Johnson: “Have Your Jabs & Boosters Or Have Restrictions”

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson gave a covid-19 update from Downing Street this afternoon….again. He was flanked by Dumb n Dumber…again. Now I know how Bill Murray felt.

Johnson wanted to take the opportunity to warn us that if folks don’t come forward and have a booster jab when they are called, restrictions are bound to follow. Proper little Hitler is the straw-haired wife-abusing son of a wife-beater.

According to The Times:

The Netherlands and Belgium are bringing back restrictions while Austria has imposed a lockdown for the unvaccinated after rates increased four or five-fold in the past month.

Citing these restrictions, Johnson said the lesson was that “those countries with lower vaccination rates have tended to see bigger surges in infection, and in turn being forced to respond with harsher measures”.

“If you want to control the epidemic here in the UK, and if we want to avoid new restrictions on our daily lives, you must all get vaccine as soon as we are eligible,” he added.

Johnson insisted that getting a booster was “the most important thing people can do to prevent further” restrictions.

In the same press conference England’s Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty was asked if the UK would be following the lead of the US and recommending that 5 year-olds get a jab.

He replied:

“We haven’t yet even got a licence with MHRA so let’s not rush our fences on this. It will depend entirely on the data that are presented to the independent regulator and the independent scientific advisory committee.”

In other words, “yes of course we’ll be jabbing the little ‘uns.”

What a shower of cunts. Yes, I’m happy typing words I would never say on the radio. I find myself fantasising more and more that there is indeed a benevolent creator in the heavens…..and that he’s watching.


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Bumbling Boris,,Yak Yak Yak,,,,, he might as well yak in Latin and hide in a refrigerator with a hard hat,,, idiot, that’s his restriction and it’s getting tighter each day.

Anne Talbot

Here he goes again … yawn


amazing how blackmail has been legalised by the state.


I will take none of the above thank you.

Someone somewhere

Boris sent me a pic earlier today

Judith Leopold

I follow – ex-Liverpooler as he left the UK in 2001 and moved to the US – Thomas Williams’ shows the ‘Truth, Honor and Integrity Shows’ since a few years. About 3 weeks ago in one of his shows – as he does a tremendous amount of authentic research – he was telling us that ALL these traitors in high positions be it politics, fraud religions, scientists, unfortunately more and more so called ‘medical doctors’, etc. are paid to commit these crimes. Thomas said that these soulless criminals have more than 6.3 TRILLION dollars scattered – if I remember well – in 180 Offshore companies around our planet.

A few years ago I listened to an interview with a medical doctor. The satanist big pharma put out a new medicine for – I don’t remember – a common/everyday health problem like ‘High Blood pressure’ or ‘Diabetes’, etc. This medication had serious side effects, many people got seriously ill. The reporter asked the doctor that is he aware of the side effects?

The doctor said: ” He is”.

Then the reporter asked him then why are you prescribing this medication?

The doctor said: “Because I have a family to run”.

So, this means because he – as a doctor – has “a family to run” he has the ‘RIGHT(?)’ to make ill, poison other people who also have a family.

Now this is the very sick world we are STILL living in and History is just repeating itself and most of the people are NOT doing anything about it other than accepting it and obeying it. Oh well – they deserve what’s coming in REAL LIFE as so called LIFE on our Planet is NOT REAL. About 70% of our Planet’s population has FAILED again, again and again, etc. They’ll have further many hundreds of thousand years even millions of years to ‘Wake.UP’ and pull their selfish, ignorant heads out of the deep-sleeper darkness.

We are living in the ‘Information Age’ since 25 years – internet – and 70% of the population is STILL satisfied and accept ALL criminal intentions that are spread by these ‘soulless, psychopathic criminals’. Especially if they have children, grandchildren, etc. What kind of selfish creatures are they?????


Yes, doctors of death.


Anyone going near a Dr needs there head examining.


The world’s most influential yet clueless “public health” advocate has come to        seemingly doubt the technology behind mRNA injections, following their  deployment into more than 7.34 billion arms worldwide.
A  man greatly financially rewarded by the largest fraud perpetrated on mankind.
A  little-noticed interview from last week with a U.K. think tank saw  Microsoft founder Bill Gates make some incredible statements about his most prized “solution” to the pandemic.
“We didn’t have vaccines that block transmission,” said Gates, contradicting        previous interviews in which he claimed the shots significantly block transmission.
“We got vaccines that help you with your health, [Whaaat?]but they only slightly reduce the transmission,” he added.
Gates is correct about the fact that the shots aren’t blocking transmission.  
With  record COVID numbers coming out of Europe, it’s become obvious that the        mRNA shots are doing little, if nothing at all, to stop transmission.
Moreover, the impact these shots have in preventing a positive COVID test appear to        expire after 6-9 months.
Gates  wasn’t done. He added a pretty shocking statement to top it off: “We need        a new way of doing the vaccines.”
Just follow the money?
Now  this from an Australia health chief; “Life Will Be Miserable Without Being        Vaccinated. You Won’t Be Able to Hide, There will be no employment, We will be tracking you, You Won’t Be Able to Go Anywhere.” …..


Have a look at this folks- do you think people are starting to wake up?


I’m absolutely amazed that such an educated, intelligent man fell for the idea that compliance=freedom. Sometimes I think I’m dreaming and none of this is real. Well spiritually they say this life isn’t real anyway.


no matter how much you show people- some just don’t want to know.


