Johnson: “Prove You’re Not Infected By Taking 2 Tests A Week”

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson wants everyone in the UK to prove that they are not infected with coronavirus. Later this morning, he will announce plans for every citizen to take two covid tests a week.

The government will pay for the rapid lateral flow tests. They can be delivered to homes starting this Friday. Johnson will say that the tests are voluntary, but workplaces and businesses might ask workers and customers to show that they’ve passed a test.

The mass testing system may well become part of an official covid certification scheme. It is being proposed that the public should be required to prove they have been vaccinated, show an up-to-date negative test result or prove that they have antibodies from recent infection in order to attend events or venues.

Speaking last night Boris Johnson said;

“As we continue to make good progress on our vaccine programme, and with our roadmap to cautiously easing restrictions underway, regular rapid testing is even more important to make sure those efforts are not wasted. That’s why we’re now rolling out free rapid tests to everyone across England – helping us to stop outbreaks in their tracks – so we can get back to seeing the people we love, and doing the things we enjoy.”

I will not have a vaccine and I damn well will not test myself twice a week. Neither will my partner. What will become of us then? Will we be barred from events either indoors or outdoors? Is the theatre off limits, the cinema too?

Will we ever sit down to a meal in a nice restaurant again? Tory backbencher Graham Brady, writing in today’s Telegraph, says this:

“At the beginning of last year, patient confidentiality was a sacred principle and the idea that other people could inspect our medical records was anathema, now the state is contemplating making us divulge our Covid status as a condition of going to the pub or cinema…..

we should be vigilant in defence of liberty, (and) where the state has reached too far into our lives, we should kick it out. No government in future should have the power to tell you whether you can see your children or grandchildren, nor should it be able to force you to publish your medical records as a condition for living a normal life.”

Nobody gets to tell me that I should prove that I am not infected in order to go about my business. I’ll be burning the testing kits, should they be pushed through my letterbox.




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Caroline Fealy

I had a letter early March for an appointment to get the vaxx. I did not make this appointment and the letter did not say anything about not attending.
Of course i did not.
My worry is what if they have said i had the vaxx?
Reason i am asking is because i have not had any other correspondence to ask me if i want the vaxx.


Caroline did they actually send you an appointment? They usually send you a letter inviting you to book an appointment via a web link. You then choose the time and date. They don’t give up easily and will then start sending you text reminders.

So far I’ve had one letter and 5 text messages. There is no option given to decline. You could try the above link, enter your NHS number and see if it recognises if you’ve already had it. Good Luck 😁😁

Caroline Fealy

Hi Mark yes they did. I do not have a phone but had no other letters just the one. I still have it. Mental really. Ah i will have to find that nhs number. Thanks for the link 🙂


Slightly off topic, but have any of the non mainstream scientists commented on blood transfusions? If a jib jabbed person gives blood and a non jabbed person receives that blood will the RNA modifications also be transferred?


Caroline Fealy

Good question Joe.

Inverdaroch Kerr

The unfortunate thing about this whole nonsense,,is the vast majority of people will play along.

Tom M

Have never taken a single one of these worthless discredited tests since all this nonsense began and have no intention of doing so either. Any test kits that land on my doormat will simply be fast tracked to the nearest bin.

On a more serious note, who is making a killing from the manufacturing and sales of all these test kits, the PPE, not to mention the billions spaffed on the failed track & trace system?


lets hope it fear porn news story

when the census and voting people knock on your door to say you not returned the forms etc letters etc
this was all priming.
getting a medical device put through the door and condition of the medical; device is to be tested and the test is suppose to put RIGHT up your nose.back of throat
thats not a test that implanting something have look how cows are vaccinated Intranasal vaccination even the nasal vaccine this isnt new tek 

In today lingo its called’ Lateral flow tests’ more of a implant nice fluffy name to make sure your fully allowed to participant in this sickness called society the new abomination 

Zac Baled

Welcome to a nation (people) full (majority?) of OCD, sufferers.

If people dont wakeup to this madness. We’re finished. Game over for people of UK.

Welcome to ‘The Twilight Zone’


I totally agree, Richie – its utter madness. I have another, related observation, that I’ve not heard anyone mention as yet – namely the way the test is carried out: it appears that the ‘swab’ is single-ended. You have to use it to swab your throat, around your tonsils, then swab your nose. THEN SWAB YOUR NOSE. WITH THE SAME END. How on earth can this be safe? Surely your are transferring potentially infective bacteria from one area of the body to another, which could lead to infection? And you’re going to do this repeatedly?? That’s a ‘no’ from me……….

Jon Taylor

I will contiue not to engauge with this nonsense. i don’t there freaudlant test and i won’t have one. When you have larger testing positive you would have to be daft to take one.


Most people will comply,believe me.Nearly everyone i speak too are hugely pro covid,When i give them my view on things iam derided,mocked and looked upon as an idiot.I know people who have had both jabs but yet still wear masks and social distance,when i question the fools ,their response is they have been told to by the government or BBC MSM scum etc.It is one long piss take now and is getting worse by the day.God help us come next October, Nonember.

Welsh Gregg in china

99% of expats i meet in china have bought the nonsense. Ive given up trying to get people to look at it from a different perspective. Have quit scrolling through Facebook as i have to admit the naive nonsense posted by my pals tends to trigger me. Media have played a blinder.


I spent a year trying to wake people up but I’ve now given up, all I usually get is abuse. Unfortunately they are all going to realise the truth before too long.


