Ireland: Dog Poo DNA Tests To Catch Owners Who Don’t Pick Up

Ireland is a police state. Leitrim County Council will begin DNA testing of dog poo to help identify people who fail to pick up their dog’s waste. Dog wardens will collect stool samples and attempt to match them with saliva samples taken from dogs in the same area.

Leitrim’s local authority said that dog owners will be asked to cooperate with dog wardens who ask for a saliva sample, but owners who fail to comply will be fined under the Animal Health and Welfare Act.

The act compels people to allow a saliva sample to be taken from their dog. Those who refuse will be fined.

According to RTÉ:

A spokesperson for Leitrim County Council said they believe they are the first local authority to introduce this initiative to tackle a problem which they say is not only unsightly, but which also poses a risk to human health given that dog poo can contain bacteria such as E-coli and parasites like round worm.

The Litter Pollution Act 1997 obliges dog owners to pick up their dog’s poo in public places and those who do not, can be issued with an on the spot fine of €150 with a maximum fine of up to €3,000 if convicted in the District Court.

Ireland is a police state. Yesterday, the Gardaí (Irish police) entered a church in Athlone and told around 50 worshippers to get out and go home. Footage of the incident has been shared online.

As far as the dog poo goes, I am a dog owner. I detest the lazy bastards who don’t pick up after their dogs. I could strangle the feckers. I never leave the house without several biodegradable bags.

When I see someone failing to clean up after their dog in the parks I visit, I politely but firmly remind them to pick it up.

But sending wardens out to collect dog saliva samples and empowering them to levy fines on those who refuse to comply, is beyond draconian. What has happened to my country?




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Wonder if they’ll be testing all these masks people are dumping all over the place for DNA.

They are trying to come up with ever come with ever more crazy ideas to drive us all insane, I’m convinced of it. With me it’s probably working.

Melanie Howd

Be an interesting training course in poop!

Melanie Howd

I lived in County Leitrim for a few years…ironically it’s a ‘bog’ (that’s a fact btw).


Ah lovely Leitrim Melanie!

I’ve strong family ties to this county… Which is the last bastion of land on ‘my Island’ (it’s mine!!) not yet compromised by the Agenda (though it has begun!!).

Went for a long walk by her lakes, her lovely hills and her valleys last year…

And yes… A part of it involved walking straight through a wet “bog!!”
(I was only wearing runners, so it was a bit of a challenge to say the least!!)


Melanie Howd

I lived on the side of Sliabh an Iarainn or The Iron Mountain, overlooking Lough Allen. I hope to see it again one day. Free!!! God Bless Brother!


Lovely Melanie!

Maybe we’ll have a pint or two there somewhere huh??

Just as soon as we can round up all these globalist bastards into Nuremberg 2!



As much as I hate to see dogs crapping anywhere near where kids play or people walk I don’t understand the justification for picking up a naturally biodegradable substance that ultimately enriches the soil. I don’t know how it works in the UK, but over here plastic bags manufactured in a factory are used to pick up the crap, then every few days a diesel truck drives around and collects the bags and delivers them to a tip where they become landfill, releasing methane into the atmosphere. Greta would have kittens if she knew about this.

Melanie Howd



Realise slightly off topic re dog poop in public places and DNA testing

like you Harry T would have thought it was biodegradable so looked it up – and found this :-
dog waste on agricultural land is a very serious problem to farmers with cows suffering abortions and sheep dying , sounds crazy look it up there is loads of info to read, this just 2 example of many

Farmers Weekly :-
“The dog mess creates germs [neospora], which get into cattle and abort calves. I don’t want this happening,” he said.
Yorkshire dairy farmer Jonathan Sharp, who farms 128 pedigree Holsteins at Tewitt Hall Farm, Oakworth, appealed to dog owners to stop treating the countryside like a “dog toilet”. Neospora cost his business an estimated £250,000 in lost revenue due to infected cows’ aborted pregnancies.

National Farmers Union Scotland :-
neosporosis and sarcocystosis. found in some dog faeces can result in the abortions of cattle and death in sheep and with several reports over recent months, local farmers are pleading with the public to be more responsible.

At time of writing this there are no known vaccines or drugs for these parasites (Bill are you reading this – over 10 milion dogs here $$$$$)


That’s not good, but all we’ve got around here are a few kangaroos, the odd emu and snakes.



Jessica Taylor

I didn’t think poo contained DNA?

Melanie Howd


Hermione Granger

Dog poo variants i ca n see. It coming

Hermione Granger

behavioural conditioning towards Dna testing of humans


A perefect task for a PCSO 🙂 Similar insanity in the UK with the public footing the bill … Globalism the common purpose factor.
Telegraph – Dog poo to be DNA tested in council plan to track down lazy ownersBarking and Dagenham say they will be the first in the UK to use forensic testing to catch owners who fail to clear up after their dogs
By Camilla Turner 28 April 2015

Express – The parish council in Alresford, Essex, initially wants to create a DNA database using swabs taking from local dogs.

He said: “We think we are the first parish council to consider this. We would have to find suspect dogs and take an ear swab.
“It is costly but we might have to go down this route because we have a problem.
“Our PCSO has carried out patrols but you have got to catch who is doing it – we are trying to find ways of preventing it. The DNA testing might also deter owners.”
Similar DNA test systems in operation in the US and Germany have reduced dog fouling by up to 90 per cent.
By John Chapman
PUBLISHED: 20:50, Thu, Jan 14, 2016


Churches close and the people stay home. How long before they stop thinking about getting back to church? This also is by design. The kings of the entire earth gather together for the great day of God known in Hebrew as Armageddon.


