Jewish Community Proves That Covid-19 Is NOT A Deadly Disease

Covid-19 is not a disease let alone a deadly one. We’ve known this since day one. Now a study of coronavirus infection in London’s ultra-Orthodox Jewish community appears to prove it. Two thirds of the community had Covid last year, that’s nine times the national average by the way, and only 0.3 per cent of those infected died.

Researchers at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) found that the rate of past infection was at 64 per cent in the community, which numbers around 15,000 people. This compares to rates of 11 per cent in London generally and only seven per cent across the UK, according to estimates by the Office for National Statistics. This is stunning news.

The authors of the study say that the reasons for the high rates of infection are unclear, but suggested that crowded housing and deprivation might explain it. Ultra-Orthodox families have larger households than the UK average, with five to six individuals per house compared to a UK average of 2.3. The community has been in the news a lot lately. The organisers of weddings, which were attended by hundreds of guests, were criticised for breaching lockdown rules.

Blood samples from 1,242 individuals were collected, with an overall infection rate was of 64%, one of the highest recorded anywhere in the world. 697 people (37.5%) reported an illness consistent with Covid-19. There were clear peaks in reported illness consistent with the first and second waves of the virus in the UK.

A total of 16 (0.9%) people were hospitalised with Covid and a further three individuals (0.3%) were reported to have died of it. The results of the study appear to clearly demonstrate two things. Firstly coronavirus is not a deadly disease, not by any measure. 3 deaths and 16 hospitalisations in a community of 15,000 is no cause for concern. And secondly, the community appears to have achieved natural herd immunity. You might remember that the UK’s chief scientific adviser Patrick Vallance called for a degree of herd immunity in March of last year.

Vallance told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme on March 13th:

“Our aim is to try and reduce the peak not suppress it completely, also because most people get a mild illness, to build up some degree of herd immunity whilst protecting the most vulnerable”.

Vallance was quickly reined in by his SAGE colleagues who blitzed him with emails, demanding that he stay on message and stop talking about herd immunity. He was told that only a vaccine could help a population achieve herd immunity. The results of the LSHTM study prove otherwise. London’s ultra-Orthodox Jews got on with their lives, ignored the government’s lockdown rules and the virus has barely brushed them.


Here’s a link to the LSHTM study:

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Good work Richie. Let’s see what Hope Not Hate have to say about this.

T Killa

Orthodox Jews are the type of group who know themselves and believe themselves. They don’t believe that horse shit on the msn. Just like the Amish in the US…no TV….no Covid.

Pete Lincoln

3 deaths in 15,000 comes out to 140,000 deaths in A UK population and 600, 000 in a US sized population. The reward was herd immunity without vaccination.

The big problem in the past for using vaccinations to fight a new respiratory virus is populations developed herd immunity before a new vaccine could be rolled out. The solution was to slow natural herd immunity using lockdowns and masks.

I shop in Limerick and dont wear a mask, its rear to meet another person that is not wearing a muzzle in a shop, all the hard men I know are wearing them, pack of pussies.


Lol love your comment.

Jean Murray

I want to go live with those ultra Orthodox Jews! They are living life and having weddings! Good for them! I’ve suspected from the beginning that COViD is the flu. If it looks like the flu and the same treatment is prescribed as the flu. It’s the flu!

Matt Watkins

Does anyone have a link or confirmation of the amount of people hospitalised /deceased. I can’t find it mentioned in the study or any stories reporting this

M Heywood

Hi Matt i was wondering the same thing the report on the website does not correspond with the link {so called proof}


Isolation is a good idea for bubonic plague but ridiculous for flu which is what this is.

Rural Fox

Take your figure of 0.3% and multiply it by the UK population of 66m. You get 198,000. Yeah, definitely fake. And that’s with those seriously ill being treated. If it’s no worse than the flu let them stay at home to recover. Then see how many die.


When has a virus ever infected the full population of a country. We know that flu kills around 0.1-0.2% of people who get it, yet we don’t see 132k people dying every year do we. You have just multiplied that figure by 66,000,000 because it suits your little agenda. The fact is that 0.3% is the same as a bad flu strain.

Rural Fox

Flu kills around 10,000 every year. Not quite 100, 000. Not my agenda.


If you can’t see this is a Global Scam, I do not understand why you are reading comments and posting on a site where critical thinkers and truth seekers spend their valuable time. If you are a Social Engineer, or working for the Presstitutes (BBC, SKY the list goes on) you are wasting your time. The people that die are NOT dying of Covid-19, if you are a honest person then I politely request you to do some genuine research before its too late for you and your nearest and dearest. This whole thing is so obvious to anyone that is not under a Tavistock Institute Spell. If you are a traitor working for the 77th Brigade or 21st Signals etc then you need to really think about the World you want to live in. These Psychopaths are not going to put you and your loved ones on the guest list.

Urban fox


Anyone who tells you vaccines are safe and effective is Lying.

