JCVI Professor: “Jabs & Boosters Not Enough To Stop Covid!”

If I had a pound for every time I said “they’re laughing in our faces” in the past eighteen months, I’d be loaded. This morning, Adam Finn, who sits on the Joint Committee on Vaccination & Immunisation, told the BBC that the ability of the jabs and boosters to prevent the recipient from catching covid or passing it on is, “modest.”

Finn was appearing on BBC Breakfast to discuss the rise in covid case numbers and the impact it’s having on the sacred National Health Service. NHS bosses have urged the government to trigger Plan B.

Plan B, according to Health Secretary Sajid Javid, would see mask wearing in public places mandated, working from home encouraged again and even the introduction of vaccine passports.

96 million covid jabs have been administered in the UK to date. Do you remember when the previous Health Secretary Matt Hancock cried “15 million jabs to freedom?” I said it was bollox then. I was right. This never ends until we end it.

Adam Finn told the BBC that the jabs and boosters have a “modest” effect on catching covid and transmission. He then said:

“So, if we want to see figures going back down and we want to reverse the current trend which is up, we’re gonna have to do more than that and it really is time that everyone got the message that they can’t just go back to normal if they want to avoid further restrictions later in the year.”

Have you got Adam Finn’s message? Jabs, more jabs and booster jabs will not be enough. You must embrace the new normal, to build back better in the wake of the pandemic.

Mask wearing, social distancing, restrictions on free movement, stop work orders and health passports were never meant to be temporary. As I said, it only ends when we say, “enough now.”


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Well like minded souls. Looks like we have a Community already.It is so refreshing to interact with those who see what is being played out. What is fascinating, this Psychosis that has gripped so may people. Why would one suppose a segment of the population are wide awake? I don’t mean Greta Thumburg awake, I mean ready to look at the true evil of what is occurring.Jennie is right it is a challenge to remain positive, yet we still stare down the barrel. I guess that is a Warrior spirit and we need to keep going.


Well said Eire!!
Well said!


The Great New Normal Purge
So, the Great New Normal Purge has begun … right on cue, right by the numbers.

As we “paranoid conspiracy theorists” have been warning would happen for the past 18 months, people who refuse to convert to the new official ideology are now being segregated, stripped of their jobs, banned from attending schools, denied medical treatment, and otherwise persecuted.



We’ve already had Plan B here in Ireland for the past few weeks. The Irish government announced in September that they would be lifting many of the restrictions from the 22nd October, needless to say this isn’t now happening. Suddenly there has been a rise in ‘cases’, not hospitalisations or deaths just meaningless ‘cases’. How convenient.


Adam Finn funnily enough is Chairman of WHO. What a Surprise! The one decent thing he did say is not to vaccinate children. Even those with an Agenda have to look in the mirror if children die, and of course it would be difficult to blame metabolic or auto immune diseases then. Be an own goal.




Very true, excellent depiction of what is happening.


The Snake-Oil Salesmen and the COVID-Zero Con: A Classic Bait-And-Switch for a Lifetime of Booster Shots (Immunity as a Service)


If only we had been telling our Covid conditioned friends and family that this would happen…oh, wait…we have been, haven’t we. For months and months and months.


Yet still they roll their eyes at us, and believe it’s about their health.


Absolutely they’re laughing in our faces..

But I believe it’s much much worse than this and without a shadow of doubt it’s time to bring this insanity to an end…

Only problem is, it may already be too late… ?

Here’s a recent article from Global Research which will cast some light on what I’m referring to…

A circa half hour read entitled:

“It all makes sense once you realise they WANT TO KILL US”



So, what’s new? Vaccines and other medicines have been doing this for a hundred years. Manufactured wars and revolutions have been achieving the same thing for even longer. Geoengineering programmes have been poisoning us and the rest of the natural world for decades.
And, by and large, we have gone along with it through ignorance or outright willingness.


I think the end result here will be what’s new.

7.8 billion to significantly less.. ???
(Much less than any other Eugenics event prior to this — I’ll guess at one billion or below being the desired result this time??)

