Javid: “Healthcare Staff Facing Mandatory Covid & Flu Jabs”

Speaking in the House of Commons this morning, Health Secretary Sajid Javid said that a consultation has been launched over making Covid and flu vaccinations mandatory for front-line healthcare and social care workers in England.

Javid said that while he’s keeping an open mind until he sees the results of the consultation, he believes that:

“It is highly likely that front-line NHS staff and those working in wider social care settings will also have to be vaccinated to protect those around them and this will be an important step in protecting those at greatest risk”.

Tyranny just rolls off the tongues of these fascists doesn’t it? Nobody cares though. There wasn’t so much as a murmur from the Labour Party benches, the so-called party of the working man and woman.

The Health Secretary had just threatened hundreds of thousands of people who work in the nation’s hospitals and care homes, that if they don’t take his medicine, they’ll be out of a job. Not a peep from Labour.

Javid was laying out his plans for tackling covid and flu this Winter. On flu, he said that in the next few weeks we will see the launch of the largest flu vaccination campaign the country has ever seen.

He said that people will also be encouraged to meet outdoors where possible, and try to let in fresh air when meeting indoors.

He also said that people will be encouraged to wear face masks in crowded areas where they can come into contact with others they don’t normally meet. This was greeted by jeers from his Tory colleagues on the backbenches.

I never believed for a moment, that we would ever see the back of the arbitrary measures introduced to tackle covid. I said many times on The Richie Allen Show that we’d be living with these measures and more forever. I hate being right.



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Mork & Mindy

FREE solicitors letter will be sent to your child’s school putting them on notice of personal liability should your child receive pressure to have or be harmed with the experimental covid “vaccine”. See link below :-


we will have a consultation but if people say no we will do it anyway.

“democracy” anyone?


Watch them walk. Short-sighted decisions by those least qualified to make any – they have not planned for the massive walkouts in all areas- airline staff, teachers, doctors, nurses, etc. A family member works in a psych department as manager. 10 people are refusing to take the injection. She does not know how she can even replace one, never alone 10! Psych workers are very rare; good ones even rarer.

Last edited 11 days ago by Jennifer
Tom Moore

Ideal tool to rise the numbers of deaths when Covid comes on the ‘rampage’. Less workers in health/social care and the most vulnerable will be in the same situation as they had put them in first time.


protection racket


Jab-id is just another lying globalist freak, fuck him and his friends in high and low places.

Stephen Hardy

I received an email this morning about the consultation:

You recently signed the petition “Do not require health and social care workers to take covid-19 vaccination”:

The Government has launched a public consultation on whether it should require frontline health and social care staff to be vaccinated against both covid-19 and the flu. The requirement would apply to any health or care worker who works face-to-face with patients and people receiving social care.

Read a summary of the proposals, and share your views:

The consultation is open until 22 October, 2021.

I know there probably isn’t much point, but there’s plenty of time before the deadline date – on 22nd October – so I’m going to cobble something together and have my say.

Urban fox

Message to Javid

How is it, that flue and other illnesses disappeared from the face of the Earth for the first time in human history over the last 18 months.?

Is it because covid is in fact flue and other illnesses that we have always had. And there is no new virus. And you just rebranded everything covid19?

How does flue know it is time for it to return this year. And how do you know this is going to happen, when you told us it had finally been beaten.?

Finally you evil system serving maniac, is not destroying businesses, losing peoples jobs, getting them fired, making people wear dirty masks, stand in ques on the street for hours, banning us from pubs, traumatizing children and adults, isolating people from family’s and loved ones, house arrest, tracking there movements, refusing people medical treatment, killing them with Midazolam and pretend vaccines, coercing people to take these and thereby medically raping them. Is all this not enough, without now telling us, to open the doors and windows in the middle of a UK winter and fucking freezing to death.?


The Government furloughed the Flu back in March 2020 so its been sitting at home watching daytime tv and drinking excessively. Now that Rishi Sunak has stopped the furlough payments Flu has had to go back out to work. I think this is a far more plausible explanation then the Governments 🤣🤣

Urban fox

Reckon that’s just about right.


It makes me think of this piece of work in action on September 10th!

A historic address!!!

The best damn drug pushing speech I’ve ever heard!!!

To be honest, I didn’t think the ol coot had it in him!!

“Taaaake the vaaaaccine” (he whispers softly!!!)

Check it out…



90% of the ‘law’ behind this is bluff.


Or “Bollocks” is another term for it.


i know you won’t like this Richie … but cheers for everything you do! I am based in South Yorks and have just set up a Telegram channel and currently have a whopping 15 subs (look out Baldie). If anyone is interested, and no worries if your not, then you can find me at or search “Good is Good” in Telegram. It’s early days, let’s just see what happens. Obviously I will be plugging this show so expect a massive surge in listeners (pun intended). Cheers.


As soon as they said it wouldn’t be mandatory, it blatantly was going to be! Everything is backwards, especially boris and his chums.

They’ll try to poison (vaccinate) all the key workers, when they refuse, they’ll be sacked, the patients if elderly, will be sent to care homes as the nhs can’t cope, and so the loop continues!

Ronald Templeman

Firstly as the covid injection is still on trial I would love to see a court case if a person is dismissed for not having it. Secondly if I was working in one of these industries I would refuse and let them sack me and then see what legal action or what ever I could take. Worth a try, better than having ones body stuffed with toxic material as I have heard the flu jab will have all sorts in it.

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