Irish President Signs Vaccine Passport Legislation Into Law

Irish President Michael D. Higgins has signed into law controversial legislation on indoor drinking and dining. From Monday, checks of vaccination certificates will be made before seating customers.

Anyone eating at a restaurant or drinking at a pub in Ireland, will only be seated indoors if they can show that they have been double-jabbed or recently returned a negative covid test.

Speaking to RTΓ‰’s Morning Ireland programme, Alan Grehan, manager of Sprezzatura restaurant in Dublin, said that he believes checking for certification will become second nature for staff. He said that pub and restaurant owners have been very good at following procedures and guidelines.

The Vintner’s Federation (a trade organisation representing pubs in Ireland) is fully behind the use of vaccine certificates. Chief Executive PΓ‘draig Cribben told RTΓ‰ that the guidelines that will allow pubs to reopen on Monday are almost complete.

His only concern is a logistical one. Cribben said:

Β “While our members will be relieved to reopen next Monday there remains a significant challenge in policing the vaccine pass. It will require the full support of the public to ensure this temporary solution runs smoothly.”

Ireland is lost.


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A good John Waters piece on the magnitude of treachery to the Irish people that has been committed here.

Simon Blanchard

The Vintner’s Federation spokesman thinks these vaccine passports are a temporary solution?
There is nothing more permanent than a temporary government policy.

Last edited 2 months ago by Simon Blanchard
Jeananne Crowley

The Gnome in the Park let the country down when he had the chance NOT to. Where do we go from here is the ceist? Personally think it’s unworkable but we’ll certainly find out soon enough. Am ashamed of Michael D given he’s spend most of his life spouting on about Freedom and Decency (writes awfully long winded poetry too) Richie wasn’t remotely surprised that he signed it into Law but I still held out the forlorn hope he’d Do the Right Thing ….ever the bleedin’ optimist eh?


As did I Jeananne.

But I think the skeletons in his closet are now coming back to bite him where the sun don’t shine.

Though based on some circumstantial evidence I’m learning through the grapevine..

It’s entirely possible he’d enjoy this too!

Oh yes indeed!



There are some cafes in the area where I live who are refusing to re-open as they are not prepared to discriminate or to enforce this law but it would take the majority to stand against it to make a difference and to be honest I don’t see that happening.


Better late than never I suppose. It’s a start.


More of this please!!
Thanks for posting Shari-rose!!



As you say better late than never but will it just be buried like all the others of similar ilk. Thank you for sharing.


I could say something snappy but I’m tired. Jeremiah 10:23. Google it. It’s good practice.


Although I can’t physically attend protests ATM, give me a petition or something to share and I’m on it for any country. We all need to support each other. I’ve a feeling, being in Wales, the people will be rolling over like puppies for the vaccine passport. 91% vaccine uptake, disappointing.


This guy looks like Bernie Sanders brother.


Most likely the runt from that litter.


All these globalist types have a really odd look about them. Like as if they’re trying to pass as human. Except Trudeau, he must be the commander of the mothership πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


He has the “dead eyes” look.


I’m told he likes some occasional ‘peek a boo!!’



This may be the ‘straw that breaks the camels back’. Trying to separate Paddies from their libations could prove dangerous.

Danny Warden

I sincerely hope all our Irish brothers and sisters boycott every single pub and restaurant.


Excellent interview.

Former ethics researcher at the W.H.O., Astrid Stuckelburger, PhD, sheds light on the behind-the-scenes at our Top World Health Agency, their conflicts of interests, and WHO’S really been pulling the strings in the #Covid19 pandemic response.


WEF: 17 Goals that can only be achieved through a “Vaccination” programme.
Without this they can implement their NWO / Great Reset totalitarian system.


Should be: “They can not implement their NWO system.

Last edited 2 months ago by Jacob

I’ve a knot in my stomach trying to come to final terms with this…

A man that was once highly respected in Irish politics will now forever be remembered ‘by those of us with a pulse’ as nothing more than a piece of fascist scum.

A little cowardly, spineless NAZI tyrant!!

