Is Lenny Henry The Dumbest Man In Britain?

Lenny Henry has written an open letter urging the UK’s black population to have a coronavirus vaccine. In the UK, vaccination rates are considerably lower in blacks than in whites. The letter was signed by a number of black celebrities. There’s also a short film.

Speaking to the BBC this morning, Henry said that people shouldn’t “listen to Dave down the pub” and that they should “speak to a doctor.”

Oscar nominee Chiwetel Ejiofor, actress Thandie Newton and author Malorie Blackman are among the signatories of the letter. They’re asking people to “trust” the vaccine and not let “concerns be the thing that widens racial inequality in our society.”

Henry blamed an “element of mistrust” in the system for the caution in the black community. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has found that only 49 per cent of black British adults are planning on having a vaccine.

Lenny Henry told Victoria Derbyshire on BBC News this morning, that black Britons shouldn’t listen to the concerns of their mates and families. “Trust your doctor” said Lenny. Is he really that dumb?

Your doctor is being paid nearly £12.50 for every covid shot he/she delivers. That’s a nice little earner eh Len? Sure, trust your doctor for an unbiased opinion on whether you should have one or not.

The truth is that your doctor hasn’t a clue whether the vaccine is safe or not. Many (not all) of them don’t care. It’s a cash cow. The vaccines were produced in record-breaking time and were given emergency use authorization.

The manufacturers have been indemnified against liability should the vaccines cause harm. The vaccines are causing harm.

Speaking on The Richie Allen Show last night, Dr. Tess Lawrie expressed serious concerns about granting emergency approval for medicines and indemnifying the pharmaceutical companies involved. See the link to the show at the foot of this article.

Tess Lawrie is a medical doctor and scientist. She founded Evidence-Based Medicine Consultancy Ltd. She has worked on drug safety and efficacy for The World Health Organisation. She is an expert.

Tess told me that she’s concerned at the number of adverse events being reported and that she would not be having a vaccine herself.

Lenny Henry and his celebrity pals might have conducted just a little bit of research before making their ridiculous film. Black men and women have plenty of reasons to be suspicious of covid vaccines.

Here’s a link to last night’s show. My interview with Dr. Tess Lawrie begins around the 1 hour 2 mins mark

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Alex Romero

Henry is an establishment shill. Who knew?

ian heaver

So I shouldn’t listen to ‘Dave down the pub’ but listen to a Doctor? Ok I will . Someone like Dr Tess Lawrie or Dr Vernon Coleman etc.


has anyone seen the video with the 3 past USA presidents telling the good old Americans to do their part and get the vax thats not a vax??? Hilarious and disgusting at the same time.


Just listened to Ritchie playing down the nigger slur.

Looking forward to hearing his opinion on the semtex lovers.

Daisy Beagle

It is surely a sign the government is getting desperate when they engage celebrities to make a video appeal. They underestimate people and believe that most of us are stupid enough to be taken in by the sycophantic persuasive convincing pattern that they have coached these celebrities to say. Non of it is genuine of course and congratulations to the majority of the black community of the UK for not getting jabbed. You have upset the agenda and should continue doing so !


Question: Is Lenny Henry The Dumbest Man In Britain? Answer: No; but he is the least funny.

Mister Peridot

Henry is certainly stupid but its his abysmal lack of being funny that distinguishes him from most comedians. Sadly there are other dimwits out there who probably do like his silly smiley face. But doubt they are people of blackness especially.


Well I can’t listen to Dave down the pub anyway because the pubs have been closed here since March 2020. But I get a lot of my information from scientists, doctors, researchers and independent journalists, archived medical records, people’s personal experience and people like myself who have put in many hours of research.


I think I’ll take my chances with Dave down the pub. No public figure is to be trusted anymore.


Most GPs haven’t a clue what vaccines contain or even know much about them and of course comedians even less so. The use of celebrities to push treatments of dubious safety and which aren’t even necessary is unspeakable. I can’t understand why they are allowing themselves to be used in this way.


