Israel Is The Fourth Reich

I visited Dachau and Auschwitz. I never felt so low as I did when I left those wretched places. The energy was horrible. At Dachau, I spoke with a 90 year-old German man, who told me what went on there. I thought of nothing else for days. I couldn’t shake it off.

Unspeakable and unimaginable things were done to Jews in Germany and elsewhere in the 1930’s and 1940’s. Jews were systematically dehumanised, before being imprisoned, starved, tortured and gassed to death.

The state of Israel has, for more than 70 years now, committed crimes against the Palestinian people, that are comparable with the crimes committed against Jews in Germany. You’re not supposed to say that. You are not supposed to compare the Israeli government or the Israeli Defence Force, with Nazi’s. To do so is antisemitic apparently.

But I won’t be silenced. Benjamin Netanyahu is a Nazi. He’s the latest in a long line of Nazi-esque Israeli Prime Ministers. Netanyahu (like his predecessors), wants to eliminate the Palestinian people.

Last night and the night before, Israel bombed Gaza from the sky, with state of the art fighter jets. Israel has been doing it for years.

Residential areas are deliberately targeted. Women and children are blown to pieces. Families are destroyed. The Palestinians have nowhere to go. Gaza is a concentration camp. There is no escape from it. It’s genocide, plain and simple. But nobody cares.

The newspapers and the broadcasters use lines such as “violence has escalated” or “there have been further clashes.” It’s disgraceful. It’s genocide, plain and simple.

I’ll spare you the history lesson on the creation of the state of Israel. I’ve done it too many times. I won’t drone on about the kidnapping and torturing of children, the bulldozing of homes. It’s all been said by me.

Never forget that Israel’s most sincere and most vocal critics, often tend to be Jews. Not all Jews are Zionists and not all Zionists are Jews. Jews around the world are no more responsible for the crimes of Israel than you or I.

I’ve said on my radio show a thousand times and it shocked my listeners, that I don’t blame Israel for her crimes as much as I blame my own country and the international community. We enable Israel. We are accessory’s to genocide, both before and after the fact.

Israel should be sanctioned back to the Stone Age. That’s for starters. Netanyahu and his gang of thugs should be arrested and put on trial for genocide and crimes against humanity.

Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International have declared Israel to be an Apartheid state.

From where I’m sitting, it looks more like The Fourth Reich.

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I know most of You don’t give-shit about what’s happening in the ME.
Problem is Gaza is a lab for urban & asymmetrical warfare.
And Palestinians are used as lab rats.
Don’t believe me?
Best you believe Me because, YOU are next.

There is an izzreali film titled *The Lab(2013)* and this is what is written directly under the link:
The film reveals The Lab, which has transformed the Israeli military occupation of Gaza and the West Bank from a burden to a marketable, highly profitable, national asset.

GumFilms – GumFilms is a production house for feature films and documentaries. The founders Yoav Roeh and Aurit Zamir, graduated from the Sam Spiegel Film and Television School. … The Lab. An investigative documentary revealing how the Israeli military occupation in Palestine has become a business rather than a burden. Director: Yotam …

I saw the film in 2014 on SVT.
Remember now, You are next.


Here is the director of the film discussing the film with TheRealNewsNetwork :

*New Film Exposes the Israeli Weapon and Security Industry*
The link below includes both a transcript & video of the interview :

You are spot on.
As you said Gaza is a testing ground for the military, new weapons / technology and policing. Why do you think that they were the first to have “Vaccine” passports.
The UK police use brutal tactics to deal with us the enemy after getting trained in policing / crowd control methods by the Israeli’s.

News Release from 15 minutes ago.
“A Picture is Worth a 1,000 Words”
If one does the math, that’s over 20 izzreali bombs dropped per km. of the Gaza Strip.

Last edited 30 days ago by Christopher Young@X_YankSweden

Palestine Has the Right to Defend Itself.

We have entered a new era in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. The old days of Israel committing war crimes against the downtrodden, captive Palestinians are over. The world has done zero to address Israel’s fundamental crime of nation-stealing: a megalith crime that can only be described as the longest and most vicious war crime in our modern history. A crime that millions of people around the world consider to be even worse than the holocaust. After some 73 years of enduring relentless Israeli terrorism, land-theft, cultural appropriation AND the silence of the world, the Palestinian Resistance has finally taken charge and has, literally overnight, turned the tables against Israel.

