Irish Education Department Rethinks Primary School Mask Rules

Ireland’s Department Of Education has rolled back on a controversial instruction to schools last week that would have seen children refused entry to classes if they refused to wear a facemask without a medical reason.

According to Ireland’s national broadcaster RTÉ:

In fresh guidance sent this morning, the department has told schools that “it is not intended that any child will be excluded from a school in the first instance”.

There was outcry last week after primary schools were directed in a memo sent late on Tuesday to refuse entry to older pupils who presented without masks.

Schools were initially told the instruction applied from Wednesday morning. However later the department clarified that “flexibility” would be allowed during the first couple of days.

Many schools viewed the instruction to turn children away as highly inflammatory, and said they would not implement it.

While a spokesperson for the department said that last week’s direction has not been rescinded, there is no mention in today’s more detailed document of excluding a child.

Today’s document takes the form of Frequently Asked Questions. It states that where a child presents without a face mask or covering, “schools will engage pragmatically and sensitively with parents” and that where such engagement fails the Department of Education will provide further support.

It says “every effort should be made to clearly communicate the public health reasons behind the wearing of a face mask” and that “a solution focused engagement between the school and the child’s parents or guardians should take place with a view to resolving issues”.

Of course, there are no legitimate public health reasons for mandating masks for children or anyone else. Governments ae waging psychological warfare on children. It’s abominable.




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12 to 15 year-olds can now receive a second dose of the Pfizer vaccine, no sooner than 12 weeks after their first dose. Severely immunosuppressed individuals who have received three primary doses should also be offered a booster dose.


I know of an “eleven year old” girl who is having none of it.
As far as I’m aware, she’s the only kid in the entire school to flatly refuse to wear a mask and can’t be coerced to do so regardless of the intensity of pressure being applied by her spineless teachers.

She believes the government are ‘stupid’ and reached this conclusion entirely on her own without any outside influence whatsoever!!

An innocent little child with an iron will that simply won’t yield to tyranny..

Now that’s what I call “A BOSS”..

And an example to us all.


Good for her, great spirit.


Check this out Jennie.
It’s a recording made by a woman to her local SF TD Paul Donnelly.

He’d nothing to say in response to her very accurately expressed concerns beyond the usual garbage and limited opinion that seems to be their only reachable level nowadays, he then hangs up the phone on her before she even finished speaking..

Disgraceful this:


Absolutely disgraceful, he’d got no answer to any single point she made. Having been a member of a campaign group and campaigned on what you would call everyday issues such as housing, health provision, transport etc I know how useless the politicians are so I decided not to bother with them over this. I’ve spoken to people who have tried writing or e-mailing the local TDs (which includes a member of SF) and mostly they get ignored completely or if they do get a reply they are sent a government handout which doesn’t deal with a single issue that they raised.

What the man said at the beginning is absolutely correct. We have no-one to represent us, we have no-one with whom to raise our concerns and no-one who is willing to debate. Ireland has become a dictatorship as have other countries.


It’s true Jennie.
Our democracy is gone.
There are one or two souls in government who’ve spoken up, but you certainly never hear about it in the mainstream.
So, it’s a constant suppression of the truth and a continuous psychological operation to maintain momentum with the Agenda reset push through.
I personally don’t trust politicians or political parties myself, but you would have thought that ‘by now’ SF would have been an outfit opposed to the blatant tyranny that’s now taking place, especially when weighed up against the historical aspect of this political party above all others.
It’s a thundering disgrace this, they should hang their heads in shame, cowards and quislings the lot ot them!


There is no public health reason for anyone to wear masks and the Irish government knows this perfectly well. This shows that if people would only stick together this whole agenda can be defeated. Will most people pick up on that lesson? To be honest I doubt it.

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