Irish Ice Hockey Star Resigns In Protest Over Vaccine Passports

Niall McEvoy is an ice hockey player who has represented Ireland for the past thirteen years. He was a key member of the squad that won the silver medal at the 2017 Development Cup in Andorra.

This morning, Niall emailed his team mates and the coaches of the Irish National Ice Hockey team to tender his resignation. In the emotional email, Niall said that he “can no longer represent a country that has approved of the discrimination and segregation between vaccinated people and unvaccinated people.”

He went on to say that, “I will not accept or consent to a “Vaccine passport”/digital passport, nor will I use a Qr code/track and trace system that allows this system to be implemented. This allows for total government control over the citizens of Ireland and akins us to cattle.”

Niall reached out to me this morning. He gave me permission to read his email to the national team on The Richie Allen Show. He also gave his consent for the email to be circulated, so long as it isn’t taken out of context and is reprinted in full.

Here is Niall’s email in full. I haven’t edited it.


Good morning gentlemen,

Firstly I would like to apologise for not making last nights zoom call. I had fallen asleep after work, due to being at a protest for the majority of Wednesday night(July 14th 2021) in our nations capital.

We live in exceptional times.

I will take this opportunity to make you aware that I am immediately resigning from the Senior Men’s, Irish National Ice Hockey Team. If you bare with me, I will explain in detail as to why.

Let me start by stating this is in no way an attack on the Irish Ice Hockey Association, our managers or coaches for the countless hours they put into this squad and organising trips abroad, along with the tireless work of attempting to open an ice rink in the Republic of Ireland.

Instead this is directly attributed to the recent bill passed in the Irish government on Wednesday night/Thursday morning. I have attached the PDF, should you be inclined to browse it.

Ireland is now, officially, a Medical apartheid/Fascist State in line with the wider global control grid. The group of people acting as the Irish Government has been allowed, by our citizens, Gardaí  and the Irish defence forces to erode our rights given to us under the Irish constitution, the UN declaration of human rights and have broken the Nuremberg code. Our inalienable rights have also been eroded over the past 16 months, which are given to us by God, not government. (which is still recognised as the highest authority whether you believe in God or not)
(I have attached links below to these rights)

I can no longer represent a country that has approved of the discrimination and segregation between vaccinated people and unvaccinated people. I will not be manipulated into taking a STILL experimental injection, with no licence, no long term safety or data, no legal liability for damages and only emergency use authorisation and zero proof of effectiveness/immunity. I will not risk my athletic abilities and normal functioning body. There are other well known and safe therapies available, like Ivermectin(peer reviewed/Nobel prize), which may be used before it comes to the need of any injection. I do not need to be a doctor to recognise this. The evidence is over whelming if you care to look.

I will not accept or consent to a “Vaccine passport”/digital passport, nor will I use a Qr code/track and trace system that allows this system to be implemented. This allows for total government control over the citizens of Ireland and akins us to cattle.

We now live in a two tier society.

As of July 15th 2021, my fiancée, my children, myself and many others became 2nd class citizens in Ireland. We can no longer do the same thing that 1st class citizens can do. We can no longer travel internationally without subjecting ourselves to medical intervention /testing(with a test not designed to detect illness) when we are not sick. (There are many studies showing that asymptomatic transmission is virtually non-existent).

The recent bill, gives the current ‘minister for health’ – Stephen Donnelly the power to decide what constitutes an indoor risk, including sports and leisure facilities (ice/Inline). He may decide on Monday it is a criminal offence to play indoor sport whereas on Tuesday it may be okay. This is extremely dangerous to our democracy. These laws are unjust and thus giving me the right not to follow them. Unfortunately the police forces in Ireland have allowed and supported the government by refusing to protect the people of Ireland from draconian lawmakers. I can no long trust those sworn by oath to protect us.

Many of you have seen the recent images of France as people protest en mass in regards to president macrons recent address which will make entering supermarkets, schools and working illegal unless vaccinated. This is an EU country. If they can do it in France they will do it here. They previously did it in Nazi Germany.

Now at this point you must ask yourself, if this is such an effective treatment, why are they rewarding those who take it with their rights back and punishing those who refuse, many of whom, including myself are at little risk from this supposed disease and its supposed variants (reminder, vaccines protect me. Not you)?

At this time, I feel obliged to take a stand on the matter even if you believe its not a big deal. I must, morally position myself Inline with what is right and just, and I hope you can understand where I am coming from.

I hope that these laws will be reversed and that the criminals in government and the Gardaí who enforce such laws(and all covid restrictions) will be held accountable at some point in the future, as were those in the Nuremberg trials. (images attached for reference)

Until then, I once again state I will not represent a country who criminalises people who choose to live differently than the majority.

