Indian Restaurant To Offer Chicken Korma & Covid Jabs

What kind of fuckery is this? An Indian restaurant in Bradford will double as a covid jab clinic this Christmas, as part of an NHS trial. Good Morning Britain presenter Kate Garraway described it as “genius.”

Ishfaq Farooq owns My Lahore restaurant in Bradford. He told GMB this morning that after a conversation with an NHS executive, they came up with the idea.

Tory MP Tobias Ellwood said recently, that he hoped to see vaccine walk-in centres on every street corner in the UK. He also suggested that as most companies have first aid officers, they could be re-trained to administer jabs.

If Toby has his way, there’ll be no escape from the fucking things. No matter where you go, someone will come up to you, ask you for your current jab status and offer you a top-up.

Don’t laugh. The UK government is currently considering offering a fourth covid jab to the elderly and vulnerable. The Israeli’s announced yesterday that they will roll out a fourth booster.

There’s no doubt in my mind that the government will offer fourth, fifth and sixth jabs. Health Secretary Sajid Javid recently purchased 100 million more doses, so the decision has already been made.

Jabs in the workplace? The Post Office? Cineplexes? KFC? McDonalds? Supermarkets? Scratch the last one. There’s a jabbatoir in the car park of my local Tesco.

Ah well….there’s always Bacardi.

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I told the Missus in the other room about this story, and we both agreed to make a lovely curry for dinner.

Remember, security isn’t what you have, it’s what you can do without.

Take Heart! If they had it in the bag, the wouldn’t need the propaganda.

How about a phone in where we get to do our impressions of our “Leaders” as mockery is the greatest weapon we have.

Mock these fools! How can we live with losing the contest of freedom to this monolith of morons?

All our strength, arm, heart and brain. Then we shall see.


WTF mad idea.

Patricia Deakin

Thank you for your lovely Christ morning show I loved it. Enjoy the rest of your hols


Merry Christmas Richie & Caroline, all the best to you both, and thank you so much for this amazing life saving show. Merry Christmas to all the listeners, and all the freedom fighters on here, this year will be the year of the resistance ❤ xxxxxxxxx

Jackie Adam

I’m in Cape Town South Africa. Last week in my local little town by the sea we had two tents appear on either side of the main road. One for Johnson & Johnson jabs and one for Pfizer- each one had a person with a loud hailer shouting out “ get your vaccines – Pfizer “ – nobody listening – people just walking past ignoring them !!!


the way it should be Jackie. Just ignore them.


Wow, they are getting pretty desperate, glad to hear the people not taking any notice of this insanity 🙂


Covid protocols make no sense. That’s the point. They’re messing with our perception of reality. This is what Satanism is.

“UK–Millions set for early FOURTH jab after it emerges booster effect starts wearing off after just 10 weeks: But major study finds Omicron is 70% less likely to cause hospitalization as daily cases hit record 119,789”


Brilliant pic!! 😁


Thanks Layla 😁


Now, Andy did you hear about this one?
Tell me, are you locked in the punch?
Andy are you goofing on Elvis? Hey, baby
Are you having fun?

If you believed they put a man on the moon…


Here’s a little agit for the never-believer, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah…



Here’s a little ghost for the offering..

Mr. Andy Kaufman’s gone wrestling…


the best album rem ever made was their first one, and the most forgotten, thanks to my older sister who left it behind when she went on her travels back in the 80s, think i told you seen them live and they went down like a knackered lift, cranberries were the support band, the best live act i have ever seen, and will never forget, rest well Dolores.


I’ll need to look it up Martin.
But I’ve vague recollections of it..

I saw them live in the late 90’s and enjoyed it, but I liked quite a few of those hits at that time, so it wasn’t an issue for me…

I never saw Dolores and the Cranberries live..

A pity this..

A true legend she was..

No doubts.


Alright Gerry. sorry mate that article is nonsense, would be more than happy to have a chat about it, have you read it ? makes me wonder to be honest.


I did read it Martin..

It’s no more nonsensical than the nonsense that comes out of the argument for the virus non existence theorists.

But did you watch the video in the link..??

Kaufman’s an arsehole in my opinion.

Talks all over Judy Mikovits who’s far more qualified than him on the subject matter.

And there are many many highly qualified medical professionals fighting this who ‘believe’ Sars Cov 2 is real.

Namely: Dolores Cahill, Mike Yeadon, Geert Vanden Bossche, Robert Malone, Peter Mc Cullough, Pierre Kory and on and on..