We’ve given way too much credance and respect to Doctors. Jennie is absolutely correct when she says that most GP’s haven’t a clue what is in ANY of the drugs they prescribe; much less care. I’ve lost faith in the medical profession; one almost expects Lawyers to lie, Accountants to cook the books, but the ancient Hipocratic oath used to stand for something.

Zac Baled

Sorry a bit off topic.
One of my friends had a really bad flu about two months ago which lasted three weeks (probably was convid – I dont know – he had all the symptoms of classic convid) anyway the idiot rolled up his sleeve a few days ago. Come night time (on the same night he took the jab) he came down with a really bad fever, the guy I was told was shivering all night – his wife was really worried for him. Been a few days hes still not 100%.

My question – if there was no flu this year and what he had in January was convid bollox 19 and now he has had the jab yet still fell ill – a. was his body not immunised to whatever he had – most probably convid 19? b. If hes had convid 19 then obviously his body should have the antibodies. c. Now if he has the antibodies and still fell ill with a shivering fever by taking the jab – d. what the hell is going on? I cant make any sense neither can his family! Its becoming more weird everyday.

Zac Baled

He took the flu vaccine a few months earlier (could have been autumn 2020) the guy has been pumping his body with flu vaccines every year for several years (I would say atleast the past five years)
So in the past 6 months he has had the flu vaccine – fallen ill, has had the convid job – fallen ill.
Im thinking of poliely asking him he should change his name to ‘just call me an a$$hole’ by deed poll! Would suit his highly personable personanilty!!

Last edited 6 months ago by Zac Baled
Zac Baled

Lenny Henry and his ilk should stick to their profession. Involving themselves into something what they dont have a clue about is something similar to in his own words what ‘Dave down the pub’ has to say (correct Richie, the friggin irony – he has his face stuck up so much up his ass that he can smell his own dung – what he comes out with is just that – foul smelling farts out of his smelly mouth….. maybe theres a fuc%in vaccine for his smelly friggin breath of nonsense!!)

Well atleast ‘Dave down the pub’ has the interest and well being of humanity at heart! When ‘Dave down the pub’ talks he has atleast gone out of his way and researched a little to the best of his honest understanding about these (lethal) experimental gene therapy drugs and calls them by what they are – killing experiments (by using hundreds of millions if not several billion humans worldwide as gineu pigs) ‘Dave down the pub’ does not get paid for what he says – he has more to lose (friends, etc) for speaking the truth and apart from being mocked at and laughed at by disgusting, no mark ‘paid celebrities’ he has nothing to gain but much much more to lose which the artificial ‘celebrities’ will never come to know (apart from some with balls of steel)

Anyway does Lenny not know the pubs have been shut for the last several months? Nevermind ‘Dave’ no ones been to the pubs for the last several months (you pathetic paid for plonker – nevermind writing some bs letter – just bend over and start touching your toes whenever your told too by your paid masters, £qiching£, £qiching£, £qiching£ loser!!)


What a twat, but I always knew he was anyway.

Stephen Hardy

Reading Richie’s article almost makes me wish I was in the BAME community. Just to experience the honour and privilege of being motivated and reassured by a leading world class health and vaccine expert of the calibre of…. Lennie Henry!


I would rather like to listen to Dave down the pub, “sir len” on his opinion on the coronavirus vaccine. But I can’t get in the pub without the vaccine!

Shoe Hurley

Sell out.
Shame on you Leonard.

Web Ferrett

He obviously needs the money the government are paying him to say that – NOTE: our money, it’s tax payers money.
Just another paid shill for the government pushing their corrupt agenda.