Everyone who’s taken this injection (assuming they got the mRNA & not the placebo!) are now in mortal danger.

The boosters will only serve to enhance this danger.

The Global Research article spells it out in it’s entirety.

The end is nigh…

For real this time in my humble opinion.


Last edited 7 months ago by Gerry

The best analogy I can think of is a game of Russian Roulette, with each jab represented by an additional round being chambered in the gun.

I have long held (even before I started seeing it being addressed) that what these jabs are doing is triggering (or exacerbating) underlying autoimmune problems. They might just be weeding out the genetically ‘flawed’ or ‘weak’. This serves the future very well for a variety of reasons.
And, of course, like all of these plans, it’s not that simplistic.


Great analogy and it’s one I regularly use myself when discussing it with those who I occasionally find that can still listen!

But there’s another one, think of the bite from a Komodo dragon and how it subsequently stalks the prey from a distance after the bite, while biding its time waiting for its meal to die.

And a reptilian assassin too, no less…



We need to stay positive. Negative energy only fuels these beings.Keep smiling. It is easy to become worried, I am. Looking forward to becoming an outcast ha ha.
Also getting ready to have no electricity! Ha ha. Sorry off topic.


No harm to do a spot of prepping. No harm at all!!


I’m sure power cuts are definitely going to happen. They want to make every area of life so difficult and miserable that people will willingly accept their new world order.

Do agree about trying to be positive and trying to detach to some extent is good but it is hard when things become so extreme.


Interesting but scary article. The idea that what we are seeing is genocide is now quite widely held and I wonder if there will come a point when the mainstream media or some elements of it will feel that they have to expose the truth. I won’t hold my breath on that one though.


Hi Gerry.
We have in Society at the moment where a condition called Massformation is in place. A Psychology Professor with a bigger brain than me was explaining what it is. In a nutshell the majority of the Public have been brainwashed. One of the markers of this is the fact that those already invested in the narrative have a blinkered view, one is essentially wasting their time talking to them as they genuinely cannot see past the conditioning Think back to Nazi Germany Frenzi, everyone blames Hitler but he could only carry out such a manifesto with Public support, what would have happened if no no one turned up to his manic rallies.? The time has to come to establish Communities. The unvaccinated will become social outcasts.I am just waiting for the full on blame. I will not be getting a covid passport neither will my children. Just waiting for School to make it mandatory.


Cognitive dissonance mixed with Stockholm Syndrome is what your psychology professor is describing and I fully agree.
(Though, his/her brain is in actual fact no larger than yours, so don’t doubt yourself!!)

I am also in the same boat as you and am apprehensively awaiting the next phase of the scam and just what surprises they have in store for us.

You make a great point about establishing communities also, as I believe this will be our only hope moving forward.

Your handle ‘Éire’ tells me where you reside, so I know exactly where you’re coming from, as this is where I’m unlucky enough to be residing too.

We live in hope, as currently there isn’t much of anything else happening here I’m afraid.



Consider it as a test of faith.


The ultimate one Craig.


Hi Gerry. Don’t be fooled by the Eire ha ha.


The supposed lifting of more restrictions on 22nd October turned out to be a damp squib didn’t it to the suprise of none of us on here. I do know quite a number of people who genuinely believed that things were going to get back to pretty normal from the 22nd, sad really.


They’re the same people who believed it would take ten days to flatten the curve, the same people who are now jabbed and the same asleeple people who will run down to the local jabbatoir for their thirtieth booster this time three years from now…

All the while sporting a hazmat suit, three face nappies, a shield and a two pairs of rubber gloves!!

Assuming they’re still alive by then that is!!!



Last edited 7 months ago by Gerry

Ha Ha Ha. That is brilliant “jabbatoir” Your whole comment has made me laugh nice going Gerry.The same ones who called us Conspiracy theorists. Well if having a modicum of critical thinking skills and be willing to pull your head out of your a…, reality that has been designed for us makes me a conspiracist you can call me that name all day long.
Worryingly, the blame game has started.. an article in the Daily Mail has delicately alluded that antivaxers and lack of the rules that were lifted have contributed to the so called rise in cases. It is laughable how ridiculous the whole article was. It had the shrill of sheep crying to be put back in their cages. Logic has completely disappeared for some.
-Sorry all, I am late back to the conversation.