Hopefully in the near future I can tryout and rejoin this team that I have dedicated ALL of my adult life to, made life longs friends, which has also given me so much joy and happiness throughout the years.

I wanted to do this now instead of just before the upcoming development cup in October 2021, Germany, so that the coaches can fill the spot and train you guys, in your lines, in advance.

Ps* this is in no way a disregard to anyone who has been directly affected by an illness with the symptoms like the disease known as Covid-19. The government however has now directly impacted my children’s lives, unlike the illness, and I will not stand for this.

With all of my regards,
Niall McEvoy
Republic of Ireland
16th July 2021

*I give full permission for this email to be circulated and used once it is not taken out of context(always given in full context) or rewritten in anyway* (Irish constitution)



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Anwen Appleby

Great interview.


Stopped listening to the show so I could read this young HERO the very brave letter
Both my Parents were Irish they had to move to UK in the 40s for work they had 4 children we lived and were brought up in a beautiful part of Essex they installed in us a love and respect for IRELAND THAT has NEVER left us..I worked in London for over 40years I now live in Ireland I love both UK the land of my birth..but my blood is IRISH
I was worried about the IRISH waking up..but after the weekend I know both UK and IRELAND will win the evil undemocratic government’s
Love and Strength FROM IRELAND


And there’s no telling them…


Thanks Gerry, as well as consolidating known info, each video adds another nugget of interest. The history of how different theorists’ propositions have subsequently inspired successive developments.

Fascinating and horrific in equal measure!!


Agreed Brenda!

It “illuminates” thoughts into ever increasing levels luminosity…


I wonder could this concept become useful or perhaps even adapted for usage in some way??




Simple sign that should prove useful, for now anyway. Eventually, by force, this won’t deter but highlight and identify your refusal.


Hi Brenda, link saying “page not found”when I clicked on it 🤔


Hi, Shari- Rose, sorry about that, it should work for you now.


Cheers Brenda, thats great. 👍


Good man! Well done 🍺
Shame the world Famous footballers are all silent on the matter.
We need more people like this Ice Hockey lad.


I’m so glad he’ll be on mondays show talking to richie!


Document demonstrates PCR Test a vaccination tool…..
less reliable- so repeated boosters given….
Any excuse used for test requirement, all without informed consent.
Vaccination for all decliners and medically contraindicated.


I applaud Niall’s stance with all my heart but when he foolishly brings the Nuremberg trials to the table he is showing a naivety that is disappointing. Torture, beatings, a lack of defence council, the denial of access to mitigating documents, a ban on questioning prosecutors who were themselves guilty of genocide. Covid is a scam Niall, but so was much of the history you were taught at school. Nevertheless, i support your defiance and wish to God there were many more like you.

Ronald Templeman

Robert don’t think you know all your history, Niall was very right to use the Nuremberg Code as a big reason for it was to stop any future governments or leaders using any form of medical experiments on it’s people. This is what they are doing with this so called vaccination (which it is not), who knows what it will do to people long term as it’s doing enough problems and deaths now.


Well done, mate – proud of you ! A brilliantly written email !
God Bless you and your family – ” Éirinn go Brágh “.


Mike Yeadon initially dismissed the magnetism theory re: jabs, has now issued a statement having assessed new evidence.


This comment is currently unavailable


There are good people out there who are well aware of what is going on, but until now, whether through fear or not wanting to rock the boat have kept quiet. Hopefully this fine young man will encourage others to speak out too. On another note, anyone realise Richies day job is actually a cafe owner? Cafe owner in Saint-milo says ‘no vax passport required at his establishment and putting money aside incase of fine. Well done Richie 🤣😂


Sorry…so surprised at richie running a bistro ..🤣 should read Saint-Malo😱


I’m an intensive care nurse and would quit tomorrow if I didn’t have 4 children to feed. That said, I’ll have no choice but to leave when mandatory vaccines come in for healthcare workers. I’ve no idea what I’ll do then though, this is all I’ve known for 25 years.


if its any consolation, stay strong and do what you think is best for you, unfortunately we live in a world where most employers do not care or value staff, the only thing you can do is stay true to oneself and look out for your own interests.

Hermione Granger

This comment is currently unavailable


Can i ask you about this? Why would you quit? How busy is your ward?


CCU is always busy. I’ll quit if the vax is mandated.

Danny Warden

Hi Richie.
I’m living in France with my wife and son who is now 26.
All of us are now 2nd class citizens in this apartheid country.
We’ve had many joyful years here but now it’s becoming very hard to bear.
None of us will ever be injected with the poison and will go to our graves free of it.

Having said that, I’m struggling very hard personally with this situation. For the past 3 days I’ve had continuous butterflies in my stomach and feel I’m approaching a nervous breakdown.