Tom Phillips

Web, I can tell you beyond any shadow of doubt that Henry does NOT need the money. He is a very rich man.
Every single person who is a celebrity, has to influence the general public upon how to conduct themselves. Sometimes these messages are hidden, but this one is obvious.
If you want Celebrity status, then you give up the right to your own opinions.
Please careful what you post on here. A guy called “Martin” gained access to my wife’s real identity. We’ve asked the moderator how this could happen. No reply as yet. He then somehow got some very personal and embarrassing information on my wife and posted it on this forum in the form of a question. The moderator could not release “Martin’s” real name, so we called the Police for help. They said that “Martin” was protected by “Data Protection” and that they’d keep an eye on this Forum. Basically, anything that you say on here, under your “Forum” name, can be linked to your identity, your workplace, and anything personal from your past, up to 20 years ago.


It’s rather amusing. Pretty much all of the celebrities who have lined up to lecture to the public have, at one time or another, mocked and ridiculed the system.
Chiwetel Ejiofor and Thandie Newton, as an example, both starred in the disaster film, 2012 which made a big thing of how politicians and ‘specialists’ lied, deceived or just got it wrong. Now, starring in a production does not equate to believing the content of that production, but a lot of these celebrities have also been outspoken over the years regarding corruption in politics and business. This amounts to one of two things: either they were acting before to raise their profile (profit), or they are acting now to raise their profile (profit).
Either way, who would have guessed that high profile entertainers would be given a part in the current story?


this shill did videos with you no who and made 1.5 million English pounds in donation to set up a freedom network what ever that is.

comment image


Yes…’you know who’ made a big mistake getting involved with this guy. Since his son has taken more and more control something has happened to Icke. He now rarely calls out the Zionists and there are no bad Jewish guys anywhere in the world. All bad people are now Sabbatian Frankists or their puppets. At least two long interviews with Israeli’s on his website. Talks only about the threat to the Israeli population from Sabbatian Netanyahu. No mention of the poor Palestinian people. Mind you, Icke isn’t the only one who has gone quiet!


good point
icke website turned in shill central since his waanbie pop star turn truther son taken hold.they post Tucker Carson as advocate of truth and real crap diversity woke crap


this psy op isnt new.
the polio vaccine
people back then where NOT interested. then they pulled out EIVIS the king of rock he did exactly like all the others have done now and
the response was huge.

Notice the pattern every-time the bs19 storys starts to become less due to either opening up etc they pull the black card out or immigrant story even a Christian getting beheaded in church and repeat.

last year they closed down up north it was first ever localized lock down as the bame community where not social distancing that was what they said in why the cases where high and this got repeated by the usual shills on alt media

to be honest i had no idea who Chiwetel Ejiofor, actress Thandie Newton and author Malorie Blackman where.

their agent would advise them this is correct thing to be apart of. their is money in it, they aint doing this for free and it fits with what is internet fashionable Sellable to the gullible


Dumbest and least funniest


If Idris Elba has signed it….might take it more seriously. Not.

Shoe Hurley

Elba did the STAND UP TO CANCER gig. twat


 Idris Elba maybe he has long covid/? i recall he was the first to get it.


Aye, Idris Elba, another twat.
My stomach was in knots when he was simpering on about having ‘the covid’


Yes, he is as dumb as a bag of nails and anybody who listens to whatever these TV clowns have to say

Last edited 6 months ago by Herb

‘Ooooooookkkkaaaaaayyyyyyyy!’ .TISWAS
….say no more, man’s a legendary goon who every week used to mock his own race and culture, nationwide and just for laughs. Hopefully no-one listens to this idiot.

Wes Baker

We say ‘dumb as a bag of hammers over here, Stateside, Herb…! And ol’ Lenny is as dense as both.


Got it Wes!
the bottomline is the dude is an empty shell.
There is a saying in my part of the world’s concentration camp that is translated something like this “people are like sausages, what they are stuffed with they carry in themselves”

Shoe Hurley

his jokes are shit anyway


A joke; by definition should be funny. He never was.

Shoe Hurley

or a bag o’ rocks!


Or to quote the late great George Carlin “dumber than a second coat of paint”.

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