Irish Gran Jailed For 90 Days For Refusing To Wear A Mask

A Cork grandmother was jailed for 90 days yesterday, for what a judge described as repeated and wilful refusal to wear a face covering while shopping.

66 year-old Margaret Buttimer from Bandon, had previously received a suspended sentence for refusing to wear a mask. Her solicitor told the court that her refusal was based on health reasons and that her family was concerned about her recent behaviour.

According to The Irish Examiner:

In addition to having been convicted of an offence arising from an incident in Clonakilty in February, last month Ms Buttimer pleaded guilty to two charges of failing to wear a mask while in shops in Bandon on two dates in May. 

Sentencing was deferred on those two charges until July 12, pending the provision of a medical report.

However, she then faced two further counts of refusing to wear a mask at SuperValu, Riverview Shopping Centre in Bandon, on June 25 and July 1, with the latter incident alleged to have taken place while on bail, the conditions of which prohibited her from being in certain parts of Bandon and from entering retail premises.

In court, Ms Buttimer contested the most recent charges, with Judge James McNulty hearing evidence from the store manager at SuperValu in Bandon, Alan Owens, that he had encountered Ms Buttimer on both occasions, once in-store and a second time at the entrance. She was not wearing a mask on either occasion and two gardaí also testified that she had refused to wear a mask.

While sentencing Ms Buttimer to 90 days in prison, Judge McNulty said:

“Inexplicably and inexcusably, Margaret Buttimer has shown profound disrespect for all those who have lost their business, employment, travel, and educational opportunities, lost lives and loved ones, suffered health impairment, and put lives on hold, and tolerated restraints which are much greater than just having to wear a mask when shopping.

Locally, Margaret Buttimer has disregarded the rights to health and safety of those who work in frontline retail, from the store manager to the checkout girl.

She has been disrespectful to other compliant shoppers, who may be vulnerable, or who may be the carers of vulnerable children or elderly relatives. Her own elderly mother is 93 and her partner is 69 — and they are also entitled to be protected from her irresponsibility.”

This story is in every single Irish newspaper this morning and is being discussed on national and local radio stations. Not a single journalist has condemned the imprisonment of a senior citizen for refusing to put her own health at risk by wearing a muzzle.

How dare McNulty invoke the catastrophic effect that lockdowns have had on Irish businesses and chastise Margaret Buttimer for not respecting those businesses.

It’s mind-bending isn’t it? The Irish government has destroyed people’s lives and businesses, wrecked children’s futures and set off a mental health epidemic that we’ll be dealing with for generations.

The architects of the catastrophe walk free, while a grandmother is handed down a 90 day prison sentence for not “respecting” their victims. Welcome to dystopia.


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A very interesting drive and rolling commentary communicating thoughts on what has led to this shameful point in Irish history…

With Dave Cullen (Computing Forever).




I would say computing is quickly becoming the devils best tool alright Jacob.
No doubts..

But Dave Cullen is one of the few outspoken people remaining who’s using the tool for good.

So major thumbs up to him for doing so…

Also, the Irish government have now passed legislation to pave the way for a two tier society in Ireland for vaxed versus unvaxed.
(Something Dave Cullen has been warning about since day one!!)

We’re here now…

I’m officially living in Nazi Germany.

Last edited 3 months ago by Gerry

I’m thinking…

Maybe a few mail shots to the judges court??


Kevin Duckworth

Have Richie and Vernon Coleman had a difference of opinion?


There’s no doubt that Allen has some great guests who cover great topics but I think Vernon saw through the man.


i have noted at the end of vernon colmans videos, he no longer mentions richie allans show, not sure if thats an accident or not.

Tim in Brazil

She may or may not have disrespected others (not a crime is it?) but she has certainly maintained her self-respect which is a good starting point.The judge has disregarded her right to health and safety. Symptomless spreading doesn’t happen and masks don’t work, according to the peer-reviewed science I read,.so paragraphs 2 and 3 are null.
90 days in prison for disrespecting people you don’t know and never met. Your rights stop where other peoples rights start. But, conversely, their rights stop where yours start!
just having to wear a mask when shopping”… just is the start of the slippery slope. and “having to” is still open to interpretation.


This is so shocking and she wouldn’t have got 90 days if she’d gone in and robbed the damn shop. Leo Varadkar was seen at an event not wearing a mask and I’ll leave it you to guess what the Irish police did about it. I really want to leave this f**king country but where could I go to be free and how would I get out of the country as because I’m over 60 and not vaccinated I’m not allowed to leave this prison island.


Take a bus to Belfast and over to the UK. Done


I’d be just as restricted there because they are bringing in these vaccine passports for the unvaccinated. It needs people to club together and buy some land or an island or something and declare a republic.


Shame on the Irish Government.

Back in the days of the easter rising I would bet there were plenty of Irish people who were happy with British rule and obeyed all the rules of their oppressors.
I would rather be with the rebels like Collins and granny Buttimer who would standup to their oppressors.

Ireland seems more tyranical than their formers rulers here in the UK.