If everyone took the swab and wiped it around their Butt-hole, stick it in a envelope addressed to Boris at 10 Downing Street then all this would quickly end.

Andrea Cook

Hi everyone, was just on the Conservative Woman website when I came across a brilliant suggestion on a reader’s comment, with regard to vaccine passports for the election of Mayor of London on May 6th:
“Turn up, and either vote for a suitable candidate or spoil your ballot paper. I was a candidate for UKIP in 1997, so I have experience of what happens at the count. Before the result is announced the returning officer has all the candidates and agents in a little huddle and shows them all the doubtful and spoiled papers. If they all agree about which candidate a doubtful paper was intended for then it’s added to their total, but more importantly they all see the spoiled ones so they have to agree that they’re spoiled and can’t be counted for any one candidate. If everyone writes “No vaccine passports” on their papers every candidate will see it, and if there are enough of them it will send a message to them. Imagine if a Tory loses by less than the number of anti-passport spoiled votes, or if “no passports” gets more than some of the actual candidates!”
What with the election due next month, if enough voters were to do exactly this, maybe just maybe… Since this suggestion relies on numbers of participants, and I’ve been banned now from all social media platforms, I’ve posted here and on UKC just to get the idea out. This could become another Jedi Knight-like move for the ballet box rather than the census. Anyhow, I hope people will consider doing exactly as this CW reader suggests. I will. In the meantime, I’m wishing everyone a loving and Holy Easter.


Good idea.


‘The government will pay for the rapid lateral flow tests.’ Nope. Tax payers will pay for these tests; and anyone who misuses them or destroys them will be accused of wasting public money.
We all know the drill – and the bullshit.

Zac Baled

Some company has hit an open jackpot!
Treasonous Traitors..
…. and then the irony of being accused of wasting public money, hai.


My 13 year old son is clued up on this nonsense, we were discussing this test through your letterbox latest rubbish and he said why not perform x-rays on everybody as well check for any potential broken bones lol any nut job who takes this test in their own home is enabling this covid BS to continue, its not about health or saving any grannies, it never was, it’s control.


I will not be taking any tests, no vaccine, no vaccine passport, no masks, so sick of this Nazi BS, I will never participate in any of their shite as it is so obvious a scam now. This ends when us the people end it, that’s all it takes.


This is what I have spent a year telling people but to no avail. Here in Ireland there is overwhelming compliance, it’s heartbreaking.


No way will l participate in this bs. It will go straight in the bin. 😡


These tests are IVDs (in vitro diagnostic tools) not diagnostic devices,

Just another cash cow for UK Gov & their illusions/delusions on the world stage


Yes smoke and mirrors.


Absolutely. It will supply is with more unreliable data and dupe extra investors in an industry Gov kwows very little about

It has nothing to do with health benefits whatsoever. I have yet to see one health initiative, which surely should materialise, at least during a pandemic, from UK Gov


The Government and their friend’s actually know an awful lot about this. They’re not stupid just evil. Just look at the business interests of our wonderful vaccine minister. The corruption and conflicts of interest in this are truly staggering. Lots of new Covid multi millionaires about to be created with that £100 billion operation moonshit money. Party time down at Conservative HQ.


Absolutely. Hypocrisy and double standards abound. The rules are for us not for them. My hair is like a bird’s nest because hairdressers have been closed during the almost permanent lockdown we have here in Ireland. I notice, however, that this is not the case for politicians, people in the media and senior business people. Those same people who are the only ones who are able to stay in hotels.


Looks like Operation Moonshit is about to get underway. £100 billion pounds is about to be spaffed on a whole load of pointless and unnecessary Covid Tests. Doubtless friends of the Conservative party and Government will have heavily invested business interest’s in this area and are about to get a bumper payday. When you add the £37 billion pounds for Track and Trace they are literally throwing our money down the drain. Too bad if you’re sitting on an NHS waiting list, they just blew the elective treatment budget for the next 20 years. If you need expensive cancer drugs well it looks like that account has also been raided and emptied. I’m sure Keir Starmer will fully approve like a little nodding dog eager to please his establishment masters.


Sicker Starmer is a member of Rockefeller’s Trilateral Commission, so his participation in this is unsurprising.

Sharon J

I’ve never had a test and I never will. I’m slim, reasonably fit (when I could go gym and running club and dancing) I don’t smoke, eat healthily and drink sensibly but I can’t have a ‘health passport’ when a obese, chain smoking, couch potato alcoholic CAN if he gets a jab??? this world is truly F…d up!


Most people believe they eat healthy because they think the food Government regulates is safe; it isn’t.

Unless you’re #WFPB you’re not eating a healthy diet. More things Gov doesn’t want you to know to keep us sick and controlled

Zac Baled

Hello Joanne
Excellent and Spot on!
The number of illnesses in the last 20 – 30 years have gone up through the roof.
Diseases such as cancer, diabetes etc when I was growing up in the 1980’s were really rare I know cancer was like a death sentence, now every other person has it or is dieing becaose of it. – those real diseases were definately not as common as they are today – why?

They are poisoning us – profits before our health… and if our health goes – the big pharma is there to push drugs into our bodies.

Has anyone noticed you cannot (or is very rare) buy seeded grapes at the supermarkets?
Majority of the stuff we are eating from the supermarkets is gm stuff resulting in shocking illnesses – where is the proper organic food? Its a travesty.


What does WFPB mean please?

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