Ireland’s Primary School Kids May Be Forced To Wear Masks In Class

Ireland’s National Public Health Emergency Team (NPHET) is expected to announce later today, that primary school children should wear face-coverings in the classroom.

According to the latest Health Protection Surveillance Centre report, nearly one in every hundred children in Ireland tested positive for covid last week.

According to Newstalk FM:

The HPSC said just 24 outbreaks, accounting for 139 cases, were linked to school settings – with the vast majority of children picking up the virus in the community.

Infectious disease consultant Dr Eoghan De Barra noted that the virus tends to be mildest in children.

“The direct health impact on children has been modest in their physical health so thankfully the numbers of children that end up severely unwell is small.

It’s insane isn’t it? It’s diabolically evil too. Children rarely catch it, those who do are rarely ill, so why would anyone think it a good idea to muzzle children?

NPHET says that while children are not at serious risk of illness from covid, they can still carry the disease. They can pass it on to Granny and Grandad. Therefore, they should be masked up.

Worse still, Ireland’s deputy Prime Minister, the utterly vile Leo Varadkar, told his party (Fine Gael) yesterday, that he expected the green light would soon be given to vaccinating children aged between 5 and 11.

Ah, the tyranny. It’s relentless. It’s soul-destroying. But they (whoever they are) do say that it’s always darkest before the dawn. I’ll hang on to that thought, even though I feel it’s going to get a lot darker.



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The High School in Wales my children attend have made mask wearing mandatory. The direction has come from the JCVI. Why can’t people see the connections? I easily found the minutes of a meeting held by members of JCVI. They all claimed they were not being paid by Pharmaceutical companies, yet the majority received funding. The chairman was being funded by most Pharma names and the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, It is so frustrating to see the game and the majority does not.


The Irish government were told in the summer of 2020 by a panel of doctors they hired that masks do nothing to prevent the spread of infection but they ignored that completely and brought in compulsory mask wearing including older children. They were due to get rid of a lot of the restrictions on 22nd of October this year but by a strange coincidence the number of ‘cases’ went up just before then so it didn’t happen. Those of us who are aware of what’s going on were saying for weeks before that it wouldn’t happen, no way were they going to give up any power.

The higher ups in the Irish government (as in other governments) are a bunch of criminals who will use anything children, elderly people, you name it to further the evil agenda. They won’t stop until they’re stopped but too many people don’t understand this.

Aldo Bennedetti

Its too ridiculous and far fetched for them to comprehend thus a stroke of evil genius pysh-op by the man akin to 9/11 in my opinion.

Lets Go Leo!


I witnessed first hand last week the inordinate number of perfectly-healthy sheep queuing up to get pcr-tested. Most of them repeat offenders, I would confidently wager. The demand for tests in Ireland is at an unprecedented level. The nation has been whipped into a frenzy of fear and irrationality. Run rabbit run and don’t ask why. Social engineering?

Aldo Bennedetti

Most definitely and in an objective sense as a spectator its quite brilliant to observe.


They don’t have a clue that by being tested they are creating the ‘cases’ that contribute to their own enslavement.


Ireland is awash with morons and idiotic NWO footsoldiers. Practically everybody living here is oblivious to what is going on. They listen to the MSM and simply comply unquestioningly. It’s infuriating. Those of us who oppose the tyranny are becoming increasingly ostracised and isolated. But also more determined to resist at any cost.
My youngest kids are 8 and 10. Both got Covid-1984 in school last week. They’ve had worse colds. They are now fully recovered and immune for life to the Black Death 2.0. My wife got a head cold (never pleasant, of course) but the plague decided to leave me alone. Must be the jab I didn’t take…
Kids won’t be wearing masks in school. But every one of my neighbours and fellow townsfolk will happily agree to it as they are terrified. Was really looking forward to getting the little ones out of my face again for a few hours each day from next week onwards but it looks now like permanent home schooling is on the cards.
Fuck this Great Reset bollocks and fuck the people of Ireland for allowing this to happen.

Aldo Bennedetti

I’m shocked and how compliant we are over here.

They beLIEved the entire narrative hook, line and sinker.

I also am ostracised and am looking for a way out of Christmas with family this year to avoid trouble as they are brainwashed.

The lack of questioning and common sense is astounding.

Most of the people I know took it so they can go to the pub and on holidays.

Their value systems are very simple. The pub is more important than injecting an experimental leaky vaccine into their bodies.