There wont be any rebel songs from the covid era.

Last edited 3 months ago by KevinMc

Acutally not many Irish people did support the rebels but that has sort of been brushed under the carpet.


I really don’t like to report the sad news…. but it’s only right. Unfortunately my tomato, raspberry and blackberry have tested positive for the Rona.
comment image

Last edited 3 months ago by ame

I’m sorry to hear about your fruit but I do hope you took them straight away for their first jab.

If someone had written a book 10 years ago about all the insane things that have happened in the last 18 months the publishers would have rejected it as being over the top.


Ya, they would have blown raspberries at the author. 😩


in that case you need to get the fruit an app and then tell them to isolate for 2 weeks in a spare room 😎🤣


What happened to ‘protect granny’? Oh, of course – now we must protect granny from herself.

Jeananne Crowley

I’m sort of envious ’cause she got the gig! More than willing to spend a few weeks in jail myself (I’d demand Mountjoy ’cause that’s where Constance Markievicz was still incarcerated a hundred years ago this very month) and boy would I raise ever a fuss. That judge is worse than an ass, he’s a bone-fide ‘order follower’ this country fast becoming textbook totalitarian. Now we have no ‘indoor dining’ for the un-jabbed…’unclean, unclean’ we be …”Pick up yr yellow star when denied entry”


On the plus side, eating outdoors means we get lots more fresh air – so are less likely to get ill.


i don’t understand this paragraph, is it me or as everything lost any sanity, the evidence suggests masks do more harm than good, it does make me wonder what is happening to people’s lungs wearing a mask for hrs a day.

“Inexplicably and inexcusably, Margaret Buttimer has shown profound disrespect for all those who have lost their business, employment, travel, and educational opportunities,
lost lives and loved ones, suffered health impairment, and put lives on
hold, and tolerated restraints which are much greater than just having
to wear a mask when shopping”.


Patrice, that paragraph smacks of ‘whataboutery’ and is riddled with gas lighting prose. One of the things that mildly amused me was; referring to “frontline retail workers” as if shop assistants were working at the coalface or were infantry troops at the ‘tip of the spear’. This abuse of grammar is yet another desperate attempt to marginalise a growing and incresingly frustrated public.


what also annoys me greatly is a fake attempt from the media to say “well, their are consequences to these lockdowns, i.e. health, jobs etc” You do think, bit late now, should have been saying this March 2020.


Unfortunately, the media are not saying that governments are to blame for lockdowns. They are saying that the people are.


I used to buy some rather nice cakes and pastries from a small chain of London Bakeries named ‘Percy Ingle’. I went online after about 8 months of this 8Ull£h!t only to find that they have closed their doors forever; after over 60 years as a family business. I felt a little like Will Smith’s character in the movie ‘I am legend’ – WTF is everyone? Absolutely nothing will be the same again, I’m having to say goodbye to people who’ve had one or both jabs; knowing that they’ll either die or cause me potentially irreversible harm.


I have been thinking about family members that have all been jabbed in their family unit.
If they all die from the “experimental gene therapy” then who will their property, estate etc go to as there will be no one left?


Traditionally; the government ‘absorb’ unallocated assets unless provisions have been made; this is why it’s so important to make a will. It’s really sobering to face the mortality of a loved one. I received a Telegram message from a twice jabbed mate who lives in Denmark urging me to “get vaccinated geeze”. This filled me with sadness and mentally I begun the process of saying goodbye; as I’ll probably never see him again.


Ya. I know how you feel.
Communication with my father has ceased due to him banning me from visiting my family home unless I take the “Jab”.
My point was if the whole family including those in the will die around the same time, then what.
Which family plans for the destruction of their whole immediate family in their will?

Last edited 3 months ago by Jacob

The families of the swine who are planning our extinction are loving every minute of the confusion and fear? in terms of the will side of this; I suppose that a family could elect a charity should the entire family be wiped out; but that would be a hard contract to draw up. Do you still communicate with your other family members? I’m quite lucky in that the vast majority of my family (or those I’m still close to) are anti gene experiment.


Those that have fallen for the Convid and have or are having the “experimental gene therapy” will not believe that they will die. They think that the injuries are rare and it will never happen to them.
Would be very hard to convince them they had better amend their will just incase the whole family were to die.

I have not spoken to my father since the last conversation a few months ago when he told me to not come home.
I know if I call him that he will bring up the subject again which will wind me up.
My brothers I have not spoke to them for a few months either.


That’s so sad that they would treat you like that for having your own opinion about something especially when they could do their own research and see that you are right.


My father was brainwashed by the constant media psy-op plus he reads the Daily Mail (toilet paper) which is brain rotting material.


The biggest health threat to the shop workers is the masks they are being made to wear.


Completely agree, after all no one would buy a car that sent 3-15% of it’s exhaust emissions back into that vehicle.


It actually makes perfect sense, but the level of cognitive dissonance is frightening. Remember that poor High School athlete who collapsed at the end of her 800 metre race; which everyone was instructed to run whilst wearing a mask.

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