Irish Deputy PM: Not Being Jabbed “Affects Other People”

300,000 adults in Ireland have turned down the offer of a covid-19 jab. Tánaiste (deputy Prime Minister) Leo Varadkar told RTÉ last night that while refusing the jab is a “personal choice,” the reality is that “those choices have effects on other people”.

Yesterday Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Micheál Martin said that covid cases are rising again and that there is no guarantee that the 22 October phase of reopening will proceed as planned.

The government (and the Irish media) is blaming the rise in covid infections on the un-jabbed. Martin said that a decision to proceed with the October 22nd phase of reopening would be made early next week. According to RTÉ:

The Taoiseach said the Government wants to see more data and that it will reflect on the situation. “It’s very important that the public at large realise that Covid hasn’t gone away,” the Taoiseach said.

He said hospital numbers are higher than he would like them to be and this is having an impact. It was an “alert to all of us to knuckle down, refocus on this virus because it hasn’t gone away,” Mr Martin added.

It’s blackmail, plain and simple. The un-jabbed present no risk whatsoever to anyone, let alone those who have taken it. They’ve admitted that the jab doesn’t prevent you becoming infected with covid or transmitting it. Why on Earth then, would anybody want it?

Varadkar was lying through his teeth when he said that refusing the needle has “effects on other people.” They are desperate, so desperate, for every man, woman and child on Earth to take their medicine.

By threatening to delay the next phase of reopening in Ireland, the government is hoping that the jabbed will turn on the un-jabbed. They’ll get their wish.

The Irish Health Service will collapse this Winter. Just like the UK’s NHS, the Irish health system was designed to fail. But they’ll blame it on covid variants and the re-emergence of seasonal flu.

That is when they’ll come for the un-jabbed. A storm is coming. Batten down the hatches.

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Marissa Oatley

Yes indeed agreed a storm is coming.

I’ve already been having family turning against me saying stuff like “don’t you care about your family” yes with all my heart I do…. I promise I do… It seems like everyone has forgotten this shit is experimental.. so many of my family members being scared after getting a cold and then renaming it covid because they take the test and it comes back positive because they are sick. They stick them in isolation and for days at least 5 days minimum they hold you to administer a drug that takes 5 days to run its course. . and you have to be all suited up all the time except for the patient… Just evil basturds these bullshitters are….

I’ve been going through so much these past weeks I’m sure alot of beautiful people that are able to see the truth are right now, we are definitely going through one of the hardest test in our life times is what It feels like to me. Without a doubt will they make it so much harder for us.. we are strong, we are brave do not let anyone take that away, no matter the words spoken stay strong. No matter the action stay brave.. I love you all, stay beautiful and may you all be blessed.

Love you Richie!❤


So it turns out all the ‘politicians’ who’ve spent recent decades lecturing us all about ‘inclusiveness’, ‘diversity’ and their ‘liberal values’ were lying after all? who knew….


Not to mention inalienable human rights.
(And apartheid!)

The majority are nothing but a bunch of gutless globalist quislings and cowards now.

Gearing up and getting all warm and fuzzy fantasising about transhumanism and the coming total enslavement grid.

They’re lowlife tyrants and scum..

I can think of no other way to define them.

Last edited 1 month ago by Gerry

300,000 Spartans..

Like our brothers and sisters in Australia and elsewhere united against this tyranny and these tyrants!

Soldier ON!



I’ve been saying since September that this supposed relaxation of the draconian measures on 22nd October wouldn’t happen and people have scoffed at me. They are not going to let go of all this power they’ve acquired that easily.


Agreed upon.

Aldo Bennedetti

There is a script and they have it. All 120 pages of it and Leo and Martin didn’t write it either as they are only shitehawkes.

It was sent to them from their global lockstep masters.

They just feed it to us 1 page at a time.

This winter will be very interesting indeed.

Aldo Bennedetti

Leo and Martin are dirtbirds of the highest and finest calibre in all of my island.

Noel cox

Fuck all the jabbed idiots, I’m ready for them clowns, and as for that Leo thing… He hasn’t had any jab, hypocrite


Video: Has Justin Trudeau Been Duly Vaccinated? Registered Nurse Expresses Doubt on Authenticity of Trudeau’s Vaccine Jab.
A Registered Nurse (RN) has carefully reviewed the first video of Prime Minister Trudeau and his wife’s vaccination jab which was broadcast on network TV.

Reporters were present. It was a carefully planned public relations event.

The Registered Nurse (RN) expressed doubts on the authenticity of Trudeau’s vaccination.

Specific and routine procedures pertaining to inoculation including Landmarking are normally applied. The inoculation of Trudeau and his wife did not conform to regular procedures.

“Nobody does it that way” with one hand, says the registered nurse.


The globalist puppet Varadkar and his party were destroyed in the last ‘election’ and yet he still calls the shots here in Ireland. That’s democracy. The population votes and then Varadkar is the top dog no matter what.
As for the farcical pretence that the vaccine passports here were going to be removed on October 22nd … well, obviously that is a total lie and was never going to happen. Eight days to go now and lo and behold another surge is about to begin and all the figures are moving in the wrong direction. Again. Allegedly.


Yes they’ve obviously upped the number of cycles on the fake PCR test just before they were due to relax restrictions in order to make sure that we had a surge in cases (not deaths mind just cases). They want to keep the measures going until the flu and pneumonia season kicks in which they can then re-label as covid. That will then keep things going for them for a few more months.


‘while refusing the jab is a “personal choice,” the reality is that “those choices have effects on other people”’
A statement of the bloody obvious, couched to appear as if, in this case, it’s an exception. Every choice and action we make effects not only ourselves, but other people. Sometimes positively, at other times negatively. It’s called life.
The police officer who shoots and kills a gun toting or knife wielding maniac will save lives, but negatively effect the family members of the maniac (and likely his or her own psyche).
The nurse who saves the life of a killer is a positive action that could lead that killer to strike again, thus turning the positive deed into a negative one.
The firefighter who charges into a burning building to save its occupants is doing a positive thing. But if they die as a result of it, the negative impact on family and friends may be felt for years. And what if one of those they saved goes on to become a violent criminal?

Every choice; every action; every word has an impact on ourselves and others in ever expanding ripples.
The politicians, and the talking heads in the media, just rely on people not realising this.

Mama Ibeji (Linda)

Well said, Craig. It’s a very neat trick they’ve pulled, isn’t it? Making the everyday stuff appear ‘strange’, ‘unusual’, even ‘novel’ and brand new. Hence the branding of coronavirus as ‘novel’ – meaning that it was an unknown quantity, requiring special actions and emergency status. If we stopped to truly consider every single action we ever took, no matter how inoccuous, in terms of its effect on reality and ramifications on everyone around us, we would be rendered immobile, unable to take another step, afraid to effect any action on anything, ever – which is precisely what they are looking to achieve……..


No doubts he’s well used to jabbing and being jabbed is our Leo!!
(Him being a doctor of course!! 😉)

Yeah… The good ol fake stream RTE propaganda network are beginning the baiting for the next round of tyranny!

Not only did they pump out that garbage yesterday, they also highlighted the tyranny in Australia as nonchalantly and as predictable as they’ve done with all aspects of the scamdemic thus far.

A despicable media outlet, controlled by a despicable and shameful government.


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