So at what point do you accept that viruses are real and that this one was used to trigger the scamdemic??

And more importantly, why doesn’t this ‘theory’ work??


The theory that a weapon was manufactured in a laboratory, then released (or escaped accidentally ‘on purpose’ if you catch my drift!!) in order to cause ‘just enough’ death in a short period of time in order to advance an agenda???

Seems entirely plausible and ‘sensible’ to me..



phoned up and booked a table for four, he said no problem we have moderna, astra zelda, pfizer, and the johnson and johnson, will you be wanting anything to eat with your jabs, we are fooked.

Urban Fox

Very funny , i like that.


Fuck me this shit continues unabated,the next thing will be a jabber in public bogs,go for a piss and have a jab.


I’m sure it wont be long before a high tech Japanese toilet appears in Tokyo that jabs you automatically whist your taking a dump. It will then update your medical records and Covid passport.


‘This Week’ With Mary + Polly: ‘We Live in a World of Propaganda and Censorship’ + More.

In “This Week” with Mary Holland, Children’s Health Defense president, and Polly Tommey, co-producer of “Vaxxed,” Mary and Polly discuss the latest COVID vaccine news.

The latest COVID headlines, including news that The White House said unvaccinated Americans would experience a winter of “severe illness and death” due to the Omicron variant.

Leaders in the U.S. and UK are stressing the damage to society and health systems of those who have so far failed to take up the offer of vaccinations.

Polly and Mary also discussed Toby Roger’s article, “The Wheels Are Coming Off the Bus,” about how decisions by leadership are leading to a political backlash the likes of which we have never seen before in this country. Plus, governments around the world have encouraged and enforced a new form of segregation based on vaccine status.

Also on tap this week: UK’s Channel 4 Dispatches released “Vaccine Wars: Truth About Pfizer.” Pfizer’s contract with the British government is a carefully guarded secret, but what is known is that the company is charging Brits more than anyone else on the planet for each vaccine.


Ironically in the past, whenever I’ve needed blood samples to be taken; this couldn’t be done at my GP’s practice who referred me to our local hospital.
But miraculously, all my local practice want to do is jab me and anyone else they can get hold of with the devil’s pizzle; this is the only game in town as regards visiting my GP. The medical industry (formerly known as a profession) has abandoned it’s oath and doesn’t deserve the respect it used to enjoy.


They have become entirely self serving with a truly gigantic sense of entitlement. In reality its just another slack arsed lazy under performing nationalised industry. The NHS is the modern day equivalent of the 1970’s British Steel Corporation.


Well observed. Their laxity will have more of a ‘knock on effect’ than the steel debacle. This makes the ceding of industry to China look like part of the end game for the globalists (call me a conspiracy theorist if will). We’ve been sold very badly short by successive governments, and it seems the bill for their treachery and disservices is becoming due very soon.


Tory MP Tobias Ellwood said recently, that he hoped to see vaccine walk-in centres on every street corner in the UK. He also suggested that as most companies have first aid officers, they could be re-trained to administer jabs.

not a chance in hell would I let any employer jab me, If I have reservations and a wait and see attitude concerning the jab and won’t let a doctor jab me, its no way would I let say dave from Berger king do it either.

An Indian restaurant in Bradford will double as a covid jab clinic this Christmas, as part of an NHS trial. Good Morning Britain presenter Kate Garraway described it as “genius.”

isn’t Bradford been involved in scandals with grooming gangs etc?

the ring of MRNA fire, the ring of fire, wondered what living in dystopia was like, more bizarre than I thought.

Urban Fox

Hi Patrice, Did you know that interestingly, Kates husband was one of the first reported covid cases. I dont know how he is now. But he was critically ill for some time. Since then as you may know, i have come to believe that covid is not real. However i believe he was very sick. But they have milked the situation for all its worth. When they did a propaganda doc on the phantom plague, he featured in it. And for several weeks they kept showing clips of her sick husband. This was such a massive propaganda God send in the early days, in hindsight i believe it was deliberate. Either he became ill, and they made dam sure that he was labeled a covid case.( Dont even think they were using the PCR then) I think it even possible he was deliberately made ill. As i know that there is no depths to which they will not sink, to achieve there aims.


Did you know that interestingly, Kates husband was one of the first reported covid cases

no I did not know that, I knew of this person but did not know he was one of the first reported cases. It always made me wonder if china did a number on every other country as in March 2020, china pushed the narrative via social media that people were collapsing in the street, seemed odd as china has the great firewall and seeing these leaks, would china intentionally damage themselves by saying they had a new deadly plague? If I were china I would keep stum about it as if they did, would the west even know with such tight information control.

