’s you may remember. Some workers crossed the picket line and took management jobs.

They were virtually exiled. They could never again get a drink or a bite to eat in Waterford, without someone reminding them of what they were. Good enough.

If you sign up for a vaccine passport, to allow you to enter shops, pubs, theatres or cinemas, then in my book you are a scab. You’re throwing your lot in with a criminal cartel, that has turned the planet into an open air prison.

By complying, you are enabling a gangster elite to impose tyranny on your neighbours and your fellow man. What manner of man or woman are you?

You know that it’s beyond totalitarian for any government to medicate its citizens through coercion. You know this. By going along with it, you are aiding and abetting them and betraying your own kind. You’re a scab.

Melodramatic? Maybe. But I am right. Don’t be a scab. Stand with your neighbours. Stand up for what is right. Tell them to stick their passports where the sun never shone. The people united, will never be defeated.

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Gene Hunt

Whilst I’ve always been self employed & having no experience of Trade Unions, it would seem they can be a force for good & bad. I think it’s a slightly romanticised view that the public will turn their backs on the vax passport.

If history is anything to go by, the people will generally do what they believe is good for them & what their government tells them.

I for one will never have the vax or thus the passport. And I know of only a handful of people who have such views as Richie & ourselves, (or at least willing to express them!).

I believe the inevitable will happen & these passports will become mandotary and those of us who refuse them will become 2nd class citizens & gradually, criminally, “shut down” from society.


I’m a health care professional, self employed. All my colleagues have had the jab. I will not have it under any circumstances and will close my practice if I have to. No passport for me either.

David Moore

i 100% agree. i have no wish to take their experimental genetic ‘engineering’ injections – i have declined the offer. If everyone held the line and rejected this scamdemic it would be over by next weekend.


If you sign up for a vaccine passport, to allow you to enter shops, pubs, theatres or cinemas, then in my book you are a scab”

I think they are going to use the NHS Patient access App which which already states what medications you are on. They will simply add a section for vaccinations.

Marissa Oatley

No Vaccine passport for this woman 💪😊


I’ve made my decision also Marissa – No Vax Pass, No EGT Jab, NO NO NO NO … I will miss attending gigs like oxygen, it was my life … But not worth my life … 

I hope the spirits in your soul guide you wisely!

Marissa Oatley

Im definitely not having its 100 percent a no for me as well🙂 ahhh it’s been awhile since i have seen one, the vibe of the audience all just having a great time💛 but yes agreed not worth my life, my memories will always do justice enough lol

Thank you so much, you as well dear friend 💛

Tony K

Hey Finn, I think there will be much better festivals and events springing out of this. Turds like Simon Cowell and the big corporate labels killed real music. I think this will bring raw, real rebel music back.

It’s up to the private company right? That’s what the gov says… No mandates – coercion only.

This will create a huge global parallel society which will be a much, much better place to live in.

The future’s bright 😉


I don’t have a Twatter account so I will post it here that I loved today’s Morning Melodies, and a special thanks for Pavarotti !
it reminded me that I have a completely forgotten small collection of CDs of Pavarotti, Callas and … the other guy 🙂
I found them now and will listen tonight.


Mr Allen, I am listening to the show this morning. I do my utmost not to miss it.
While it’s true that I do not trust the unions (having had multiple negative experiences), I am not so blind as to not know the good they have done in the past. As I have discussed with others on this feed, the unions today are little more than an extension of the corrupt, top-down governance system, more interested in maintaining their often large pay packets (I know of one union rep who is on £150,000) than they are risking their jobs to help others.
As to the idea of voluntary membership, it should not be forgotten that it used to be fairly common practice to operate ‘closed shops’ (a practice outlawed in 1992 in the UK), where people could not get a job position unless they agreed to joining a union. This sounds like coercion to me.

