Ihre Papiere Bitte Is Here Now – And It’s Here To Stay

Yesterday, after much hand-wringing and procrastination, the government finally delivered advice to businesses on how they should operate beyond July 19th, Freedom Day.

It was pretty much what we expected. Businesses will be encouraged to ask customers to see covid passports before serving them. It had been reported, that the passport scheme would only be used for nightclubs or venues with large crowds.

Not so. This government would prefer that every business in the country uses vaccine passports as a condition of entry. Boris Johnson said yesterday that firms should show “social responsibility” and make use of the NHS Covid pass (a phone app), which shows proof of double vaccination, a recent negative test or natural immunity, as a means of entry.

According to The Telegraph:

The document stated: “Consider the use of the NHS Covid pass to reduce the risk of transmission at your venue or event.”

It went on to say the Government would “work with organisations that operate large, crowded settings (for example, nightclubs) where people are likely to be in close proximity to a large number of those from other households to use the NHS Covid pass as a condition of entry”.

Steve Baker, the deputy chairman of the Covid Recovery Group of lockdown-sceptic Tories, said: “I am simply astonished that, after everything the Prime Minister and Michael Gove said in the past about ID cards, they are advancing this fast down this really quite appalling path.”

Meanwhile in Ireland, the government there passed legislation that allows bars, restaurants and cafés to resume indoor service, but only for those who can prove they have been vaccinated or have had covid in the past six months.

According to Irish state broadcaster RTE:

The Dáil has passed the Government’s legislation on the reopening of indoor hospitality.

It will allow bars, restaurants and cafés to resume indoor service for those who are fully vaccinated against Covid-19, or who have recovered from the disease in the last six months.

The Health (Amendment No.2) Bill 2021 was voted through tonight by 74 votes to 68.

Earlier this week, French President Emmanuel Macron declared that covid passes would be required for entry to supermarkets, cafés and restaurants. Governments are operating in lockstep. The question is, who’s pulling the strings?

Writing in The Telegraph today, Douglas Murray pulls no punches:

The creation of “vaccine certification” means that we now face the prospect of having our papers demanded not just if we dare to think about leaving the country for some reason, but if we just want to go to almost any public gathering.

Only by proving that you have had the vaccine or a recent negative test will you be allowed to take part in activities which we didn’t even question as among our rights before 2020.

We live in a world where we have volunteered to have ourselves monitored by private companies and corporations. But still there is something sinister about the speed with which we are rushing into an existence where the Government can restrict our activities to such an alarming extent.

We are walking into a state in which the Government has a permanent mechanism of control of the populace. Where instead of asking “Who are you?” of anyone in authority we turn instead into supplicants asking, “May we?”

Everywhere I look I see compliance. No, scratch that. I see eager compliance. I see people wearing masks outdoors, while alone in cars, while cycling and this morning for the first time, I saw a guy wearing one while running.

Friends of mine whose children are of university age have been telling me that despite being warned against it, their kids have had the jab. Holidays and music festivals are the common denominator it seems.

Whoever or whatever is behind this diabolical agenda, couldn’t care less about 46 year-old bald gammon’s like me and whether or not I comply. It’s the young they’re after.







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Oh really,can we stop this anti german propaganda, my grandparents never had to show papers, but then they were german. You got fed with too much anti german propaganda from lots wars and still believe into it.


We sould ‘vote with our wallets’ and boycott the businesses who would treat me and my pure unsullied brothers and sisters like lepers. Had we witheld payments to the government from the get go; we might have been ina better position now.


I saw a woman walking down the street in a mask and with her was a boy about 7 years old also in a mask. He was wearing a football jersey and his mask was in the same colours and with the same insignia. So he is being taught to associate masks with fashion and sport when in reality they are doing harm to his immune system and his young brain. Shame on whoever produced this outfit.


All sports teams seem to be producing these abominations; it’s shame that Sam Allardyce didn’t wear one earlier. Had he done so’ we might not be playing championship football next term.


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I’m going to have to purchase a fake vaccination certificate it seems. I would resist it as long as I can but I fear we’ll soon have no other option but to accept their certification. It is only option for now. I guarantee in the autumn people without the NHS Pass will only be allowed out for an hour a day for exercise.


I predict, (don’t worry I’m wrong most of the times) that there will be a colossal surge in bootleg, pirate, non official “apps” that look like the official jab passport apps that will be downloaded by the gazillions (more than a dozen) that will be “covid” compliant which the user can fabricate (lie) actual covid certification.
It’ll be a cold revolution in the same nature as citizen band radio that the government tried to force people to pay to use in the form of licences which no-one bought.
Failing that anyone with a bit of know how can use photo-shop or gimp and manufacture a screenshot showing a certificate for the republic of Wakanda or whatever country, state or region that they desire.

Phew, the image below took nearly five minutes whilst multi-tasking.
Feel free to read what the QR code states using your QR scanner of choice.

Last edited 1 year ago by Aldo

Only one problem Aldo (and it’s significant), the jabs themselves come with technologies for surveillance (think magnets!).

So, using technologies that most of us aren’t privy to or even aware of yet, they will easily be able to identify who’s jabbed and who isn’t.

There’s a reason why they are desperately trying to plunge this ‘treatment’ into every living sentient entity (to include animals!) and I assure you it has nothing to do with vaccinating people against a supposed disease with a global survival rate of beyond 99.97% (working from their stats which are also false!).