Better late than never mate!
I missed todays interaction myself through work commitments, so you’re not alone!

The logic issue and complete lack thereof by the majority, is the most incredulous aspect of the whole scamdemic since its its inception.

For the life of me and regardless of what happens henceforth, I will never be able to fully rationalise just how THICK those dumb asleeple sheeple are and continue to be.
(And this is my polite description!)

But for whatever it’s worth my friend, I’m glad to have given you a giggle today…

Life’s for living mate, and in my opinion, if you’ve lost that ability to laugh, you’re no longer alive!



Hi Gerry and Craig.

Craig ,thanks for the link I will have a read.
Work commitments that is what has me away from the discussions also.

You are right laughing is what is keeping me going,
I laugh at the ludicrous attempts of those pushing the agenda.They think they are the big guns, from my readings the past couple of years they are a bunch of puppets, in fact I am sure I regularly see strings when they are blabbing away with the same old tired lies.
I had a great laugh just recently when spookily, case numbers started rising just before the announcement of the booster jab.
Even now I am chuckling to myself at the word they use to describe the vaccine/poison. Has no one noticed quite early on they started calling it “The jab”Those drug pushing tyrants can’t even call it a vaccine, because they know it is a blatant lie.(They do worry about Karma believe it or not).

You are right, the most amazing thing is how so many believe the utter tripe that pours out of their mouths.
I believe the truth will out in spectacular fashion. Not everyone is asleep though, making it mandatory has tested most people’s limits, there are more protests and larger numbers starting to gather, I am just waiting for the paid agitators to turn up and incite violence, that will be a great excuse to blame the unsullied again.


Great points again Eire.
Worth remembering though, that those of us who are awake are awake for a reason.
That reason in my humble opinion boils down to instinct and intelligence.
True leadership skills may be one way to view it, so your point in earlier conversation about organising ourselves into groups or communities is extremely current, relevant and now very necessary.

“We” are the last line of defence in all of this and it is only us now who can potentially stop it and turn the tide ..

Can we, I do not know, but it will not be for the want of trying…

Of this I believe you can be certain.



Last edited 6 months ago by Gerry

Here’s a link that Gerry has previously provided that ties in with what you are pointing out:


A great read Craig and thank you for the acknowledgement.


Looks like a really good read, definitely look at that one this evening.


I’ve read it now and it is scary stuff as is another article on John Waters site about the complete destruction of the immune system by these (non) vaccines. Really we are in a waiting period now because this is such an unprecedented situation that we really don’t know what’s going to happen.


Repeated jabs certainly runs the great risk of dependency. Think of painkillers: the more you take them, the more you need them as a replacement for natural endorphins.
I worked out something similar as a teenager using Clearasil (remember that?). It worked great while you used it, but the acne came back worse than ever once usage of the product stopped, because natural balances had been disrupted.
Over the years, I’ve encountered the same problem with other medications – which is why I no longer take any, except when absolutely necessary.

Among other things, I think that could be what they are trying to achieve with the jabs. Create dependency.


I’ve noticed this too Craig.. and from an early age also.
From cough medicine to throat lozenges..
(Even toothpaste nowadays has a sugary taste?)

All seem to trigger worse infection (or decay!) but absolutely no way to prove it! (and how convenient!)

The jabs are most definitely designed for dependency; drug addiction aside, they wil require the updates to achieve green status on the passport slave system.

So, they’re ensuring a psychological addiction here also.
(They’ve long since corrupted the kids!)

So cunning… So cruel..

So heinously despicable.

So criminal.


Hi Craig I remember Clearasil, most products such as those do not work. Aromatherapy and herbal medicine are the way forward. There are no quick fixes using the Holistic approach but they do eventually work without the nasty side effects. What you do not hear from big Pharma is that most drug therapies are from plants they extract the active ingredient and mass produce it. Plants themselves have a number of ingredients that balance the active ingredient so there are rarely side effects when used sensibly.