Anyway… Before I throw up, here’s a nice little article with a good ‘soundtrack embedded’ summing up the current nightmare in all its glory.



Thanks for the link G.


Cheers Jacob!


You are welcome.
We have family friends living and teaching in Oman in private schools.
We were planning on going out there but the new rules are that all teachers working there now have to be “Jabbed”.
So that plan is no longer viable.


It’s becoming very real and very frightening now.
Bit by bit and little by little they are inching us into that cage until only one choice remains.

Fight for survival or die under their control and tyranny..

Easy decision to be made for me here!



Gerry, there’s another issue for many in Northern Ireland. All those ‘unionists’ who sold their principles of not wanting to be a part of a united Ireland, but still applied for an Irish passport for ease at passport control into the EU post Brexit…..what will this dual citizenship mean for them? I don’t think they realise the implications of this surrender, whatever your view on the politics.
They have no allegiance to Ireland.

Ireland could lock them up and UK Government powerless to intervene, even if they wanted to?

Gerry, are you able to give any further insight in this matter? Would be interested to hear.

I am not aware of this being mentioned by anyone at all, if indeed it has even filtered through to their consciousness..

I’m not even going to mention it to my two friends who have them because not only are they the ‘jabbed’ but they will see it as a ‘I told you so’ moment.
I had this very discussion on the implications of their decision at the time in 2017 as they were making their applications. I so was laughed at like some killjoy!!

Last edited 2 months ago by Brenda

When you say surrender Brenda??.. do you mean they surrendered their principles in order to exploit an opportunity to take advantage of a loophole that gives them the best of both worlds???

That doesn’t really sound like a surrender to anything from my viewpoint!

However, if they end up being incarcerated in a Irish republican jail or ‘gulag’ as a consequence of this ‘surrender to principle’ , well I would think it’s a simple case of reaping what you sow!!

Having said that, my position on all of it is that this tyranny has now escalated to unfathomable levels and all people who oppose it both north and south of the border need to unite for the common good of stopping it, before our respective circumstance becomes unsalvageable.

At this juncture in human history, I believe sovereignty and nationalism are irrelevant, so I hope this goes some way to answering your query.


Gerry, you have interpreted my enquiry correctly for most part except they swore they would never any Irish State identity!! Therein lies the hypocrisy but that isn’t what concerned me but I told them of possible unintended consequences- reap what you sow, they were dismissive of any personal national status that dual citizenship brought – can be persecuted by both even have competing demands made from you. Highly educated people (as often is the case) with poor skills of discernment in certain areas, not always giving due consideration in decision-making process.

How easy is it to revoke? They have all your digital data, health, banking info – everything that UK government has on you. Look to remind, that info is still theirs given by you

Don’t have and never had a problem or any issue, with Irish people, although the usual round of banter when hanging out together on hols and work (previously before PC stuck their neb in!!!)and neither do my friends.

Even during the worst of the troubles had great holidays spending the Punt!!
Have some brilliant memories when we ‘joined forces’ on holidays abroad!!

We only had hatred for those that wished us harm and their means of ‘persuasion’!!!!

I know many Irish people also have historically also had this set up with British passports for purposes of expediency and it was fellow Irish men
that caused them bother.

With a common enemy, that’s probably all incidental now.

Don’t think I’ll even bother to introduce that conversation to complicate the situation – chances of using either passport remote.

Last edited 2 months ago by Brenda

I hear you Brenda, loud and clear.

Our eyes or our thoughts are the windows to our souls.

Everything else is inconsequential.

One race, the human race united against global tyranny using the most peaceful means of resistance possible.

Total mass civil disobedience without violence.

If we can achieve this…

We’ve got them and our passports will quickly become irrelevant thereafter!

Maybe I’m deluded and living in a dream world to contemplate this possibility, but if we keep plugging away at our lost brethren and out manoeuvre our cunning oppressors…

We’ve got a chance at this!!

A genuine chance!!



