It’s Not Boris Johnson’s Fault That Your Mum Died Alone – Blame Yourself

I am sick to death of hearing folks whinging about their their mums, dads or grandparents dying alone in hospital or in a care home, while Boris Johnson was boogeying on down inside Number 10. These people need to take a hard look at themselves and take some personal responsibility.

Take Ann, who phoned BBC Radio 5 Live this week. Her father Len died in a care home. He had cancer. He died alone, in late October 2020. Ann blames Boris Johnson for this.

Did it occur to Ann I wonder, that a respiratory infection was the least of Len’s worries? Did she think to herself that as he was dying of cancer, her place was by his side? I mean, you’d want to spend as much time as you could with your mum or dad if they had late stage cancer right?

Ann’s story is one of hundreds I have heard this week. Dennis spoke to SKY News. His mother had dementia and died in a care home. Dennis hadn’t been to see her for 7 months. She was 86. Dennis obeyed the rules because he didn’t want to infect his mother.

She never got a say in it of course. Neither did Ann’s father. Nobody considered that seniors in care or in hospitals might choose love, companionship and hugs over isolation and abandonment.

I would’ve asked. I would’ve said, “Gran, they don’t want us coming round in case we pass on this virus, but I don’t want to leave you alone. I want to keep visiting. What do you think Gran?”

Of course, Gran would’ve told me to give her a hug and to come back the next day with a quarter of bullseye’s and a sneaky baby Jamesons.

Boris Johnson is, of course, a total shithouse. He’s a sceptic tank. He’s detestable, but don’t blame him for your old mum dying alone in a care home. He may have set the rules – he didn’t but that’s beside the point – but why did you obey them?

You can’t tell me that you didn’t know or suspect that it was wrong to abandon your relatives for months on end, relatives who had far more pressing health issues than covid?

For those who weren’t holding the hands of their loved ones as they died, the guilt must be overwhelming. It must be suffocating. It’s easier I suppose, to look for someone else to blame, rather than ask uncomfortable questions of yourself.




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john de calonge

The relentless fear propaganda put out by all MSM at the beginning of 2020 has worked.

Back in May 2020 I texted:
Maybe as a gentle question you ask your friends etc, why do they think the UK government purposely ENHANCED FEAR in their policy last year? This was AFTER The UK Government downgraded COVID-19 from being classified as a high-consequence infectious disease (HCID).
COVID-19 was first classified as a High-Consequence Infectious Disease (HCID) in the UK on 16 January 2020, when it was referred to as the “Wuhan novel coronavirus WN-CoV”. It was then downgraded from HCID status by the UK government on 19 March 2020.
Options for increasing adherence to social distancing measures 22nd March 2020: (A group of psychologists called SPI-B, part of SAGE, have been tasked with advising the UK and Scottish Governments how to get people to adhere to COVID–19 restrictions. Their document which is freely available on the UK Government website, states the following):
¨A substantial number of people still do not feel sufficiently personally threatened.The PERCEIVED level of personal threat NEEDS TO BE INCREASED among those who are complacent, using hard-hitting emotional messaging.¨
Why this policy after they had downgraded Covid19?
It is time to make the government fear the people.
Now in February 2022, I have little hope left in the majority….they still wear their face masks and line up for boosters….
Truly insane times


Easy for you to say Richie. But how many back breaking and mental health damaging years have you been a carer for an elderly parent for? I was a carer for my dad for over 20 years and worked full time (rent, bills) for most of the time too. When the elderly are near the end of their life they need 24 hour care which isn’t something any one person can do by themselves safely. I didn’t have the luxury of family who want to help either. We don’t all have a good income with a country house and a granny annex.

You also need very specialist equipment like a hoist, slings, special beds, bathing tables and oxygen or feeding equipment for many people. This is often impossible to get out of NHS or social services quickly but care homes have it. Have you ever tried taking a family member out of a care home (presuming you can just park your day job and had a a spare room and accessible home? They block you and send the police to take them home. We arent all good at breaking into care homes and removing the frail dependant either. I don’t have an accessible WAV to kidnap them in (they cant always get into a normal car) and often travel by non emergency patient transport to hospital appointments. They would literally be dead by the time the finances from social services for funding for home carer support was sorted. Believe me I have done all that over the years with my local social services, occupational therapists and dietitians and equipment hire suppliers and it takes time to put a care package into place.