But I promise you, it has everything to do with ‘surveillance!’

And lots more besides.

Last edited 1 year ago by Gerry
Urban fox

Blessed day. Short term may work. Already being used. Paper ones also short term. France supermarkets! I can’t go without shops! Shocking!


Well noted on the tech that is similar to the chips that we have in pets. The way things are going I may have to grow a beard and join the Amish or the Mennonites to avoid the jab and the chip. Judging from the widespread track and trace app being deleted (accidentally – oops) I doubt that is going to happen.

A virus so deadly that it affects allegedly 0.1% of the population if you believe the hyper hoax. (Why not jab the 0.1%? As that would only require a 1/1000 of the experimental T4 culling serum. The UK’s population 67-68 million being thus 67,000-68,000 doses which would require a double dose bringing the total up to 134,000-136,000 doses). Problem being a measly 100,000+ doses at a tenner a pop only nets them £million not including the “tests” which is a money maker that would make even the mafia blush.
Additionally people would become wary of why the 0.1% that were jabbed are dropping like flies.

This whole situation comes to halt if we simply stop complying.
The holiday traffic light fiasco (and of course the multitudes of adverse jab reactions and deaths) is what is waking people up. Namely people slaving away for 48 weeks out of the year for a fortnight off abroad and having to pay another small fortune for the certificates, tests and quarantining. (Whilst the Hewitts fly around on luxury jets pontificating that we are selfish for having a holiday via commercial flights quite the “let them eat cake” moment) I predict that is as welcome as diarrhoea in a space suit. Don’t see it lasting, as people will not bother doing so.
The politicians are supposed to work for the public, not for them to enrich themselves from the “plandemic”. Put the fuc£ers on notice and you can boot them out of office using letters rogatory. Look up your common law congresses/assemblies for more information https://commonlaw.earth/assemblies/

Lastly I trust that you are familiar with the following video (FULL INTERVIEW: There is No Variant – Not Novel – No Pandemic. Dr David Martin with Reiner Fuellmich) https://www.bitchute.com/video/9HxsE5llViby/

Urban fox

Hi Aldo,check out covid 1984 app. And my comment,reply on subject. 10th july. All the. bestbest
We have to survive do what can. France supermarkets as well,shocking!Think will be paper versions also.Short term


Dear Urban Fox,

Thanks for the heads up on that.
I’m so miserable that I’d just make one up myself, or get a bootleg version for free.

Remember, we mustn’t forget Sweden! (Might be a good idea to start learning Swedish.)

No lie lives forever & may Nuremberg 2 come soon.

Take care and stay crafty Urban Fox.

Urban fox

Thanks Aldo

Tim in Brazil

The “deep state” (please substitute the name you prefer to use) is all-in in this global poker game. For them it appears to be all or nothing which, I suspect, shows the fragility of their position. Non compliance is the only way to push back. And now is the time.


Everyone i know is massively pro covid,twice jabbed,mask wearers and social distancing lunatics,i try too discuss things with the fools but they will not listen,they are completely indoctrinated with the covid bullshit and believe everything the BBC and main stream media say and even people i speak too who agree with my views have been double jabbed and are mask wearers.Vallance was saying today he expects 60k deaths from the ordinary flu this winter because of social distancing and lockdowns.

Urban fox

Same with me. Anyone who believes we are not tiny minority,because lucky with the people around them. Should get out of their buble. Because they are deluded.

Hermione Granger

This comment is currently unavailable

Urban fox

That won’t be you then. That’s my family your talking about,you spoilt,deluded clueless,waitrose socialist brat.

Hermione Granger

This comment is currently unavailable

Last edited 1 year ago by Hermione Granger
Urban fox

Disgusted with the brain dead comment we both got. But not surprised.actually wished my family dead.


this was 2019, seems the new wellingborough prison is being built next to a crematorium



Must explore what the transport links are like.


I echo the van drivers sentiments.



This comment is currently unavailable


I never saw them Jacob.
(Though I remember trying to post a highwire link myself before and it vanished!)..

So, they don’t always work.


This comment is currently unavailable


Strange?(re disappearing post!)

I’ll try get into it later.. but if not, l’ll catch up with the archives.

Del’s shows are excellent.

Last edited 1 year ago by Gerry
Urban fox

The legal system does what it’s told,like every part of the system. And most of the business will just comply like the public. Most of the population is still convinced of a plague and still blindly believe some political party or solicitor is going to protect them. They are not! We have to help ourselves before it’s to late.


This comment is currently unavailable

Urban fox

” it will never happen in this country our laws are to strong,why are you being negative and keep mentioning the Nazis ” Well now you know. My comparison is more than fair. And it is the same family bloodlines that are behind everything. It is blind faith in the system that has allowed this to happen. And it’s just the start. The caller that mentioned the Georgia guide stones and 2030 time scale was correct. People have to take direct action and stop complying. And understand the system is our enemy.


“It’s the young they’re after.” I could not agree more, I feel the young are being particularly targeted for the Marxist totalitarianism through the BLM agenda as well as through pressuring conformist attitudes into them via the education and professional sport sections.


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Last edited 1 year ago by Jacob

Might want to get your artist friend to check their spelling.


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