A personal example was when my daughter was diagnosed with croup the doctors prescribed steroids as they do. I opted for Aromatherapy treatments, nutritious soup and she recovered in a few days, I was scared it is a tough decision to make, however it was the right one, she never had another bout of croup. The key is to treat early and consistently.

You are right drugs create dependency, the immune system is hampered doing its job. The vaccines are going to destroy natural immunity, I wonder what else it is going to do?

Dr Madej on Brand new tube is quite good she goes into more depth.


For such a long time, doctors have prescribed diuretics for a range of patients, especially in elderly care. The reasons are obvious enough: to assist the body in getting rid of excess fluids.
However, synthetic diuretics don’t just draw out excessive fluid; they also leech out of the body important vitamins and minerals. One of those is potassium. Low/depleted potassium levels are one of the causative factors of confusion and loss of memory – which then gets mistaken as dementia in the elderly. So they get prescribed more drugs.
But, young dandelion leaves make great additions to salads and can be used like spinach. They also happen to be a diuretic and high in potassium (and vitamin C).
In other words, the plant replaces those important vitamins and minerals that its diuretic properties remove.

And here is something else to consider (and this is pure speculation on my part). We know that our lungs, at any given time, contained parasites, bacteria, etc, that could proliferate under the right circumstances to cause illness. So, it is possible that a daily inhalation of smoke from tobacco burning, using uncontaminated tobacco in a pipe, may very well fumigate the lungs.


Hi Craig, That is very interesting info regarding the diuretics, I love to learn new things.
Yep, Dandelion natures” beautiful gift, what do most do? Destroy them with weed killer.
Nettles too, in the spring made into a soup with wild garlic delicious and fabulous to prepare the immune system to reduce the severity of tree pollen allergy.
Most gardeners would dislike mine, nothing is destroyed except unfortunately the daisies because I have to mow the lawn.
Interesting perspective on the pipe smoking, when you think about it Tabbacco leaves are natural, possibly untainted there might be some credence in what you are saying.
Doctors and Hospitals are only good for one thing..Emergencies…. Chronic issues need natural treatments that take time.
That said…I do not know the impact the ‘jab’ is going to have on immunity. I could see a long time ago we were loosing our connection to nature, this may be the hammer blow.
For everyone’s sake I really hope not.

Last edited 6 months ago by Eire

Hi Craig I wrote back in answer to your observations, but it has disappeared into the ether. I don’t know how to get it back, at this time of night I am not going to re write it.
I will rewrite it tomorrow.


It is this…

Mama Ibeji (Linda)

A great, in depth article, thank-you. Only I would make one addition to the following:

‘By the way, it’s a real stretch to call these hybrid injections, “vaccines”. They have about as much in common with a traditional vaccine as a python does with a coffee table. Nothing. The “vaccine” moniker was chosen in order to shore-up public confidence, that’s all. It’s part of a marketing strategy. There is no real similarity. The majority of people trust vaccines and see them as a shining example of medical achievement. The drug companies wanted to tap into that trust and use it for their own purposes. That’s why they called it a “vaccine” instead of “gene therapy” which more accurately describes ‘what it does.’ But–like we said– it’s just a marketing strategy’.

I think another reason for the vaccine moniker – in addition to the marketing potential, was that it comes with ready made ‘baggage’: The ‘Anti-Vaxer’ narrative in its entirety. Years in the making, and one mention of the term has a tendency to derail, dilute or shut down an entire argument…………


So create one of your own and come back with the same passion as they do.

I use the retort:

I’m not an anti vaxxer as I have had lots of actual ‘vaccinations’ for a plethora of common ailments,

but I am ‘Anti Drug Pushers’ myself…

Or Anti Experimental Gene therapies..

Or Anti playing guinea pig..

Or Anti coercion..

Or Anti coercer..

Whatever tickles your fancy!

Last edited 7 months ago by Gerry

Very true and it also had to called a vaccine to obtain immunity from prosecution.


David Icke has been saying this for years, he says that if you know the endgame you can recognise all the paths to it. I’ll definitely take a look at the article, looks interesting and informative.

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