In 2020 the only country that went up by say 1% economically was china, all the other countries were down, seems to me, china has benefited by crippling other countries for power gain.

Urban Fox

I believe the whole things a hoax Patrice. Regarding China, i believe that the same powers that control China control the rest of the world. And these family’s have steered the worlds history since man has been on the planet. To the cabal behind this, there are no borders or countries. China was an ideal place to start this off. For 3 reasons. First they have a very high rate of respiratory illnesses every year. Making them easy to relabel. Wuhan has the highest rate in the world i think. Or almost. This is no coincidence. Second, they already have the tec and regime in place for fascist control. And third, because there was a bio lab nearby, they knew they could put out rumors’ that it came from there. This was done in order to draw in people from the alternative community. As the most important thing for this all to work, is for people to believe its real, they dont care where we think it comes from. Lombardi region in Italy, again by massive coincidence is the region with the highest rate of respiratory illness in Europe every year. Also big elderly population. It also served as a testing ground. As they wanted to see how the Italians reacted before they rolled out the agenda to the rest of Europe. The agenda for a world slave trans human population of half a billion. This has been written about and planned for century’s, with the details firmed up over the last few decades. Its even bigger than depopulation, it is about extinction of what to date we have called human. Which is why they must be stopped. As there is no coming back from this if they are not stopped, not ever.


agree with 99% of that mate, the only thing we might disagree on is, this is not fascism, communism, technocracy, as i said on here last year, it’s about control if anything it should be called controlism these people have no ideals, the said movements are just a way, or a vehicle, for them to achieve their goals.

Urban Fox

I dont think we need to disagree there M. When i use the word Fascism, i use the word according to its modern definition, The way its used in common language. As read out by David one week. I dont use the word referring to the so called right and left. As i believe that is all an illusion anyway. The result of communism and Fascism is exactly the same.

Equality of poverty and enslavement under the rule of a tiny few.’

Also not even the spell checker, seems to be able to spell the word Totaliterism. See just proved my point. The spell checker is as thick as me. And others are even thicker as they often have not heard of the word. Another reason i stopped using it.


Its also interesting that it started when the Epstein & vile co situation was getting very heated and very, VERY exposed, so the convid came along rather conveniently for that to get shut down. You are right, and I completely agree that this will not stop Fox, it will go on and on, worse and worse, and the only thing that can end this is us.


I think it is the other way around.
Do not let a good crisis go to waste.
Epstein and Maxwell was the perfect time to bring it into the not so bright spotlight under the glare of Convid.


The plot thickens indeed, what we do know is they are lying sneaky sleekit deceitful bastards, capable of anything, literally anything


china were in cahoots with the globalists from the start mate, took a while to work it out but it is pretty clear for all to see, remember the total lockdowns in china, then weeks later all the footage of things returning to normal in woo ha ha han, total psyop to sell the lockdown way of going, people might ask what would the chinese have to gain, quite a lot for anyone that cares to look, the main country i would be keeping an eye on is russia, is putin part of it or is he playing the globalist scum behind it ? we will find out down the line.


Good evening Mr Fox. Where have you been? I was getting a little worried by your absence tonight. I trust you’re well.


The Foxter has been snoozing snug in his lair conserving his energy.

Urban Fox



Watcha Foxy…


backbeat seen the post you put up about the band, a great band no question, the who, legends all over the world, made some great music, so do you believe pete townshend when he was caught trolling websites that show children being abused, and worse, he said it was for research ? my own opinion is he is a fucking pedo degenerate, that has money and contacts, that kept him out of prison, but i might be wrong, there always two sides to story


My view? It’s none of my business. It’s clear that he has a great many issues, but there are way more important things to focus on at the moment, the truth is that we’re ALL being abused now. My focus is squarely on ridding our world of those abusers forever.


you serious mate a guy caught PAYING FUKKING MONEY to view websites where children were being fukking abused and maybe murdered, in the name of research he said, fukk right off, he is a pedo, i know it, you should fukking know it, if you don’t do not promote the scumbag, he should be in jail, yet idiots line up to buy tickets to watch them play, don’t promote pedos mate, none of your business you say ? if you are promoting a caught red handed in my opinion pedo scumbag on here, you deserve to be challenged on it, not a dig at you per se, but come on mate.


You asked my view and I replied honestly. You might want to re-read my response and fully absorb exactly what I said. It sounds like your casting around for people who agree with wholeheartedly. ALL abuse is wrong.