I’ve always been a strong protector of my wife and son but with this fascism we are living under , I feel I cannot protect my love ones and this hurts me tremendously !

What keeps me going at the moment is your show and the fact that Russia and Israel have abolished these so called health passes !

I’m now hoping at best that it is just another tactic from the dictator to get more jabbed
And will be lifted after millions more get the poison
When he announced the new regime this week over 1 million French booked to have their first poison dose the next day.

Please continue spreading the word mate.


Urban fox

Feel same way. Single,large family all brainwashed. England and Ireland. Not seen since Xmas 19. Hardly any contact. I’m unjabed If they do supermarkets here will have to try and enter illegally. Shocking stuff. Check out covid 1984 app. Speak again.My step mum got a Billy’s blood clot as well.Keep fighting the bastards.


Danny, you are not alone mate. This is what they want,a state of heightened anxiety, stress levels up to further attack our natural immunity. I know its hard but take a break away from any news , radio or tv or social media. Just cut off for a few days to recharge your batteries. It works for me. Can I suggest Mark Bajerski videos on youtube? Just watched his latest one- ‘who is the worlds most beautuful healer? ‘ give it a go Danny, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Good luck! 😊

Karen nicholl

Fantastically written email I’ve noted some of the phrases for when the time comes that I need it


Well said, hope more follow….. Hope in UK footballers would do this or any big name.

Urban fox

Hi,left you reply to your vaccination post on other page.


This comment is currently unavailable

Urban fox

Speaking as a person who has family in Ireland who are not aware this is a total scam. I applaud this amazing stance this great man has taken. I fear for my family and how they are being violated by this poison. Maybe this will help wake a few people up. It’s unlikely I will ever see Ireland again.this is the darkest time in human history.


This comment is currently unavailable

Urban fox

Thanks, GENRAL MASK ALERT,some idiot is walking on an empty street in South London ,12.15 a.m,masked up,do not approach as you may cAtch his stupidity


This comment is currently unavailable

Urban fox

True as well. I was just stepping outside to get some air. By my front door watching.It was Totally deserted. He came out of his house and carefully put it in place. Then slowly walked down the road.I just stood there shacking my head and muttering to myself.I find this mindblowing,I don’t know about you.


This comment is currently unavailable


What a man of integrity! I respect him for his courage, his sacrifice and his compassion for his fellow man.


This comment is currently unavailable


Wow, this has brought a tear to my eye. Well done young man, you are a hero of this Scamdemic. I’m sending you and your family love and prayers. And I hope to God, one day these filthy dirty low life BASTARDS get what they deserve.

Last edited 11 months ago by Brenda

Niall – u have single handedly restored my faith. I am so very very proud of ur courage and stance on this very huge issue (ie. worldwide deception, as per Jesus’ words). I thought most Irishmen had lost their proverbial balls until I read your email…………… Never back down, you are doing the right thing, and no job, position in society, or paycheck, can ever be enough in order to cover ones belief or morals……. Well done you !!!!!!!!


Well swerved and this 8 min clip demonstrates just one reason why.

Specific test within 7 days of receiving the jab that confirms micro bleeds – ongoing damage irreversible in the critical organs – heart, lungs, brain and spinal cord.


Niall has our total respect for acting on his principles. His email says it all and we thank him for sharing it. We need more people like Niall

We wish him and his family all the very best.

The majority folk just wander around seemingly in ‘The Truman Show’ these days…..


Right on brother!

Ronald Templeman

Niall, is a brilliant guy standing by his principles, it would be something if some of our Football, Rugby, Hockey etc players took a stand against this Nazi style control. I really feel for him, obviously loves his sport but doing the right thing comes first. I wish him every and I mean every good thing in life for the future.

Anneliese Moerbeek

Huge respect!


Finally the dawning of some true Irish resistance from within.
I sense a nationwide awakening is now commencing.

I’ve no idea what it will take to ‘RESET’ the mindset of these globalist psychopaths.

But I’ve a feeling it might yet be something…


Go raibh míle maith agat Niall McEvoy.



Ps. No Covid passports (now or ever!) family picnic in the Phoenix Park Sunday July 18th from 1pm.

All welcome!!


No transport or would have come. Hope you have a glorious sunny day and an enjoyable picnic.


Cheers Jennie.

Last edited 11 months ago by Gerry
Tony K

Great fucking show last night Richie.

Nice one.


A warrior.


the real test of a person and there principles is not only in the good times but also the testing times as well, this gentleman has shown he is willing to stand by his convictions.


Well said!


Well said, fair play to him. Now we just need every member of the Garda, Defense, business community and civilians to do the same. This is make or break time.


Yes he’s a good man. It would be great if his team-mates supported him and did the same.

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