This evening, when The Richie Allen Show has finished and I have uploaded the Podcast, I will finally begin the process of deleting my personal Facebook page. Caroline and I have spent the last few days going through my profile and looking for pictures and videos that we hadn't backed up elsewhere. It's all done now, so it is time to go. The Facebook page for The Richie Allen Show will remain active for the foreseeable future although I will have nothing to do with it personally. A friend will keep it open and when I put something on Twitter, it will automatically appear on the RA Facebook page. The page will not be monitored by me and it will not be interactive. After today I will never use Facebook again.

No single entity has done more to destroy free speech and intellectual debate than Facebook has. Of course that is what it was designed to do from the start. On average we are spending an hour each day on it. Stop for a second and think about that. It's a mind-boggling stat isn't it? Think of yourself as a cow being milked while you are grazing....if that's possible! Yes, milked. The platform takes every bit of data we input, every single bit of it, no matter how seemingly harmless or inane. It then uses that data for the purpose of social engineering. That's not an exaggeration, it really is happening. Check out people like Hayden Hewitt, Neil Sanders, Pippa King and Max Igan to name a few. They've done stellar research into how Facebook has privatised the net and as I've already said, how it is being used for social engineering through mass mind control. 

Facebook admitted this back in 2014 when it acknowledged its participation in an experiment to alter the moods of users by manipulating what appeared on their timelines! The New York Times even accused Facebook of treating people like "lab rats." When asked to explain itself, Facebook was hardly contrite.  A spokeswoman said that the study was part of the continuing research Facebook does to understand “how people respond to different types of content, whether it’s positive or negative in tone, news from friends, or information from pages they follow.” Sheryl Sandberg, the company’s chief operating officer, reinforced that message in a press conference: “This was part of ongoing research companies do to test different products, and that was what it was. The only problem with the study, she went on, was that it “was poorly communicated.” And this was in 2014!

As we've seen recently, little has changed. In fact it has gotten much worse. It is destroying the lives of millions of children who are growing up incapable of relating to real people and dealing with the challenges of life, the triumphs and failures, the arguments, robust debate, being goes on and on. Worse still, peer reviewed research has shown that social media is re-wiring our children's brains. A UCLA study in 2016 revealed the changes that occur in children's brains while using Facebook. They monitored the kids brains using MRI and the results should terrify every parent whose child is constantly glued to their smart phone as he/she navigates FB. It was never meant to be a platform to unite family and friends and to share pictures of grandchildren and cats and dogs. It is the ultimate tool of mind control. Roughly one third of the planets population (2.2 billion) are actively using it now. It might well be the beginning of the oft-mentioned Zombie Apocalypse. Well after today it will have one less user, not that anyone there will give a shit of course. Facebook has brought about privatisation of the internet, mind control, thought control, censorship, self censorship, narcissism, echo chamber, big brother on steroids, re-wiring of our brains, death of privacy and the death of intellectual debate. It is truly and utterly evil and I walk away from it with a massive sense of relief. My website is See you there and I'll speak to you on the live Richie Allen Show's of course.


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