Urban Fox

Been feeling very down Mark, bit better today. But also very busy handling some things. I called the show last thing tonight. How you?


I’m OK not yet listened to tonight’s show, will catch up on the podcast.


Hi Fox, did you call in? aww that’s brilliant, that’s something to look forward to when I do the catch up 🙂

Urban Fox

Hi Layla, I did indeed. Last caller, i nearly didn’t bother as so late. Richie went into extra time as well which was very good of him. So I’m the extra 5 minutes Lol I wasn’t at my best, and was rushing out my words a bit. So dont expect to much. Also called on 19th May and 25th October, which is what he was referring to. Which were more interesting. But Richie said some very nice things to me.


I had a wee listen and I thought you were brilliant Fox. The bible passage you read out was lovely and I think Richie’s right you are on the right side of this, all of us are and that’s how we will get through this. Its really difficult and soul destroying at times, I get where you are coming from, it’s so frustrating but it’s good we can come on here with like minded folk, and it doesn’t seem so dark anymore. I wish you a really nice Christmas and a hopeful and positive New Year, you sound like a really nice guy, and I believe this year will be the year of the resistance ❤ Lx

Urban Fox

Thanks Layla, that’s very kind of you to say. Merry Christmas, speak soon, Fox x


Alright mate. The sheep farm boys done a podcast on saint kate ( no laughing at the back ) and her husband del boy draper. draper was a coke head back in the day, think he lost a job at a radio station i think it was because he phoned up the station when someone was having a show, phone in, he had phoned in sick and said he would be off all week, he phoned his own station LIVE from a jacuzzi in amsterdam with two hookers, obviously out his head, safe to say on return to work he was sacked on the spot, disclaimer here, not sure if he was working at the radio station or elsewhere, but wherever he worked he got the bullet. Fast forward to 2020, del boy feels unwell, a sore arm and shoulder and a lack of energy, saint kate panics, covid was on the streets remember that virus, thank God it’s gone eh, anyhoo saint kate does what any concerned wife would do, yep she phoned shillary jones, gave del boys symptoms to him, and this is true it comes from saint kates big mouth herself, shillary jones said OVER THE FUKKING PHONE he has covid get him to a hospital at once. Del boy is rushed to hospital were he tests positive for ?, yep covid, saint kate is advised to save her beloved del boy his best chance is to be put into an induced coma, she agreed and that is how the story that we were bored to fukking tears with last year happened.

Urban Fox

My intuition is telling me, right now, this was a total put up job. I believe that Kate has been suckerd like everyone. And as i said, it was a propaganda dream.

As was Boris and Philip coming down with the plague within 48 hours of each other. But how anyone believed that is incredible. But they reacted just as predicted. Cast your mind back, everyone started saying, ‘ This covid must be serious if those two can get it ‘. But how with this one they did not catch on.? The propaganda puppet masters didn’t even bother to put a week between Boris and Philip.

With the Kate and husband episode, even i at the time, thought there probably was a virus. Not that i believed that ever justified stealing peoples freedoms. Thats what gets me Martin. How people have reached such as low point in human history, that they will just except any measure, if they may live longer. I’m bloody disgusted, that most people i have ever known and loved are now openly supporting Fascism. But this started years before con vid. As iv said before. Peoples freedoms have been chipped away at over the last 30 years, and i sat and watches whilst everyone just said, ‘ Oh well what can we do’. And ‘ who cares’. Its the disgusting attitude of the masses, that enabled this to happen, and is keeping it going. Iv been pointing out to those people what is happening since early 90tis. Nobody wanted to know, and come 2020 they just didn’t give a F**k.


REMINDER!!! : TONIGHT LIVE AT 19.00 UK TIME thehighwire


#MariaHubmerMogg #FacebookFactCheck #NewsGuard #MikkiWillis


Time to get factsinated, you gotta love Del Bigtree!! 🙂


HumHum…Chicken Jabfrenzi & Dum Aloo(nacy).


Just imagine having a bad vaccine reaction and collapsing having consumed a large chicken phaal curry washed down with pints of cobra larger. What a complete fecking mess that would be on arrival at Accident and Emergency. I don’t think this is remotely a sensible idea and is really just a stupid publicity stunt.

Urban Fox

‘ Not remotely a good idea’. Priceless Mark, you just cracked me up. And believe me that’s not easy to do at the moment.


