Jewish Family Kicked Off Plane As 15 Month-Old Wasn’t Wearing Mask

Flight attendants high-fived each other as a Hassidic Jewish family was being kicked off an airplane in Miami on Sunday. The family claims that every adult in the travelling party was wearing a face covering.

A 15 month-old baby child wasn’t wearing a mask. This says the family, is the reason they were forced to deplane. The Anti-Defamation League has called for an investigation. Frontier airlines said that a large group of people weren’t wearing masks and that the issue did not involve a child under two.

Witnesses said that the adults in the 22-strong party were all wearing facemasks. Flight attendants were seen celebrating and high-fiving as the family was kicked off.

Martin Joseph claims that his family of 13 adults and 9 children boarded the plane without incident.  “We came onto the plane, everything was smooth, no problems at all. Everybody wore the masks and followed the mandate.”

He said his daughter was approached by a flight attendant who asked that his 15 month-old granddaughter wear a face covering. The child’s mother stood her ground and said that children under two years-old are not required to wear one. A few minutes later  an announcement was made over the loudspeaker system that the family had to get off.

Joseph told The Daily Mail;

“We paid for tickets and we were just harassed. It was an anti-Semitic episode. We want to make sure this doesn’t happen again. This reminds me of 80 years ago when we were singled out in Nazi Germany.”



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I was shocked and sympathetic until they started spouting about anti-Semitism and Nazi’s.


Frontier airlines said that a large group of people weren’t wearing masks and that the issue did not involve a child under two.

I assume that the airline has cctv proving that, although strange that that there are ‘witnesses’ saying the opposite.


They all seem to be wearing a mask in this video.


They probably also got hassled by other passengers as I have been on buses for not wearing a mask. I don’t think it was because they were Jewish though. I’m not Jewish and I’ve had the same treatment on buses, I wouldn’t even attempt to fly anywhere under the present conditions.


…and they accuse Black people of using the race card?


Here’s a question: why did none of the witnesses challenge the flight attendants?
Here’s another: why, if they were breaking no laws, did the family comply with the demand to leave?
If the family had remained and their fellow passengers stood in solidarity with them, the issue would have resolved very quickly.


Craig, the very noble and principled cleric Martin Niemöller wrote a verse entitled ‘First they came’ which illustrates your first point. To deal with your second point; US law enforcement are generally armed with at least one lethal weapon. It’s a sad indictment of the paranoia created by what is largely the biggest hoax of all time. It has been said that “the Devil’s biggest achievement was convincing mankind that he didn’t exist”. This is disgraceful behavior and brings to mind the incident a United Airlines flight on which Dr David Dao was manhandled and dragged off the plane for refusing to surrender his seat.


This is the problem right now, there is hardly any solidarity.


Crazy, insane, mad!

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