The same story with an extremely high-caliber of Commenters can be found here:

I can guarantee you’all will find more viable information in the, at present 171 Comments than what you’d find in a year or two thru normal reading.
The author *Taxi* is top-notch and on the ground in Lebanon.
Canathama is the person that personally recommended that I visit his site at *Plato’s Guns*.

Last edited 1 month ago by Christopher Young@X_YankSweden

An interesting perspective was raised in Thursday’s show: namely that the UK and US control Israel, rather than the other way around.
Following this line of thought, it could even be suggesed that the Crown controls all (after all, the US Federal government is not the vision of the Founding Fathers). Add to that Charles’ presence and influence at Davos and Meghan’s claimed desire to run for US President in the 2024 election and such a picture seems even clearer.
However, this is nothing more than speculation. There are layers upon layers of political and business intrigue, about which we actually know very little.

Hi Craig.
Would You like to get a better & more in-depth description of what You just named and, willing to take about 15-minutes of your time now, to read and give Me a reply directly?

Sure. Private message me.

The information should be *Public* in my eyes.
Take-a-look- ABOVE ^^

Wil do. Cheers.

I came across the following a few months ago and understood directly *Boreas* was most definitely knowledgeable and highly likely a retired Swedish professor/academician.

Read the ‘continuation’ of Boreas’s comment thru-out the comment thread.
You may want to read quickly Joseph F.’s article too because there are quite a few ‘bonefide facts’ there as well.

How do I know what these 2 guys are saying are some really really…deep & concise knowledge?
Well, I’m a collector of old maps, Atlases, manuscripts, etc.
Very old ones.
I can therefore, corroborate/verify what they say is very likely correct.

Let Me know what You think about ‘the info’.
Regards to All.

A very interesting and informative article.

Message sent to you.

…just logged-in 🙂


When all is said and done, the Palestianian people don’t want to be a country under any condition EXCEPT the death of 8 million or so Israeli people. They won’t unify under one government. They won’t secure their own borders. They’re getting what Hamas brings to them at this point.


Borders! there are no borders.
It is Semetic Palestinian land occupied by squatters who have no right to be there.

We are obviously dealing with 1) a poorly informed person or 2) a propagandized person or 3) a member of the 100%-identified *hasbara troll army* bought & paid for by the zionist lobby or 4) a jizz-reali conscript sitting in a bunker somewhere in Telaviv or the Negev Desert.

Notice I use the word *person* instead of Man or Woman to describe the ^^thing above^^.
A *person* is a legal fiction used to define a Corpus.
This also applies to the legal claim concerning the piece of Rothschild real-estate on the eastern bank of the Mediterranean.
It’s a legal fiction.
It never existed.
Titus Flavius Josephus, born Yosef ben Matityahu” never saw it either.

Best to click on the blue *Report*-button.
Let’s not feed the troll.

I’m a little confused. Who is the troll?

The OP above.
Its comment below is more or less non-verifiable and is conjecture only.
It’s soo 1-sided it’s ludicrous.
Enough said.
I refuse to waste my time discussing it further. Period. 🙂

Translation: yours is the only opinion that counts. Got it.

I personally consider zionism a form of mental illness.
From what I know, it is based on a fantasy, and enforced by genocidal psychopaths for the most part.
Additional & helpful links:


There have been Semetic Jews in that region since the ancient times. Do those people not have a right to be there?
And if we were to apply your argument to other nations, what would we have?
The descendants of Europeans, Irish, British, Russians, Indians, Chinese, Japanese, Africans, etc have no right to be in the Americas; non black Africans shouldn’t be in Africa; non white peoples shouldn’t be in Europe, Britain or Ireland…you get the picture, yes?
Your argument smacks of the ethno state lobby.
This is not a criticism – just an observation. To all intents and purpose, most nation states around the world are ethno states, including China and India (between them accounting for nearly half the world’s population).
As for the borders issue: if I remember history correctly, the borders of what we today call Palestine did not exist before the British and French carved up the region. The Palestinian people, as an independent nation, has pretty much never existed (and certainly not in the last thousand years).
So, if it’s an issue with borders, Palestine has no more a right to exist than Israel.


