Hey you,

I hope you're well. It's just after 2.40 PM Saturday afternoon as I write this. In case you hadn't heard, I've had double pneumonia and believe me, there are no words I can use here to describe how sick I have been. Towards the end of the first week, I'd have gladly died, the pain was that bad. It's a horrific thing. Our doctor wanted to admit me to hospital, but I have heard too many horror stories of super bugs. A colleague of Caroline's (my fiancée) lost her brother to a super bug. He went in last year for a routine procedure, got sick in hospital and died. So I spent two and a half weeks in bed, only getting up to go to the loo. I've been on steroids, antibiotics and a multitude of medicines. I had a lot of physio which helps, even if my back and ribs are black and blue now! Caroline has been amazing, especially as she has had heavy flu at the same time. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for her.

Anyway, I am up and about now and feeling a lot better. I've had an unlucky last 6 - 8 months with illness, but I've been assured that it is just bad luck and that otherwise I am very healthy. I am mind-numbingly bored though and I can't wait to get back in the studio. I'm a restless guy and not the most patient, but I have been behaving and am following the rules as I recover. I've got an appointment for another scan this coming Monday afternoon and all going well I'll be cleared to come back to work. Thanks for the kind words and messages. I have a friend who has access to my Twitter account and he has been sharing some of them with me. I miss you more, believe me.

Don't forget me. I'll be back real soon and things will quickly return to normal. I watched some news this AM and read the papers....sod all has changed in three weeks eh?The same old liars are telling the same old lies. Bet you're sick of it. Ok then, it's back to the dreadful telly for me. Thanks for reading and sharing this. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and I'll be in touch after I've seen the specialist on Monday.

Bye for now,


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