SWARM MODE has been activated and this Indian restaurant will be jumping, they will make a killing, literally. Full steam ahead with the depopulation agenda 😱😱😱


First thing that entered my head. And as we say here in Yorkshire…..

Tha fuckin WOT?!?!

Shut the front door!!!


WOW now words! Well actually a few choice ones!

You have to see this to believe your fecking eyes! Click the video for a real DOSE of Rubber Dinghy Rapids!! Apparently a takeaway with “Clinical Vaccine Experts” on tap, along with the Tiger Beer I presume, not contraindicated obviously, as who knows what the fecking Jab is eh! Knowledge proper good man! Now think of it as “FAST TRACKING” and pick that LAST MEAL with care, as it might just live upto its name, when you don’t!

Also can anyone explain WHY A TAKEWAY has always been working closely with the NHS pre Plandemic?
Food Poisoning cases is the only thing I can think of! Although it all looked lovely!

I can picture it now….
“I’ll have a Bhuna Booster Chicken Lasagne & Chips, with Mushy Peas & Gravy please!”
“A lovely Pfizer Beer & side effect order of Vaxzevria with that Sir?”
“Same as AstraZenica Sir but much more reputable!”
“What’s in it?”
“To be honest Sir, buggered If I know, no-one does but be most assured it is a top secret, special blend of entirely unnatural ingredients, carefully rushed to the market, with a special twist of some free Chimpanzee Virus Sir. Totally Safe & Effective, with no testing whatsover and a long list of dizzying side effects sure to please Sir!”
“Sure why not! Make it a Comirnaty Pfizer though yeah!”
“I’m afraid not Sir, it is not available! Was just a marketing trick Sir and is the same as the Emergency one. A lovely Wicked Brew, with a particular kick Sir! Infact the Footballers are falling over themselves about it!”
“Awesome sounds great! Although, do you have the Moderna?”
“Sadly not Sir, they are on Pakora till Tuesday!”
“Well that’s fine, thanks”
“Excellent fully uninformed choices Sir!”
“Oh Sir, one more thing. Does Sir have Children?”
“Yes, 2 girls!”
“Most Excellent Sir, as the Vaxzevria comes with a free Barbie Doll of the esteemed Professor Gilbert. Yes the maker herself Sir! A most glorious Standing Ovation she received at Wimbledon Centre Court Sir, when only a mere 1000 had died and 850,000 disabled, most excellently, by her glorious Oxford Gates production Sir! Truly a Mad Genius. Plus we have a special next Tuesday Night, when Moderna are back in stock. A complete “Mix n Match JibJabby Happy Curry Night for Families” Sir. So do bring the little lambs along, if you last until then, won’t you Sir? The trial data is still missing in action of course! AWOL to the high seas of Vaccine Makers Indemnity Sir and it will be a night of most excellent fun and Slaughter”
“Oooh Brilliant, it’s a date! Although, I can only bring along the youngest sadly, as her elder sister is at home with Gullain Barre Syndrome from the trials, with the carer, as her poor mother had a stroke from the her second shot, so can’t get out much still! Although they soon got over the Covid they caught a few weeks after, no problems, so it could have been worse I suppose”
“Pity Sir but yes Sir indeed, could’ve been awful. Do bring the little one along won’t you”
“Oh of course”
“Excellent Sir. Chef!! Knock up the customers Last Orders!”…..
A little later….
“Another Popindaarm with that Sir?”
“Naan, I don’t think I’ll bother! Feel a bit bloated”
“Might be the Anaphylaxis Madras Sir yes!”
“Is Sir sure of Dessert? We have a lovely new Novavax Vindaloo misted with Valneva WholeCell Sprinkles?”
“No, I’m not feeling so good!”
“But Sir, it’s a Triple Booster Special Tonight Sir!”
“Now don’t get Bhaji with me Pal, Pakora off! Ooh err….I feel most odd”
“Like Sirs heart is exploding and your struggling to breathe as your swelling up like a baboon Sir?”
“Excellent Sir, shows everything is working just fine and may I say most excellent final choices tonight Sir and we do hope you enjoyed your stay! Perhaps the carer can swap shifts to bring the youngest along eh Sir and we’ll see her off next Tuesday? Eh Sir? Sir!”…


Clap Clap…

“Waiter! Bring the Defibrillator!!…….”

“Ahh, another shockingly good night out eh Sir!”



hahahha on form PandoraChaser 🙂 Although does make you think doesn’t it !


Jibbyjabby happy madness, brilliant, terrifying but brilliant!! 😂😂

Urban Fox

Funny, but you make a very good point. Absolute lunacy.