Ronald Templeman

I would agree with a lot you say Craig, some unions in the 70s 80s did work on closed shops but as with governments there were good and bad. As you say todays unions don’t do a lot for many workers however I don’t feel that one can compare a closed shop with being made to have a so called vax that could damage ones health to have a job. Sadly to me it is just about as bad as it can get the way this country is being run, with LibLabCon all useless and a police force that goes along with them, so really it is down to the people to stand up and be counted and those that don’t are scabs.


Hi Ron,I wasn’t comparing closed shops with vaccines; I was simply pointing out the similarities in coerciveness used by both.
My posts have,I admit, also been deliberately contrary – but for good reason. Collectivism has many positives (as do Trade Unions) and truly comes into its own when everyone willingly consents: however, enforced collectivism should be something we all reject for, what should be, obvious reasons.
Take the example Richie provided. Collective strikes have a great deal of influence and power; but, for some people, the idea of striking violates their principles. So, such people are faced with two choices. Do they hold true to their principles and risk the wrath of their community? Or do they violate their principles and risk real – and possibly lasting – mental trauma? You see?
And to make a comparison of Richie’s example with the current Covid/vaccine/vaccine passport situation, it is worth reiterating this: in Richie’s example the scabs were the minority, just as we who reject the official narrative (and its consequences) are in the minority. Since we are the ones, because of principle, who are rejecting the collectivist will, does that not make us the scabs?
I raise these points only as a consideration.
I have been an outcast before for doing what I think is right. I have lost jobs because I won’t bow to nonsensical rules, won’t put my health at risk at someone else’s say-so, won’t play the workplace power games and won’t let people on higher rungs play to different rules; and I have lost friends – and even family – because I refused to bow to, or engage in, collectivist activities. I have even lost friends because I did engage in collectivist activity.
Sticking to my principles – even before I realised I had principles – has not always done me any favours; but I have learned the hard way that not sticking to my principles is far worse in the long run.
I do not believe in the Covid pandemic narrative because others tell me it is false. I don’t believe because I have looked at the numbers.
I will not be having the vaccine because others tell me it is bad, but because the numbers show that it is a far greater risk to health than the virus – and because the vaccines I have had made me very, very ill.
And I will not be having a vaccine passport: not just because of the above, but because the concept is wrong. Simply, wrong.
If that means I can’t go to a concert, a pub, a cinema, or go on holiday – well, so be it.
I’ll just have to be an outcast again.


Hey Ron … Craig, your good self and any other persons posting on ANY site about ANY OTHER subject … in what … six months, eight? I don’t know, Nothing else will matter … You won’t give a rats arse about anything other than getting through the next hour … Alive!

EVERYONE HERE – Everyone reading this – PLEASE! PLEASE! UNITE !! 


Margaret Hossack

Brilliant Richie! Completely agree. I’m so glad I’ve found your work and realised there are so many like-minded people out there. It gives me hope.


Totally agree Richie, I will not accept these restrictions, as you say it’s absolute tyranny. Thanks for everything you do. Loula 🙂


One of the best articles i have read on here, thanks Richie agree 100%, i remember the what i would call with hindsight the last stand, the miners in 1984/85 where these people were demonized by the media, seen a post by what i would call a clown below citing Scargill had benefited from this episode regarding his living quarters, he took a few to court and won almost if not all of the cases, Scargill had been saying well before 84 the plan was to get rid of all the mines, was he wrong ?, no he was 100% correct, thatcher and her government had planned well for the up coming strike, but they could never have won without the scabs going back in to work, they won, we lost, and here we stand a nation of sheep, with masks on, saving lives. following the rules ( it’s only for 3 weeks ), everyone look after your family, your friends, and in by doing that we might find a way out of this madness.


Richie and friends, there’s a “summit” going on between March 20th through the 26th offering instructional and informative lectures (for free). i heard about it from Brandnewtube, which now has an app, by the way. It looks promising and is in response to the whole scamdemic mess. They’re supposed to be teaching about our human rights and awakening, health matters, etc. They’re calling it, re:union summit. We should look into it, looks very empowering. Thanks for all that you are doing, dear Richie and to your awesome team. 🙂


It seems that we are headed for yet another state manufactured class war namely the pricks versus the unpricked.
The level and sophistication of this covid con / plandemic / scamdemic is breathtaking.

