It’s YOUR Calls To Richie – Today Weds July 21st From 5.35pm

Good afternoon friends. I’m opening the phone and Skype line to the show from around 5.35pm this evening.

Please do not call if you called in last time. Priority will be given to new callers and those we haven’t heard from in a while.

All the details are on the image above. Here they are again anyhow.

Skype: chatwithrichie

Phone + 44 (0) 161 818 2018

In the UK it’s simply: 0161 818 2018

The show begins at 5pm UK time as usual.

Speak later.

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This might help people seeking insight biblically.

Jeananne Crowley

Reading the comments below am thinking RA show should have a separate comment section for the show’s content what do ye think? As I don’t and never will do ‘twitter’ but oft feel like connecting with everyone who’s been listening …we could ‘meet’ apres the broadcasts daily when we’re still in the mood

Bruce Botrel

I think the set up here would work ok, but one of the issues is some people often catch the show an hour or two after it starts, im one of them, i only get to listen live about half the time, but i think some thing to get more people talking would be good, dont know what tho….

Please Read the following which I just posted here-

Regards. Please Learn Everyone.Understand the Why(?).

Penny Fulton

Spot on Jeananne C. It’s so important to be able to respond spontaneously and directly to the points, made to us ! ( as though they are automatically beyond question ‘by virtue’ of being allegedly ‘ oppositional ‘ per se to the received agenda ) .
This preponderant assumption is very dangerous indeed .
And it is a fact that the fundamentals of the agenda are being MORE successfully promoted by the alleged ‘opposition ‘ , than the obviously illogicality of the obviously evil .
THE case in point being : The FACT that by some 70 years of The Clinical Trial ( IE The FORMER ( pre 2020 Evidence Based Medicine , by Judicially Governed Criteria which constitutes ‘The Clinical Trial ‘ : ( Which MUST be comprehensively open to PUBLIC scrutiny and therefore open to prosecution for falsification /breach of the judicially set criteria ) . ….
Which as a matter of public record DID NOT succeed in transmitting ANY given set of symptoms ( diseases ) from person to person ( or animal to animal ) under laboratory conditions , despite attempting to so over decades .
Whether by casual contact or direct ingestion, inhalation, injection with said ‘ offending ‘ biological materials .
QED ” Thereis Proof on PUBLIC Record, by Evidence Based Medicine that there IS NO such thing as ‘ transmissible disease ‘ IN THE FIRST PLACE !

….Hence the post 2020 replacement by ‘ DATA GENERATED ‘ ‘medicine ‘ .
IE of no judicially set criteria and impunity from prosecution from fraud .

It INFURIATES me that NOT A SINGLE so called ‘opposition ‘ /’Truther ‘ ( sic ) wants to know about this incontrovertible , fundamental, PROVABLE FACT. …… , if you listen to them in the light of this revelation, it should become plain to anyone that they are, by sleight of hand, constantly reinforcing the false ‘ transmissible disease ‘ agenda , which of course , as long as THAT prevails over ‘the belief system ‘ SO does ‘The National Hell Service ( in all guises ) nonsense ( of ‘poison and butchery’ as ‘disease management’ ( sic ) )
remain supreme in the eyes of The Public who are its actual creators and sustainers by our expectations of ‘ trust and ‘belief’ systems , instead of the expectations of former Evidence Based Medicine .

Bruce Botrel

This is whats worrying 2 hrs after the show finished and there are only 6 comments / 7 with this one, if this is the kind of engagement we get with those who are interested in the subject matter, what can we expect from the rest, its gonna be a case of REMEMBER THE ALAMO

brenda cowen

At the risk of getting screamed at, I will say that, here in Canada, Rocco Gilati a constitutional lawyer and his team, have had some successes re: lockdown, masks, etc. having to do with this scamdemic. He has a number of cases that are are still to be adjudicated. I am also aware of the fact that the court in Portugal ruled in favour of the two German gentlemen last year, and if memory serves, there was one other case that was favourably adjudicated. I would never suggest that we do not pursue the legal route – the alternative is blood in the street and this I would like to avoid.


These signify what is going wrong, but are nothing more small token gestures.

These examples will be used to illustrate that freedom and democracy still in order!!!!


Quote: “I would never suggest that we do not pursue the legal route”.

Nor would I. I agree with Allen that a corrupt system is necessrily going to try and control the entire legal system. So, it’s naive to think that anyone pursuing that route is going to be doing so on a level playing field. But some do it anyway rather than finding all manner of lame excuses to explain why they do fuck-all.

However, not only is pursuing that route, until it’s exhausted, preferable to the violent alternative, It’s also preferable to doing absolutely fuck-all but sit in a room in a house and talk, talk, talk as Allen (supposedly, a ‘real jourtnalist’) does and then make very pathetic excuses for ‘doing’ nothing (such as protest, seek legal possibilities etc.) and then berate others who do try to do more in one day than Allen, and his beloved overlord Icke, has ever actually done.