That’s desperate, shocking. How anyone can still believe that any of this is about health astounds me.


like I say; there are now three groups of people; those who know, those who still don’t know and those who don’t want to know. Conditioning has led way to accepting bullying, brainwashing, bribery and blackmail tactics to drive this agenda, and no one bats an eyelid. Not even if the truth is given directly.


Take the Booster Before Christmas – We’re Behind on our Quantitative Easing Schedule!

Spoof or reality? You decide…

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is interviewed by BBC political correspondent Darren Codfly on the Today programme.

DC Prime Minister, thank you for coming to the studio.

PM Not at all. I would have come on my bicycle but it had a puncture and no one in the Cabinet Office had a puncture repair kit.

DC Prime Minister, many are anxious to know what you have in mind concerning Covid regulations in the run-up to Christmas. Can you provide some insight on this?

PM I was in a meeting with SAGE yesterday. We haven’t reached a conclusive position on this just yet, but my message is quite clear, people are strongly advised to take the booster now, before Christmas. We must ensure the holiday period suffers the minimum of interruptions and that families can pass their condolences in a dignified and respectable manner.

DC Err, can you clarify what you mean by ‘condolences’?

PM Yes of course. We are urging people to do the responsible thing. To take the booster as soon as possible, because we’re falling behind on our depop – err, quantitative easing schedule – and I’ll be in trouble with the WHO if we can’t maintain a steady downward trend…….


Part of me thinks we deserve what we are getting. Look at these so called leaders, just take the U.K. as an example, that prick johnson, the krankie, that piece of garbage in Wales, not sure who is running the show in Northern Eire, does it matter ? maybe sin feign globalist scum, reaping and sowing me thinks.


Martin, when people are working just to live and a high percentage have mortgages, loans, bills to pay etc then that is where their attention is.
The money system of enslavement is an issue that could unite most people if they knew the way out of it.
Political correctness and being woke amongst the younger people is a massive distraction because the ‘Parasite bloodsuckers’ know that thzt group can do the most damage to their system if they ever found out the deception being done on them.


Agree mate. we are distracted in so many ways, slaves to the wage packet, back in the day students were always up for a protest, they would not hesitate to have a go at the government of the day, now you get the feeling they are on board with the crime syndicate who masquerade as a government, the social engineering has worked a treat for the evil ones.




Doris,Whitty,Vallance ,Ferguson and Sage scum like Mitchie are all in this scam together and may i add enjoying it hugely as are the brain dead jabbed and associated Covid lovers,we the sensible unjabbed are riviled by all but must stick it out.The temperature is being heated up big time by the trash,we will just have too see how things pan out and wonder what there next move will be on us and be prepared.


In a recent Delingpod; guests, Gregory Paul Martin (son of beatles producer George Martin) and Jennifer Arcuri tech investor, entrepreneur and very nearly victim of Boris Johnson’s demon seed; both predicted a very messy end for him. Mr Martin having written Johnson’s astral chart has seen a lynching in his future. Both worth a listen…


Watched the interview with Jennifer the other day, not bad, will watch the interview with George Martins son.


Delingpole has really been on a role recently Gerald Celente and Dan Tubb were also excellent.


Yep seen the Celente one, I know Gerald rubs some people up the wrong way, but here’s me, cards on the table I love the guy, passionate, borderline nuts at times to be honest, but I think his heart is in the right place, like our Richie.


Totally agree with you Martin.


Just like the guy mate. He is a bit of a one off to be fair, also he is putting himself out there in the fight against these monsters. Watched the interview with Gregory Martin on the Delingpod, quite good to be fair, seems an interesting guy. I have no clue about astrology, but felt a warm glow when he talked about johsons chart, if it comes to pass he deserves it.


Martin, if you have ever seen and interview with Gregory’s father; you’ll see that they both look and sound alike. I don’t advocate violence, but if our suffering were guaranteed by the bloody murder of certain public figures; I’d take that ‘scar on mys soul’ in order to rid this country of the evil. It’d mean nightmares and guilt etc; but worth that price to save my loved ones and friends at the very least.

Aldo Bennedetti

Richie I’m not a fan of the C**T word as it demeans the website and show.

Might I suggest the “Lets Go Brandon” version of KENT as its easier on the ear not mention radio friendly my liege.

You’re doing the lords work.

Carry on…


Aside from his ‘potty mouth’? LOL.

Aldo Bennedetti

Let it run riot I’m just adding some new vocabulary.


Richie will be pleased; being the polymath tat he is 🙂

Aldo Bennedetti

Thats the spirit you phuckin’ kent!


I’m really growing to like you mate 🙂

Aldo Bennedetti

Thats the word on the street.


Using the term James Hunt gets the point across.

Aldo Bennedetti

Its not really the same now is it?


It is the same. Get your point though, the James Hunt term might be more acceptable for certain people, it’s only a word mate, believe it or not but where I live that word can be used in context as a term of endearment when describing someone or something.

Aldo Bennedetti

Its all about performance and tone.


Not a fan of the word myself mate, but when Richie used it in the article, I have no problem with that context, they are CUNTS the lot of them, a horrible word used to describe horrible people, to be honest I am on board with the baldy one.

Anne Talbot

Among my circle of friends I’m famed for hating the word too but oddly enough this didn’t even make me flinch. I get it, I really do get it ! Who knows, I may even follow the trend myself before long citing the words “ they made me do it” 🤭




I prefer the using softer version when needs be aimed at someone who really is: Cnut..

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