I’ll Be Taking YOUR Calls On Today’s Richie Allen Show

Hi there. I’ll be taking your calls on today’s show, Monday June 14th. All the details are on the meme above. I’ll open the lines at round 5.40pm UK time. The lines are only ever active during a phone-in show.

The show as always, starts at 5pm. See you there.

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Terry Winter

Why does Richie make fun of David Icke believing in reptilians when Richie himself said he does not know everything so how does he know it’s not true, why doesn’t he just say i don’t know if it is true or not but i have an open mind that it could be true with the monumental amount of very good evidence that David has shown, could it be that if he says that his guests will think he is mad and will not appear on his show, if that’s the case he needs to grow a pair and stop being so pathetic 

Mark Hilton

Australia to develop its own home made sovereign vaccine for next year’s beta variant, how can know what will happen next year? and the reason given “………….because the virus would remain for some time and there could be the need for yearly booster vaccines in the years ahead” – see link to ABC New feed -.

Tony K

Eileen at one hour and fifteen
You did well Richie.

Tony K

“Why do they want to make sure every single one of us gets jabbed”

As you say mate, it’s very dark.

They don’t care about slaughtering us. They don’t care if we die.

I’d hazard a guess that they want to steal our souls.

Tony K

Ravi Gupta needs to be skinned alive (metaphorically).


Go to 50minutes to get a crux of this, then watch the whole thing. An eye opener.


Sad, but he was a fool to take it.


looking well Richie boy, love the phone in, will listen now, not sure about the orange sweatshirt though, are you supporting Holland ?


1G vaccines have been declared redundant by a UK government minister as ineffective against current variant/s. Of course they’ll still proceed with the same batches with the same persuasive and reassuring nonsense.
Malawi was sending this message when they destroyed 17,000 doses 2 weeks ago, declaring them out of date!
Seriously, all you vaccinated please demand an ANTIDOTE now!!!

Ludicrous speculative innumeracy of those declaring the escalating virulence of successive variants. It doesn’t matter if the Indian Ganges Delta variant is 40%, 80%, 1000% or even 1bn% more transmissible. X by 0 you still arrive at the same answer, 0, zero, zilch !!!

Rapunzel Hermit

This man with the camera is doing a good job for the past three hours filming the lockdown protest outside Parliament today.


Just a note to any law enforcement reading this forum. You can feel deep inside that what the government is doing is evil. They mean to kill us off and you know this is true. Think about everything that has happened and it will dawn on you. Now ask yourself, what happens to you when you become worthless in their eyes? Think it can’t or won’t happen? This is the club of the elites and you aren’t one of them if you’re a cop.


What is all the dancing about.
It is not Carnival and when those overlord psychos see us dancing etc they know we do not mean real business.
That us my take on it.


CensorTube has obviously forced him to make it private.

Tony K

I’m trying to make a list of the people guiding us through these times.

Just started it.

The Sages of Old.

G Edward Griffin
Kevin Ryan
Bill Hicks
William Milton Cooper

The Contemporary Thinkers

James Corbett
Max Igan
David Icke
Jeff Berwick
Whitney Webb
Richie Allen
Peter Ebden
James Woods
Gerald Celente
Robert R Crane
Mark Windows
Clif high
Andrew Lawrence

The Doctors


The Journalists

UK Column
Richie Allen
Del Big tree
Whitney Webb
Dean Henderson
John Rappaport
Harry Vox
Jeff Rense
Dane Wigington
Duck HK

The Documenters

Lincoln Karim
Subject Access
Charlie Vietch

The Charlatans

Dr John
Avi Yemeni
Anna Brees

The Enemy

The United Nations
The US military industrial complex
The G7 Leaders
The Alphabet agencies
The intelligence services
Silicon valley
Dr Michael Ryan
Tony Blair
Klaus Schwab
Bill gates

That’s just the outline.

Tony K

The Pharmacy Insiders

Dr Mike Yeadon
Professor Luc Montagnier
Dr. Geert Van Den Bossche


All the Media Doctors – revelling in their upgraded profile. Like to make a special mention of Dr Sarah Jarvis and Dr Hillary Jones

Lengthy list behind the enemy lines – a solemn reminder.


Sages of old, Daryl Bradford Smith (the French connection)


Sages of old, Eustace Mullins and Ezra Pound.