Shows Us how stupid laws are. We are supposed to pick up dog poo, but when I walk I find dozens of dirty masks on the ground. Are we supposed to pick up cayote poo and rabbit poo also.?? I live in the desert, there are more cayotes than dogs. I give up on humanity.


I think this can be linked into Agenda 21; to portray animals as a ‘biosecurity threat’ and seperate humans from nature. Eventually the plan is to ban all dog, cat, pet ownership for ‘health reasons’ , and to force humans into living sealed into high density human settlement zones.

Urban fox

Hi Nick I agree. Are you the original Nick ,that I spoke with in the early days on here?.


was thinking that fox, miss that guy, a smart and decent guy, gone nick, never forgotten

Urban fox

Just made me chuckle. And it’s not easy.😃Having said that,just give me Ted and Ted 2 to watch. Or we are the Miller’s. And I’m doubled over every time.But other than that, I do my best to be a right miserable Fox.


Amen to that my fox.


Fox talking of piss, Gerry seems a bit pissed off with me, not sure why, looked through the threads cannot see anything, cat stevens ?, fuck knows, i was pissed, maybe the cat was pissed, maybe we are all pissed, maybe it’s all pish, anyhoo, talk again.

Just so You know Martin, last time I ‘replied to’ You (“99%….” circa 1 week ago), I was not in anyway criticizing You.
Considering ‘your condition’ at the time, I was in total agreement, re: case-in-point.
Cheers & Good Luck Martin

-With that being said and clarified, this post is my last 1.

I sent you a P.M

cheers Chris.



Forget about it Martin!

No worries.



cheers Gerry, you know I love you, drunk in charge of a keyboard, if i had a license they would take it off me, speak soon.



Yeah bro… But your words and thoughts are solid gold when you’re on top form.

No worries there mate!



cheers friend, strange times we are in, hope we win out.


Worth fighting for Martin.

Imagine the joy of seeing them all getting dragged into Nuremberg 2!

Yellow boiler suits and handcuffed!

Oh yeah!


Come on lads this has got to be a piss take. If we tolerate this, our canines will be next! Jeez, I thought I couldn’t be surprised by this world anymore but this has got me.

Melanie Howd

Sadly G we’re witnessing the biggest ‘piss take’ in the history of humanity!


yep, but only if you drink piss mel, there have been other shower’s of golden liquid being showered upon us, this is not their first rodeo ( copyright dr shiva ), drink truth.


Biggest “Poo Take”


They will probably find the new muttley varient that will lead to everyone being locked in a kennel until they test negative.


Already in the script.
Telegraph 27/07/2020 · Cat catches coronavirus from owner in UK’s first confirmed case of animal infection Medical director at Public Health England: don’t worry, there’s no evidence pets can transmit Covid-19 to humans

Melanie Howd


Melanie Howd

When a negative test reads positive!

I have often wondered what dogs must think when they see their human companion pick up their shit? This is beyond sad, we are moving further and further away from our humanity everyday. I am beyond heart and soul sick from all of THIS! Luckily we have some good men and women out there, notably Sir Richie Allen, Cheers my friend!!!

I agree entirely with your sentiments William!


I was under the impression you couldn’t get a reliable DNA match from faeces (dog or human) as it is made up of digested meat products which would contain multiple DNA sources. You would have a complete hotchpotch that would require pretty intensive, very expensive and potentially unreliable analyses. I think the council may be blowing smoke on this one.

Melanie Howd

I’m guessing it’s part of the psyop (psychological operation) Mark!


The dog poo dna is a conduit. They want the dog’s cheek dna really, the one they’ll take for their reference database. Everything these days is about dna collection, prolly for some big ark. Who knows. Dna has been around decades and its only now they’re going full tilt.


The Agenda Richie!

That’s what has happened!

It’s been steadily going downhill for years, if not decades, but it vamped up a notch since the bailout of 2010.

We’re bought and paid for now, and whatever the Agenda wants, the Agenda gets!!

So, during this stage of the ‘Great Reset’, I believe we’re the globalists testbed in Europe.

We’re not alone globally though, as a few other nations seem to have gone in harder than others.

Canada and Israel to name but two!

Which brings us back to the good Pastor Artur Pawlowski and “Jackboots”.

I happened across this interview yesterday and I found it fascinating, for the first part he discusses many of the topics that you covered in your interview with Artur, however from 30 mins on it goes up a level, in both description and perhaps biblical scriptures as an analogy to now!

The interview was on Reality Bytes radio with Neil Foster and circa ’33’ mins in, Neil discusses the raid on the church and the fact that the chief ‘spokeswoman’ was wearing “””Jackboots!!”””

Anyway, no need for me to tell you about those symbols… Suffice to say… If you have the time, give it a listen!!


(The full interview is 1hr 22mins)


“The Lions never bow to the hyaenas!”

Here’s hoping more of us, to include cowardly priests and spiritual worshippers, hear Artur’s words and become the Lions once more.


Melanie Howd





the 2008 collapse Gerry ?


That’s it Martin.
Once the bailout got passed…

They owned us.


They tried to bring that into our county in Wales. We told them to get stuffed and they backed down…. for now. Our council said it was unfeasible (meaning they couldn’t work out how to make money from it). The only way to make money, isn’t from the culprits who don’t pick up, but from the people refusing to give dna samples. Yet again, penalising the innocent. If they were really interested in keeping streets clean they’d use those extra wardens to clean the poo up instead of fannying around with dna kits.

Melanie Howd

Ha ha ha!!!

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