Please encourage anyone you know who believes in this massive covid hoax to read the downloadable books of Vernon Coleman on this site at the bottom of the page.
And to read his amazing book about vaccines and vaccination. Let’s spread the truth to all of those still in the Matrix, in any way possible. Thanks for listening,
The Urban Fox

Tuatha Dé Danann. Bres

Thank you for all you do, I’m very grateful, respect and best wishes from Limerick, Ireland.

Urban fox

Hi, thanks for your reply , how are things in Ireland? I have family over there. In Trim. Makes me sad to think about it now. Seen very little apart from Trim, and wishing had gone back years ago and seen more. As unlikely to be able to now. I do have a nice set of hand painted teacups though, from a Trim gift shop.

Welsh Gregg in china

The mere notion that the UK has more deaths in anything compared to china is ridiculous.

Steve James

Seems the Jewish community are going for natural herd immunity.
No jabs here thank you perhaps?.

Zac Baled

I take my hat off to our British orthodox Jewish brethren for following common sense in these mad mad times being run by equally insane authorities. Good on them for showing the courage and sanity to the rest of us.
Whilst every soul is precious death is something that will touch upon every single one of us (ive had a family relative pass away in the last six months whos had covid written on the death certificate – which was a blatant lie – died of internal bleeding and well past being the pension age) what I would like to know is how old were those 3 who passed away? Did they have co-morbilities etc?

(I seen Dr Vernon Coleman’s emotional video last night it really touched me, really did however I would like to say just one thing – dont show them your weaknesses – they dont understand humanity, emotions, human interactions, compassion, empathy – they percieve them in a different light than anyone of us normal people – they see it as a weakness and get excited over it — let there be no doubt Brothers and Sisters We Will Win This War – We Have The Truth and Truth will prevail over all their Lies – We Will Win, Let There Be No Doubt! As history is a witness – Only a few good men have needed to change the course of History – We Will Win!!)


And will you then create a tyranny of your own to ensure such people do not rise again? Will you create – or lay the foundation stones – of a new tyranny based on your Truth?
The road to Hell is almost always paved with good intentions.
It should not be forgotten that we, the People (today and those who came before us), through our choices and actions have allowed our ‘overlords’ to reach the heights they now occupy.

Grace Gecseg

clear thinking and calm reactions can surely not be perceived as “tyrannical” … ? in this past year I have discovered in myself a need to shake off some aspects of my true nature in order to deal with this episode in human history that I/we have been destined to be living through – as an highly empathic individual, whilst I respect your comments I am concerned that we surely cannot continue to be seen to be meekly complying on any level – I have found it best when confronted with other people’s comments/behaviours which disappoint or even aggravate me to respond with a firm reposte and a clear recommendation of sources of alternative healthy information in the hope of creating fresher communities of thinkers… should we not be strenuously shaking off the poor misguided “choices and actions” of our forebears and current compatriots which led to the here and now …. ? if not – how will “we” ever change anything ?

Susie Becker

Those with perceived authority are now facing their end therefore they will not stop…they will attempt to cause as much harm as possible to humanity.. unless we make it impossible for them to continue in every peaceful powerful way possible we must find.. .they are cornered rats.. if we say no to clear and malicious harm.. I suggest we corner them in their stinking pit then make sure the last one standing.. when they have turned on each other as they surely will is then eternally.. definitively.. incapacitated…it is a heroes journey we must win for Love and all that is Natural and Good..🐝🌸💚..


Event after event (whether short or long) has shown that people get desensitised to the fear that the event creates – and so, a new event, a new fear, is created.
Klaus Schwab has even openly laid the groundwork for this: food shortages and cyber attacks (think logistics companies, food storage companies, utilities companies, national defense grids, etc). The opening salvoes of these artificially engineered problems have already begun, but the media are doing little to highlight it – because the time is not yet right for them to create these new panics.
And when they do, well…food shortages will be blamed on Covid and man-made climate change (or some other, pre-defined ‘problem’ that people will readily accept because of mass programming); and cyber attacks will either be blamed on rogue nations or far right domestic terrorist groups (because, again, people have been pre-programmed to think in those terms).
The fears will spike and governments will have ‘legitimate’ reasons to remove even more rights. And the masses, goaded, manipulated and used, will applaud and demand more.


Such a positive post and comment from you but Craig’s comment has totally left me deflated. Evil definitely is getting the upper hand here. I think people are walking into this blinded and think people like us are mad. You just can’t have a conversation with them. I really have given up trying to share the things I’ve heard and read as they get aggressive or say I’m talking rubbish. This is what we’re dealing with and there are too many believing the MSM. Someone actually said the other day that the government wouldn’t lie! I told the person that propaganda is legal but they didn’t want to discuss it. This amount of naivety is what we’re dealing with.


I was trying to tell a young woman in the supermarket about the harm that masks do and she said to me that governments wouldn’t ask people to do anything harmful. How do you counter that level of naivety? Young people are blindly walking into a dystopian future and I have no idea how to stop it.

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