James O’Brien Is The UK Government’s Own Lord Haw-Haw

James O’Brien is a state propagandist. Throughout the scamdemic O’Brien has used his morning radio show to persuade his listeners that lockdowns, facemasks and vaccines are for their own good. In fact, he has regularly rebuked the government for not locking down harder and faster.

O’Brien has never challenged any of the “science” behind government mandated restrictions. There are tens of thousands of scientists and doctors who counselled against lockdowns, social distancing and mask mandates.

None of them has been invited on O’Brien’s show. He hasn’t interviewed a single opponent of lockdowns. That’s actually quite staggering when you think about it.

Callers have managed to put the case against lockdowns and other restrictions to O’Brien. He resorted to belittling them, incessantly interrupting them and cutting them off. What a coward. He also lied pathologically about the safety and efficacy of the vaccines.

Today, the self-professed liberal declared covid certification, or vaccine passports, to be mildly restrictive. He said:

“I just see it so clearly! Take this precaution which is mildly restrictive, in order to avoid moving on to this one which is massively restrictive.”

O’Brien has two daughters. I wonder, does he give any thought to what the world will look like when they reach adulthood?

It isn’t unfair or even unkind to compare O’Brien to William Joyce. Joyce broadcast Nazi propaganda.

James O’Brien broadcasts Nazi propaganda.

He openly endorses vaccine passports. It doesn’t get any more Nazi than that.

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We need to start calling these creatures what they actually are. They’re not journalists, they are enemy combatants.




Hello Glen.
I am curious about you profile image.
Is it related to the band Gong in any way?


Trip brother!






Albert Hofmann 50 year anniversary. 25 tabs to a picture.

Tony K

Those bottom corners were always the best.

Tony K

Monday’s show with Gareth and Tony was sublime bro.



Caroline McHale

Richie, could you please check on your Email, I sent over yesterday. I have some INSIDE INFORMATION to share. My mob no in the email. I must stay “INCOGNITO” Thanks

Caroline McHale

Speaking to a Fire Man last week, he said the last couple of fatal road accidents he has attended, he has always notice the car radio crackling away erriely with James O’Briens voice whinging away in car. Putting it down to – Road Rage listening to him. James O’Brien is a health and safety hazard which should be taken off the Airways.

Urban Fox

Anyone fancy taking a poisonous drug that has killed tens of thousands, and jetting off on an airline somewhere.? There is a publication i found out today called Airline Pilot. It is the official magazine for airline pilots worldwide.


Parodically they print a memorandum, containing any Airline Pilots that have died. There’s a story going round at the moment. Regarding a concerned twitter user who noticed something that he found disturbing. In the whole of 2019 only one pilot died, whereas in 2021 39 Pilots died in the month of July alone. He rightly asked the question could it be jabb related. I noticed on google some links accusing him of spreading fake news. I did for a brief moment consider posting this photo from the publication, to some people that are still plugged in. But realized it would be a total waste of time. As the reaction to this so far confirms what iv said all along. People will just continue to say, how do we not know its not covid, the imaginary virus.

Because we have seen this repeatedly, whether its sports people dropping like flies, or an increase in teenage deaths up by around 60%, since the poison rollout. It seems people will believe anything, in order to avoid confronting the real horrors that are unfolding. The real horrors being nothing to do with a health emergency or phantom plague.
I would suggest that anyone getting this vile concoction in order to fly, might like to consider the double risk. The first one being death by Jab, the second risk being death by unexplained air crash. It may be safer to not have the Jab, and hitch a ride on a smugglers boat.

Maybe there is a deadly plague, that just so happens to be for the first time actually causing excess deaths. Coincidently at the exact same time as the fake vaccine rollout. Maybe everyone is being killed by alien parasites from another world, who seek to destroy humanity. Oh wait a moment, maybe both things are actually true? I know what i believe, you decide.


