Irish Health Chief Says “Fortunately There’s No Flu This Season.”

Well thank God for Richie Allen Show listeners eh? I opened an email from Jonathan the other day, long time listener and supporter. “C’mere Richie” said Jonathan. “A HSE guy called Colm Henry, told RTE on Sunday, that fortunately we don’t have flu this season.” Surely not I thought. I mean, we know that they’re classifying seasonal flu as coronavirus, to boost their numbers and scare the ever living bejesus out of us right? But they’ve gone and admitted it?

They sure have. Last Sunday morning, Irish radio presenter Brendan O’Connor was chatting with Colm Henry, the Chief Clinical Officer of Ireland’s Health Service Executive (HSE). In response to a question about ICU bed capacity in the country, Dr. Henry said “fortunately we don’t have flu this season!” Did the presenter leap across the studio to ask him where has flu gone? Course not. He’s a langer. Cork folks will understand. I duly covered it on The Richie Allen Radio Show and my good mate Jo Boddington grabbed the audio and made a little YouTube video. Feel free to share everywhere. If this sort of evidence doesn’t hit home with people that they are being scammed in arguably the greatest hoax of all time, nothing will.


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Martin Brennan

Hi Richie my condolences to yourself and Caroline on the passing of her Grandmother! You are keeping me half sane! The revolution is coming and the collaborators will be dealt very severely!
Regards Martin


Here in Scotland we have a normal capacity of 173 ICU beds. Since June last year thanks to ‘social distancing’ of beds & the opening of the Louisa Jordan in Glasgow, that capacity has been increased to 585.

I have provided a link to the latest figures today (18th Jan 2021), but the information for previous weeks may still be there somewhere to cross check, which shows that there are currently 146 people in ICU across Scotland. At present and every single week up until this date, at no point in this ‘pandemic’ has Scotland breached even the normal capacity of ICU beds let alone need to use any of the newy created ones.

This is freely available information that is available with literally two clicks of a mouse after an internet search. That Nicola Sturgeon or any other politician or health service official in Scotland isn’t questioned about these figures at the daily briefing is an astonishing failure of the journalism in this county.

Stop believing what the BBC/Sky etc is spoon feeding you people, go & check these things for yourself.


vaccines work! Through years and years of incessant anti-flu jabbing the glorious pharmaceutical brigade has erased this enemy of human health.


I’ve been saying for months that this supposed virus is flu and pneumonia relabelled plus anything else they can manipulate. I have spent 10 months trying to find any proof that this virus has been isolated and found none. People far more knowledgeable than me, doctors and scientists, have said the same.

Tom Clayton

Why not make a montage( 2 or 3 minutes) of these golden nuggets.You could include Ann Diamonds ‘Flu’ has almost been eradicated in the southern hemisphere.440 deaths last year down to 40 but covid deaths just reached 400.Eamon Holmes– we ( the msm) are absolutely forbidden from questioning the governments narrative on covid

John Farrelly

I’ve told everyone I know about this great “fuckery”, Richie. They change the subject, most of them because “Does not compute… does not compute…”

Susan Smylie

Thank you for two hours of sanity and reason. . I just wished you could broadcast on the google box.

I’m guessing Convid is so big and bad that it elbowed out Flu so it could be centre stage and get its 5 mins of fame. This Town ain’t big enough for the both of us….


The flu has vanished along with common sense & my sanity! Excellent Richie ????????????????❤

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