Oh! The irony of his outburst about Fullmich ‘just talking’.

Icke recently called for ‘others’ to make citizens’ arrests of police officers who break the Law. Has he ever made a citizens’ arrest of a police officer himself?
Has Allen called him out for that (or any of his other utter ‘bollocks’) which would require the same legal system to prosecute in a Court of Law – as he ranted about on this show? No. Allen only ever lives in a fantasy, journalist warrior world of how he would “rip someone a new one” if he was interviewing them but then reveals himself to be the mental, hypocritical coward that he really is and NEVER ever actually does that – even when it’s warranted.

When such opportunities do occur, he ALWAYS makes the excuse that he’s not going to rip the interviewee a new one because they’re entitled to their own opinion etc. (except Brian Gerrish apparently, to whom he didn’t have the guts to grant a right of reply to his accusations.)

See: Richie Allen switches sides on Hampstead hoax

Allen claimed (very quietly and about a year later) that he did offer a right of reply. So, either he’s lying or Gerrish and David Scott (who also expressed his disappointment that Allen was not willing to allow it) are.

It’s possible that some of these people pursuing a legal solution are not genuine. However, I can think of lazier and easier ways to obtain donations (like raffling crystals).

At the very least, the attempts to turn this around via the legal system, even if they fail, has more chance of being reported to the masses than anything Allen or Icke has ever attempted. It’s obvious by its absence, that Icke never does what he calls for others to do (e.g. citizens’ arrests) even though if he did it, it would gain far more media attention than Joe Blow doing it.

The reason he doesn’t do it is because there’s no money in it and that makes him as bad as the ‘lizards’, he claims to be fighting. Icke’s never actually fought anything nor anyone. He made an arse of himself in the 80’s and the only real fight he’s ever been engaged in since then has been to find an income source to replace his unemployable status by plagiarising the real investigations of others and then presenting them as his own – for a fee of course.

Oh Yeah! That’ll turn this around – FFS!

Last edited 2 months ago by Mark

Ok Richie.
Are You up-to-it for…some 1-on-1…dynamite facts?
Yes. I read! Books. Scientific Papers.
I’m an extremely ‘private person’.
Let it suffice to say I was in…*Who’s Who in America- the 50,000 most important people in America* between 1968-1972, because of my Father.
But, remember I’m a ‘nobody’
‘Satyagraha’…Gandhi’s 1st autobiography…I read over 50 yrs ago.
The ‘BBG’ shouldn’t stand for…a 2x baccardi-gammon.
You’re smarter than that.
Regards Chris

Last edited 2 months ago by Christopher Young@X_YankSweden

ps. I’m in the telephone book at the same # for over 30+ years.
No Fear.
Carpe Diem!


Hello Chris.
I hope you and the family are well.
Would be nice to hear you on the phone-in show. 👍

Christopher Young@X_YankSweden

I tried 3X by telephone after 5:35pm but got nothing, no busy signal, only a ringing tone.
If You read my last email and looked at ‘fasten your seat-belts’, it’s that which is the answer.
The 1st caller tonite *Sarah* started ‘approaching the subject’ but with the biblical referencing.
Same as the caller *Pepper* did last week at the end of his long-talk; He talked about Elites having a very old plan & timeline that is being followed.
Also the *famous -Veterinarian in Devon-Cornwall* mentioned at the end of her conversation about 3 weeks ago in that ‘call-in’ a combination of the 2-tangent points above.
However Jacob, the newest scientific data is…overwhelming.
It’s…cyclical Jacob.
Hope Richie sees this post.
For myself, let’s just say things are not good.
Cheers Chris

Last edited 2 months ago by Christopher Young@X_YankSweden
Christopher Young@X_YankSweden

I tried 3X at 5:35pm by telephone but got no answer.
The 1st caller *Sara* today talked about the ‘biblical aspects’ of what’s coming.
Last week *Pepper* in London mentioned in that call-in at the end of his long talk about…how He believes the Elite are following a very old plan with a distinct ‘timeline’.
About 3-weeks ago, in the call-in, the *famous Vetinarian in Devon-Cornwall* mentioned at the end of her talk a…very old/ancient & recurring types of catastrophes.
Well, my last email to You with ‘fasten your seat belts’ is part of the most current up-to-date scientific research regarding the *Answer* to why what is happening now is happening. IMHO.
It’s…cyclical Jacob.
Its evidence is found in the sediments around the World.
Remember now, this research got its break-thru less than 15 yrs ago btw.
Hopefully Richie reads this.
Most people could never wrap their head around the research.
If Richie tried, He’d get-it immediately.
Cheers Chris


Thanks for the info and nice to hear from you Chris.
Looking forward to reading your email later today when the family are out and I will have a bit of peace.

Last edited 2 months ago by Jacob
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