Thirty-nine airline pilots died in one month this year as opposed to one dying in the whole of 2019, that’s an absolutely staggering statistic. This should be headline news. Of course the airlines have been forcing their staff and crew to have the wretched jabs but some have resisted and now we can see why. I also believe that what is behind all this is much darker and deeper than most people can begin to appreciate. If you as a private individual can find this sort of information it seems strange that professional journalists don’t seem able to.

Urban Fox

Its just staggering isn’t it. They and the public are just choosing to ignore these things or pass them off as unconnected.

Urban Fox

One in 2019 and I think it was either 5 or 6 in 2020. I didn’t post the video regarding this, as the guy kept saying that 2020 numbers were proof of covid, calling it a bio weapon. And i dont like to post something, if I’m fundamentally apposed to that belief. The 2020 numbers are more likely to be down to stress, lack of medical care, suicide, drug or alcohol abuse etc. Any number of things. They are also just about low enough to be a natural occurrence. Whereas the 2021 numbers can not be coincidence that they came after the Jabs. So i think talking about 2020 and covid is misleading.

Urban Fox

Hi Gerry, Thanks for that, Good find and clarification. I hadn’t bothered to count the year total but knew it must be a lot. Thats incredible and good they have the athletes number on there as well.


No bother Fox.
I stumbled across that a day or two ago, so it’s a synchronicity to see you’ve spotted it elsewhere too.

And a very significant one at that!!


Urban Fox

I just tried to repost my article with both links Gerry. On the comments board. It nearly crashed my account. I got the awaiting approval, followed by your comment not valid and then you are a spam account again. Definitely shady goings on by the intelligence community here. I broke my own advice. As iv found that it is dangerous to not hide links inside text , rather than putting them at the beginning or end. The second link i put at the bottom of page. For future reference Gerry you might like to take note. As I’m sure there is software that is scanning posts, and that its harder for it to detect links that are within text. Also i think it is good advice to change wording very slightly if something does not post , rather than try and repost again. I’m certain this is outside forces and not Richie as others have suggested.


I don’t know Fox.
Richie mentioned issues with the site this evening.

Perhaps this is related?


God bless him, I have not got the energy to hate this little shit. Like most people like he will fall on his sword and I hope I am there to cheer him on when then he does.

Last edited 1 month ago by Horus

No problem Horus.
A sword will not be needed and the hatred can be offset with swift justice.

As once the gallows testing phase is complete, he can then be put out of his misery quickly by someone with the requisite skillset.

“Come hither James”

“Present thee for thine endings”

Urban Fox

I’m learning to knit for this very occasion. I can already make a scarf.


Good survival skills and instinct Mr. Fox!

I’m a skilled practitioner with an axe myself believe it or not!!
(And a dab hand with a chainsaw!!)

As the saying goes…

Chop your own firewood, it will heat you twice!!


Last edited 1 month ago by Gerry
Urban Fox

Just been looking to reconnect with some people. Checked out my Facebook account not been on in years. And seen that my Niece who was a child last time i spoke to her. Works for the NHS, I’m not happy to say the least.


as a theory, is it possible that the ptb realize they are pushing too hard and people are waking up, maybe not in sufficient numbers but more than say 10 yrs ago, will this then make the PTB hold back as if too many people start considering this is for nefarious purposes, then it could fall apart.

Tony K

Exactly. O’Brien isn’t just an out of touch wanker, he’s a carefully placed intelligence service corporate whore. He would be Judas if you wanted to be biblical about it.

When I shuffle around the faces on my covid traitor Nuremberg advent calendar, his dirty, red rat face keeps popping up in the top ten.

How he hasn’t been knocked out so far in the street at least once, is a travesty.

Cliff Charlton

Would love to be locked in a squash court with this twat.

Cliff Charlton

Would love 5 minutes locked in a squash court with this twat.


Haw Haw was hung i do believe by Albert Pierpoint,O’brien needs the same treatment.


“I just see it so clearly! Take this precaution which is mildly restrictive, in order to avoid moving on to this one which is massively restrictive.”