My mum’s doctor was trying to shill the vaccine to her over the phone. Thankfully I have been showing my mum another side to the covid narrative (won’t say the word truth as the Big Baldie Gammon will batter me!).
I was so proud that my mum refused although the doctor asked her about four times. My mum stuck to her guns as ling ago, when she was young the polio vaccine was being touted and her grandmother who brought her up did not want her to take that. One of the neighbours children did get it and he ended up in callipers when he was about ten years old.

After the phonecall, my mum and I had a brainwave (don’t worry I didn’t say goodbye to our brains.)
If the doctors are so desperate to get the money for jabbing people why don’t we offer them the money without taking the jab? (Ie say to the doctor I don’t want the jab but here’s the tenner that you would have got if you did.)

Even my pal, his mum considered taking thalidomide, thank heavens that did not happen. Even the doctors at that time were touting it as safe.

Thalidomide, Pandemrix, Gardasil, Polio vaccine, MMR (with links to autism), Epilim were all considered safe by the medical profession.

(Recently Ranitidine was taken of the market regarding carcinogenic effects 2020)

We have taken the precautionary principle with cv19 why can’t we take the precautionary principle with “vaccines”, gene therapy and other experimental drugs.

Regrettably people have been subjected to mass multi faceted psychological warfare conducted by intelligence agencies in tandem with social media, legacy media and big tech. All in order to usher in the Great Reset. Which seems too similar to the Great Leap Forward that did not go down too well at all.

I’ll gladly wait a couple of decades until the full long term effects of this “vaccine” have been established.
As I have never taken a flu shot in my life and the last time I took a shot was for tetanus last century. I don’t intend to take part in this medical experiment aka culling of the gullible and vulnerable. If it means I have to join a leper colony. Fine as I’d rather not associate with those who don’t know what cognitive dissonance is.

Having sovereignty over one’s own body is a fundamental right. If someone has authority over what you can do to your body then you are less than a slave, you are a lab rat or guinea pig.

If anyone believes that the QE2 took the jab then I have a bridge to sell you.

Are dignity and integrity just words to some people?

Last edited 1 year ago by Aldo

All us leper’s can buy our own island, sharing responsibilities and talents.


Well said. I love your phrase the pricks versus the unpricked, I’ll definitely remember that one.


This thing is like a revolving door in a comedy film. This was never about a virus. It isn’t even about the vaccine although the vaccines will prove to be an effective depopulation tool. I work for a public school in the US and I am one of an ever shrinking number of people who aren’t going to take the jab. I hope nobody dies from it but I know there will be some deaths, if not many. I don’t get it. When I took my first drink, I knew what alcohol was. When I smoked my first doobie, I already knew what the effects short and long term would be because I’d researched it. My brother told me that if you’re going to dabble, at least know what the hell it’s going to do to you. Good advice and I stick to it to this day. This isn’t about a virus. It’s about destroying civilization as we know and eradicating personal freedom. Gates was on video last year sneering at the level of personal freedom Americans expect. What I wonder is, once your freedom is taken away, what will you be willing to do to get it back? That isn’t a theoretical question. This will happen and you all know this.


If I get someone phoning me about taking the vaccine I’m going to ask for proof the virus exists, a list of contents of the vaccine, a list of all possible side effects, a toxicology report and ask for how long tests have been carried before it was considered as safe. I won’t be taking the vaccine anyway but at least this would put the ball in their court.


Now, we’ve all seen how tolerant, kind and empathetic the pro-segregation people aren’t. Does anyone really think they care about being blacklegs? No me either.

Web Ferrett
comment image?w=750&ssl=1

Thank you for this, I’ve downloaded it to pass on.