My lack of contact with others regarding the pub etc. has created doubt and suspicion about my vax status but the same ability to question has not been focused on the government narrative by these lemmings.

Totally utterly bananas. Hands down.

Lets Go Leo!


Agree with you 100%. Apart of a couple of people who had the jab to keep their jobs almost everyone I know who’s had them did it so they could go on holiday. Like you I find it absolutely incredible that they will comply with tyranny just so they can go in the pub or for a few days away. I’m not just talking about people who believe in all this but those who know it’s a fraud but have the jab anyway and also wear the masks.

Aldo Bennedetti

The planning behind this is remarkable on a physiological scale to convince a population to do this. I wonder did they use all the data gathered on social media over the last 15 years to compliment their plan on a population?


Very likely.


It would be time to take your kids out of any Schools that forced this vile and dangerous mask wearing. It’s child abuse and parents should come together and fight this, along with Child protection services and Social workers backing them, which where they are to be found these days is a mystery.

Aldo Bennedetti

Leo is a dirtbird of the finest calibre.

The masks are a brilliant way to keep the “disease” alive in a visual, physical and physiological way. Akin to having a torch shone in your face all day.


A medical doctor too no less. Remember, he briefly returned to ‘active duty’ to help save lives last year.
(Again, loving the drama!)

And imagine, the good knowledgeable doctor has recently publicly suggested the unvaccinated here are causing all the problems.

In a country where the seasonal flu (now rebranded as Covid 19/Fauci flu) is doing its seasonal rounds once more “and” a country with one of the highest Digital ID injectable rates in the developed World!!

How does that work Leo??


Last edited 11 days ago by Gerry
Aldo Bennedetti

“Causing all the trouble” – thats inciting hate Leo

As a gay man he should know better about phobias and fear mongering.

And causing trouble? Well Leo has his fair share of scandals.

The man is a total p***k.


Absolutely Aldo!

I’ll say one thing about the scamdemic, it’s showing up each and every one of these charlatans here and globally for “exactly” what they are.

There is no democracy and there never was..

It’s a cleverly engineered optical illusion!

But many more see it now than ever before, so if this virus of awakening continues to spread exponentially…
then there will be no hiding place for any of them.

Of this, they can be certain.

Aldo Bennedetti

Totally dirtbirds the lot of them.

Democracy and justice are simply illusions and ideas. Nothing more.

In all fairness to that p***k Leo if it wasn’t him it would be another shitehawke puppet doing his masters bidding.

Leo is nothing more than a meat puppet that defecates.


“The Shameful Shills”

Maybe there’s an immortalising tune here somewhere for the lot of them when this is all said and done!!

A little memory for this moment in time!



Darkest before the dawn? Unfortunately, we are currently experiencing (in my humble opinion) twilight. Full darkness hasn’t hit us yet.

The way I see it, society is being driven backwards: a big regressive push beneath the illusion of ‘Progressivism’.
True Progressivism would be the decentralisation of power in a far more true Libertarian society.
Aggressive Authoritarianism is what we used to have, a long time ago. It is at the heart of the feudal system and religious systems. It is at the heart of true conservatism (not modern, moderate conservatism, which is more akin to Eurocentric liberalism).

We are supposed to learn from the lessons of history, not repeat them. Yet it seems that too many are, at least subconsciously, embracing the the distant past.
Of course, all of those people will point to the advancements in technology and medicine, but those things have always been separate from society.
Industry and science was quick to embrace Darwin’s theories, but the UK didn’t scrap the Witchcraft Act until the 1940s (and there are still clauses in the Vagrancy Act that hark back to a time when the Church had more overt control).

We only have to go back just over a hundred years to see how children used to be treated: child labour, corporal punishment (the emotional whipping many kids are getting these days is no different, they just leave less obvious scars), all young children dressed in long smocks (dresses, to all intents and purposes), authoritarian classrooms, the age of sexual consent sitting around 12/13 years.

Yes, social regression is all I see.

Aldo Bennedetti

December will be bad but once Christmas is over it will be a very grim new year I dare say.

Last edited 11 days ago by Chris

Excellent Chris!!


Glad you enjoyed it Gerry.


And Ireland will be next for mandating the digital ID injection too..

Shocking what’s happening over here.

And no wakening the propaganda tv addicted majority up.

I think Leo is scheduled to take the reigns as part of some unconstitutional ‘rotating’ Taoiseach design scheduled for December 2022.