Doesn’t it mention being wary of false prophets in the Bible? Gerry, most of my heroes were dead anyway; but I will never again allow myself to elevate someone beyond their particular talent or skillset. Being awakened due to this farce we’re living through has been a ‘double edged sword’. What is happening everywhere has ‘gutted me’ but the way that many Irish people have been cowed is heart breaking. For me there’s a special sparkle about certain peoples; to this end I have a great affection for this Irish and probably always will even if it’s reduced to a distant memory.


Re false prophets — Agreed Backbeat!

Personally I’ve never had time for any of them, but this is a whole new level of tyranny now.

I do think there is a last bastion of resistance remaining and it may very well result in a shock for the establishment of biblical proportions.

Can the majority meek be turned remains to be seen, but either way…

The line in the sand has now been crossed and I suspect a clear and defined response is now imminent.


I sincerely hope you’re right. Many years ago I read a biography of Miles Davis by the English Trumpeter composer Ian Carr. one line sticks out for me. “eventually people can get tired of anything; even of being scared”.


Hopefully Backbeat.

Ronald Templeman

Very very sad day for Ireland


Nuff said…..


I think shebeens are going to make a comeback.


Is a shebeen a little like a Hockey stick?


Little hideaway bars in peoples homes or outhouses Backbeat!!

During the lockdown our scumbag mainstream media had a field day reporting on whenever one was discovered by ‘the law’.


The amusing – and sad – thing is that they don’t yet realise that no matter what they do, lockdowns will return in the autumn/winter period.
The hospitality industry will take a hit in footfall because of this, thinking that something is better than nothing. They will stock up, spending money they don’t have to re-open only to be trammled again in a few months.
And when that happens they will once again stare into the lights of the oncoming train, not understanding the doom bearing down on them.

Still, at least James O’Brien will think they have made a worthy self sacrifice.


I’m afraid you are absolutely right. That there will be lockdowns once the flu and pneumonia season returns which they can then relabel as covid with of course the dreaded variants too.


Craig mostly is; he’s a pessioptirealist πŸ™‚


Sounds about rightπŸ˜†


Try telling “joe public” that the aim is to destroy the economy and small to medium size businesses and they don’t see it!


I have been reduced to engaging only those who engage me positively. Jacob; people have always rolled their eyes at things I’ve said; it has now become a badge of honour now. Standing one’s own ground should be the first lesson taught by parents. There isn’t enough moral courage around nowadays.


I can’t help but wonder if there ever was.


Craig, I like to ‘hold a good thought’ about humankind, but I’m slowly coming to realise that not everything is wheat, there’s a hell of a lot of chaff too.


There is indeed. Still, gotta laugh.

Last edited 2 months ago by Craig

Agreed upon.


No, they don’t. Because they cannot mentally comprehend it.
Eventually the majority will realise that something is wrong, but they won’t know why.


Oh how I wish that James O’Brien and Fat Ferrari would at least consider making the ultimate sacrifice.


With any luck their own personal venture into experimental gene therapeutics will assist them make it.

Praise be.


That kind of instance could really bring me to Jesus.


Thanks for bringing a smile to my face today as I didn’t think it possible!



You’re always welcome my Celtic brother….I wish you more power.


Go raibh maith agat mo chara.



It’ll be my privilege to buy you a drink when we meet my brother….this Β£h!te cannot last forever.


And I you!!
Now that will be a celebration to savour!!

We’ll get there Backbeat..

Unvaccinated, Unbarcoded, Undefeated!!

Though… Maybe a little drunk!!!




It could be said that they have already sacrificed their souls. Couldn’t get more ultimate than that.


Where is God when he’s needed? I feel that a jolly good smighting is called for here.


Following God’s own Great Reset with the Flood, he gave Free Will to humanity and buggered off. Can’t blame him really: he obviously decided he had better things to do than babysit his bipedal creation.


Beautifully crafted Craig. Perhaps he squeezed onto the Arc just before it set sail like the Americans fleeing Saigon.


So what happens when one law bumps up against another? As your guest last night was saying, Ireland has a lot of anti-discrimination law. Politicians can say what they like but it doesn’t really become law until it is tested in the courts. What are others’ thoughts on this?