Web Ferrett

Totally agree with you Richie, but you have to remember that the propaganda (performed over years) has done a great job in dumbing down the intelligence of the vast majority of the populous to not enable them to think for them selves or have critical thought. If they are told something, they simply blindly follow it!

The ‘trick’ here to get them to join “the peoples union” is to educate through seeing the evil that now perpetrating our society, and this is now happening through the evidence of deaths from vaccinations worldwide.

MSM do all they can in suppressing this information, but it is becoming too great a story to keep a lid on – people are starting to wake up from their “lemming syndrome mentality” and asking questions, such as why are 250K nurses refusing the jab in the UK! – what do they know we are not being told.

Similarly, it is plain to see the government are hiding their agenda by refusing to publish the minutes from the meeting Bojo had with Bill & Malinda Gates over covid (being non medical people, why would they be entertained by our PM on the subject?):


Zac Baled

I hope just 10% of the 200,000 nhs staff who will not be taking the experimental vaccine – speak their mind soon.

I know plenty of people (tbh, many are hypercondriacs) who have just taken these bs jabs even tho I tried my best putting them off from getting one however each and everyone of the dimwits just rolled over and gave the excuse that “real” health experts know better. The same insane people were “advising” my mum to take the jab asap – Thank God my mum knows as to what is going on! Im like thinking who need enemies when you have friends like these.
One of my friends basically is a dead man walking – his diabetic, got major health issues, on tons of daily medication, his kidneys are working at less than 10% and always in and out of hospital for weeks on end, the man is waiting in anticipation for his second dose…… Im like wtf is wrong with you man!

The hypercondriacs who have have just rolled up their sleeves without asking any pertaining questions in regards to this barbaric gene therapy (who have perfect health at the moment) are going to make life more difficult for everyone else with their blind confirming to orders for an experimental vaccine that nobody needs nor the pathetic health passports that no one wants.

This psychological war on Body (on pro vaxxers) and Mind (antivaxxers) is going to be a very long affair – we anti propagandists must all remain vigilante, positive, united and support each other thru any sane means possible – The least we could do is support each other thru kind words. There are too many who are more than happy not just to rollup their sleeves but do more like asking for the introduction of health passports, etc – we are a few however I have No Doubt we will Win this….. the tide Is and Surely will Turn. We have to remain Positive, the only armour we all have at our disposal is to remain Positive (and Free)

United we Stand,
Divided we Fall,
Let there be no excuses for any divisions amongst Ourselves.. cos the vultures (the socio-maniacs) are circling above every single one of us ready to pounce at our weaknesses.

Come On NHS staff surely now is the time to put your weight behind us and talk, please…


Check out the re:unite summit. Heard about it on Brandnewtube and they have a website. March 20th through the 26th, looks promising and empowering. In response to all the insanity.


‘All for one, and one for all’. ‘We’re all in this together’.
Isn’t that what the pro-vaccers are saying?
That’s the problem with the collectivist approach – it does not respect individual choice; and depending on how people feel about an issue, there will always be those (usually in the minority) who will suffer as a consequence.
Whether it’s conscientious objectioners to strikes; or conscientious objectoners to vaccine passports.
From my perspective, they can shove their passport where the sun don’t shine.


Boeing 737 MAX 8 is back in business and awaiting those with wackseen passports to take ‘em on holiday.

Good luck with that …

Web Ferrett

Well, just goes to show their plan for depopulation is going well and combining all sorts of “Final Destination” options – vaccine or plane crash? – or how about both just to make sure!


Unfortunately, I have already seen how this ends, having experienced the miner’s strike of 84-85 at first hand. My parents struggled through this whole period as a formerly-happy family with 3 children to support somehow on nothing. All in it together, comrades, but at the end, the older miners were seduced by huge redundancy packages and cast the younger out to their fate when the ££££ was waved in front of them. My own dad hadn’t worked there long enough to qualify for the big retirement pay-off. It destroyed him. I expect the same here, the majority will take it and us with a soul, spirit and conscience will be left by the roadside to fight it out. You can never totally trust your fellow man, they are bought too cheaply.