~ and me πŸ˜‰


“Avi Yemeni” Oy Vey, boot that limited hangout off and replace with Dave Cullen, Ryan Christian, Ernest Hancock, Derek Broze, Pat and Joel (Waking The Future), Really Graceful, Josh Sigurdson, Cristian Westbrook, Pete Quinones, Sal the Agorist, Ron Paul, Lee Maddox (The General Knowledge Podcast), The Crazz Files, Spiro Skouras, Vernon Coleman, Brian Young (High Impact Flix), Jack Spirko, Mike Palmer (Know Your Rights Group), Larken Rose, James Evan Pilato, Dan Dicks, Helen of Destroy


Charlie Veitch is a dick Tony, good interview here with the one and only, a true patriot, G Edward Griffen from about 1980


2 hours ago

Wonderful to watch our covid-safe role models testing out the β€˜new’ rules 4 weeks in advance for us. How self-sacrificial of the G7 attendees pretending to enjoy a crowded beach barbecue. The filming from a distance, so that we could only witness the laughter and guffaws, sparing us from the pained anxiety etched expressions on their visages.
They will all be rushing to book a PCR test – with a 95% false positive rate; this will give them the perfect excuse to self-isolate on some private sun-soaked island contemplating and plotting their next coercive mind-bending public imposition.
No longer a case of mask slipping, they have been dispensed with!
Plus ca change!!!

Boris is asking for a little more patience – (or was that more little patients?) – begin jabbing the kids and his wish will be

Last edited 1 month ago by Brenda

Caught up yesterday with last Thursday’s excellent but heartbreaking podcast with Jacqui Deevoy and those who very bravely and articulately talked about their dreadful experiences. I’ve sent a link to the programme to someone in Britain who worked in the NHS up to a couple of years ago and had been very unhappy about the way things were run for some time.

Could you perhaps get someone on your programme to talk about a couple of bills being brought forward by the Irish government. One a hate speech bill which has to be seen to be believed and the other one gives the possibility for the government to remove people from their houses if they consider there is too much space for the number of occupants. This would include owner occupied houses which could be compulsorily purchased. I know when houses have been compulsorily purchased by governments for things like motorway schemes they do not get the full market value so this would probably be the same.

When trying to tell people that this has nothing to do with health I have tried to warn them that they will be coming for their assets but of course I wasn’t believed.

Thanks for all you do Richie.


An iteration of this Bill recently passed in Scotland. No doubt will be imposed universally. Freedom of speech cancelled in private spaces along with everywhere else. I believe even your smart devices will do the spying for them. I refuse Alexa etc and switch these functions off where possible but dear only knows where they’ll be lurking in future.
I shall have to learn to keep my big trap shut (or shout through a muffler!) as I believe any utterances – even when home alone, if captured, will be used against us for malicious purposes.
Asset stripping is all part of the great reset, don’t expect any renumeration. According to their stated mission us plebs will all live in ‘smart’ cardboard box cities, i.e. compounds (in Ireland definitely .ie).
And we shall all be under constant surveillance and all be happy about it.


Haven’t had any kind of mobile device for over 5 years now since someone who worked in the industry told me that smart phones are basically spyware. Also came off Facebook at around the same time after an excellent piece by James Corbett explaining that it was just a data mining operation.


Pushing against the tide, soon to be tsunami. Whatever device you’re operating to interact on this platform is equally vulnerable to surveillance. On of the largest and fastest growing divisions


Oops, finger slipped! Will continue ….
One of the largest and fastest growing govenmental bodies is that of IT specialists in various divisions.
One is specifically to trawl through sites to identify individuals and groups
of ‘interest’ – this can include both those anti-establishment and those they believe are useful as propagandists. Thinking trends, any plotting, compliance levels, conspiracies and conspiracy theories, any emerging ‘leaders and organisers’, their associates, friends, relatives, any compromising material for blackmail or persecution/prosecution considerations. All are on the data base. Personality profiling and lifestyle are included. We will all be collated and categorised for social credits, surveillance and other purposes.
Some are going off-grid or planning to be including self-sufficiency. I’m unsure how successful this will be in the long term. With satellite technology will surely be able to hunt you down and oust/imprison or worse. These lot are so evil they will be so consumed with rage if they believe they are being outwitted. Live and let live is not their motto!!


Well yes that’s very true. They’ll get at us one way or the other.


Richie, looking forward to hearing what your listeners’ understanding on where we are currently in this plandemic/reset. Air space that isn’t restrained and corrupted by ‘thought lockdown’.


Lockdowns weaken immune systems from lack of use. Add to that the destruction of business. Then the government steps in and offers Universal Basic Income, to those who didn’t die from the injections, but the income has a price. In America, Biden is saying that the plan is for government to own 30% of all American land and water by 2030.


Bill Gates has been acquisitioning the most fertile agricultural lands across the States. It will be interesting to see if he offers it for sale on the open market, to Biden or plans to use for his vision of GMO plantations.


Biden’s handler, namely Klaus Schwab has plans for government to own at least 30% of all land and water by 2030. I was aware of Gates buying up land. I get multiple texts and calls every day from companies wanting to buy my house. I just got one right now as I was typing this. Eventually, when they want to speed things up they will just make up some excuse like there was poison or something found in the soil. There is no stopping this. For me this is all biblical.


For sure. The only positive is in the knowledge that in the end what they will be subjected to is also Biblical.

Last edited 1 month ago by Brenda

If you refuse to budge, they’ll probably start ‘fracking’ you out!!

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