The state of Israel is built on lies. These lies are perpetrated by their political leaders, incorporated into their school textbooks and repeated millions of times on the social media by their Hasbara propagandists. Most Israeli citizens and most Zionists in countries like America have no idea what the truth is.

(I have read statements of Palestinian jews, before the land was given away by the British and Saudi’s, who used to on Jewish holidays let their Muslim neighbours babysit their children.)


I agree. Israelis also like to remember the Holocaust, but not the name of Genrikh Yagoda. Probably because that name, among so many others, puts Zionists in a very bad light.


Richie, I totally disagree with your take on this.
Airstrikes and rocket fire continued into the fourth day with death toll rising as IDF tanks and troops amass on Gaza border. Netanyahu says it could last another week!
The policies of the Biden administration have set up this lethal round of hostilities in Israel and Gaza, Israeli analysts said on Wednesday.
Biden’s Weakness and lack of leadership has emboldened the terrorists against the Jewish State.
Hamas continues to manipulate the media and world leaders with lies about Israel.
The war was sparked by Hamas’ gamble to gain popularity over the Palestinian Authority by inciting riots on the Temple Mount during Israel’s annual Jerusalem Day Celebrations. 
Earlier this week, Israel celebrated Jerusalem Day while the Muslims observed Ramadan and tensions quickly exploded. Palestinian rioters on the Temple Mount clashed with Israeli police, and similar Arab violence erupted in cities throughout Israel. At the same time, Hamas exploited the situation by launching massive rocket fire. 
The incitement on the Temple Mount escalated with a death toll over 20 when Palestinian Muslim’s began shooting at the Israeli police.
The US have changed their policy from Trumps and have started to fund Palestinian terrorists again; Hamas is a terrorist organisation.
I notice on Wednesday you were ‘amazed’ that SKY new reporter was ‘reporting the truth for one’- REALLY? So it becomes truth when we agree with it? MSM are liars and manipulators , delivering a script- why would they change this now? Do you not think that this is also being manipulated so that the anti-israel narrative can continue?


Typical zio hasbara propaganda…
The Squatters living on stolen Palestinian land and their supporters are the masters of deception, lying and as norman finklestein says “Crocodile Tears”

Last edited 1 month ago by Jacob

So, it’s only propaganda and lies when it applies to a nation you hate? How very convenient.


Be nice, Jacob. Disagree, but do it respectfully. Otherwise this site becomes a Twitter-like echo chamber full of screeching harpies.


You are right.
Very emotive issue for me but I still need to remain calm.


I wrote up a reply here Jacob to try and put up a link, but for whatever reason, they occasionally do not work.
(So upon posting, the whole thing vanished less than two seconds after posting!! — a most frustrating experience, especially when you forget to copy it first!)

You mention Hasbara (The Israeli propaganda machine) and this is something which should never be underestimated when it comes to understanding the modus operandi of Israel.

But, as we all know only too well this methodology for brainwashing has now gone into global overdrive and is the primary mechanism for our Agenda designers to enforce their transhumanist psychopathy.


The link won’t work here and it now appears that this video is being removed from the internet faster than you can shake a stick!
(No surprises here as wiping things off the face of the earth is a speciality of these monsters and is becoming commonplace!)

It’s obviously long gone off Gestapo tube, but is now getting wiped off Odysee, Bitchute and other platforms.

And I’ve noticed other videos disappearing too.

This is extremely alarming now, as should this type of censorship continue at the same pace of the agenda…

There will be no place left to expose the evil of this tyranny.

And we will all shortly thereafter get a sample of what it’s like to live in Gaza and Palestine.

I suspect you’ve seen this Jacob, but for anyone who hasn’t…

The documentary is called:

“Occupation of the American Mind”

And can still be found (for now at least!) on Bitchute …but not for much longer I fear.


Glad to see You here Gerry 🙂
The censorship going-on now is very bad.
I & the wife have over 2,000 books. Why?
It’s physical and can’t be erased! That’s Why.
Get Books People! Before they disappear.

Excellent film “Occupation of the American Mind” btw.