I suspect you have not spent any time caring for an elderly adult with complex health needs in your life! People only put their loved ones in a home when they are at breaking point usually not to dump them. Well maybe the rich do. I bet Boris does.


Well previous generations coped just fine! And yes I have nursed and cared for my Mum until she passed away, I was 35 and had a 1 and 2 yr old and worked…and as a family we cared for my Nan until she passed away at 93 years of age. I’ve also worked as a carer and the only reason hoists got so popular was because of lazy snowflakes whingeing that it was too harder work ! Not forgetting that it’s a lucrative money making business, as is Care Homes!
We have no family loyalty or values now. Most families are too .’busy’, too materialistic to even give a damn about their own loved ones, all by design.
Richie is 100% right.

Danny Warden

Boris is a complete fat cunty bastard who should be put in the stocks so we can piss on his fat face everyday for one month , then exile the fat lump of shit with all the rest of the clan.

People who lost relatives and loved ones during the past two years of this utter complete scam should be pointing their fingers at Boris, not because he had multiple parties but because he knew it was a scam.
Join the dots people.

Dermot McCauley

Harsh Richie!!!


what if this article was written by chris witty, van bam or the creep ferguson, the comments would be full of outrage, but because richie is the author, well ye have to agree eh, loyalty is a fine human trait, blind loyalty on the other hand ?. critical thought ?, calling people sheep, most of you people are the very thing you accuse others of being, fucking cowards, mind controlled muppets. as said seen plenty of footage of people trying to save their loved ones and some being jailed, for someone to call them out is fucking despicable, what about the poor people richie has had on, whose loved ones died ( murdered ) in hospital, they thought maybe something was not right but discounted it at the time because they trusted the nurses etc, but now they know, you talking about those people richie ?. unlike you richie i have never called the coppers in my life to help me, so save the you would do this and that, you would do fuck all. your watching too much of yer man o’brian mate.


Had 2 friends whose mum was in care home. I told them time and time again to fight to see her. Sadly they watched her pass through the outside window having not seeing her for months. Though I agree they need to take responsibility but it just wasn’t that easy to get anyone to listen.


It does seem to be a sad truism of human nature that people almost invariably blame the source of instructions, rather than the followers of the instructions.
In this case, people want to blame Boris, even though almost the entire Houses of Commons and Lords, The Crown and the media supported him (and don’t tell me that all those others were not having private shindigs – the media simply haven’t exposed it, or made a big thing about the instances that have been exposed. After all, Kate Burley is back working).
Instead, people should be looking to their docile and obedient selves; the docile and obedient healthcare services; the docile and obedient police; and the docile and obedient media. Without that docility and obedience, jobs would not have been lost, families would not have been torn apart, and dying loved ones would not have had to die alone.

As Obi-Wan Kenobi said: “Who’s more foolish – the fool, or the fool who follows?”

We live in a time when there is so much self obsession (whether that is an the individual or group level), but sadly little self-reflection.


Those of us lucky enough to have some kind of intrinsic knowledge, strength, renegade mind as David Icke describes it can sometimes forget that “there but for the Grace of God go I”. I have often had strong feelings on a subject I haven’t personally experienced only to find myself realising things are often not as they appear from the outside looking in. We all do it.
As a HCA in community Palliative care I have some varied experiences of people,there is good and bad everywhere. In a service based on following procedures, policies, and compliance and in a society that used to have trust in authority I think it is amazing and beautiful that over the 2 years of insanity the ship is turning around and the truth is impossible to ignore. The casualties of this cruel attempt to redesign and cull have been the vulnerable, elderly, lonely, poor, mentally ill, children. Sometimes it’s frustrating and we can all start pointing fingers. Perhaps there is a grain of truth in these feelings. Is it helpful or right to say them. I dunno I always regret my indulgence in stuff like that.
My sympathies to anyone who has had to suffer losing a loved one in these awful circumstances. It’s never an easy thing . Anything that adds pain to that is cruel and unacceptable. I genuinely believe spirit returns home to the most perfect state of clarity where it belongs and all the suffering of this realm is left behind. I believe the world is on its way to becoming a better place. The Richie Allen Show has literally been my best friend through this time. Thanks Richie. Sorry for the essay 😁

