Irish GP Says “Covid Is Only Circulating Virus In Country At The Moment!”

Speaking on RTE Radio earlier today, Clare based GP Dr. Máire Finn told presenter Claire Byrne, that “the only circulating virus in the country at the moment is Covid, so if you have any nasal respiratory symptoms, anything of that nature, it’s Covid until proven otherwise.” Her comments echoed those  of Health Service Executive Chief Clinical Officer Dr. Colm Henry, who told RTE last week that “fortunately, we have no flu this season.” Praise Jesus it’s a miracle.

Finn had been asked by the presenter about the numbers of patients contacting her surgery complaining of Covid. Finn said “I feel the patient attitude is changing, people are reluctant to go for a test and it’s not necessarily out of any fear it’s out of convenience….but there’s a lot of people saying well really this is just what I get every year, this is just my sinus you know.” She then went on to say that Covid is the only circulating virus in the country. The presenter was typically useless.

To suggest that Covid is the only virus in Ireland right now is absurd. So flu, chest infections, colds, hepatitis, mumps, chickenpox, warts, polio, herpes and norovirus have disappeared? Of course not and there’s the rub. The Irish are wising up. The patient who said “ah sure it’s the type of thing I get every winter” is spot on. That’s exactly what it is. Maybe she knows that submitting herself for a PCR test won’t end well. The widely discredited test would inevitably bring back a positive result and she would have to isolate, as would anyone she’s been in contact with.

Dr. Vernon Coleman has written

“First, the PCR test is not specific for covid-19 since it merely detects RNA which can come from all sorts of sources. Second, in order to examine the RNA, the swab needs to be amplified by 25 to 30 times. If you amplify too much then the result is unreliable and unscientific because it picks up bits of debris left over from a cold or flu in the past. Even the WHO says that the amplification should not be done more than 30 times.

But governments everywhere are amplifying PCR swabs by up to 40 times – meaning that the results are utterly worthless because they are picking up old bits of virus. Anyone who has, or has had, any sort of cold or flu bug in the last year or two is being counted as a positive PCR test. And that’s what is happening in the UK. The NHS Guidance uses a PCR cycle threshold of 40. And that’s why so many people seem to have covid-19.”

He is 100% correct of course. The test is worthless. As long as they continue to deploy them, they’ll find (false) positive cases, meaning more lockdowns. It’s a vicious cycle and it is doing more damage to our health than any virus could. Here in the UK they’re giving people hope today, by telling them that case numbers are falling. Of course they are. We are in the wickedly brutal third national lockdown, which means that they are not testing as many people. Eventually they’ll open up a little and in doing so will administer more PCR tests. At that point the case numbers will rise and it’s lockdown all over again. It’s psychological warfare.


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Last year I told my mum about how flu was miraculously disappearing and she responded with: “well, that’s because of lockdown”.
I tried to point out that if lockdown was that effective, Covid would be disappearing as well – but she would have none of it.
I have bombarded her with all the information I can – about the virus and the ‘vaccine’: info that she will not get from the MSM. She will have none of it.
The propaganda campaign has sunk its claws in deep and she now lives in fear of Covid and can’t wait to get the jab.
I know a lot of other people like her – people who, through fear, refuse to entertain any information that contradicts the official line.


What Moderna and Pfizer have created is not a “vaccine” either in function or legal definition. What they’ve created is a synthetic pathogen.



This is a very important bit of information in regards to the Covid “Vaccines” which Pfizer and Moderna have stated themselves.

It is not a “Vaccine”. It is Gene Therapy. Dr David Martin.

(Dr David Martin would be a great guest to have on the RAS if possible)

Last edited 8 months ago by Jake
Jane Edmonds

What happened to T Cell immunity? These so called Doctors are jokers and a vaccine that doesn’t stop you getting the Virus or transmitting it..what kind of vaccine is that?….Not all of us are stupid thankfully.

Stephen Hardy

This is like saying to a perfectly healthy person, who runs a half-marathon every week, looks after himself, and doesn’t smoke or drink; “Well, I know you think you’re healthy but you’re not, you’ve got some pesky virus in you, and we need to test you every day, and twice on Sundays, until we know what’s wrong with you… and then we can administer the appropriate vaccines!” I think soon the words “healthy person” and “strong natural immunity” are words and phrases that will disappear from the medical lexicon. No doubt soon, children will be taught in biology that human beings are not born with and do not develop any natural immune system or bodily defense against disease, and that the ONLY way humans can prevent illness is through regular vaccinations, regardless of their age or actual state of health.

I’ve been saying for years – I’ve even written it down somewhere! – that the global vaccine scam endures because it is a multi-billion dollar industry predicated largely on vaccinating the very young and the very old. But there is a huge untapped demographic in between and if it was possible to create a scenario in order to justify mandating vaccines for EVERYONE, then it becomes a multi-TRILLION dollar industry! And lo and behold, a perfect excuse,the covid scamdemic. I know multiple agendas are being rolled out but I think convincing everyone to get this shit injected into them is the most important one to NWO psychos like Billy Boy Hell Gates and Klaus “Dr Evil” Shwabb. Actually, old Klaus should seriously think about taking up acting, he’d make the greatest ever Bond villain… just by playing himself!


The only viruses I have encountered are fear, stupidity, and cowardice, this so called doctor ticks a couple of those boxes, she is part of the problem whether she knows it or not. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking because someone might be a scientist, a doctor or whatever that they automatically think they must be intelligent, that’s just not the case as people like ferguson at imperial college amongst others and this doctor have proven, As for the reporter, no surprise, in my opinion the media has went downhill since they put the ginga(k.burley) ninja on gardening leave !.


Hiya Richie. When I read such ludicrous statements from a medical professional (or watch an essential twerker TikTok video) I wonder are they sending coded messages?

They can’t tell us outright what a farce things are without losing their careers but by uttering proper shite as above (or choreographing dance moves in the ICU) they’re shouting ‘SCAM’ or ‘THE HOSPITALS ARE NOT BUSY’.

Covert humanity in the madness? Nudge, nudge, wink wink. One can hope.


This is horribly clever, isn’t it? Sowing doubt in people’s minds, encouraging them to second guess themselves and question their judgement in relation to their own health – whilst simultaneously doctoring the statistics, bumping up PCR ‘positive’ cases, and ‘disappearing’ influenza . ‘Covid pos unless/until proven otherwise’ sounds very much like ‘guilty unless/until proven innocent’ to me……

Alisha J Prince

I’ve got an idea. When I read these stories it’s so clear to me that there’s a media blackout. What we need is Vernon or anyone who can put succinctly the testing inadequacies (and everything else) of course, this won’t happen. They only want people who sound mad. How about this. *Someone* starts a petition to put pressure on the mainstream to *debunk* these people – – lets say it’s dangerous letting it “fester in the corners” they owe it to the public to finish these theories once and for all!
What fo you think?
This needs to get out.

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