It’s beginning to l👀k a lot like…



Link not working. Or it’s been taken down super speedy quick.


No it’s still there… But that link didn’t work on the site for some strange reason?? [if you look closely you will see that the end bit {…:1} is not blue in colour!!

Copy and paste “all of it” into your browser ..

It should work then!!


Here it is on bitchute also:


Thankyou 👍🏻😊


no content found?


Sorted … Read above.. 👆

But here’s another link also 👇


Hi Gerry, is this the one, its beginning to look a lot like genocide? Its also on David Icke, its mental, brilliant though 👍👍👍




That’s the one!!

Shocking Layla…

But it’s the truth!!


I was watching it sort of laughing and scared at the same time lol, cuz we know it’s the truth, madness!!!


What The Actual Farooq!?


Bizarrely his food will be more vigorously monitored and tested by the Food Standards Agency than the injection is by the FDA.




We really are living in Romero’s Dawn of the Dead.
We shouldn’t forget that in the original film the zombies were not decaying monsters, but rather pale, hollow eyed, shambling humans who either turned the free thinking alive people into other zombies, or consumed them.
Romero was inspired by observing the mindless, collective consumerist mentality in action.

When viewed through this lens, we really are living in the zombie apocalypse.


beyond doubt


We sure are, it’s like being in an episode of the Walking Dead, an episode that is not ending ending time soon eek!!!!


Hilarious Layla!!

Meme of the year for me is this one!!



Everyone can now imitate celebrities; but instead of cocaine on the tables, it’s needles.


They’ll probably be going back to barbers doing amputations soon as in centuries past. I’ve been to the weekly market this morning and nearly everyone masked up as usual, I don’t know what it will take to wake people up. When they start confiscating people’s savings, land and property it will probably be too late.


Omg we were in Asda this morning, EVERYONE is masked up. It gave me the creeps more than usual as the lights were put up as bright as they could go, you can actually hear them buzz (or maybe that’s just me lol) all the toxic energy. The real unsettling thing though is the ones who are driving masked up alone in their car, there is so many of them, it’s insane!!!

Urban Fox

I concur with everything you just said.


It gets worse, on the motorway this morning and the signs are all COVID19 VACCINE, GET YOUR BOOSTER, more activation for mass psychosis 😱

Urban Fox

Thats just wrong and very sinister on every level. On the motorway, wow you lead an exciting life. I rarely get further than the end of the road. Though did go to see David and others speak in Trafalgar square in July, which was amazing. And shook the hand of the great man himself.

Urban Fox

Very true, The way things are going the un jabbed may have to operate on themselves though.


Jeez ain’t that the truth 😬

Urban Fox

I always fancied myself as a surgeon in another life. And loved some of the early characters playing surgeons on Holby City. Which went rubbish several years ago. And from what iv heard, all covid propaganda now. So I’m taking this period in history as an opportunity to realize a dream. And am sharpening up my knives, and taking appointments for the un jabbed in the new year, if anyone is interested.


It is a ‘Colonialism’ mindset that a lot of Asians have. A duty to be a good citizen and to do their civic duty by doing what ever the Government tells them to do.
Idiotic mentality really.


I don’t see a Colonial mindset, but a religious one (which is still about top down instruction about how to lead a ‘good life’).


I disagree.. Not everything is about Religion.
I have talked to some of them in regards to their stance on them “being good citizens”.


Fair enough.

Kelly Maher

Beam me up Scotty. It use to confuse me why everyone is so dysfunctional and I am sure it is through trauma – wars, manufactured famines, tyranny and oppression and when we heal – they induce more trauma which is passed down to future generations. It makes no sense why people are so mental. I’m currently trying to have more compassion for people – apart from the traitors


Akin to getting a tattoo when drunk only more dangerous!


And there’s me thinking people actually had to get trained in all this jabbing milarky! Perhaps they’ll be able to provide prescriptions and medication down the line too, you know to really save the NHS


Alas… My old friend Colm Meaney won’t suffice for this one I’m afraid…

Enter Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno:

(Note… There’s 98 versions here starting at 1—- just let it roll!!!)



At least it is healthier compared to free Krispy Kreme donuts for that injection…
but sure i would not go to any business in the future which offer such service,
it is just sad how easily people believe in things and never use their brain.

Critical thinking is soon criminalized.


Healthier? There’s probably more hydrogenated fats in a curry than there is in a doughnut.

Anne Talbot

“Do you think it will help from a business point of view” really ! Do you think ? Hahaha. Priceless !

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