Shameless greed, it’s all about me me me!

Ronald Templeman

Great point Richie and so right anybody who goes along with this government is a scab and more so if they go along with the so called passport. When one looks back at the miners strike and Thatcher the media TV showed it as if the miners started the violence when in truth it was the Police, I was travelling the country then and could see what was going on.
To me the media are already scabs so people don’t be a scab and stay free.


Never had that experience, personally; but I have needed the unions a few times. And every single time, they let me down.
In my last job the Area Rep was also an Area Manager – and if that’s not conflict of interest, supported by the union, I don’t know what is.

Ronald Templeman

Sadly things did change over the years, at one time you could rely on the union.


A friend of mine, older by a decade, was a union man and shop steward back in the 70s and 80s. He saw the well paid reps push for strikes, strikes and more strikes. And when the struggling workers lost their jobs, in the thousands, he saw the reps go back to their cushy, well paid office jobs (some even got pay rises and promotions) and he turned away from the unions in disgust. He has refused to join a union since.
Unions had a place when they were solely workplace based, but those days are long, long gone – and now there are merely an extension of the corrupt politicking system.


I’m with you on that, my Dad was permanently let down by the unions, and I say it as someone who experienced first hand the horrors of the 1984-85 miners strike. My dad trusted them for years (coal miner) and then when he turned to them for help they were worse than useless. No doubt it’s a classic example of the attraction of power pulling in the ego-maniacs who are only interested in themselves and I would imagine as far as the elite are concerned are bought very cheaply. I’m reminded of Carry on at your Convenience, which probably did so badly at the box office due to its accuracy.


I always remember what the electricians union leader Frank Chapple said about Arthur Scargill. When the miners strike began Arthur had a big trade union and a small house. When the strike eventually finished he had a small trade union and a big house.


Totally in agreement with you Richie. Its a matter of having self respect and sticking to what you know to be the right thing to do. No way will they coerce me into taking a jab for the privilege of doing what I’ve always done.


Its very reassuring to know that while this horrendous pandemic has been ragging our wonderful Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his beautiful fiance Carrie Simmons have managed to find the time to spend £200,000 on improving the decor in their Downing Street love nest. Best of all it wasn’t even their own money.

Allan Taylor

You don’t get that these days colleagues will stand you in the back to up the ladder. At least here in Belgium we have workers rights it’s very difficult to sack someone without the company having to pay severance pay


They’re worse than a scab.. there are no words to describe these cowards in the dictionary.

I may forgive the truly petrified and most targeted group that the whole scam was aimed at ‘post’ the triggering of the illness early last year.
(An illness caused by a virus that couldn’t possibly be still circulating over a year later!! Tis gone now — finito!!)

But looking at the vast majority of these brain dead masked up cowards scurrying around in complete and total conformity to their handlers commands without hesitation or question is truly astonishing!

I don’t know what hope any of us have of retrieving these numb skulls from this delusion…

I spent over an hour trying to explain the logistics of all that was happening to a neighbour of mine yesterday.. who did appear to understand what I was describing and seemed in agreement…

But all the while he kept his ‘social distance’ from me and after all was said and done, his eventual response was:

‘I couldn’t give a sh1t and
what can I do to stop it??’

Health passports and mandated ‘experimental renewable mRNA gene therapies’ meant nothing to him.

I may aswell have been talking to a brick wall!!


Ronald Templeman

Know the feeling

Simon Corbett

Richie, as a proud, ex- miner, from South Yorkshire, I agree with you 100%. If it means I can’t go abroad, or to any large events, then so be it. I’d rather be a free man, & still have my dignity.

Web Ferrett

Well said – principled to the enth degree, as am I – something that is severally missing these days in most people it’s sad to say.


Aren’t you worried that you might never again be able to go to a “Ariana Grande” or “Little Mix” concert? Just think what you could be missing out on.

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