Yeah. The ‘disappearing’ of comments here for 1 reason or another is very disturbing.
I decided to start re-posting here for the following reason:
I discovered 1 of my comments was removed, because it contained a certain word-
Richie had said in a radioshow at the beginning of this year that, He’d ban any usage of the word regarding a certain family from Windsor.
“Gotta have proof….blah blah blah”.
Well, last week Richie used, in a radioshow, the exact same word in reference to…just that certain family!

When I heard that, I said to myself, “F_ck it”.
I’m an old b@stard, and, I ain’t gonna go down easy. Not for anyone.

I’m sure Richie understands you Chris, so I’m doubtful he’d ever try stop anyone from having their say.

And that’s solid advice you mention with regard to keeping physical books and literature, as they will seek to wipe any opposing opinion off the net and may very well succeed in this regard.

Also, you posted and referenced some very interesting links yourself there Chris, so thank you for that.


Oh and as an afterthought, further down the line everyone ‘with the ability to think’ will need to contemplate removing themselves from this technology in order to push back against the Agenda’s transhumanist ideology.

One idea I have would be to consider moving back to older technology like using older cell phones versus ‘smartphones’ when away from home.

All of this depends on our uptake and usage of these technologies…

So by simply ‘souring the milk’ their Agenda gets absolutely nowhere fast!!

Easy as this Chris!!!

And re the Agenda…

Here’s an interesting video I watched this morning you might like!




5 Massively Deceptive Headlines By MSM to Cover Up Israel Killing Children in Gaza.

If you take in all of your information from mainstream media sources, you likely think that Palestinians are a terrorist organisation who carry out acts of unprovoked violence against the innocent state of Israel. But to those who think for themselves and seek out objective information on Israeli and Palestinian relations, it is far more complex. It is also heavily one-sided.

It is no secret that the United States government is in bed with the Israeli government. In foreign “aid” alone, $10.5 million of your tax dollars flow to Israel every single day of the year. Some states have even passed laws that define the criticism of Israel as “anti-Semitism.”

Calling out the crimes of the Israeli government is not anti-Semitic, it is pro free speech. Criticizing the Israeli government, as well as any other government, is the right and duty of all free humanity. Just as TFTP advocates for the freedom of Americans, we advocate for the freedom of Israelis and the Palestinians. Only through discussion and peaceful criticism will peace ever be achieved.

Nevertheless, the US mainstream media has made it their mission to whitewash, downplay, distort, and completely lie about the crimes perpetuated on the Palestinian people by Israel…..


I don’t disagree with this. You did fail to mention the recent HRW report which has served in riling up a lot of people and which is far more than it seems. Last week (or was it the week before?) I posted up the names of the Board of Directors of the HRW along with the corporate interests they all represent (including the Warburgs and Open Society Foundation (Soros)).
But it’s not just Israel that are being protected from criticism. China has been applying pressure to stop criticisms of its actions and criticism of Pakistan is often labelled as Islamophobic.
This is the same mentality as the ‘treason’ or ‘unpatriotic’ concepts when applied to the home nation.
From a different perspective, a willingness to judge other nations is part of the globalist agenda to create a global mono culture.

Time for more of You to fall-off-your-chairs.
The saudi royal family is…jewish.
From 2011 :

“There is a historical “eight hundred pound gorilla” lurking in the background of almost every serious military and diplomatic incident involving Israel, Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Greece, Armenia, the Kurds, the Assyrians, and some other players in the Middle East and southeastern Europe. It is a factor that is generally only whispered about at diplomatic receptions, news conferences, and think tank sessions due to the explosiveness and controversial nature of the subject. And it is the secretiveness attached to the subject that has been the reason for so much misunderstanding about the current breakdown in relations between Israel and Turkey, a growing warming of relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia, and increasing enmity between Saudi Arabia and Iran…”
Look’s like Jacob found great stuff as well, found below.

Here’s the link to Part II of Wayne Madsen’s revelation series from 2011 :

Are ya’ gettin’ it by now.
You’ve lied to about just about everything that’s important in Life.

This is an excellent book written by someone I worked with in the past and have known for over 10 yrs. Includes some info on the fall of Turkey, Masonry, British government and the Doenmeh.

Satanic Voices Ancient and Modern.

Why Thank You Jacob. 🙂
Appears to be very detailed from what I can read from the 1st-few pages.
I prefer reading books-in-hand, and will put it on a possible ‘buy list’.
At the moment I have 1-book in line for purchase from the UK already.