The problem with that thinking is what a lot of people do, i.e. if I do this I don’t have to do that, problem is, the powers that be will then move people into a more restrictive policy and so on and so on incrementally before its the whole nine yards of digital currency etc etc. if people took themselves back to 2019, how things were then, and then jumped to nearly 2022, it would be terrifying, unfortunately brain washing techniques have deleted the past and it seems the majority can only remember the present.


That’s very true, it’s almost like they have forgotten that people got sick before 2020. A woman came over to us yesterday on our weekly protest and was shouting at us that she has a relative who works in ICU and that they have a lot of patients (she was of course wearing a mask in the street). Hello it’s winter, flu and pneumonia season, and we have an ageing population. Not to mention reaction to the jab. People have been getting sick and dying since there have been people, it didn’t start with something called covid19.

Urban Fox

Spot on Jennie, People are just following the program, as if they have been programed, which of course they have. They are just refusing to see, what is before there eyes.

Urban Fox

All very True Patrice


James, you are a MASSIVE wet wipe, there is nobody walking around ‘infected’, it’s these brainless sheep going for ridiculous tests because of the propaganda cult which you are a part of, persistently drilling it into their brains that sadly do not question as much as they should. There is nothing wrong with them man, they are fine and dandy, but there is plenty wrong with you. I really hope karma comes your way sooner rather than later, what goes around, comes around.

Steven James

Good man Gareth 👍

Steven James

We do it for the children.

Steven James

A lockstep scenario.
A repetitive International modus operandi….

Steven James

The ‘Scientist’ giving advice to the alleged pregnant lady needs to get aquainted with the inside of a prison cell.

Tim in Brazil

If there is a market for 100% vaxed pubs, there is also a market for pubs where people couldn’t care less. Freedom of choice.


Whilst I acknowledge your very noble stance on non violence Richie, the fact remains that non of this will end until we end those perpetrating this mess. It will eventually come down to us marching over their dead bodies; or them marching over ours. Killing people will never kill malevolence as it is a human trait; but it will give those with eil thoughts, some pause.

Steven James

On the contrary he’s been a stalwart in the awakening of the masses Richie.I’m sending James a certificate of merit.


very apt picture of this fascist

William Vincent Faubion

The Lying, deceitful Fat Pig Fucker! i seriously doubt his daughters will reach maturity with a total fucking Wanker like this as a ‘Dad’. Cheers Rchie, I love ye mate. Thanks for helping me keep my sanity. As I have said before, you are the Echo that cancels out the voice. Cheers Sir.


Richie, what’s the point in moaning about this prick, unless you have plans to phone in and expose him on his own show. Either confront him or drop it.

Last edited 1 month ago by Abdel

You may be correct, I just want to see O.Brian taken down by a professional..

Anne Talbot

Assuming Richie gets past the first goal post and gets the opportunity to do just that, what makes you think that he would allow Richie the floor to actually speak before O’Brien throws his toys out of the pram and cuts him off ! People like him don’t want people like Richie on his erm… show, highlighting the absolute liar and nut job that he is.

Tony K

You’re not wrong Anne.

Even in the late 90’s I got bored of lying to the screeners saying I wanted to talk about how to fix a broken flagstone on the driveway, only to gun the talking head corporate twat about global policies.

It always went like this:

…and obviously, using ceramic tile, as opposed to polished granite allows one to realise that 9/11 WAS AN INSIDE (click).

Pointless, rigged game.

I’ve no doubt that if o fuckwit was genuinely up for a chat, Richie would have demolished him.

Nary a chance though, as O’Brien is a pussyhole who hides behind the sensors.


Fluffer O’Brien, like all the politicians represent us while simultaneously serving their employer’s best interests.
Given that, what else should we expect?


the irony of someone earning a living telling everyone about restrictions while people are losing there jobs. I dread to think how bad the job situation will be in say 2 – 3 yrs time, a lot of businesses have taken loans out that they cannot payback and will eventually close.


No doubts he advocates for ‘building back better’.

Then perhaps he can offer his services for testing.

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