"There are no safe spaces in Labour for Jews anymore," "Jeremy Corbyn has become a figurehead for an antisemitic political culture which peddles lies and hate," and "Wherever they go Jews are told Rothschilds run the world, ISIS is a fake front for Israel and Zionists are the new Nazis." Those were the words of Jonathan Goldstein speaking to BBC Radio 4's Today show earlier. Goldstein is chairman of the Jewish Leadership Council. Was he challenged? Of course not. BBC presenters have about as much cojones as Jeremy Corbyn. This really is hysterical claptrap. Jews are as much in the dark about The Rothschild's, Warburg's Goldman's, Oppenheim's etc as the next man or woman. They really are. And as for the claim that wherever Jews go they have "Rothschild" shouted at them, well that's patently rubbish. As I discussed in my earlier article about Corbyn and antisemitism, there is no evidence that there is widespread antipathy towards Jews in the UK today. It just aint' so.

But it doesn't matter. We inhabit what I've been calling for about three years now, a "post fact" world. Facts don't matter and neither does the truth, because the media is as impotent as a room full of Nevada State boxing commissioners, to quote the great C. Montgomery Burns. Not a single Jewish lobbyist was today asked to prove any of these fanciful claims. Heaven forbid the presenters ask for some evidence. Goldstein, our Jewish Leadership Council friend was basically given an open mic by the beeb. Go on son, fill your boots. When he blasted Corbyn for failing to deal with former London Mayor Ken Livingstone for claiming that Hitler supported Zionism, I thought to myself, surely one of these presenters will point out that Livingstone was telling the truth! Not a bit of it, BBC presenters know when to keep schtum. The Nazi's did support the relocation of Jews and their property to Palestine. This is a historic fact. Yes of course later on Jews were interned in camps and murdered, but initially Hitler supported the Zionist movement. See the Haavara agreement. Do it quick before these fascists remove all trace of it from history. I know! Let's lock up Haavara agreement deniers! Or let's not....

What we're seeing today is the takeover of the national airwaves by the UK's Zionist lobby. Today's mission (as it so often is) is to equate asking questions about Zionist influence in UK public life, with antisemitism. Don't fall for it. As Corbyn scowls and mutters and rushes off to the nearest Rabbi to beg forgiveness for God only knows what, you need to stand up to it. Israel is a brutal, vicious, racist state that has (and still does) committed genocide against the indigenous people of Palestine. Zionist lobbyists have taken control of political parties in pretty much every Western democracy. That's how Israel gets away with it. Jews have little to do with it. Jews are as much pawns in this murderous game as you and I are, in fact the most vociferous critics of Zionism are often Jews. While Corbyn wilts withers and submits, we have to stand up for free speech and freedom of thought now more than ever. If we don't, they will criminalise criticism of Israel, enshrining forever more, the notion that talking about Jewish power or Zionist influence is racist. Don't let it happen.


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