Regarding *Rushdie and Satanic*, I thought I’d give You a laugh.
(therefore the pic)
Long-story-short, I bought it on a trip to New York City a few months after it was released.
This was before(!) the Internet existed for almost 99% of the World in 1988 btw.
It was not available in Sweden at the time if I remember correctly.
Anyway, what did I think after I read it?
I remember quite clearly, that…seriously-speaking the writer/storyteller was fuckin’ crazy, hallucinating about 80%+ of the time when he wrote the book.
To be honest, for myself it was more or less a total waste of my time.
Tell your friend that when You see him sometime.

Rushie -.jpg

You are welcome.
I prefer the book in the hand to pdf version if possible.
Nothing like the smell of books and the feel of paper. Very satisfying.
To be honest I never read Rushdie’s book.
P. M sent to you.

Last edited 1 month ago by Jacob

Hi Jacob.
Just got done listening to Kevin Barrett & your friend: *David Pidcock: Signs of the “End Times” Are All Around Us!* from June 2020.
Extremely interesting and Spot On!

Once Again, I see the “Truth Stuck Right-In Your Face”, facts & certifiable information and…alot of people continue living their lives with their heads stuck in the sand.
Mental Midgets maybe?
Cognitive Dissonance going Global thru scrolling mirrors-in-hand perhaps?
Well, the *True Story* is there to see.
Sadly, many prefer to bitch about it but unwilling to know why they are slaves.
I’ll get back to You tomorrow about *books*
I’m tired.
Gotta rest my mind and body now.
Good Nite.

I already knew that last bit. I wrote a piece on the Social forum a couple of months ago that touched on it.
Anyone who goes looking in the places the programming instructs us not to look, quickly understands how many lies, deceptions and dogmas now rule the public sphere.


How Jewish Supremacism warps reality.

Posted 1 hr ago from a real Journalist, and 1 that knows, been ‘on the ground’ for 30+ years:

*Gaza Hits Israel’s Prestige*By Elijah J. Magnier:

“With its different Palestinian factions, Gaza collectively consecrated the state of Palestinian consciousness of all Palestine and achieved its goal of breaking the prestige of Israel, despite Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s claim that it had become “a *superpower*, not just a regional power.” This new Palestinian awareness was achieved following the Israeli escalation and aggressive campaign against the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood (read below the entire story) inhabited by more than 38 Palestinian families threatened with *eviction* from their homes. Israel also savagely attacked Al-Aqsa Mosque demonstrators….

Elijah J Magnier ( ejmalrai) Twitter.png

Here’s the original tweet :
Elijah is…IMO, ca. 95%+ independent and, somewhere between 1-5%…self-censoring/peripheral ‘controlled opposition’ /owned thru somekind’a ‘control file’.
If You are not familiar with Him, you’ll get-more-than-from-most, from his reporting & insight.
Let Me know what ya’ think. Ok?

Thanks for that very informative article Chris.


You are right about the citizens – there is heavy intimidation discouraging people from speaking out too loud… That’s why they keep having elections. They don’t get enough majority either way to move beyond a coalition or hung parliament.

Ronald Templeman

I can’t remember his name sounded like Vanunan, he exposed that Israel had nuclear weapons and was put in prison and hounded for the rest of his life, not nice.


David Cole a brave young jewish man from California went to Auschwitz in 1992 and did a thorough personal investigation of the *gas chambers* and *death camp*, and personally met with the director of the museum in Poland.
I guess Richie never saw David Cole’s original report, on video, directly from the camp.
It’s been banned continuously for the past few years and the only available copy that can be seen in Europe now is find on the link below.

Time for many of you to fall-of-your-chairs.
You’ve been lied to :

ps. personally I find the poster of link above a little-bit crude in the wording used, but David’s ‘classic of a report’ is a must see.
Hopefully Richie takes a look for himself as well.

Christopher you are spot on. There has never ever been any evidence found that Jews or anybody else were gassed at Auschwitz or any other camp.
I understand why Richie used the analogy in order to show the irony of what Israel is doing to the Palestinians but i’m sad to see him falling in line with the holocaust industry. He knows better.
As for feeling horrible after visiting Dachau and Auschwitz, i’m sure there are many places in the Soviet Union or China that are drenched in the blood of Stalin’s or Mao’s millions of victims, it’s just that we are not brainwashed about them every day of our lives on TV and in magazines and newspapers.
For those with an open mind try reading ‘Bleeding Germany Dry’ by Claus Nordbruch for some balance.

brenda cowen

Don’t forget to include Guantanamo in your list of blood-stained places.