Jackie Adam

Richie you have a point however in my case and I’m sure many others my mum needs 24 hour care and my family who all work full time just could not manage her at home which is why she unfortunately is in a nursing home. So in our case we could not just take her out – so although we really wanted to see her and we had many arguments with the manager there was nothing we could do x


Jackie you were not alone many families wanted to take thier mum or dad out of the care homes and we denied that right. There was one woman who was an ex nurse and managed to get her mum out, but the care home called the police and she got taken back, just hope things have improved for your mum and the family.


That’s what he system wants you to believe but there is always something you can do.


Hmmm in many cases I agree. There have been slavish types (who tyranny has always relied on) who this article speaks to. But in other cases some will have fought, some with a lot on their plate anyway like jobs and kids and they would have fought and been beaten by the state.


True but they fought, that’s the big difference better to have fought and lose than roll over snd do nothing.


its very interesting how subtle the media is framing the Johnson party affair, instead of framing it as someone in power who seemed not to be sufficiently threatened by a virus to stick to his own dictates, instead its framed as johnson dared to have an unacceptable level of liberty which needs to be crushed, and heir starmer is the man who stuck to the rules and found it perfectly fine to take people’s freedoms away, interesting how its framed.

Last edited 4 months ago by Patrice

Amen to that


Exactly!! your relatives belong to you not the government!! Boris etc… did nothing outside of the law and I mean the real law, you followed the “rules”? you’re a muppet!


have to disagree richie. was it not the case a lot of people could not get into care homes and hospital wards for that matter. we know what was going on, a lot of people had and have no clue. people are too trusting, even nhs workers and care home staff have no clue they are killing people, they think they are doing the right thing.


The government doesn’t own our relatives Martin.


gaz most people have no clue what has being going on. i do blame vermin like johnson, up here the krankie, already said on this page i have seen people jailed for trying to get their loved ones out of care homes, i feel sorry for people that have lost loved ones and have no clue what is really going on.

Mama Ibeji (Linda)

I guess most people who had loved ones inside care facilities, hospices and hospitals felt largely helpless at the time. I remember seeing the stories of relatives desperate to visit, obtain access, remain with or remove relatives – only to be harassed, confronted, arrested and denied. Seeing stories like these obviously aided in brainwashing the public to ‘keep away’ and comply with the bullshit rules. But not all residents in such facilities have caring, loving, present or persistant families. I used to work in healthcare. It was heartbreaking to see some people go for weeks, even months without seeing family members – quite literally cases of ‘out of sight out of mind’.
What I find really hard to comprehend are the cases of those with elderly relatives living independently in the community – who stood outside by the garden gate, waving at them through the window, refusing to go within 10 feet of them, leaving shopping on the doorstep for MONTHS, long after the penny had dropped on this pantomime. In the UK There were no guards at the door, no police patrolling every street in every town, no-one to prevent them from being a human being and doing what they longed to do, but themselves. They literally policed themselves. It’s an absolute tragedy………

Paul C

Bottom line is, that government work for us. People knew that the guidelines made no sense from the start. If I (the people) ran a business and my employees (MPs) were telling me what to do while watching my business (country) decline and being destroyed, I would be to blame.

Dee Lovely

Couldn’t have said it better myself! Totally agree Richie!
We seem to be living in the “Era of Blame”. These people lost loved ones, but they also lost precious time spent with them through their own fault. Sorry, but they need to accept the blame lies with them. No goon on tv or in number 10 kept me away from my loved ones…. l never kept away, and never will, least of all on some gormless mp and his goons say so either!


I do feel this is a lesson for many people to in future, safeguard their liberties more and to be more questioning of authority. If anyone, i.e. the state comes along in a cheap suit and proclaims that “we need your liberties”, I do hope people remember that they could not see their dying relative etc.

it also feels that the media are grooming keir of starmer to be installed, for instance yesterday articles were written exclaiming “this was starmers best speech ever” people need to remember that starmer would have also stopped people seeing their dying relatives and probably worse.