The rhetoric is clear. Not being ‘vaccinated’ is not behaving in a socially responsible fashion. It is, therefore, an antisocial behaviour.
Antisocial behaviour is not protected under discrimination laws.


They haven’t even been accepting anti-discrimination law as an argument against the wearing of masks so I’m sure they won’t with vaccines.


Been ashamed to be Irish for a long time now but this inevitable confirmation of apartheid being brought to our shores by the lackies of Big Pharma and the WEF is still stomach churning. Today I feel physically sick at what has happened to this nation – which I now disown. The vast majority of the population here will support this measure as they are – as Richie intimates – completely lost. Worth pointing out that there is also no sunset clause on this tyranny, so it is here to stay. It really doesn’t get much more depressing than this. The Irish government has betrayed its people and that President is an absolute disgrace to humanity.


Me too Gerald, heart-breaking watching this horrific shit-show unfold. Our best option is probably going to be in a parallel society based on Cash, Silver/Gold and Private Crypto. Any projects I have around house or anything I need done, will be offered to only those NOT “going along to get along” – need to get or build a database of businesses, contractors, etc. Things are going to get difficult, but we will get through it, we must.


And me Gerald!

This nightmare just keeps giving doesn’t it??
A horror show that just won’t end.

But today that knot in our respective stomachs has just turned into an ulcer of mortal concern.

Where we go from here I can’t say..

But if we stand down and do nothing, we are doomed either way.

So… Why not have a proper go at these monsters!!

What’s left to lose beyond a life of total enslavement and government controlled tyranny!!!

Sure you’d be better off dead regardless.



My god what has happened to Ireland?

Save Ireland.jpg

Shocking Mark.


Words are failing me at present such is the level of this tyranny.

I’m simply stunned now.


Ironic how we knew this was coming and yet it is still utterly unbelievable. It’s staggering! Everything happening now has been clearly signposted and is playing out just like a script and is without any doubt The Great Reset in full swing. But in a way it is like a slow-motion car crash, so instead of a jolt we are getting repeated blows to the stomach day after day and it feels like different assaults even though it is just the one.
As previously stated, for whatever reason, I find today particularly depressing as an Irish man. Even though I knew that little treacherous sponger in the park would sign away our freedoms in a dwarfen heartbeat, and it was a done deal, it still comes as a sickening blow. With countless more done deals to come.
You are right about being better off dead and that, rather than giving up without a fight, we need to find the energy and enthusiasm and courage to mount a meaningful resistance. How or what that might be, I don’t know yet.


That’s exactly it Gerald in a nutshell.

Like you, I’ve no idea what’s going to happen, but I’m hopeful what remains of that true Irish spirit of freedom can somehow and some way be retrieved.

I’ve been saying this has to stop since day one, but have kept coming up against that same brick wall you’re experiencing too.

There is a gathering outside the Custom house Dublin scheduled for Saturday 24th of July commencing at 2 pm.

I’m praying that this is the beginning of this true Irish spirit retrieval.

I don’t know if you’re living anywhere near, but if so, I’ll see you there!


David Moore

It will require the full support of the public to ensure this temporary solution runs smoothly.

Well hopefully the public won’t give full support and will boycott pubs and restaurants.


If the Irish public are like the lot I came across this morning shopping then I dont hold out much hope of any resistance. Morrisons- 2 unmasked staff, customers, masked. Asda, 1 other shopper unmasked. B & M, customers masked lady on counter ‘well I’m dj but I will still wear a mask, to be on the safe side” 😱
Aldi- all staff and customers masked. The feeling I got was these folk want harder, longer lockdowns. Resistance?? Ability to think for themselves? If you say jump, they will just say “how high?”.


A lot of people’s brains don’t seem to be able to use logic anymore. I know they are using brainwashing techniques devised by the military based on fear and repitition.