I’m a ‘student of History’.
I’ve learned in my long Life that to find *facts, documents, verifiable thru affidavits & testimony*, is where 1 may start/begin, to understand Truth.
It ain’t easy and takes literally years to find any semblance of…Reality. Truth.

I sent the following short letter to Dr. Paul Craig Roberts 4 years ago :
Dear Paul,
Thank You for pointing out James Bacque’s books *Other Losses* & *Crimes & Mercies*.
I have been propagating for these 2 books on Zerohedge all year now.
It seems as though some people have been spreading ‘the word’. about these books.
I’m so glad you yourself with your large reading audience have ‘discovered’ & spread the word too.
It almost makes me wanna cry when I’m reading Bacque’s books.
The Eisenhower Death Camps are a whole story onto themselves.
May the souls of these innocent people finally receive solace & final justice.
Bless You.

Circa 1,000,000 non-combatants, Germans of all ages were intentionally mistreated and starved to death at the end of WWII by the american army in the Rhineland by General Eisenhower, all according to the Morgenthau Plan.
Between 9,000,000 to 11,000,000 German citizens died after the cessation of hostilities the followings ca. 5 years after the war!

Please read/listen to the following 2 interviews done 2019 :
James Bacque died 3 months later.
1 knows Truth when 1 hears it.
I’ve cried and, have tears in my eyes now as well.
Tears are God’s way of cleansing our Souls from Evil.

Hope this Helps You All.

Other Losses & Crimes and Mercies -.jpg

I found now this morning, which I saw about 5 years ago, the following film, personally narrated by James Bacque himself, while sitting in his kitchen :
*Other Losses – A Film by James Bacque (The Real Holocaust of World War II)*
This is a Must-Watch.

The “between 9,000,000 to 11,000,000 German citizens died after the cessation of hostilities” used in my original post above, is a direct quote from the West German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer and if I remember correctly, made in a speech in Zürich Switzerland in 1952. But, it was ‘disappeared’ from the history-books.

Other Losses - A Film by James Bacque (The Real Holocaust of World War II).png

I have bookmarked and will watch that later. Thanks Chris.


What else can you say about a man who drove his own psychiatrist into committing suicide. Read up on Dr. Moshe Yatom
A suicide note at his side explained that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has been his patient for the last nine years, had “sucked the life right out of me.”“I can’t take it anymore,” wrote Yatom.“Robbery is redemption, apartheid is freedom, peace activists are terrorists, murder is self-defense, piracy is legality, Palestinians are Jordanians, annexation is liberation, there’s no end to his contradictions.Freud promised rationality would reign in the instinctual passions, but he never met Bibi Netanyahu.This guy would say Gandhi invented brass knuckles.”

Last edited 1 month ago by Abdel

Difficult too know what too say ,Hamas have been firing off rockets into Israel so Israel retaliate.Israel do though act shamefully towards Palestine,look at the barely mentioned Golan Heights and its vast supply of oil ,supposedly over a Billion barrels and Gas fields.


Not difficult at all.
The standard play is to wait near the end of Ramadan and attack the worshipping congregation at Al Aqsa Mosque which will no doubt end up with home made rockets being fired back in anger.
The Zio squatters living on stolen land don retaliate with state of the art weapons.
(this for the Squatters is the perfect excuse / time to test out any new weapons that need to be tested on the semite Palestinians).

Zac Baled

Hi Richie

Any chance of getting Robert Inlakesh on your show?

Just show him on ‘The Last American Vegabond’ a few days ago. Excellent analysis as usual he showed a clip of a video where the Palestinians are praying in the big mosque at night whilst being attacked by the israeli armed police from the back. From what I could see it was the israeli armed police battle charging the Palestinians with weapons from behind.

