Join Me For Sunday Morning Melodies at 10am UK Time

Good morning friends,

I will be on air at 10am this morning. I’ve not had much prep time leading into it, so I’ll be winging it a bit. I was going to give it a miss as I’ve not been well for a while, but the Sunday show is a bit of an oasis for me.

I’m putting together a nice bunch of tunes right now and I’ll be chatting about events in Europe yesterday and also looking through the papers.

The show is live at 10, but is then repeated at 1pm, 3pm, 5pm and 7pm GMT.

I hope you can join me and do leave a comment on the Comment LIVE! page.


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Patricia Deakin

Did Richie post pictures of his dogs



Secrets Of A Successful 9/11 Truth Group_on RichardGage911:UNLEASHED.

What are the 5 secrets of starting and running a great 9/11 Truth group?

What kinds of events and speakers will bring in the truth-aware people—and the public?


I hope you’re feeling better, Richie 👍

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Urban Fox

No, we wont back down Tom

Gonna stand our ground.

Urban Fox

Abba/ Ode to freedom

‘I would like to think freedom is more than just a word’

Urban Fox

‘Now you see another me now, I’m not the same this time around. Iv been reloaded, I’m fired up I’m hot dont shut me down’


I agree with you Richie, Muriel’s Wedding was a really good film. One of my favourite films is an Australian film made in 1960 but set in the 1930s called ‘The Sundowners’, a lovely film. It’s basically a film about living a life of freedom and that interacting with each other is more important than owning stuff. Though I have the film I just can’t watch it because of what is currently happening in Australia.

So agree with you Richie that the msm should be looking at what politicians in the west are doing with regard to disappearing people and sexual misconduct without looking at what China is doing.

Caroline McHale

Good morning Richie & all your lovely fellow listener’s. Keep the spirits up! Love ye all… 💕🙏💐


Looking forward to this mornings show and to see what the BBG pulls out of the music bag. Happy listening.


The UKHSA Microbiology E59 Form

it will not be just one booster, the form has space for FOUR injections, which no doubt will be expanded as they incrementally con people into taking multiple boosters .

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