Javid “Leaning Towards” Mandating Covid Jabs For NHS Staff

The Health Secretary Sajid Javid told SKY News this morning that NHS staff can expect to be told to get vaccinated against covid-19 or they will lose their jobs. It is already compulsory for people working in the care sector. Speaking to SKY’s Kay Burley, Javid said:

“In the NHS we are thinking of doing the same thing…..It’s about doing the right thing. I think that if we didn’t do this, just think about that for a second.

You would basically have people that are working in the NHS that haven’t got vaccinated when they could have. Remember, people in the NHS and care were rightly offered the vaccines right at the start when we first had vaccines.

So if they haven’t got vaccinated by now, then there is an issue there about patient safety.”

That’s nonsense of course. Adam Finn of the Joint Committee On Vaccination & Immunisation (JCVI) told SKY News yesterday, what he told BBC Breakfast last week, that is, the jabs are modestly successful at preventing infection and reducing transmission.

Those who have not been jabbed are of no danger whatsoever to the jabbed themselves. It’s tyranny. I sound like a broken record. I am boring myself. We are here now. We have reached that place that researchers, writers and academics were telling me about, as far back as 2009.

As for the media? Kay Burley is a rotten, wretched, rancid wench. A nodding dog would have done a better job this morning.

In my time in commercial radio, even a junior reporter would have asked Javid:

“You can’t be serious? You’re 40,000 nurses down already. You need tens of thousands of doctors. Third world countries have more hospital beds per capita than we do, and you’re going to force more people out of their jobs by mandating a jab that they do not need? You’ll destroy what’s left of the NHS! Are you nuts?”




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Forcing nurses who will not accept the experimental genetic treatment to leave the profession at a time when we are being told to protect the NHS as it enters yet another crisis that could be seen coming from about 4,000 miles is just the kind of sick, inverted, absurd bollocks we expect to hear from the Goldman Sachs man at the Dept. Health Javid. That’s right, it is up to US to save the NHS by accepting house arrest, while the politicians systematically destroy it, year after year, simultaneously blaming us for not being responsible, obedient fools.

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Why is a general giving health advice?


The nurses where I work will be all for a mandate. Yet to come across a critical thinker amongst them. All are on board and are stunned that I’m not jabbed.


Not a chance of hell mandating an “Experimental Gene Therapy” as Sajid “Jahil” Javid.
Another bit of scare waffle to encourage more to be Jabbed.


It actually goes against the Nuremberg code and every international treaty on health.


Where’s the ‘happy clappers’ now? I’m sure that any nurse frogmarched off the ward will receive a standing ovation as they are escorted out of the building and on their way to the dole queue. How long will it be before no patient admitted unless they have had their 15th booster?
Who’s next in line for ‘leaning towards’ mandatory vaxxines ? There’re coming for us all.


I see the criminals in charge are using the old method of ‘slowly slowly catchee monkey’ to achieve their aims. In the midst of a pandemic then surely it would have made sense to require vaccination for all caregivers and nhs staff when vaccines became available and not nearly a year down the line. Mr. Magoo can see what’s happening here, drip drip through mandatory vaccination for all eventually. Do it this way then less chance of resistance from a small group than all workers united. Are you going to protest if you are a bus driver and it becomes mandatory for nurses? You will only protest when it’s your turn. On another note, did anyone read the comments yesterday by David Mellor in the Daily Mail? He likened ‘anti vaxxers’ (people who can think for themselves and research to you and me) to people who run amok on streets randomly stabbing people. I can think of a few names for this cretin however feel free to contribute your own. I’ll start with absolute basteed.


There is amusing irony in Mellor’s words.
1] It is those lining up for their jabs who are getting stabbed;
2] Only a small number of knife stabbing victims actually die, but the survivors are forever changed by the act (just like with the jabs).


Surely the plan all along (well part of it) is to trash the NHS? It’s already a disaster and frankly, the amount of bureaucratic bollocks that ties coal face staff down from actually doing their jobs, makes me feel that it should collapse in its current state.
If I ran a business like the NHS, I’d be bankrupt in a week! The waste is mind blowing but I guess that is, ‘The Peter Principle’ of most government run and indeed corporation run entities.


Agreed upon.


The NHS has been in slow collapse for a long time (much like social and welfare services) – and there are numerous reasons for this.
Additionally, the banner of ‘NHS’ is now little more than a brand name, because very little of it is actually a nationalised service. Sure, lots of taxpayer money goes towards it, but most of the components are owned and run by private companies.

It is – and to some extent always has been – a commercial venture: a marketing promoter and product user for Big Pharma.


Javid “The Hood”

Occupation: “”Criminal and Terrorist””

Enough said.




They really are walking amongst us.


.. while doing their utmost to stomp us into the ground.

Villains and monsters..

The lot of them!

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