My outlook on Israel completely changed in 2014 when they bombarded the living daylights out of Gaza where Innocent men women and children were murdered, blown to pieces. The oppressed have now become the oppressors. The victims of the holocaust nazi’s will be turning in their graves.

brenda cowen

We can all lend our support to the Palestinian cause by engaging in the BDS – (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) movement against Israel. Every little bit might help.


It does effect companies when lots of people boycott their products.
I have supported the Boycott for years including not buying Israeli products or buying from companies that support the Stealing of Palestinian land and resettlement of non semetic jews which is not easy when the kids want to drink Coke / Pepsi.
A few years back some Tesco stores lost tens of thousands of pounds a week due to boycotts of their stores.
The trade mark of Jaffa is Israeli owned so I will do without Oranges if they are the only ones available.

Nina Payne

Israel was created as a base for the Western Powers, through UK. It must be remembered that the Palestinians are the same sect of Muslim as the Iranians. What has been going on now for donkeys is whip the Palestinians to enrage Iran. This is the key. Israel is there to provoke Iran into a war, when all of their assets are planned to be stolen.

Charlie Stevenson

Gaza is occupied territory. According to the UN this gives Gaza to right to armed defence. Make no mistake, the Saudis just pivoted towards the Muslim brotherhood. This may well mean Israel could get twatted by Iran and its allies soon. Now that would be biblical!

Zac Baled

Hi Charlie

I dont know about saudi (theyre another messed up regime) and they dislike Iran very much. However, you might not be far off from your prediction of Nutty-yahu getting annihilated by the Palestinian resistance this time round. This time he may have bitten off more than he can chew. This may well be hezbolah v israel 2006 all over again?


Saudi and “Israel” (Palestine) are two fingers of the same hand or as Richie would put it ” Two cheeks of the same Arse”

Here is a very interesting article.

Great Catch Jacob.
Wayne Madsen did a 2-part exposé in 2011 which is also quite detailed.
I’ll post links ABOVE.

You are welcome.


To ‘Build Back Better’ clearly implies first destroying the old. This can be done in many ways and Israel is showing us all what one of those could mean.
Forget the pretty marketing by the WEF – marketing is always used to deceive (and it should never be forgotten that Schwab received a large sum of money from Israel).
Do not forget that Israel’s man in the US, Henry Kissinger, was the one who opened up China to the same businesses who profitted in Nazi Germany.
Do not forget that the first president of Israel was Chaim Weizmann: a Zionist and biochemist who also happened to have the ear of Winston Churchill.
Do not forget that the founding Zionists of Israel worked with the Nazi regime.
Do not forget that China are now openly operating a Eugenics program.
And most definitely Do Not Forget that the ruling class of today are the very same people who have overseen the deliberate deaths of hundreds of millions of innocent people.


The British people are occupied prisoners like the Palestinians in Gaza. We’re being attacked with Created Debts by the Temple of Usury, which debases the currency and exsanguinates the future, producing a rentier hell on earth. The nation lacks the wisdom offered by an overarching Gold Dome that protects humanity from the usurer and the future from inflation.


Imagine if that apartment block had been your home..

Or the hospital you seek treatment in gets blown up while you’re in it!!
(And that’s just Gaza where they are walled in and effectively imprisoned!)

Well that’s the military strategy of Netanyahu…

A war mongering PIG!

Who’s even using ‘force’ on his own people with all the covid psychopathy!!

And every country stands idly by and does nothing…

Oh wait… Aren’t they too busy with assisting the creation of the “Global Fourth Reich” to be bothered!!??”

Their legacy is spreading..


Time to make it stop!


Thank you for sharing, excellent speech, brave woman. I’ve been telling people for months if they stop complying it’s over but they don’t listen.

I went in the local library yesterday which opened for the first time since December. All last year I never wore a mask in there and very little was said, yesterday I got bullied big time. I believe in libraries and I do my best to support them but if I’m going to have that every time I go in I just won’t use it. I got banned from SupaValu for not wearing a mask but I tried again the other day because they sell something I can’t get from anywhere else round here and I was prepared to do battle. But I went in and they served me without a word, so that was one small, bright spark.

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Lions or ‘Leopards’ don’t bow to the Hyenas Jennie!!

So remember that when you go into either the Library or shop [etc] next time!

And re the Leigh Dundas speech…

You’re very welcome and I’m glad for the opportunity to share it!!


That’s ‘exactly’ how it’s done!!


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