I can’t understand the mentality of a person who would use one of these passes. Are they genuinely brainwashed? … surely not. Is it fear or is there a nastiness involved and they are doing it from pure spite? To me it feels like since March 2020 the world has been split into two camps with the vast majority have been inflicted with some crazy, inexplicable blind spot. I keep asking myself what is it that separates those who can see through the lies from the rest. There doesn’t seem to be a common denominator and it is almost random. At my most paranoid, I genuinely wonder were there subliminal messages sent through Netflix or something that I missed – was I inside the day they dropped the smartdust?… Anyway, regarding the ignorance and lack of integrity of those who are prepared to use digital health passes to oppress their fellow humans, it makes no sense. Even if one believes there is a virus that poses a threat, they are still not going to be safe mingling with one another untested as the ‘vaccine’ doesn’t prevent infection or transmission. They must know this, surely. The most base characteristics of human nature are coming to the fore here.


Completely agree about the spite comment.


Just read your comment after posting my reply to Jennie, seems you and I have a psychic connection thinking on the same lines πŸ€”πŸ€£πŸ€”


Smartdust indeed… Or perhaps a spot of remotely induced mind control!!??
(Not beyond the realms of possibility I might add!!)

I love this entire comment Gerald and to say you took the words straight from my index finger would understate your accuracy here.

Fitting then that our names are similar!!



I spent too much time – almost daily from last April through until earlier this month – on the comments section of MSM garbage like The Irish Independent and RTE trying to point out to people my genuine and pretty logical fears as to what is transpiring here. It was like belting my head off a brick wall day-in, day-out. Incredibly toxic and the more it went on I realised I was arguing with a different breed or type of person – completed blindsided by the obvious tyranny. And they kept ridiculing me even though there was no sense to their arguments. It troubles me a lot trying to work out what the essential difference is between those people and us. There seems to be something different about how our minds are wired … but what the hell caused it (or didn’t cause it)? Feels like we are on the set of Invasion of the Body Snatchers.


At least you tried with those outlets you mentioned.
I can’t even look at that MSM garbage now as each time I do, I become the man with the gun chasing the Zombies.

And I too have tried unplugging as many from this delusion as possible, but for the most part it has come to no avail.
(Mind you, I believe I did perhaps rescue one or two??)

The cognitive dissonance you speak of is surely down to an ability we possess to rationalise fear and to separate it from our existence here?

Perhaps it has a divine origin or it’s a simple case of simple judgement or a little of both.

Either way, I won’t be losing sight of it regardless of what comes my way.



I’ve related what’s happening to that film several times because it is as if people are being gradually taken over, people who you would never have expected.

I don’t interact with mainstream media at all, I can’t stand it. I think Richie is a hero for being willing to suffer it to let us know what is going on.


You and I know they are using brainwashing techniques Jennie, listeners to Richie know this, what do we have that enables us to see through the smokescreen and decide the whole thing has been a scam from day one? Never bought into any of this, saw the pictures of perfectly prostrate ‘victims’ with perfectly poised arms by their sides and thought ‘nah, people dont fall over in the street like that’ SCAM!!
If only the ability to think for oneself was highly infectious, would have been over long ago.


Makes me wonder if these people ever really enjoyed life before this.


I do feel this scamdemic has given many a purpose in life and something to talk about. Neighbours in their 70’s, both dj, been asking since February ‘have you had your vax yet?” Yesterday they said “dont have the vax, look after your health ” as they now worried as they dont think they will be here long enough to find out what this pandemic has been about and dont know what they have had injected into them… bless. Penny will drop eventually with others too.


Yes sad indeed but they all rushed into it regardless. I wish I had your faith in the penny dropping to the masses.


Lack of brain cells and lack of clear thinking due masking and taking the “experimental gene therapy”
Heard it said that some children have noted that their elders who have been jabbed are slower in their speech and thinking.
God knows best?


Interesting point Jacob.

I’m working in an industry where I regularly encounter all age groups.
Myself and my colleagues have all noticed similar and in particular with the aged who are simply sacrificial victims of all of this.

It’s beginning.


You can but dream. They embraced the anti-smoking laws (because of safety concerns); they’ll embrace this.

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