Note: Taoiseach equals PM in UK and is pronounced T – SHOCK!

And like their global cohorts, they’re loving every minute of administering these relentless shocks!!

No stopping the bastards.

Aldo Bennedetti

Leo is a proper Kent and I get the impression revelling in the drama and attention of it all.

The rotating leadership is nonsense. Martin is not fit to lead let alone publicly speak.

Ireland is of interest on a global scale like Israel as a case study due to the tiny population and near 100% vax rate.


Agreed Aldo.
Loving the drama & lapping it up for all its worth.
Remember the Phoenix park run with his …. chum Trudeau!
A real pair of beauts these two!
Hard to keep Leo out of the Phoenix park it must be noted.

They all love that park and visit it frequently.


Total bastards every one of them. Did you see the clip of wankstain Senator Gerry Horkan calling for the unjabbed to be shut out of society? What a jumped-up freaky power-tripping shithead.

Aldo Bennedetti

All of them sing the same tune as thats what the public want to hear.

No dissension of questioning of the narrative.

Everyone on message. Lockstep.


You are correct. I see the gene therapy has also been approved for primary school aged children – who are already bulletproof. Al part of the plan to dehumanise the young. Idiots in Ireland are going to inject their kids and put masks on them for no good reason other than that they have been told to do so. What the actual fuck is wrong with them all? It’s starting to get really depressing. They are coming for the kids big time now and there is no scientific basis behind the obscene onslaught yet most parents refuse to question any of it. Imagine being too scared to defend your own flesh and blood.


The only reason they are pushing climate change and ignoring any other environmental issue is because they know they can make a lot of money out of carbon credits which are an incredibly bad idea. Any other environmental issue you look at the big corporations actually make huge amounts of money by damaging the environment.


Walked through the village this morning, most people in masks and a school party passed by me in the street all the children wearing masks. I find it unbearable to see.


I didn’t Gerald!
Though no surprises there in all honesty..
Is there a link??


Tried to post a link but it wasn’t approved. If you google Senator Gerry Horkan (you might need a cold shower after that…) and look in News the top story from Radio Nova has embedded the video.


Dear Jesus!
And the rest of the muzzled zombies all sit there silently and the
f🤬ker is even thanked after it!

Horrific.. I’m stunned!!

Here’s another link Gerald that has a Twitter video embedded..
(And thanks for alerting me to this!!)


Actually it already in effect applies to hairdressers and hotels because they have been imposing their own restrictions.


I’m just not certain the majority of the hoteliers or the hairdressers are onboard with this.. especially now that they’re coming after their kids too and looking to BOOST the digital technology for them, by way of maintaining the graphene levels for each individual and unique digital ID operating system they now have onboard.
(Ok.. ok.. speculation perhaps, but the evidence is there and mounting if one dares to l👀k!!)

It’s genius this… And virtually no one has a clue what’s really going on here..

Even after they see magnets sticking to themselves!!


I don’t even think Philip K Dick could have dreamt this one up!!



I actually managed to get my hair trimmed (although he couldn’t do styling or colouring) at a barber’s shop where he didn’t wear a mask nor did any of his customers and he was happy to do it for me without my wearing a mask. When you go into ladies hairdressers they practically have a fit of the vapours the second you walk in the door and none of them will do your hair if you don’t wear a mask. They aren’t bothered about any virus, they are bothered about what other people will think.

Aldo Bennedetti

If Leo was a chocolate bar he’d eat himself.

Also bullet proof to a degree with the race card and gay card in his arse pocket.


And a Woke specialist!!

Aldo Bennedetti

And only because its in fashion.

if it was unpopular tomorrow he’d drop it like a hot snot.


I wonder how many of them have taken the Gates digital ID injection??

Not many reports here and globally of adverse reactions within this particular cohort of the cabal..


Aldo Bennedetti

Very true Gerry and footballers are dropping daily.


Two in the last two days Aldo!!

The dark winter is here!!

Aldo Bennedetti

This is only the beginning…

Aldo Bennedetti

Yes I saw that too and not surprised at all.


I could care less about his nationality or his sexuality, what bothers me about him is his dreadful policies and how corrupt he is.


I like the attitude of the boy in the image above thats sitting behind the girl, he looks as if to say “well I’m not doing it”


That’s the spirit. Good lad! ✊🏻


This is absolutely indefensible. End of.

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