Its now up to everyone to be internally watchful and safeguard their liberties at every turn, if not, then people can’t be surprised if it happens again. ringing up news shows, who did not report these parties in 2020 and moaning while not learning will not achieve anything.

Last edited 5 months ago by Patrice
Steven James

The family unit is purposely decimated by the system!.

Steven James

Good choice of music there….Bowie 👍

Steven James

I don’t whistle at females,I just tell them they’re attractive in a non creepy way 🤷🏻‍♂️


It’s as if people were saying you can die from anything except covid. I would have been camping outside that care home to see my love ones, I would have gone to jail to see them.


If people had turned up at a hospital, they would have been removed from the premisses by the security staff or arrested by plod if they had pushed the staff out of the way, no amount of talking would have got you in to see them, Same for many care homes doors would be locked, what do you do kick them in? Or break windows to get in? Assuming you are fit and able to do that the NHS and care home owners are to blame also

Last edited 5 months ago by toney

so what if you are arrested? Many people have fought and died for their love ones and people are afraid to get arrested to protect their live ones. No you don’t need to smash anything violence is never the answer.


100% correct, not one of richies better articles to be fair.

Angela Lambert

I agree with you Richie. I wouldn’t have left someone I love alone, whatever rules were in place.


aye heard it, seen people being jailed for trying to get their loved ones out of care homes, the usual i would do this and do that, you would do feck all, you would most likely been jailed.


You have touch a sore bone there richie, alot people want someone to blame for their cowardice behaviour. I have gone into many care homes and I have not seen alot of old Asian people in these care home but I have gone to alot of Asian home and see where they have converted the front room into a bedroom so mom or dad can live a decent life till they depart.


Although, saying that…….If my Dad had been in a care home dying of cancer I would have got him out and sod work and all that, but what if he needed morphine?
I couldn’t have given him that, so what could you do?
Some people were genuinely stuck I think, so sad.


Hmmm, harsh!

So what do you think the people who couldn’t afford, or didn’t have the means to take their loved ones out of care homes and look after them at home?
You were not allowed into care homes, I’m not sure that going to the care home, barging in and being thrown out because your behaviour was against the rules would have been entirely fair on the care staff or would have got you much time with your loved one.
And same for hospitals, PEOPLE WERE NOT ALLOWED IN.

So no, I would say nobody needs to feel guilty.

Isn’t that obvious Richie or am I missing something??


Although I’m open to your argument Jodie, I just don’t understand why anyone would not do whatever it takes in an attempt to see their loved ones.

Instead the vast majority seemed to accept very easily what they were being told to do, even though it made no sense.

No point in blaming Boris, he is just following orders, the same way many of them did.


your missing nothing jodie, you are correct in what you say.

Anne Talbot

Absolutely Richie. Many made their own judgement call by “Doing the right thing” but it wasn’t though was it ?

I can’t fathom out the need to offload the guilt by blaming someone else for them not being there for their own family or close ones when a great many of them could.

Gavin Ledermann

Totally agree with your article.
These same people continue to wear masks and comply with the nonsense, so happy and content that they are ‘doing the right thing’. Will take a lot more than Boris’s parties to wake them up from their Covid Coma.
These members of the public interviewed on the mainstream seem so pleased with themselves that they stuck to the rules. It’s pathetic and quite disturbing their level of complete unwavering acquiescence.


i got the feeling from speaking to some people that liberties and freedom are not classed as important as it once was, scary really as it seems some people are content with obeying any rule the state imposes.


Today’s infantilised society at it again…if not calling out for big daddy government to make decisions for them, blaming him for their own inadequacies is the next safest bet.

I say this with full knowledge of a certain hypocrisy but, en masse, it’s frightening. Society is looking pretty shagged to me.


Could not agree more, distraction tactics is an age old ploy that never fails.

No wonder the elites look down their noses at us.

What really worries me is that this particular distraction will end with Boris gone and Sir Keir mandating jabs.

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